Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 10


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Rathore and Radhika were in their house and called Teji as he has to statr from canada to chicago the next day.
Rathore ; Teji packings done.
Teji ; Half way through rathore.
Rathore ; Hey dont forget your x box
Radhika ; Nothing doing . Teji no.
Teji ; But what will neil have to play ??
Rathore ; Let him play with Sam. There was a 2 minute silence and all the 3 burst out in laugh.
Radhika; Teji i want my head set. This one is not working properly and also my side pillow please.
Teji ; That is my head set u are talking about well i have taken your side pillow.
Rathore ; now start Teji and dont forget the games brother. Chashni will make us go mad and the only way to survive is games. Radhika punched Rathore and left the place to have her breakfast.

Teji did his packing and Prena helped him for the packing. Teji created a motherly bond wih Prena and she too saw him as her son after Neil and Rathore. Teji was packing but was sobbing and Neil was teasing him.

Neil ; Oh meri behan. Pls dont cry i will ask the sasural wala to take good care of you and laughed. Teji punched him and hugged prena who was sitting in the bed seeing the drama.
Prena; Teji you are going only to chicago not to some other planet. Just 2 hours flight my boy you will come back here and mama will be waiting for you every weekend so that i can see you and also my radhika and rathore. Teji saw her and cleaned his nose “Really ??”
Prena ; Really….
Neil ; Never happens
Teji ; Maaa……. Prena gave an angry glare to Neil and Neil held his ears and said “ Sorry” .

Luna came to the airport straight and Sasha was with her new boyfriend . Teji was in high anger as she left him.

Teji ; I will find a girl who will be even more beautiful and will make her mine forever, you angry bird. The boy friend was taller and gave a glare. Teji stepped back and shouted “ I’m not afraid of you , i’m going because its time for my flight” Neil and Luna who saw this banged their head and Luna pulled Teji and they left and Neil who was waving had tears for his little brother Teji.


Radhika was busy with the shooting. Danny was a model and Arjun never knew that Danny was a model and Radhika was the CV of the shoot. As creative was a big company they had their own studio where the shooting would normally happen. Radhika was explaining the ad and the way danny should act and a girl was nearby but the studio was pitch black and the focus light was falling on them and from the entrance only radhika and Danny were visible and Cathie was on the camera with other people of the team.

Radhika was standing and keeping her hand over Danny’s shoulder making a ring over his neck.
Radhika ; Man you have to kiss her .
Danny ; I cannot Meera i’m scared.
Radhika (Rolled her eyes) ; I’m not asking you to kiss on her lips .
A girl’s voice ; I too dont want that. There was a huge laughter.
Radhika(controlling her laugh) ; Guys concentrate. Danny please kiss her on the cheeks, Now kiss me Danny.
Danny ; What ??
Radhika ; Kiss me . He was trying to kiss her
Arjun who came there saw that from the entrance and was in high anger.
Arjun’s thought ; Radhika what are you doing ?? Aren’t you supposed to stop him when he was coming to kiss you ?? Why are you doing this to me by making me stand and watch this.
They were doing this again and there was a back door . The others left in the back door and only Danny and radhika were left, while going Rio switched on the mike by mistake Cathie too left them finally. Danny would try to kiss her but will fail . Finally he kisseed
Radhika ; Good now dialogue. Danny stammered.
Radhika ; See one last time i will show u how todo this and you have to do that with June the way i’m saying. Arjun was not able to hear what she was saying till then. Radhika closed her eyes and imagined Arjun was the one who was standing in front of her and she spoke her heart to him .

Radhika kissed Danny . Arjun was now in hell anger as she too kissed him. He was standing in tears and was about to leave but stopped when he heard her voice loud.

Radhika (imagined Arjun standing in front of her with a smile and she made a ring over his neck) ; I know that we were not meant together . I was not the one for you but i want to be with you and always wanted to have your memories in my heart will you marry me ?? and she went on her knees and was showing him how to pull the ring out. Arjun lost his cool and he barged inside the studio and pulled her up and gave a tight slap on her face. She lost her balance and fell on the ground.

Immediately Rio switched on the light. Arjun saw the whole set up and then he realised that , that was the rehersal for the shoot. Cathie helped Radhika to stand. Arjun then realised his mistake and was about to speak to Radhika but she raised her hands and asked him to stop. Danny was about to speak but Radhika nodded dont.

Radhika (holding her cheeks) ; Guys give me a minute alone with AM and she left out and her tears were rolling down her cheeks and she was holding her cheeks because of the pain . Danny went out to take the ice bag.


Sam was behaving weird with Neil. She would argue for hours for some petty issues and Neil was going mad . Sam would enjoy Neil’s weird face as this was the trick Luna said to Sam to make Neil go crazy.
Sam ; I want my pen back.
Neil ; i dont have your pen sammy .
Sam ; Then what is this you are having in your hand.
Neil ; This is my pen. I was using it from the morning.
Sam ; But i used yesterday.
Neil ; How did you know that you used it yesterday.
Sam pulled the pen from Neil and said ; See here i was biting the pen and scratched my head and was digging my ears. Neil was in the verge of vomiting as he was using the pen for hours and he was also at times was biting when he was thinking.
Neil ; Did you did that all with this pen ??? with a disgusting face.
Sam ; Of course yes as you know i have the habit of doing all those things.
Neil ran out of the wash room to vomit as he heard the words from Sam . Sam laughed and said “ Picture abhi bhaki hai meri dosth” in shah ruch khan way and laughed and gave thumps up to Sasha and Mark.


Rathore went to pick Luna and Teji. The fight had arrived and he saw teji and Luna coming out from the airport, but when he saw Luna he was spell bound by her beauty . She was more gorgeous when she was laughing. His heart skipped a beat when he saw her. Teji saw that and slightly hit her by his elbow and Luna to saw him and blushed.
Teji (husked in Luna’s ears) ; Bhabhi………. Luna was not able to understand.
Teji ; Bhabhi means sister-in-law. Luna even more blushed and said “ Will that happen ??”
Teji ; Of course it will happen . Look at the way he is staring at you the way dog stares at a bone piece. Luna hitted him.
Teji ; Wow what a possessiveness . My brother is lucky.
Luna ; Stop embarrassing me.

Rathore hugged his little brother and gave his hand for a cordial hand shake to Luna. Luna took his hand and got an electric spark when their hand touched and was staring at each other. Teji saw this kept his hand over his forehead and said “ Old movie scenes pls grow up guys”. Rathore twisted Teji’s ears and they went to the house and Rathore dropped them.

Teji ; Rathore you spend some time with my friend Luna . I’ll go and pick Chashni from office.
Rathore ; you dont have a licence.
Teji ; Who said i got them last week.
Rathore; When did you qualified for the minimum height criteria ?? Luna giggled . Rathore was mesmerised in her smile. She blushed. Teji found that was the best opportunity and took the keys from Rathore and ran outside.
Rathore and Luna ; Turn on the GPS .
Teji ; I will thank you guys. Luna take rest and rathore bye. Both waved their hand and suddenly there was a silence and rathore gained some confidence and said “ Umm … well Luna that is your room. This is just a temperory room for you as it is small. I’ll make sure that you find a house near by so that we may meet some times ” and thought what was he saying
Luna (giggled) ; No its ok i’ll manage with that room.
Rathore thought ; did she said yes to stay in the house . I’m happy ……. wait why i’m happy . God chashni pls come soon and say me what am i going through.


Arjun ; i’m sorry i misunderstood you.
Radhika (who was hurt by Arjun was now hurt bad that he is not trusting her even now) ; Who are you to misunderstand me ?? Arjun was mum.
Radhika ; Speak out AM who are you to judge me ??she was asking him and he lost his cool.
Arjun ; I’m your husband radhika .
Radhika (hell anger) ; Again……… how many times should i say you i’m not god damn Radhika and you know why your wife left you because you would have tortured her. You dont love her it is just a lust which you carry. Arjun was breathing heavily as she was speaking not bad about him but about his love for her.
Radhika ; She left you because you doubted her always, her character, her appearance everything. Arjun’s eyes were filled with tears because he was hurt and angry.
Arjun ; One word more i will not spare you.
Radhika (with a smile) ; What will you do ??Look, do whatever you want to but she will never come back to you. Arjun was in high anger and he held her shoulders hard and she was struggling to release herself from him.
Radhika ; AM leave me.
Arjun ; I wont, I know how to bring her back and i will bring get her back and will fly to some place so that no one can find where i have her till my last breath.

Will Never happen. Even in your dream.

Arjun looked back and saw Teji was standing with his fist closed and were in the way to punch him. Arjun now totally confirmed that she is only radhika. Radhika ran and hugged Teji and cried.
Teji (hugging her and with an angry glare towards Arjun) ; Dont worry meera i’m here and no one you can touch even your shadow . Arjun raised his eye brows and laughed thinking what can Teji do to him.

Danny came and gestured Radhika to come and he had the ice bag. Radhika saw Teji he gestured her to go and went with Danny . Teji made sure that she was gone. Arjun stepped from there but Teji stopped by keeping his hand over Arjun’s chest. Arjun was about to remove but he held his hand tight . Arjun looked towards Teji.

Teji’s eyes were red with angry ; You have done a grave mistake by coming here and hurting Meera.
Arjun ; Stop the drama teji she is radhika .
Teji (smiling sarcastically) ; i’m feeling sorry for you Mr. Arjun Mehra, she is not Radhika Mishra , she is Meera kundra , sister of Rathore Kundra and Teji Kundra. She is my sister.
Arjun (laughed and clapped) ; So this was you who cooked up the story that she was dead. She is my Radhika…….. Radhika Mehra.
Teji ; Say whatever you want to but this is the truth. What so ever you say she will not believe you, she hates you to the core.
Arjun ; What have you done to her ??
Teji ; You played games in many peopls’s life and the destiny has played a beautiful game in your life. It’s your payback time Arjun sir.
Arjun ; What are you talking about ?? I cant understand it.
Teji ; Nothing you can never come near her. She hates you from her heart. Do whatever you want to but you cannot get what you want and moves from there.

Teji went out and saw Danny and Radhika speaking and he was treating her with the ice bag and she was continuously talking and danny was just nodding. Teji smiled and pulled her from the chair and she said something and hugged him and cried. Teji caressed her head and spoke something to Danny and he too nodded and in between Arjun came from there and was waiting for a chance for Radhika to see. She saw him and turned immediately. He felt pain like someone stabbed him in his heart. He wanted to say something but no one was in the mood of concentrating in him.

Teji and radhika left and Danny saw him and changed his face.
Danny ; U r stressed out go home and take rest. Pls forget what happened, dont hurt her and we wont spare you again . This time is because of Meera. Your car is waiting out now go . He came out and found Cook. All the way he was thinking what she was saying all those days.
Radhika ; I donno who is Radhika … My name is meera. Everything and today the incident of slap. He closed his face and sobbed, and thought “ What have you done Arjun ??? Doubting your radhika ?? She is your radhika how could you feel that she is……… that too danny he is your buddy right, how could you misjudge him with her . Cant you see his pure concern towards her. He wanted to apolagise to her.

He took his mobile and texted her “ I’m sorry” She did not reply him . He was just looking at the mobile whether she would call or text him but turned out nothing. He confirmed that she will never accept him.


Sam ; I’m going out .
Neil ; Go .
Sam ; I’m not asking you permission you have to drop me .
Neil ; I’m not your driver sammy .
Sam ; So you are not gonna drop me ??
Neil ; I’m not.
Sam ; Fine i’ll call Luna.
Neil ; Why call her ??
Sam ; Because she said if you are not obeying my orders she will say to Rathore and you know he will take my side. Neil banged his head with the file and that really hurted him as he hitted a bit hard. Sam giggled.
Neil ; Where should we need to go ??
Sam ; Sorry, me i’m going out and you have to follow me . He rolled his eyes and angrily said “Fine” and grinned his teeth. Sam giggled and they went out for some shopping and Neil was totally exhausted sat on the street and begged her to stop. She too stopped and they caught a cab and went to Neil’s apartment. Neil was dead tired. He straight away went to his room and fell on the bed and slept.

Prena invited Sam inside . Sam felt a bit unease as she felt guilty of what she did to all.
Prena ; Sam how was the day ??
Sam ; Well all went well aunty but this idiot is not speaking to me properly. I donno he loves me or not
Prena ; He is acting Sam . He loves you from the heart but not showing it out . You never leave a chance to pester him. You know how to make things from him. She nodded and smiled. Prena hugged her and said “ All the best Daughter-in-law.
Sam ; Thank you sasu ma and both laughed.


Teji drove back and she was quite . He took her to a restaurant and checked her cheeks. The traces of the slap was still there . Teji wanted to break the hand of Arjun’s

Radhika ; Teji relax.
Teji ; Why did you not say me that he was here ??
Radhika ; Who was here ??
Teji ; Arjun sir.
Radhika ; Look i wanted to say to Neil and you but heard that Sam came to Canada thats why i pulled you from there so that u would be with me and……………i cannot always make his life in trouble because of me . For me everything is over. Just happy with my family here but for him he has not even started his life. He should be happy teji for that i will do anything.
Teji ; From when did you separate us from you. We vowed each other as what so ever it is we will stand together, and for me you are important chashni. Radhika smiled and kept her palm over his hand and nodded.
Teji ; Did he know whom you are ??? I mean you are Radhika ???
Radhika ; No i said i dont know him. I always said i donno who was radhika and i am Meera .
Teji ; Then why did he slapped you ??
Radhika ; Misunderstanding .
Teji : What ???
Radhika ; He misunderstood that i and Danny you know we were rehearsing before the shoot.
Teji ; You still love him ??
Radhika ; What stupid question Teji i was, am and always will love him. I only want his happiness thats why left him even when i was hurt and she sobbed.
Teji ; Then why are you not saying that you are Radhika ??
Radhika ; I’m scared teji . What if this is also a fake drama to make me hurt ?? I dont want any heart breakings anymore and more over i want to live a life. I find happiness when i’m with you, Rathore all but when i see him my heart says that i want to live with him but my brain is saying that it is a fake and i dont want anymore blames or hurt anymore Teji. Slowly Teji changed her mood and they both were laughing like hell, Teji got the call and so they left that place.

Arjun who was in the next table listening by closing his head with his over coat cap, got hurt that she still does not trust his love but was happy that she loves him. No one knew his house except Cook as Arjun had shifted the house which was provided to him to a new apartment the same day when they reached the country. That was the house which he fixed when he was in India.

Arjun’s heart ; Radhika i dont deserve your love but i’m a bit selfish i love you. I will win your heart dear, and always make you happy . Sorry for making you hurt . But please come back to me and thank you Teji and Rathore for taking care of my precious.

Precap – Rathore , Luna and Teji on a business trip to Singapore. Arjun fakes that he is i’ll. Radhika starts to trust him. Sam scares Neil. Dadaji’s health goes bad.

Thats it for today guys . Did you all like it ?? Please do comment your views. Love you all bear hugs and take care all.

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