Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 18

Hloo all my friends . here is the next part of HAK. Pls do comment your views as they mean a lot to me and silent readers if you can pls do comment too…. Pls do spare me for the tyoing erors . Typed in a hurry…….Love you all and always smile…

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Rathore teji luna and radhika were going back home. All the way all were talking and teasing each other. They reached home but they still were pulling the others legs. Rathore found radhika was glowing unusually bright which she lost when she came to canada.
Rathore ; chashni ??
Radhika ; hmmm ??
Rathore ; u look cute with the pink cheeks and pulled her. She hugged him and said ; it is all because my stupid elder and idiot younger brother came back to this silly sister and also my crazy friend had made her self my sis-in – law .
Rathore ; hello prena aunty should say yes baby then only any further step can be taken.
Luna ; what ?? u said that u will take care ?? Is that all joke mr.kundra ?? Radhika and teji were laughing witnessing the cute fight and all the time rathore was helpless as she was jumping and shouting all the way.
Teji ; the big boss of creative one of the biggest business tycoon is now helpless. Luna bhabhi u rocked dont spare him. He was eyeing a girl when u were taking the luggages. Rathore was giving an angry glare. Teji poked his tongue out .
Rathore; ur so dead mister. Chashni u dont know what happened in the airport. Teji jerked and said ; chashni im tired i’ll go and sleep.

Rathore held teji by his collar and pulled him back to the sofa ; rukko meri bhai its pay back time my little idiot.
Teji ; chashni u feel like sleepy now take rest .
Radhika ; I’m all awake rathore u say me. Teji gulped and rathore spoke everything whatever happened. Radhika saw teji inside his eyes.
Radhika ; are u serious this time or again it is 100th with ur 101 stories u said and killed me all the time.
Teji ; no no im serious this time i want to marry her and live a happy life and have a daughter like u chashni. Radhika had tears for the words of teji.
Radhika ; u love me that much ??

Teji ; it is always u who is first for me and then everything saying so he kept his head over her lap and said ; chashni im missing my head massage u give me pls i want that again. She smiled and peeked his cheeks and ruffled his hair and with that he fell asleep and rathore and luna were talking with radhika other things and teji curdled and slept holding radhika’s hand. She smiled and so rathore.
Rathore ; possessive brother .
Radhika ; over possessive brother rathore and by the way what did u buy for me ??
Luna ; ur brother had bought a whole shop for u and it is all stuffed inside ur room meera just go and give a look. And for heaven sake say that is nice else he will go back to singapore to buy for u. He made me go mad with his shopping in the name of date.
Radhika ; ooh poor luna

Dont worry u’ll have a perfect date. He is stupid but im here to make it a mindblowing way saying so radhika patted teji to go and sleep in his room and she went to check what was there.

Radhika’s room……

Her eyes popped up as there were more than 5 dresses of classical style and more than 15 t.shirts and 10 jeans and everything was so cute and beautiful. She came back and saw rathore and luna are speaking and she was leaning over his shoulders. She did not want to disturb them and so she left them.

Ufff….uffff…uffff. Radhika jerked and saw here and there but no one was there she went back thinking of her stupidity.
Uffff… uffff…uffff she examind the whole place but of no use. She walked by scaning the whole area and suddenly she was pulled inside her room and her mouth was closed. She was looking at her love and waving the hand what are u doing.
Arjun ; panoti speak up. She made a face and signed that her mouth is closed.
Arjun ; i hate ur silence dear speak up. She finally removed his hand and gave a glare and said ; stupid world’s mental how can i speak when my mouth is closed ?? And shouted. Rathore heard that.
Rathore ; chashni everything alright ?? She at once closed arjun’s mouth and he was waving his hands to resist and to talk so she kissed in his lips over her hands and he frowned.
Radhika ; nothing rathore just gonna sleep and checking the dresses.
Radhika took her hand and shook him ; sir sir……. in a husky voice. He shook his head and saw her.
Arjun ; what did u do ??
Radhika (controlling her blush and her smile) ; what did I do ??
Arjun ; radhika say me pls .
Radhka; well to make my husbands mouth shut the only way is to plaster his mouth with my lips so i did that and gave a proud look.
Arjun ; when did u go……
Radhika ; shameless ?? Arjun first nodded yes then immediately no. She looped her hands over his neck and he picked her with his single hand and made the hair which was irritating her for long behind the earshell .
Radhika ; when a husband like u see how handsome u r when a guy like u is the husband all will go mad . But my question is how did u choose me over others i mean i am just normal looking girl and cant even stand near to u in looks but u love me with ur whole heart how ?? Arjun tightened his grip and made her close to his heart.

Arjun ; listen madam one more word against my wife then i wont spare u. Radhika ; sry for speaking wrong about ur wife sir. His grip was loosen but she held him close.
Arjun ; radhika u r not as light as u used to be so can i let u stand ?? She smiled at his heart and punched him and said ; ur fault if u cook me all those delicious food then i will become like a round figured lady. Arjun’s mobile was vibrating. He took that and saw ankush was calling.
Radhika ; who is this ??
Arjun ; ankush. Radhika nods and asks him to attend the call.
Arjun ; ankush hiee whats up ??
Ankush ; why on earth did u buy dadaji an expensive mobile phone ??
Arjun (with a confused face) ; mobile me ?? Radhika nods hard and signs him that she bought that phone.

Arjun ;…. ba…… i only bought him that.
Ankush ; u know what have u done ??
Arjun ; what did i do ?? And radhika was looking at him keenly with biting her nails and he was not able to control but smile looking at those cute expression of her. Radhika lightly bet him and waved him to speak with gesture. He too nodded and spoke by keeping the mobile on speakers.
Ankush ; he is making us all gi mad with his selfie that too all weird weird way. God he has gone mad. U know what he is uploading all those pictures in facebook and he is now the talk of the town sry he is trend setting here and he is back to action.
Radhika closed her mouth as not to hear her laugh and arjun was laughing with minimum smile.
Arjun ; give the phone to dadaji.
He goes to dadaji and gives to phone.
Dadaji ; what ??
Ankush ; arjun is on line.
Dadaji; ask him to call in my phone waiting for the spl person to speak. Radhika found that he was mening her.
Ankush ; did u hear that??
Arjun ; ya ya i heard. I willtlk to him later. Bte ankush its night here.
Ankush ; gosh forgot k then bye and held the call .
Dadaji ; aah ankush can u pls shut rhe door and go see i have important chatting with my friend.
Ankush ; who ??
Dadaji ; well my gf of course. Ankush jaw dropped and gave an impossible look to him and closed the door.
Radhika takes his mobile and calls dadaji and asks him to come for a video chat. He does as per her instruction.

Dadaji looks at his choti after 1 year. He was all emotional and so was radhika.
Dadaji ; choti how are u ?? Yourlook has changed but u look nice with these kinds of dress not that old fashioned type. Radhika laughed and said thank u dadaji.
Dadaji ; dear how r u and did u find arjun ?? He was so dead when u left him. Only we were believing that u r still alive but ur dad shouted at arjun and hurted him more with his words. If not ankush dilip would have crossed his limit. Radhika was shocked to hear all those and saw arjun with teary eyes and he was sitting in the chair with a cute smile. Her tears were rushing out. He nodded not to. She wiped the tears and they were speaking for some time and they held the call. She stood up and took a blanket and held arjun’s hand and went straight to the balcony. He was having a doubt all the time of what was she doing. She pointed him to sit in the corner of the balcony. He sat and she too sat and covered themselves in the blanket and she hugged him tight and he was able to feel some wetness over his shoulders. Arjun lifted her face and wiped her tears and kissed her forehead and said ; what happened ??
Radhika ; why did i leave u ?? If u did not sleep well that day i wouldn’t have left u . Sorry for all the pain u went through.

Arjun ; did u think that i would leave u ?? Or forget u ?? U were not at all related to me but u stood as a stone to make me realise that i was used and also u saved me from that witch. Radhika if u can take a step by sacrificing ur love of me for sam then i can go to any extend to take ur hands and u said not to look back so u should not look back too. So shall we sleep now. Come and was about to stand. She pulled him back and he saw her with a questioning face.
Radhika ; let us sleep here pls i want to sleep the way we slept in lonavala room. He smiled and pulled her and she hugged him and they slept in the balcony. Bgm daastan……

Arjun was sleeping and finds he was looking at her with full love . He was not able to take his eyes of her and she was sleeping over his shoulders. He saw her and he remembered the way they landed in the balcony. He smiled as he remembered the way she was shouting Chor chor and also the way they were fighting for the blanket and also how he saved her from the truck and the way he was talking to her through the hospital drive and also the first belief of god and everything. He smiled at her and the sun started to shine. He picked her up and placed her gently on the bed and gave a warm kiss over her forehead and smiled at her as she was scratching her head as she twisting herself and sleeping hugging her pillow. He made his way out of the house without making others notice.

Radhika dosed off and found herself in the bed . She searched her head . She remembered that she was sleeping with arjun in the balcony but how in bed ?? And where is arjun. Her thoughts were disturbed by her phone’s buzz. She turned and took that and saw it was arjun calling her.
Radhika ; where r u ??
Arjun ; our home of course.
Radhika ; how did u i mean when.
Arjun ; still today u can’t speak properly i came back home so that we can speak more time there and i dont want u to get caught. So now stop blushing and start soon. I havr prepared ur fav sweet.
Radhika jumped in excitement and asked ; what sweet ??
Arjun ; can u say me which sweet y dont like. She giggled.
Arjun ; now get ready u sleepy head. Im wearing yellow so come wearing a yellow colour dress. Ok ?? She nods and starts for the day.

Neil was all the time thinking what was he doing ?? Is he doing right or wrong ?? It was really tough so he thought to call radhika as she was the only one who knew him. Neil called her and she attended the call.
Radhika ; What is digging your mind ??
Neil ; How do you know that ??
Radhika ; Well for a true friend it is not required for any explanation and also not needed to see their face.
Neil ; chashni sam……..
Radhika ; Neil only thing I want to say you. If you feel whichever is right do it but only one thing, please don’t hurt her. It was not only you and me who were hurt it was also Sam and also Arjun who went many things. I don’t take their side but as we suffered they too suffered. So if you don’t want to talk to her don’t but don’t hurt her please.
Neil ; Chashni always be my side to support me.

Radhika ; Always and haa your younger son has fallen in love.
Neil ; what and hitted his hand on theglass tumbler on the table and got hurt as he broke the tumbler. It was bleeding. Sam who saw his shouting entered the cabin and saw him bleeding but busy talking over the phone. Sam rushed but he did not see her.
Sam took the first aid box and was standing behind him as she did not want to hurt him more with her talks. After the phone ended he saw her for and she was standing for long time.
Neil ; Sam whats up ??
Sam ; Neil your hand, then he noticed that his hands were bleeding.
Neil ; Leave it sam I will take care and was about to step out.
Sam ; Neil you can show me your anger no on your self so pls and she pleaded. But he did not know that irritated him.
Neil ; Miss. Samaira khanna you are here to work in the company not to treat me so pls for heaven sake don’t do this. I am begging you I don’t want to hurt you as it is paining for me when I see you in tears but you never thought that when you saw me in tears so pls Samaira pls.
Sam ; Neil im happy that you spoke something to me. I want to hear your voice only your voice till my last breath. Im don’t want to say that I love you but I’ll promise you that I’ll prove you that so pls trust me once. Her eyes were full of truth Neil unknowingly gave his hands to her and she treated his hand and left without speaking .
Neil to himself ; Pls make me believe in you sam soon. I don’t want to hurt you and sorry for that.

Few days went with all those works and suddenly Teji rushed inside the board room where Danny , Radhika , Arjun and rathore were there.
Rathore ; What happened ??
Teji ; I saw her rathore she is also living in Chicago and hugged him. Rathore smiled and hugged him back.
Radhika ; Go and speak to her then.

Teji ; do you think is that a joke no way.
Danny ; then forget her, there was a big no from teji. Arjun smiled and said ; Then do as I say ……………and all were shocked to see this side of Arjun.

Thats it for today guys….. How was it ?? Typed in a hurry so pls do spare me for the typos and also for the short space for Nesam. Love you all always smile and always stay blessed and saty strong…………….

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    1. S.v

      Thank you so much Jara , Yup teji love story has started. Sam neilah disturb pannala but she cannot leave him as well adhan vera edhuvum illa. Love you lods dear.

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  7. Loved it S.v, ardhika were too cute I just loved them sleeping in the balcony like in lonavla that was so romantic, dadaji is trending LOL. I hope Sam will make Neil believe on her soon. Love u ???

    1. S.v

      Gianna thank you so much. I love that scene that too the daastan bgm and the way he looks at her. Ardhika i love that scene very much and one of my fav scene. Sam will make Neil to believe . Love you so much….

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      Twin love you always for your words. Well Dadaji is always the trend setter . Haa yaar he is bored with Pink so yellow. Lol. Sure i’ll buy for you love you lods twin. Love you tons and always bear my hugs.

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    1. S.v

      Dipika thank you so much for your words. Lonavala was my fav trip and i seriously enjoyed the way she made him go mad with her shouting. Well Nesam will be back to track but Neil will take some time to believe Sam. But pakka he will. Love you tons dear.

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      Ritu thanks a ton dear. Yup that was a cute fight for the bedspread. Your welcome dear. Nesam union takes time. Teji love story will he helped by Arjun and you will see the unknown side of Arjun for that . Dear 2 states wrote half , max tomo will update. Love you too…….

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      Roma was waiting for ur commwnt dear thank u so much and yes nesam will get each other but not that soon as she has to prove him that it is only him for her and also for arjun that it is only radhika. U will see the impossible side of arjun in the next part. Love u lods my spl friend.

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