Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 11


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Radhika and Teji reaches home and found that Luna and Rathore were speaking and they did not know how they were free to talk and Luna was so happy that at last her wish of speaking to Rathore was finally done. Radhika found her friend and she called her . Luna went running and hugged her, Radhika too hugged her back and Teji too jumped and hugged them . Rathore just smiled at those kids.

Rathore ; There is a big house inside guys. Radhika and others broke the hug and entered the house and they did not sleep as it had been so many days Luna and Radhika did not meet and the duo was talking when the other 2 was playing their X box.

Next day morning ……

All the four Radhika , Luna , Teji and Rathore entered the office. Danny and others all started their work but Arjun did not come to the office. Radhika did not ask for him as she did not care for him from outside but from inside she wanted to see him. Finally Rathore asked about Arjun, Danny said he was not well. Radhika jerked and shouted “What ??” Rathore and Luna saw her in a suspicion and Teji slightly nodded his head not to she composed herself and continued as if nothing happened.
Rathore ; What happened to him danny ??
Danny ; Well he had taken something which is not suitable for his health it seems so he is suffering from food poison . I tried to call him when he texted me but no response. Radhika was sweating bad. She excused herself and called his number but he did not picked the call. She was walking like a cat here and there and Teji who found that Radhika was restless and he pulled her and she hugged him tight and she was continuously blabbering saying its her fault should have spoken to him when he texted her.

Teji (rubbing her head) ; Chashni dont worry nothing will happen to him, just food poison , he will come to the office tomorrow and then you can romance with your husband. Radhika broke the hug and punched his stomach. He shouted and both laughed and continued their work. Radhika was busy with her new project and she was in the shoot. Radhika would just call him , he would not pick the call and she used to do atleast 5 calls per hour. And at times she would try to go out from the office to go straight to Arjun’s house but the situations would go the other way round.

Rathore had to attended a conference in singapore for his new venture. That was a huge project and was a week conference. If that was banged then they will become huge . The whole creative team wrapped up the pending projects in their hand within 2 days and started for this project as it had global competition.

Everything came out to be perfect for them and their hard work was rewarded as the presentation of Luna was selected within the others and Rathore felt proud about the work of Luna and so he asked Luna to accompany him with himself to singapore. Luna was in cloud nine for the trip. Radhika nodded and left with a smile. Luna blushed and Teji wanted a break so he asked can he accompany them . Luna nodded happily but Rathore slightly made a face then he too was happy.


Dilip (phone) ; Ankush is this really required for you to be in singapore when you there is a ceremony in this house and you know dadaji is also not well then how can you say that you cannot come. It has been one year since choti left us. There is a pooja for her in the house and you are saying you cannot come.

Ankush ; Pa please try to understand i have to complete my work here as i have to achieve the target for this month . If i finish that then i will come and join you . Please pa.
Dilip ; Your dadaji has broken when he heard the news of choti . He lost his mental balance and he is still thinking that she is alive. If you come here that would be a biggest support for him please try to come son. Ankush thought for a second and said ; I’ll come home pa . Dilip made a sign of relief and cancelled the call.

Dadaji was broken down when he heard that his choti was no more but some how he trusted that his choti will not do anything without saying anything to him. That thought started to haunt his life and he became bed ridden. Radhika never knew the situation of dadaji as Neil and Teji had hidden the truth from her when she asked about them.


Rathore, Luna and Teji started for the flight. That was the night flight and Cook was the driver for them that day. Once they left radhika immediately jumped inside the car and asked cook to drive to Arjun’s house. All the while she was scared as it was more than 5 days since she saw him. He drove to his house . It was a cute, small yet elegant house. The name board spelt sweet home of Radhika and Arjun. She was hurt for that. She knocked the door. But no response. So she kept her hand on the pat lock and she found the door was not closed. Her heart beat was rising when she opened to see her life. He was not found in the hall . When she turned she found a portrait of her face with all her pics and she was breathing heavily and tears were rushing out.

She slowly entered a room and found him he was sleeping in the bed with a pillow which had her face. She started to cry hard but she composed herself and slowly she went near him and sat on the bed. Arjun found that she came but he did not open his eyes, he did not want to disturb her as she might go away again. Radhika slowly kept her hand over his head and found that his body was heat, because of temperature.

Radhika (husked) ; AM ??? AM….???and she shook him but no response. She took a deep breath made sure that he was in deep sleep she said “ Arjun sir ???” and she kissed his forehead and was caressing his hair. He turned and hugged her and wrapped her with his hand , she slipped and fell on him and she closed her eyes. Arjun smiled but he closed his eyes. Slowly she opened her eyes and found he was sleeping. She took a deep breath and was about to move. But he was not in a mood of letting her as this was the same day when he was left by her a year back and found her now. So what so ever happens he planned that he will not leave her this time.

Radhika saw him so close after the day she left him. She without her knowledge hugged him and a small tiny drop of tear came out from Arjun’s eyes. Radhika found that and she cried without making noise and hugged him tight and kissed his cheeks and kept her head on him. They were, where they have to be and she slept in his embrace and Arjun who found radhika slept removed the hair from her face and found the mangalsutra pepped out and he felt that he was the luckiest man ever.

He was so happy that even he can have a family one day as he was longing to have one. He saw her and she was so cute when she was sleeping. He peaked her eyes, nose and cheeks and then when he saw the lips he smiled and said “ Never knew that these cute lips can speak these big, big words radhika, i love you radhika…..
Radhika (in the sleep turning) ; I love you Arjun sir. He immediately hugged her tight.


Radhika woke up and found Arjun was sleeping. She smiled and peaked his lips and saw his face. Then she realised that she was with Arjun and that too real. She removed herself from Arjun and went out to prepare coffee for him and her. She found 2 cute cups named A and R. She was not able to understand what was that first then she found out A for Arjun and R for radhika and he had bought everything 2 sets for him and for her.

Arjun who did not sleep at all was jumping and dancing and was hugging the pillow and gave a big tight kiss to the pillow. Arjun was happy that radhika, his radhika kissed him.

Arjun to himself ; Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god , Arjun radhika kissed yaar. Pakka she kissed you. She unknowingly more stubborn than you but you stupid hurt her and guess this food poison made her to come to you. Hey any one above me , if you are really there thank you man. I got my love bak. He heard Radhika’s foot sound, he jumped back to the bed and closed his eyes and was pressing his lips to control his blush.

Radhika entered the room and found he was still sleeping. She sipped her coffee and was about to wake him , she was really close to his face. When she was about to kiss him there was a call from Teji. She closed her eyes and said “ perfect call in a very bad time cha..” kept the coffee on the table and went to the balcony. Arjun woke up and saw her by sitting in the bed.

Teji ; Chashni reached Dubai yaar.
Radhiak (fake yawning) ; Hmm teji i’m still sleeping…
Teji ; Super hey lazy goose wake up.
Radhika ; No i’m gonna sleep upto 11 .
Teji ; Office ??
Radhika ; No office and smiled like a child. Arjun smiled at her cute answer.
Teji ; Why ??
Radhika ; Rathore gave 2 days off to the whole office . BTW how are they doing ?? Teji turned and saw Rathore was blushing more than Luna.
Teji ; he is blushing more than her. Radhika giggled. Arjun coughed and immediately closed his mouth and banged his head. Radhika got scared , Teji heard that .
Teji ; Who coughed ??
Radhika ; Me… me coughed Teji ufff ufff (she coughed).
Teji ; I heard the voice a bit distant ??
Radhika (stammered) ; That was, that was….. haa i kept my phone in the speaker thats why u heard the voice in from the distance, I talk to you later….. bye and she ended the call immediately. She banged her head.
Arjun (silently) ; You still can’t say lies properly Radhika.. he found she was about to turn , he layed on the bed and closed his eyes and started to sleep. He was just dreaming of his wife and himself.

There was a table and chair which was in the lawn and few kids were playing in that lawn. It was a common play area for the houses nearby and she was enjoying her time with those kids and she started to play with them too by helping them to make a sand castle. She was playing for more than 1 hour and Arjun was sleeping peacefully .

She came back and saw him sleeping happily she smiled and thought ; I donno how many lies i’m gonna say for you?? First i said i love you when i did not loved you, said nothing when i was physically and mentally hurt by your sister and when i loved you , i said i want to leave you and then to make you free from me i said i’m dead, then now . You are making me a sinner. If you had once heard my words we would have lead a happy life. You were in your revenge and i was in the process of saving sam but we never noticed about ourselves. Hope we are not meant to be together. Good bye sir pls take rest and take care of yourself and she left the Arjun’s house.


Neil was in deep sleep , at that time Sam entered the room and she entered into his hand and slept in his embrace. Neil within some time opened his eyes , found Sam sleeping close to him. He found her and shouted on top of his voice. Sam jerked and saw Neil was shooing her.

Neil ; Shoo…. shoo go away from me.
Sam ; Why should i go ??
Neil ; just go away….. Mmmmmmmoooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmm on top of his voice. Prena rushed and saw Neil and Sam . She winked her eyes to Sam.
Neil ; Why did you allow sam into my room ??
Prena ; Dont be a fool Neil no one is here…
Neil ; Then who is this ??? He pointed at Sam .
Prena ; Are you day dreaming ?? No one is there yaar, dont blabber anything , now wake up as it is already 10.30 in the morning.
Neil was sweating and saw Sam was sitting in his bed. She gained over him and slowly she was over him and sam with slow but threating voice ; If you try to avoid me you will face this torture daily.
Neil ; I’m not scared of you… you what so or who so ever you are.
Sam ; Really and she gave a tight kiss in his lips. She broke the kiss and saw him and he was bliknking , sam smiled and said ; if you try to run from me i will torture you like this.
Neil (lost his sense ) ; I would love that. Sam blushed and got up and left the place but he was still blushing and was thinking what had just happened a minute before he pounced into the bed and slept by burying his face in the pillow.


Ankush was waiting for the flight saw Rathore teji and Luna who came out. Ankush saw Teji and called his name. Teji saw Ankush and was happy but suddenly his face changed as how is he going to manage Ankush. Teji husked to Rathore that Ankush was radhika’s brother and asked Rathore and Luna to proceed towards the entrance and will join them after the talk.

Ankush ; Teji its been long time since i saw you. How are you ??
Teji (smiled and hugged) ; i’m fine ankush what are you doing ?? Back home ?? Ankush nodded .
Ankush ; Yes choti’s first year death anniversary you know there are some rituals to be done so going to rishikesh and dadaji is also not well after he heard about choti, he still thinks that she is alive and he says he will speak to her one day, we were not able to make him understand him that she is dead.
Teji ; he is right.
Ankush ; Haa what ??
Teji ; Nothing i can sense his condition Ankush.
Ankush ; Yup thats why going to see him too in the name of this rituals.
Teji ; i’m sorry ankush to hear about dadaji please take care of him else i cannot answer….(he was about to blabber about radhika but he stopped it). There was an announcement regarding Akush flight came. They gave a cordial hug and Ankush started to India and Teji walked towards the entrance. Rathore gestured what happened ?? Teji nodded nothing and they started from there to the hotel provided to them.


Neil stormed into the office and found Sam was talking with Sasha and Mark. She was laughing and Neil lost in the smile and he nodded and made an angry face and came near Sam.
Sam ; Hello Mr. Malhotra and she continued her talk.
Neil ; i want to speak alone.
Sam ; Sure go to that room and speak.
Neil ; I want to speak alone to you.
Sam ; Then it is not alone it is 2 of us.
Neil ; Madam Shakespeare please forgive me for the grammatical mistake, i’m not as knowledgeable as you so please can you come to my cabin ??
Sam ; Well mister chief editor, but as you begged im coming go to your room and wait. He went and Sam gave hifi to Sasha .
Sasha ; So the trick worked ??
Sam ; Yes it worked.
Sasha ; Thanks to Meera, because she told me the idea of this when i wanted to scare her younger brother.
Sam ; Who is meera ??
Sasha ; She is the sister of Rathore. Sam thought that “ Rathore has no sister and brother but she is saying that he has a sister and a brother.
Sam ; Do you have her pic ??
Sasha ; I don’t have her pic now but Luna has, I will ask her to send me those pics. Sam nodded and went to his cabin but she was thinking who that would be.

She entered the cabin and saw him giving deep breath with a angry face. Sam pressed her lips to as she was not able to see his face in this way as a like a kid from which the ice cream was taken by its sibling in a fight mode.

Sam ; Mr.Malhotra why did you call me ??
Neil ; Stop calling me with my sir name call me the way you used to call me.
Sam ; Someone gave me a lecture that he was changed.
Neil ; Cut it out now say me why did you…….me
Sam ; What did i do to you ??
Neil ; You came to my house.
Sam ; Me to your house ??
Neil ; Then who came and kissed me ??
Sam ; Really what happened next and sat and kept her hand over her chin and sat like listening a story.
Neil ; You came to my house and kissed me and
Sam ; And what did you dream next ??
Neil ; Dream what dream are you talking about ??
Sam ; The dream you are speaking about now Mr.Malhotra .
Neil (grinned his teeth) ; Neil
Sam ; Yaa neil malhotra
Neil ; Just neil pls . Sam giggled and nodded and said “ Neil”
Sam ; I guess you are so much drenched in my love and thoughts thats why you are thinking that i came to your house and kissed you, thats really nice my boy and she ruffled and went out with a winning smile and Neil was scratching thinking was he really dreaming of her or really she came. Sam saw him from the outside and she giggled at his helplessness and left the place.


Dadaji who was in his room was shouting and the whole house was shaking hearing his shout.
Dadaji ; Dilip i said my choti is alive and you are doing her pooja for her soul to rest in peace what a kind of fool are you dilip. Dilip was not able see his father in this condition and he cursed himself for not trusting his daughter when she had to be trusted.
Dilip ; Papa try to understand she is not with us she left us .
Dadaji ; Mala ask your husband to hold his tongue. My choti will always say what she is going to do and i will be the only person to whom she opens her heart, now stop that nonsense else you will not know what i will do. Mala was helpless , she was only able to cry nothing more could be done. Ankush who came in sensed the situation . He went straight to dadaji’s room and asked everyone to go and convinced dadaji and made him sleep by giving him the tablet.

Ankush called Arjun. Arjun used to contact Ankush to know the details of radhika’s family, it was only Ankush who was his side when no one was his side. Ankush and Arjun contact each other to update whatever is happening.

Ankush called Arjun and Arju who was sleeping woke up and found Radhika was not there. He searched and said to himself “ Radhika you are a bad habit of leaving me when i’m sleeping.”
He answered the call.
Ankush ; Hello arjun how are you ??
Arjun ; I’m happy here any news there Ankush and was in a happy way.
Ankush ; All fine but dadaji is still not well. He is still in the memory of Radhika. He is not well Arjun. Arjun thought for a minute and smiled and said “ Ankush he will dance tomorrow, don’t worry he’ll be fine.
Ankush ; What are you going to do ??
Arjun ; Trust me Ankush and held the call.

Precap ; Radhika speaks to Dadaji, Sam comes around the pictures of Teji and Radhika……….

Thats it guys …..i dont know what i have written. Typed in a hurry , pls do spare me for the typos and did you all like it ?? Please do say me your views.

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