Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 12


Hiee all .. I’m back with the next part of the journey. Thanks a ton for those lovely words and please do let me know about this part and please do spare me for the typos.

Enjoy the ride….

Radhika reached home and she was blushing thinking of Arjun. Her thoughts were disturbed by her phone ringtone. It was danny .

Danny ; Meera are you free ??
Radhika ; Full day what does my dance wants ??
Danny ; Well i donno why but i want to eat some delicious indian sweets which are made by your hand will you do that for me ??
Radhika smiles ; Danny no need to ask come home i’ll prepare for ya .
Danny ; No u come home. My home.
Radhika ; Fine come and pick me please.
Danny ; I’m gonna kill you , my house is next street and you can come by crossing the street you wnt me to come and pick you up ?? You lazy lady now start from there and come quick i’m starving and save some fuel as they are perishable items we have to protect them for your future generations.
Radhika : Fine, fine now please don’t start your world conservation project description to me i’ll be there in 15 minutes ok ??
Danny ; Done honey.

Danny made his thumps up to Arjun who came there with other friends of creative. This was a routine for the creative people as they will assemble in someone’s house and they will have fun when they have a get together as no one has a proper family. So for them creative is their family.

Radhika came hopping and singing and she entered the house with hearing the song and she was doing some steps. Danny from the behind joined her and she removed the ear phone and now the song was audible and in between Rio took the phone from her and plugged it with a big ufer and switched the music system and all started to dance and Arjun who was in behind was just staring at her the way she dances and he remembers the day when she was practising with him for the engagement with Sam when she was wearing a blue kurti and white leggings and he remembered the way he wore her the anklet. He smiled and was looking at her and she was twisted by everyone and she was twisting everyone and finally the song was over the whole gang shouted on top of the voice and suddenly there was a horrified sound from outside.

Voice ; Again now you bunch of stupid stop this noise else i’ll break the door and make you guys to sit ups 1000 times. All kept their fingers on their lips and rushed and hid themselves. Radhika who was running saw Arjun . She banged her head and pulled him and all had their own secret place to hide. Arjun was not able to understand as what was going on.
Arjun ; What is happening Radhika ??
Radhika ; Arjun sir you dont know about that person. He is a retired school head master. He does not like any noise and every time we make noise he will shout like this and we will hide in our secret place so that after some time that person will go to library and we will again start the music and she smiles like a kid and peeps out looking whether he has come or not.
Arjun was so happy as first time with her sense she called him Arjun sir and more over she did not make noise when he called her radhika . He said to himself ; level one done. She saw him and raised her eye brows and nodded what ??? He nodded nothing. Just then his phone buzzed. He attended and husked ; hello
other line…..
Arjun ; Ankush i’m really sorry to hear that dadaji is not well. Radhika who heard was sweating badly as what would have happened to him.
Arjun (continued) ; Well ankush convince him Ankush say something that radhika is not well or has gone somewhere like that and say him that she cannot speak to him. Radhika was clearly hearing his words even when he husked. Radhika had tears and wanted to talk to dadaji once to know about his health.

Arjun who saw that smiled and said ; Take care of him Ankush and held the call. Radhika turned and was about to speak but she nodded nothing. All made sure that the head master was out of his house. There was a whistle sound. Radhika came out and few who were in the trees jumped and all started to do their work which will they do when they are all in one house. Radhika and Danny were in the kitchen and Arjun was talking to someone and radhika who gave him the soup as his stomach was not well. Arjun purposefully kept his phone on the table and took the soup from Radhika and smiled and went back. Radhika at once grabbed the mobile but the phone was screen locked. She tried Arjun but did not work then she tried Nandhu, Nandhini but did not work. Finally she tried Radhika it came. She smiled and took the call log and dialled to dadaji’s personal landline number.

Ankush took the call. Radhika held the receiver and saw how to speak and waved Danny to speak the way she assists.
Ankush ; Hello may i know who is this speaking ??
Danny (looking at radhika) ; May i speak to Mr. Mishra please the elder sir ??
Ankush ; May i know who is this speaking ??
Danny ; Well i’m his friend’s grandson and my grandfather wanna speak to Mr. Mishra can you please give the phone to him sir ??
Ankush ; Just a minute and gave the call to dadaji and said “Dadaji your friend needs to speak to you . Dadaji takes the phone and ankush leaves the room.

Dadaji ; khon hai ??
Danny hears this and gives the phone to radhika and says “ someone is speaking in hindi you carry on” and he goes from there and ask her to go to the lawn and speak.
Dadaji ; khon hai ??
Radhika ; Dadaji ???
Dadaji (with a doubting voice) ; Choti ??? and has tears. Radhika burst out and cries .
Radhika ; Dadaji how are you ??
Dadaji ; Choti i’m fine and where are you choti ?? i said you are alive but here all are saying you are dead now wait i’ll call everyone and you speak to them as they are saying i’m not mentally balanced choti.
Radhika ; Dadaji no dont say to anyone . I dont want to speak to anyone but only to you dadaji. I’m sorry dadaji i did not speak to you for so many days and for them i’ll remain dead and how are you ? Are you taking your medicine in the correct time are you eating properly and are you taking sweets more ?? Dadaji who missed his choti’s strictness got it back.
Dadaji ; Choti i’m all fine .
Radhika ; Then why is your voice not the way it used to be ??
Dadaji ; I missed my choti now i’ll be alright . Choti will you speak to me daily. Radhika wiped her tears smiled ; I will speak to you once in a week .
Dadaji ; What if someone attends the call then we’ll get caught .
Radhika (giggles at the brain of dadaji) ;Well i’ll do one thing dadaji i’ll call you in the night time so that we can speak. Ok dadaji i’ll keep the phone.
Dadaji ; Choti one last thing , dont leave Arjun. He was dead when he heard that you were dead. I know he was not good but he loves you choti, dont leave him. Please for me give him a chance.
Radhika (Took a deep breath and smiles) ;Dadaji i’ll promise you what so ever happen i’ll not leave your Arjun ok ??
Dadaji ; Thats my choti bye and he cancels the call. Dadaji shouts in happiness and after a year he comes out of his room and goes down to have his dinner with the whole family.

Radhika finds relief as she spoke to her dadaji after many months and she saw Arjun who was enjoying with his friends. She never knew that he can also have smiling face. Just then a message pops up and that too from Bonnie. She was burning and she looks at the conversations which was done before. All the while Bonnie was flirting with Arjun and he was giving back his hatred as his answer. One conversation in which bonnie said “I’m way more beautiful than radhika and more over she is dead why can’t you come back to me Arjun ??
Arjun’s reply was ; She is way more beautiful in heart and in person than you and who said she is dead she is standing before me and hugging me tight so please dont disturb us get that ??

Now the new message was
Bonnie ; Arjun lets start over a new life leave Radhika behind i’m waiting for you still dear. I love you and only you.
Radhika’s blood boiled ; She replied ; Wait for eternity as i will not leave my Arjun for any one here after by Mrs.Mehra and she blocks the number from which bonnie texts Arjun. She smiles at her possessiveness and was searching for Arjun. He was looking at the sky and was waiting for the ball to fall in his hand as they were playing cricket. Suddenly the car which was coming on the way lost its control and it was heading towards Arjun.

Radhika’s heart raised and she ran towards him and jumped and pulled him with herself. Arjun who did not know what happened was just staring at her and then the car got crashed but the driver of the car was safe without much injury as he safely hitted against a tree so that no one was injured . All asked him if he is alright but Radhika was giving him a death glare . She left the place from there without speaking to him. After few minutes he stood up and searched her and found her few yards away and it was a lone place where no one can see them.

Arjun ; Radhika ?????

At once Radhika turned and gave him a tight slap and Arjun was not able to understand what happened a second before.

Radhika ; What if something happens to you ??? Did you ever thought of me ?? How many times should i save your life sir ?? What if something had happened to you ?? Do you think i would live without you?? I might be far from you it is not mean that you are free from me Mr.Arjun Mehra what so ever happens it is only you and , me no one else why cant you be just be careful. Senseless.
Arjun ; Radhika ??
Radhika ; Yes radhika your radhika , I’m the same radhika who left you now what do you want me to speak ??
Arjun ; Radhika ??? and he was repeating the same name for more than 10 times with tears.
Radhika ; Stop calling me Radhika ??
Arjun (lost his cool) ; A minute ago you said you are my radhika and now u r saying not to call me by radhika.
Radhika (keeping her hands over her waist) ; I said not to call me by my name i did not say i’m not radhika and smiled.
Arjun ; Cant you say something straight ??
Radhika (giggled) ; Call me panoti sir missed the word panoti and you forgot to call me for one year and smiled.
Arjun pulled her close and hugged her tight and said ; Panoti i missed you and i love you like a minion loves its banana . Radhiak who heard the conversation and comparison giggled as he said minion and banana.
Radhika buried herself with Arjun and said ; From when did you start to watch these kinds of movies ??
Arjun ; i would love them to watch as you left me i was really alone yaar at that time this helped me as they would speak without break but nothing could be understood but they will speak continuously just like you Radhika nonstop. She saw him and saw a kid in him. Arjun held his cheeks as now his cheeks were burning ; Why did you slap me ??

Radhika ; As i dont have the habit of holding which was given by anyone so gave you what you gave me and dont you dare play cricket there or else next time I’ll call my husband to rip your body part by part .
Arjun(raised his eyebrows) ; Oh really ?? I’m not scared of anyone as my wife will toss anyone who comes to harm me and both laughs and hugs each other and cries as they missed the other so much these days.
Radhika(without breaking the hug) ; I want to love you
Arjun (jerked and broke the hug and confused) ; excuse me then what were we doing these days ??
Radhika ; No………. i meant i want to love the way others lovers like going out for a date secret call and secret shopping without the knowledge of the family like that . He too nodded ; but we are married right . She made a face ; So you are not gonna love like that ??
Arjun ; Are you a small kid ??
Radhika ; Say yes or no nothing more ..
Arjun ; Fine and jerks when he heard what she replied.
Radhika ; Then i will marry you only after 1 year of this love.
Arjun ;This is ridiculous radhika . Radhika looks at him . I mean panoti , we are married and how many times you want me to marry the same old woman , not fair at all. She made a face and punched his stomach.
Radhika ; Mind your words Mr.Mehra i am the one who is protected the dark lord ooooooo and she makes that sound and smiles. Arjun rolls his eyes.
Radhika ; I hate you seeing in these old fashioned formal sets.
Arjun ; What should i wear then swimming suits ??
Radhika ; No no no you will look disgusting in those suits. Arjun made a face and radhika laughed.
Radhika ; Well please come back to your normal T-Shirt form . You know when i see you in T-Shirt i seriously skip my heart beat and just want to hug you tight when i see you in those set and my fav is a green T-shirt and a jean and a grey over coat . Do you remember that one ??
Arjun(top of his voice) ; Why did you not say that before ??
Radhika (laughed hard at his reaction) ; Well stupid you did not ask me and one more thing we need to discuss about something which is really important .
Arjun (gulped) ; Important means what thing ??
Radhika ; Well you call me panoti but i don’t have a nick name for you, so we need to discuss sir as Teji comes i cannot call in front of him Arjun sir. So we need to find a name a secret code just you and me know so that when ever that word was called then we can meet secretly and winked her eyes.
Arjun ; From when did you become this much genius ra… sorry panoti my panoti.
Radhika ; I was dreaming for this day for 1 year sir so that we will join hands and disappear to some place where no one will be there to separate us and i will just inform Teji, Neil, Rathore about where i am and always live there and more over i am fed up with the play of Meera as i want to live a life with you and dont want to loose you even a second. He too nods and when they were about to come a bit closer Danny calls ; Meera………………..i’m starving you can talk to him later. She smiles and looks at Arjun. He waves her to go, she giggles and pulls his cheeks and winks her eyes and goes inside to make the lunch. Arjun who was longing for his love finally got it.


Neil went for the location hunt with Mark and other people at that time sasha who was looking at the annual vacation meet pics where all went to the green land. It was an annual vacation pics in which all the employees of Creative where there. That was also for the project where one pic of all the people where required to show to the company about the employees of the creative. She went to the wash room at that time, Sam who was busy with the local project came inside the technical room and found Sasha was not there. When she was about to turn a smile was struck her eyes. She who turned thought that a thing was familiar to her.

Sam turned and saw the monitor and saw the picture. To the contrary it was the picture which was in the screen was having Rathore, Teji and Radhika hugging each other in the ice and with the fully covered cloths and the glows.

She scrolled the next picture and found them with all then the next and there was a video where Teji ; Stupid stop running you will get struck in between.
Radhika (running) ; Dont worry teji, as when teji is here why fear ??
Rathore from the back pulled Teji and buried him inside the ice. Radhika too jumped and all were playing in the ice and Luna, Mark, Sasha, Danny and other people of creative came. She was looking at the video with a smile and teary eyes. Suddenly her face changed when she saw the last one who stepped inside the screen.

Radhika ; Hello Mr. Copywriter come inside and pulled Neil. He keeps the camera with the stick and then he too enters and slowly he kisses her cheeks and she too hugs him tight and kisses him and they have a group hug , the video stops.

Sasha who came in saw Sam.
Sasha ; Hey sam what’s up ??
Sam ; I asked about Meera right.
Sasha smiles and points at Radhika and Sam smile become big at her own way.

Precap – Secret romance of Ardhika, Sam and Neil argues regarding Radhika, Sam again misunderstands Neil with Radhika…………….

Thats it for today guys . I know i have not made Nesam’s portion big but as the next part they are gonna be seen. Please do spare me for that and say me your views regarding this part , did you all like it ?? Say me your views. Love you all and take care.

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