Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 15

Hello all im back. Sorry guys for the late update. Here after all my updates max will be in weekends as friday or saturday HAK and sunday LML and monday morning 2 states. Bit held up here and not want to make an irregular update thats why weekends. So pls do say me your views regarding this update love you all and made a bit lengthy.

Enjoy the ride….

Arjun and radhika were in their world. Radhika was enjoying taunting him. She asked him to sing a song.
Radhika ; sir can u pls sing a song for me ?? U know how i love songs. Arjun was blinking. Coz she knew he does not know all these kinds if stuffs.
Arjun ; radhika (all way dragging) i donno many songs.
Radhika ; fine sing something which u know. More than enough as she was expert in playing with words and he was struck with his words.
Arjun ; ok i’ll sing u should not laugh. She smiled and nodded and took spoons for beat the plate as a back ground music. He rolled at her impossible nature.
Radhika ; hmmm start.
Arjun started to sing and radhika was laughing like hell as he was all way singing wrong lyrics. She in between will sing and finally they both stopped their music and turned the music from radhika’s mobile and she ordered that he should do all crazy steps. He started she laughed and finally she too joined and arjun and radhika were laughing till their tummy pained and arjun felt different the way she was making him to dance. He enjoyed every moment with her. Her childish behavior was a pain reliever for him.
Radhika ; sir i guess it is high time to eat . Im fed up with house hold works so can u pls cook for me plssss……. He pulled her cheeks and husked “anything for my princess”.
Radhika ; princess yuck I dont like that word. I want my tag line if ur not giblving me then i’ll sue u .
Arjun (smiled) ; fine my panoti.
Radhika ; that’s my khadoos. He laughed and she wished he should always be like this.

He went to kitchen and she was in the name of helping was making him go mad with her talking and he added sugar for salt and she gave a mischievous smile and said “u added sugar in sabji”. He turned and tasted and his face gave all 9 reactions. Radhika was laughing. He looked at her and took a tumbler water and poured on her face
radhika who never expected this was shocked. Arjun gave a winning smile. Radhika took a vessel and filled it and water and poured on him. Thats it they both started to fight like kids and the kitchen was all messed up. After they were really exhausted they looked at them and the place. They were in shades of yellow white and wet too. A person who saw them from their window ran away in fear of their look. Ardhika looked at them pressing their lips to control their laugh and burst out .
Arjun ; pizzas ??
Radhika ; i love them sir.
Arjun ; just say i love them this sir argh and went out of the kitchen.
Radhika silently smiled and said ; arjun……

They drove back to kundra’s house. He waved his hand bye. But it was like some one is separating her soul from her. She turned back and saw arjun who was looking at her eagerly. She ran to him and hugged him.
Arjun ; radhika tomo morning i’ll come to pick u up. Now go and sleep dear. She was in no mood of leaving him. Finally she pulled him inside the house. They entered the house and she took him to her room.
Radhika ; sir ur dress. It was his track pants and his grey t.shirt…..(remember chipkali and the way she hugged him. So when she left arjun she made sure that she has her fav of arjun shirt.
Arjun ; when ???
Radhika ; something’s better unanswered. He nodded and changed . When he came back he saw her in her blue kurti and sandal patyala. She purposefully wore them to remember those sweet moments. Arjun saw her and reminded back to mumbai when he was about to hit the lizard……the way she pounced on him and the way he was about to kiss her but all went other way round because of sam. Arjun kept the towel on the chair and came near her. She saw him with full affection in her eyes.
Arjun ; may i have what i lost ?? She blushed and stood there not moving. He smiled and came near her. Slowly he cupped her face. She held her dress tight and slowly he came near her lips. It was just an inch gap…… She closed her eyes. He bend down but suddenly arjun’s phone buzzed. Both jerked back and he rubbed his hair and he took the phone and saw the number. It was new. He attended the call and he shouted ; how many times to say i dont want any home loan now. Why r u disturbing in an unwanted time . Radhika giggled at arjun’s irritation. She watched him sitting in the bed. He kept his fist over his forehead and closed his eyes and shouted. She thought ; how stupid i was leaving u ?? I should have held ur hand and took away to some place so that no one would have hurted u . I never knew u will love me like no one in this world. Like a mom to her child a pure love. U never had a family but u had good heart you saved my respect from saral and u purposefully married me to protect me even though u know that i never loved u that time But me i had everything but i was busy saving sam and helping neil but forgot to notice u and ur love. How stupid i was ???
Arjun ; no use even i was stupid with my revenge. She jerked.
Radhika ; how is that always u read my heart ?? Tell me the secret…… Arjun smiled at her cute face and pulled her chubby cheeks. She smiled like a cute kid. Arjun wrapped his hand over her shoulders and pulled her near his heart and made her keep her head over his chest.
Arjun ; do u hear anything. She nods ; ya ur heart beat arjun.
He jerks ; what did u say ??
Radhika ; ba ba baaa…. I mean arjun sir. He felt disappointed still holding that stupid tag sir. She signed a relief.
Arjun (disappointed tone) ; what do u hear ??
Radhika ; ur heart beat only ……
Arjun ; no it is not the heart beat. It is ur name radhika. U r in my heart and every beat says ur name.
Radhika(kneeled on the bed) ; awww my husband is so romantic and she opened her hand and willingly fell over him. He held her and both laughed.
Radhika ; sir….. Can.i ask u something??
Arjun ; anything ….. But beg u. U even dont call me by my name but pls dont use sir. It is like….and kept a disgusting face and he was not able to say how it felt for him. She laughed and said sir…… He saw her and then he remembered the way she was trykng to say his name but even after 2 to 3 glasses of alcohol she ended up in sir.
Arjun ; y said u want to ask something. What is that ??
Radhika ; well dont be angry . He nodded .
Radhika ; how did u believe that i was still alive i mean when neil and teji said that i am dead why did u believe that i was alive . I mean which made u believe that i was still alive coz even everyone in rishikesh believed that i was dead. How did u believe ?? Arjun was staring at radhika without giving any answers. He was looking at her and she was staring at him back.
Radhika ; im asking something but u r just looking at me.??
Arjun ; nothing was just thinking how it would be when i kiss ur juicy lips. Ger eyes widened . She never knew he would go shameless to this extend.
Radhika ; how dare arjun u will speak to me like that. Idiot and she took a pillow and started to hit him. He was all the time laughing as her feather hands beating was like a massage to him.
Arjun ; i won again. U spelt my name without that stupid tagline. I won radhika….. And he shouted. She who realised his act again beat him
after sometime her hands started to pain.
Radhika ; isnt it paining for u and she waved her hand due to the pain.
Arjun ; it was like massage to me. She made a pout face. He pulled her close to him and said ; u want me to know the reason right fine i will tell u byt promise me that u will kiss me after whatever i say.
Radhika ; kiss ok done.
Arjun ; hello mrs. Mehra lip kiss. She nodded like double ok.
Arjun ; Radhika see the day you were claimed dead I was alive and when I saw the corpse of that so called radhika was not you.
Radhika ; How did you find that, that was not me even mom dad and others believed why them even dadaji believed.
Arjun ; No he didn’t it was only him and me were shouting it was not you.

Flash back…………

Arjun and others were standing at the front of mortuary. A person shouted who are the relatives of radhika all came and he pulled a corpse with face totally smashed but claimed that that was you with the help of your hand bag and some other things. When I saw that I was damn sure that it was not you.
Radhika ; How ??
Arjun ; Coz I was still alive at that time. Radhika had tears. He wiped his tears and said “ You said you will leave my way not leave me I knew you loved me like the I did so I decided that you are hiding because you will get hurt by seeing me with sam.
Radhika ; So you never loved her ??
Arjun ; It was only you or no one. I’m a servent only to you. She who was keeping her chin over his chest turned her head and heard her name from his heart and he too tightened his grip over her and they slept peacefully .


Prena was killed by neil’s weird behavior. He would come to hall and say something and go back. After 5 minutes ge would come and say the same thing. Then after sometime he would ask what he said. Prena was literally irritated.
Prena ; neil leave the house at once.
Neil ; mom im ur son how can u say that word to me ?? With an innocent face. Prena was not able control but laughed seeing his face which was like his mouth half way open and looking like a kid whose ice cream fell down because it melted.
Prena ; my neil u were acting weird. Sam will surely say yes to u .
Neil ; how do u think ???
Prena ; because she is my sam she will say yes to u.
Neil ; I wish it will happen easily. She gives him a chocolate. Neil gives a questioning look.
Prena ; because my mom said to start a thing with sweet. Neil rolled his eyes and he was about to start but prena called him.
Prena ; neil did u take that tuxedo ?? And the dress for sam ?? He made thumps up. She smiled and waved her hand bye. He gave a flying kiss and started from the house with a cute dimple smile and full of hopes.


Teji was really bored as rathore and luna left for the conference. He was least bothered to go to the conference but was sitting in the lobby and reading some books. Just then he heard a sweet music of some one. He slightly lowered his book and saw it was a girl singing cute song for a kid which was really making his mother to go mad . She was lookibg damn gorgeous. She was in normal height with a cute t.shirt and matching skirt and she had cute green eyes with her hair neatly wrapped with a band and it was a cute pony tail. Teji was lost in her beauty. He made sure that he should impress her by hooks or crooks. He set his hair and took his phone and switched his front camera to ensure his looks. He was about to speak but bad luck rathore pulled him as he wanted to have lunch with teji and luna was waiting in the car for them.


Radhika saw arjun was not there in the house but just then a message popped up. Good morning wake up i will come to office directly. I have started home to get ready. Radhika called arjun.
Arjun ; good morning panoti.
Radhika ; good morning khadoos. So what r u doing ??
Arjun ; well just now came out of shower. Wearing my dress.
Radhika ; what color ??
Arjun ; what question pink of course.
Radhika (walking towards her wardrobe) ; which pink i mean light pink or dark pink or….
Arjun ; light pink.
Radhika ; pant ??
Arjun ; well brown.
Radhika ; done.
Arjun ; what done ??
Radhika ; nothing come soon to office but as cook to drive u to office. I dont want u romeo to ride like a bike racer.
Arjun ; fine mrs. Mehra now go and get ready. She smiled and held the call. She came out after the shower and dressed herself and wore simple amd matching earrings and with little amount of lip glows which made her perfect. She started from her house and called to singapore and had a casual talk with them. Her car reached creative and that was the same time arjun’s car reached. Both came out of the car and it was a perfect match. Arjun was just blinking at her. She wore the exact shades of what he was wearing. She winked and he smiled at her with a nod. Both entered the lift and he made sure that no one was in the lift. He slowly slipped towards her but she went front and he dashed the other side. Radhika laughed. Arjun gave a glare and held her close. She was blinking. He made her hair tuck it behind her ear shell. Her heart was beating so hard.
Arjun ; dont use so much lip glows. Next time u wont have it in ur lips but in mine. Her eyes widened and he came near her and said ” be careful as i wont leave u for long”. Just then the lift door opened he walked with a pride face but she was walking thinking what he said.

She felt bore with out talking to him. She smiled at her thought. Just then there was a sound uff….. ufff…… uffff…… She jerked and turned and saw arjun from his seat with a smile. She too smiled and he signed her to come out for the location hunt with him. She nodded no and blushed. Danny entered the room and at once she changed her face and he saw something different in her.
Danny ; Meera start…
Radhika ; Where ??
Danny ; You are going with AM for the location hunt. She gave a look at Arjun but he was not looking at her but was smiling as he sensed her face the way she looked at him. She cannot say further. She nodded. She took her car as there was a separate partition from the driver and the passenger seat. Once inside she hit im hard for his shameless act. Arjun all the way laughing and held her hand and kissed her forehead. She rested her head and they enjoyed their time in the name of location hunt.

They reached back. There was a cough sound once in 5 minutes a perfect 3 cough then there would be a silence. After some time Arjun and Radhika would just smile. Thanks heaven as no one noticed it. She would take her phone and call him . He will speak to her and they were busy talking over the phone all day but they felt they did not talk even 1/10th of what they wanted to speak. They were totally behaving like teenage kids who have first time fell in love. They were totally crazy.


Neil asked sam to come to a place with the dress which he gave her in the name of office meet. She came there and it was only Neil who was standing there with a dashing black tuxedo a white shirt and black formals pant with slight grey strips in the coat. He was breath taking. She came to him with a black knee covering gown with low back with cute strings covering her back but it was like a netted type. Her dress glittered because of the stone work. He received her and he made her walk in the rose petals path and she was all the way having tears for the settings and the way he was making her feel special. His heart was beating heavily and she never saw anything except Neil with tears in her eyes.

Neil brought her to the special spot. Neil smiled at her and said Sam this is the best day of my life and he pulled a rope. It was a flower petal shower. She was stunned to see that and she was enjoying the surprise which he was giving her. She smiled at him. He smiled at her back. He pulled her close and she was blinking at him . Neil kissed her ckeeks and she closed her eyes and her heart was beating like anything. He slowly husked in her ears “ I love you Sammy” Sorry for hurt you I was idiot. She giggled but then her stupid brain remembered the way he was with Radhika in the video.
Sam ; What is with you and radhika.
Neil (who never thought radhika would inside now) ; Radhika ??? where did chashni come inside now ??
Sam ; Did you not love her ?? That is the reason you left me back in India . Neil lost himself for those words she said. He looked at her.
Neil ; Sammy what stupid are you talking ?? Chashni is my best friend. I helped her what more I did to her to make you believe me that I loved her ???
Sam ; You left me back to india to be with her here in Canada in the name of Meera. Neil was shocked how did she knew about Radhika.
Sam ; Neil I know you always had a feeling for Chashni that’s why when she dumped me and married Arjun you were her side.
Neil (lost his cool) ; One minute she did not dump you. It was you who dumped her by your words and she dumped and married Arjun ?? Really I want to say you something. Arjun never saw you in the way of you looked at him. He was always in love with Radhika only he loved her and even if she is no more he loved her. That was called true love and what you had was just an attraction towards him. I thought you were my Sammy but you still have him in your heart and killing me the way you did back in Mumbai. Why did you come here then ?? can’t you just leave me to live ?? Sam saw his eyes with full of tears and pain.
Sam(who was not convinced) ; Then who is meera ??
Neil ; She is rathore’s sister own sister even at first I thought that she was radhika but then when I took her profile I came to know she was not chashni. See and gave the mobile and she read the profile of meera kundra. Rathore made in such a way that everything was perfect to safeguard her. Sam saw that and was about to speak as she realized her mistake, but he raised his hand.
Neil (with broken heart) ; I never knew you never trusted me. You always trust the wrong person. First Arjun then nandhini then Saral and bonnie . You never trusted me or radhika. If one time you would have heard our words we wouldn’t have lost her. It was your god damn stupidity caused this big but still cursing her that she dumped you. One more thing the relationship with me and chashni was the relation you had with Jai or she had with Ankush. Sam was shocked as she doubted Neil’s brotherhood relationship as love.
Sam ; Neil……..
Neil (angry voice) ; Your car is waiting for you Miss. Samaira khanna .
Sam (tears) ; Neil please one minute……..
Neil ; Sam please start from here before I loose my cool. She tried hard but he was in no mood to listen to her. She cursed herself and left there. He after she left sat on the floor and cried out his heart. All the while he was thinking that she does still not trust him. It pained him lot. He donno what to do …. He badly needed his chashni to pacify him. He took to call her but again he threw it aside and cried out.

Precap – Teji encounters his love lady……. Neil’s changed behavior towards Sam……. And lots more………

Thats it for today guys thought of something but landed up in something. Was it nice pls do comment your views. Love you all. Stay blessed and always smile. I donno what i have written so spare me for the typos and pls do comment your views. Silent readers if i have them thank you all.

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    1. S.v

      Thank you so much Rg for those lovely words. Sam is seriously stupid to doubt Neil . You are correct she knew neil from childhood but she is not in the mood of listening to him. Her heart trusts him but her brain is not allowing her to trust. She does not have any egos she loves her chashni and nothing to do with Arjun but she thought she wanted Neil to be happy but sam never knew tat it was only sam for Neil it is just her decision which went wrong. She will change and Neil will also change as he was done for Sam. Love you so much Rg, bear my hugs dear……

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    1. S.v

      Jnana thanks a ton for ur words. Yup radhika will be in full crazy mood. Sam will regret for what she spoke but neil will be different for her. Nesam will get together. He he he sam ke dimak me kuch dalna. Lol nice words. Thank ubagain jnana.

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      Jessie how was the trip ?? All good ?? Hope so ……. ardhika world yup all are here in ardhika world and sam will rehret but this time neil will not make the task easy for sam. Arjun is blindly in love with radhika. So he will always be like that now.. hmm neil will be heart broken. Will update soon dear and no srys and all

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    Teji encountered his lady love..That’s interesting..Green eyes!!Wow I just love them..
    Nesam–Sam this girl again spoiled the entire story of Neil,why is she so insecure of Radhika yaar!! I just loved Neil’s dialogues.. 🙂
    Love you loads Jaan..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. S.v

      Gosh now u made me remember the scene and bgm daastan godd………
      Why god why did they stop ????????? That was my fav scene sir…….. arjun ……… sir……… arjun………… arjun……….. awwww yaar now im gonna watch that again.

      Jaan can I say u the secret my max romance level is onlh this much yaar. So u have to spare me for that dear. I’ll try to improve.

      Teji and his girl u will see his gf soon. Love u lods dear. Bear my hugs dear.

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        Love you too..Bye Jaan.. 🙂

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