Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 13, 14


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Chapter 13

After the lunch all started for their house and slowly radhika too left danny’s house with a hug from him. She was looking for arjun but he was missing. She tried his number but he did not pick the call. Radhika thought he might have left and started to walk and found a guy who was following her in the bike with helmet covering his face. She saw him and he was wearing green t.shirt jeans and grey over coat. She found out her arjun and she turned to him and took hid back seat and ordered him to go to his house.
Arjun jerked and removed his helmet.
Arjun ; how did u find that, that was me ??
Radhika ; simple if some one would have dared to look at me then my husband will take out the eyes from the socket. So only u can do it as only u r allowed to do it. Arjun helds her hand which was wrapping his waist took them and kissed it softly. She smiled and leened to him and kissed his cheeks. He held her hand tight and said” dont u dare leave me, i cannot live without u”. She smiled and kept her head over his shoulders and said” i wont, if i then i know u will find me.”
Arjun ; i will and tunred his head and saw her.
Radhika (fed up tone) ; dont u have any idea of moving from here as it is a bit cold here sir. Arjun rolled his eyes.
Arjun ; why cant u call me arjun pls .
Radhika ; u remember how i tried, u even gave me drink to say me ur name. But im not able to say without sir, sir so no use leave it. Arjun slightly banged his head with the helmet and started the bike.
Arjun ; shall we ??
Radhika ; always . Arjun smiled and started their journey of their love story.

Canada …..

Neil who came back saw Sam was a bit nervous. He was confused and entered her cabin.
Sam ; Idiot suddenly the system got crashed. I have my data saved there, I don’t have any back for my work. I don’t know what to do yaar and she was scratching her head. Neil bend down and found the adapter of the computer was plugged out and it was hanging half way out. He found out and thought a best opportunity to tease her.
Neil ; Sammy what have you done . It has totally crashed and see even the system is not getting started. I don’t know you are only responsible for the local project which needs to be done tomorrow. Sam was sweating badly as that was an important local project and she does not want rathore’s name to go down. Sam was keeping her hand over her head and was sweating in the rainy season.

Neil ; Yoo Sammy I can fix this but what will I get for the help ??
Sam ; What ever you ask ??
Neil ; What ever ?? (with raising his eye brows with his smile which was as usual mischievous)
Sam ; What ever .. pakka now fix it.
Neil ; Fine then go out of the room I’ll do it. She scratched her head as what is there if she is standing her ?? Sam went out. He burst out of laugh as she is still the same stupid sam.
He switched on the system and then he called her to come in. Sam who say that was so happy and hugged him tight. He was smiling and hugged her back and they broke the hug and they continued their work with the smile.


Ardhika reached home and he enters and ordered her to stand in the entrance. She was confused then arjun came out with arthi plate and kept it in the entrance and asked her to step in the plate and come. Radhika just remembered her first welcome in arjun’s house by nandhini. The glass piece, the threatening of nandhini, bed burnt by arjun their fight everything. She had tears. Arjun who noticed that felt pain as, she was still keeping her past even though she loves him. He knew what she went through and so he picked her up . Radhika who was lost in thoughts saw arjun picking her up and stepped inside the plate. She shouted and asked him to step out of the plate.
Radhika ; step out of that plate now.
Arjun ; it is just a plate of arthi water. Why so serious??
Radhika ; there are glass pieces in the plate now step out u may get hurt sir. Arjun was not able to understand and shook her and called her name out . She came back to sense and hugged him tight and cried.
Radhika ; pls sir dont do anything which makes me remember my past. I just want to live my life this moment not holding anything with me. So please step out. He nodded but he was confused about the glass pieces which she was talking about. He wanted to know what that was?? but she will not say so he will wait until she speaks out.

Arjun drops her in the sofa and she was sitting with teary eyes and keeping her eyes keeping her eyes looking at the floor.
Arjun keeps his hand over his hip and takes a deep breath and shouts boom on her face. She jerks and hits him with the pillow. He holds her hand and winks his eyes.
Arjun ; i won and smiled.
Radhika ; what u won ??
Arjun ; well ur tears of course. She realised that she stopped crying and smiled at him. He kneeled down to her and cupped her face with his hands and gave a warm kiss on her forehead and said ; radhika i know u were carrying all the sorrows with u . It is buried inside u i dont know that why i behaved all bad with u but i will promise you what so ever happens i wont leave u even if u go to any world i’ll follow u but i just want u to believe me that whatever i did was under the instruction of nandhini, i wanted to break all those things and abduct u and go somewhere but for me my sister’s happiness mattered but i am not bad radhika pls dont leave me again that killed me like anything . You don’t know how many sleepless night I had thinking only about you and would cry my heart out. Don’t leave me else i donno what i will do to myself.

Radhika had tears for his confession. She saw his eyes were wet whatever he said was from his heart, he was not bluffing, he only loves only her her only his panoti is his life. She saw him and hugged him tight and cried out her heart out and was just hugging him. Arjun rubbed her back to ease her and he too wiped his tears and was happy that she has finally blasted her sorrows.

She was back to normal and saw him. Her cheeks were fully wet and arjun wiped them and said holding her hands ; radhika i dont want to look back . I want look forward and want to live a live a life with u nothing more. Promise me u wont leave me…..
Radhika ; i promise u sir what so ever happens i wont leave u . Even i want to live a life with u. A small, happy and contented life with u sir nothing more sir . Neither revenge nor pain only u and me with few lovely people sir. Nothing is required for me. He saw her and hugged her again. She was able to sense his pain, she wanted to change the mood of him and made a puppy face and said ” not fair sir, not at all fair”.
Arjun (confused) ; what not fair and saw her.
Radhika (controlling her smile) ; i have come to ur house and u r not offering anything to eat and u know i have not eaten anything since half an hour. What a kind of husband are u ?? Very bad and stood up to leave. He who saw her stood up, twisted her and picked her up in his hands and made an angry face.
Arjun ; panoti i know who are u so stop acting. She wrapped her hand over his shoulders and they looked at each other and they remembered how he took her in his hands after marriage when she denied to sit in the car and how they were arguing in the road.
Arjun ; hello mrs mehra im here dont travel to Mumbai’s busy road or lonavala area. Her eyes widened and thought how does he know ??
Arjun ; because we talk through hearts again she was thinking how does he know ??
Arjun ; now stop thinking of how i know dont squeeze ur poor little brain to find me as u dont and u cannot surpass me
Radhika ; Really ?? who said i was the one brought the true to all and to u too which u dont know so i am genies than u and won the great arjun mehra.
Arjun ; oh really ?? I pity u radhika i pushed u to marry me so that i can have u with me always so i won. She jumped from his hands and shouted no more looking back please got that AM ??
Arjun ; ok im sorry
Radhika ; promise ??
Arjun ; promise my lady promise. She smiled and said ; So the great Arjun mehra now bring me my coffee and pushed him inside the kitchen. He smiles at her behavior and he was tightening his body so that she had to use her full power to push him inside the kitchen. She too smiles at his playful behavior and once she pushed him inside, Radhika ; Sir one condition coffee with sugar as I know you are not a diabetic patient. So I want u to have your coffee with sugar.
Arjun (bowed his body slightly) ; Yes Mrs.Mehra.
Radhika ; That’s a good boy….. and goes out.

Chapter 14

Radhika came out of the room and she went to the hall and went inside the room was she was checking the cupboard. It had his dress and when she opened the draw she found a letter and a blue dhupatta and some other articles. She was confused. She opened and found that, that was the letter she wrote for him.

Flash back…….

After the confession made by nandhini and Arjun was lost in his pain. Radhika started from Arjun’s house but Arjun hugged radhika pleaded radhika to stay that night as he was scared to be alone and to stay in dark. She broke the hug and gave a warm kiss on his forehead. She tucked her hand in his hand and slowly pulled him to the bed room. He followed her as an obedient child. She slowly made him sit and she adjusted herself for him, he immediately without wasting a second hugged her. She just cared his head and he felt his mother’s presence in her. Arjun in the mid of the night woke up and makes sure that radhika was with him. He silently takes the mobile and clicks the picture and goes to sleep by holding her waist and pulling her to his embrace and she too reciprocating him back by holding his hand tight. Arjun felt that she made a silent assurance that she will not leave him but he never knew that, that was the last view he had on his radhika.

Radhika was sleeping and the rays of sun woke her up. She woke up and found her arjun hugging and sleeping. That was a peaceful sleep he had and she saw him so close. She caressed his hair and sat on the bed and was about to hug him. Just then her mobile rang and she found out sam was calling. Radhika had tears as her heart which had arjun but is going to leave him for her sam. She took the paper and pen to write. It was the first time she hated to write as she felt pain of loosing arjun once and for all. Arjun who was sleeping just murmured a word again and again “radhika” . She weeped silently but could not do anything more than that.

She turned her heart into stone and took a deep breath and wrote the letter. She refreshed and came out and saw arjun for the final time. She again sat on the bed and caressed his hair and kissed his cheeks but it was accompanied by tears. She kept the letter on the table and with the divorce paper signed and when she was about to take the wedding chain remembered arjun’s plead…….. She wiped the tears and opened the door and started to leave but heard arjun’s call. She turned back and found out that he was awake and immediately she ran to the cab which she booked without his knowledge, sat on the car and hid herself inside the car and found him shouting calling her name in the middle street. She signaled the driver to leave and she saw him from the back glass and cried as she is leaving arjun once and for all. From that day she did not cry regarding arjun in front of everyone, she buried everything inside her heart but she cried out finally on the day when she rang to arjun and today.

Her thought got disturbed by his call . She turned and found him with a plate and 2 mugs with coffee and some cookies and his signature smile with him. She smiled and took the letter with her and he placed the coffee in the table in the room and sensed her that she was sad.

Arjun ; hello panoti what happened ?? Radhika took the letter . Arjun rolled his eyes.
Arjun ; u asked me not to look back but u are doing it why did u take that out ??
Radhika ; why did u carry this with u ??
Arjun ; why means what ?? This is the only memorable thing i have of u and how can u think that i will not have them ?? I dont even have anything in the name of happy memories with u either i see your hurt face or u fight with me what else i have of u ?? So thought that if i have this letter it will burn me to find u soon and punish u for leaving me by tying u with me and jump in the deep ocean so that u wont leave me for anyone and looked at her.

Radhika never knew arjun…… Arjun would love her this deep. He opened his arms. She jumped and hugged him and that was a tight hug and he was holding her with his hands and she was like a cute kitten in hus hands so delicate, feather yet his only reason to live in the world.
Arjun (without breaking the hug) ; radhika the coffee is cooling lets drink the coffee.
Radhika (nodding no) ;mmm hmm i want to be like this just leave me i want to be like this .
Arjun ; fine panoti but drink then hug me u might feel hungry.
Radhika (broke the hug) ; then one condition i will sit with u .
Arjun ; sure i will not run anywhere . She made a face. She made him sit and she sat near him facing her back to him and pulling his hands on either side of her waist.
Radhika ; see like this. He nodded and tightens the grip. She giggles for that and takes the coffee mug to him and she too takes the mug and drinks coffee. She was resting her head over his shoulders and he was caressing her head and remembered the way he caressed her head when they 2 got struck in the room. He smiles .
Radhika ; so u traveled to rana kaka’s store room now right ??
Arjun ; how did u …..
Radhika ; connection hearts and saw him and smiled him. He nodded and kept his head slowly touching her head. Both closed their eyes and they were breathing their love.

Radhika ; did u find any name for the secret code. Arjun thought but no word striked.
Arjun ; i dont have any word radhika. Radhika banged her head but no word striked for her too finally both made a decision .
Radhika ; look i will cough 3 times continuously no more no less exact 3 then that means we need to speak.
Arjun ; wow panoti superb idea. She smiled at him. Just then neil called her.
She looks at Arjun , he nods and smiles. She was super happy and she took the call and she relaxes her head in his shoulder. He was just caressing her and she spoke to him.
Radhika ; Yes what can I do for the saminder singh’s idiot.
Neil ; Chashni I need your assistance.
Radhika ; Sure what ever.
Neil ; You don’t mistake me na of what I am going to say.
Radhika ; I am going to beat you if you ask me those questions. You have full right to speak to me so speak out.
Neil ; Well I want to ask you whether I can re think regarding………
Radhika (doubtful voice) ; Regarding ??
Neil ; About myself and Sam.
Radhika jumped and hugged Arjun and spoke by adjusting her hair which was set loose.
Radhika ; Oh my god what a decision Neil…….. man you made it finally my prayers are heard by my god. Lovely so when are you going to propose her , make that day a memorable one for you and her and don’t again speak something hurts her and do whatever you want to but make her fall for you.
Neil ; No…. she was the one who said that she loved me……
Radhika ; Then for what were you waiting for ??
Neil ; no chashni when you are like this…….. how can I think of myself when my best friend was in pool of tears and sorrows.
Radhika ; Don’t worry neil I’m happy and I won’t cry here after as I got what I wanted for and looked at Arjun and he smiled at her by the way she was looking passionately.
Neil ; what are you meaning ??
Radhika ; I meant you and sam, neil nothing ok now go and say your heart.
Neil ; Not today but 2 days from today I will say her. That was the first day I saw her and I want to speak my heart to on the same date.
Radhika ; All the best and she heard Sam yelling at him calling him idiot. Radhika smiled and said ; go your wife is calling you. He turned pink.
Neil ; kill you chashni , bye love you.
Radhika ; Love you too neil. They held the call and radhika stared at Arjun.
Arjun ; Why are you pearsing me with your glance??
Radhika ; Now a days you speak more poetic khadoos.
Arjun ; khadoos ??
Radhika ; Your nick name kept by me long back and giggled.
Arjun(laughed ) ; Really ?? and stared at her the way he used to stare at her in an angry manner.
Radhika ; Ooh god I missed this glance of you soo much and she pulled his cheeks and hugged him and kissed his cheeks.


Sam had her dinner and she was after that was busy thinking what was the reason for Neil hiding the truth to her.
Sam’s mind ; Why is Neil did not say about the chashni ?? if she was alive then why did you not say that to her family ?? Even Arjun did not know about the truth of Radhika why neil ?? Do you love her ?? she was busy thinking and finally she remembers the way he protected her when all were against her and how he helped her and she finally convinced herself that he protects her and loves her.
Sam’s mind ; So you love her and why did you not say that to me ?? That’s why did you leave me my love and friendship for her for chashni?? You did not feel for me?? You were the one who proposed me then why did you leave me idiot ?? Then she remembered the way he spoke harshly when they had for the dinner. She was in tears.



Radhika was sleeping hugging Arjun and she was about to get up. Arjun’s grip was tight. She tried hard. He was in no mood to leave her. Radhika slowly husked in his ears ; Sir its morning we need to go to office.
Arjun ; Seriously we have 2 days leave radhika today is our day off now shut up and sleep and pulled her.
Radhika ; Ok fine but I will go to make coffee for us.
Arjun ; Radhika wait till I open my eyes as this was the only wish I had for my life to look at your face first time when I wake up and the last thing for my day is to look at your face. Do you get that. She kept her head over his chest and he wrapped his hand over her and both unanimously said “Best day of my life”


Neil woke up and was feeling fresh that he was happy that he is going to say his heart to sam that he will say yes to her that too soon. He refreshed and came out and found her in kitchen and hugged prena from back.
Prena ; why is my son so happy ??
Neil ; Well I am going to say yes to your daughter in law.
Prena ; Haa ??
Neil ; Maa I want to say you one thing. Sam also loves me so why to waste my life by making a fake angry on her when I love her.
Prena ; finally my son has some brain. Go and say her, your heart to her and bring her as my daughter in law. No go and she gave him some sugar for his good luck
Neil ; Thanks ma but day after tomorrow I will say her, that was the special day for me and sam.

Precap ;Neil proposes Sam…….. Neil heartbroken…….Ardhika having some happy times with the help of cough…….. Rathore , Luna , Teji starts from Singapore………………..

Sorry that the last precap was Sam misunderstands Neil but a slight change to elaborate the Ardhika scene and next one will make sure that Nesam has their equal space with Ardhika…..

Thats it for today guys…. How was it ??? Did you all like it ???Do comment your views and always smile and always stay blessed and stay healthy…. Love you all…..

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