Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 1

Hlooo all im Sv again with my next ff to torture you all. LOL This is the extention of our original manmarziyan .Pls do say me your views regarding the same. I will update the next part of Let me live tomorrow and 2 states on monday . Love you all and pls do commen your views regarding the same . Love you all .

Enjoy the ride……

Radhika ; Neil when are you planning to come ?? Teji is just taking my life by telling his love story. I donno how does he falls in love that too true love for every 2 weeks . Please do come and save me pls.

Neil giggled but before he could speak there was someone talking to him “ Neil I know u are the only one who could help me . Im dying to know where is she ?? Please say me , I know you kow her.
Neil(with full anger) ; How many times I should say you she is no more in this world she is dead Sam she left us because of the pain she suffered u guys gave. Why cant you even leave her even if she is dead.
Arjun (who was like a living corpse) ; Shut up neil she is not dead. If im alive then my radhika is surely safe and alive I am not going to leave her. She promised me that she will stay with me. This accident cannot take my radhika from me. I know her she is some place safe. So stop this topic and no one ever dare take her name and you Sam I beg you shut up and stop it. I will leave this place with weeks. Leave this topic at once . Neil saw his phone and found it was still on but radhika was not replying . Neil rubs his forehead and immediately calls Teji and informs him to take care of Radhika.

Arjun bangs his chair and starts to cry out his pain. He saw a cute photo of her’s in his table. He took that and held it tight in his heart and cried out his grief “ Cant you stayed that day with me I would have had you today or if I had let you go that night after the party I would have had you with me at least far from me but you would have been with me. When you were there I did not say my heart , when I wanted to say my heart you are not here. All are saying you are dead. I can sense you u are hiding from me but you are safe .Radhika please come to me I want to live a life with you… and he cried by sitting in his chair and banging his head over the table and closing his face with his hands.
Neil saw this from the outside and felt sorry and thought “ Arjun my radhika is safe but she will not come here or to you again . She had enough and I want only her happiness. I will go to any extend to make her safe and happy.
Radhika was standing in the balcony and was thinking how she landed here.
After the party where nandhini spell her truth Arjun pleaded Radhika to stay with him . She too obliged but she started the next day to Rishikesh when Arjun was sleeping.

She boarded the bus and she saw teji was waiting for her . Neil wanted Radhika’s safety so he asked Teji to accompany Radhika till rishikesh and to be with her for few days. On the way their bus collided with another bus. It was a big accident happened, few dead and many were injured but radhika and teji somehow escaped with minor scratches as their seats were 2 seats before the last seat .

Teji informed the same to Neil and Neil who was shattered that sam left him went straight to the hospital and took them from there and as both buses were severely damaged they tried their level best to find her but slowly the whole birdsong too started believed that radhika is dead . But Arjun was not satisfied. He believed radhika would be alive. Even Radhika’s family believed that radhika was dead and arjun never spoke anything from then to anyone .He was holding his life just to see his radhika one time then he will leave this world.

Teji came from behind and shouted in her ears. She jerked and found Teji with his cute smile in his face. Radhika came to the reality. She does not know what he has in his smile in which she forgets everything. He wraps his hands over her shoulder and she too reciprocates by keeping her hand over his shoulder.
Teji ; What are you thinking chashni ??
Radhika ; whatever we are doing it , is this right teji ??

Teji ; Chashni say me one thing do you want to go back to Mumbai ?? Radhika nods negative .
Radhika ;What if they come to know that I’m here and still alive.
Teji ; No one would know us . We are very far from them. They will never find us. So dont worry about that .
Radhika ; Why are you and Neil doing these things to me , im just a friend but you are doing these many things to me ??
Teji ; Chashni answer me one question why did you married Arjun ?? For whom did you take the blame ??why did you risked your life with nandhini ??
Radhika ; For sam
Teji ; Why ??
Radhika ; What nonsense teji she is my friend.
Teji ; You said the answer to the question. You are our friend a unique piece , my chashni….. so how can you think that we would leave you. See, in blood relationship we cannot speak out everything but to a friend you have a right to speak to them everything even if it is a rubbish.
Radhika ;(smiled) stay with me teji .

Teji ; Always dear. Aah radhika I forgot to say today I found a girl. She was like….
Radhika ; Ooh god not again and she closed her ears and ran away . Teji followed her with a smile to kill her with his love story. Neil who was worried about radhika signed a relief when he got the message from teji stating “ all is well”.

So guys how is it did you guys like it ?? i donno from where i came up with this plot , was just struck my head. Pls do say me did you like it ?? or should i stop ?? i want your views even from your heart to say me either to continue or stop it ?? Love you all stay blessed and bear hugs and kisses too.

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  1. As u asked abt review i am saying… Sory i am not able to digest mmz ff with out radhu…. For me its impossible…. So So sorry but ur writing is so awesome tht it makes me visualise the happenings… Dont feel bad i said wat i felt…

    1. Devga i think you have mistaken in my ff radhika is hiding herself from the whole world with the help of Neil and teji. Thank you anyways dear.

  2. its superb Sv……….Teji is crazy…………loved their convo…………I felt really sad for Arjun…….will you bring Rads back in Arjun’s life ???????

    1. aastha just started . Pls wait dear. it will be revealed in the future but not so soon. Love you dear aastha

  3. Oh my god oh my god sv ..wao this is so good ….arjun will surely kill teji one day pls update asap yaar this is aweosme …I love it …sometimes I think why these ideas don’t strike in my brain:…awesome update…

    1. sammy my love i should say that to you . U are the one who would bring up many beautiful ideas. And thank you darling. he he he sammy in my brain . Love you darling.

  4. Oops it got messed up this comment is not for ur ff dear so sorry actualy ur story is awesome continue…

    1. OOh devga no problem dear. No sorry at all. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. Go ahead!! It’s Awesome… let them trouble this Arjun n sam.. Sv.. never stop writing anything for Manmarziyan. Coz of u writers., our fav show is alive.. Thanks for one more story. TC

    1. Jessie thank you. I guess you are also in full rage of anger with Arjun and sam . He he he love you dear. Jessie I will not leave you all that easy. This is the only pleasure which im getting by disturbing you all. Lol. Bear my hugs and kisses too and thanks for those lovely words.

  6. it’s nice ………………pls carry on this story

    1. thank you priya

  7. Sv ur something different dr u hav ur uniqueness in u dr…….I luv ds plot too much it’s lit bit sad plus emotional………u know what stil I can’t frget ur new bond stry its something close to my heart……..pls do continue plssss. ……….bear hug fr u tc hav nice weekend. ….. 🙂

    1. Gayathri , i am searching words to explain to say how happy i’m . Im really happy. Im actually a bit emotional person. I love these kinds of emotional rides i’ll try to fulfill your expectation dear. Hope u too will be happy. Love you dear.

  8. Its really nice sv, want to read nxt part soon,really eager.eventhough arjun had done mistakes,now feeling sad for him.. go ahead dear..

    1. ammu im happy for your comment. i’ll update it soon dear.

  9. Awesome Sv 🙂 want to know what happens next 🙂 pls post soon 🙂 love u

    1. Didi thank you soo soo much. Surely i will update it soon. Love you soo much di

  10. Story is very interesting, please continue. 🙂

    1. Brin thank you so much.

  11. Sv great ff pls continue

    1. Gayu thank you

  12. Nice one waiting for the next……

    1. gianna i will update soon. Love you dear

  13. Awesome 🙂 pls update next chap asap

    1. Emz(can i all you with that name?? ), thank you so much dear

  14. Pl don’t stop. I need to know how this one unfolds. It’s fantastic.

    1. Rg thank you so much. Will update the next part soon

  15. Aweeeee.. ….chilled…m calm now…m late today….but will not say sorry…n m too happy that you make teji Neil radhika one gang…n teji has an role in ur ff….u write another ff as u promised u have so many ffs ideas…..i salute all those people who carry so many ffs at once…I’ll be mad if I do that…though m already one…if m thinking dark the next moment reincarnation…complete polar opposite both are. Making me more mad….what m blabbering…should stop here twin.. Hope I don’t bore u ???

    1. If you had asked sorry i would come and punched you but you escaped., and my twin dont say that, even i have that switching of ideas coz of the updates but it is always making me happy never knew that before.and thats why we are same. what so ever that bothered you dont worry everything would be alright and oye when did you think that you are boring ?? you are my twin darling no boring . Love you darling twin

  16. Supriya i just read your comment in the other ff. Thank you dear. i will try to clear your doubts in the upcoming updates . If not satisfied pls do ask me . Love you soo much.

    1. Sorry actually I commented on sathya’s di ff by mistake….yup you guessed it r8 I have many doubts I know you will clear all of them Sv swthrt…loads of love…

      1. My lil sis no sry dear. I will try to make up with ur expectation. Love u dear soo much. Bear hugs

  17. Very very nice!!!! Pls pls update soon!!!

    1. Thank you shanaya . I will update the next part soon.

  18. awesome episode……..interesting……eagerly waiting next

    1. Subha thank you soo much dear. Love you

  19. Sv.. It’s superb dear.. Please continue.. 😀
    Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. Thank you sweetie love will and will surely continue dear.

  20. Wow mmz extention…..its amazing my sweet heart… Ohho Neil n teji really they r true friendz for radhu…I always love this trio bond……like the d way Neil protecting radhu apart from arjun….but sad for arjun…..he z really loves her….can’t wait for next one……keep rocking….love u lot chellam……tc…

    1. susi thank you . yup arjun loves radhika but she is not ready. Will update soon dear. Thank you lots . My kisses to you too.

  21. Soooo sorry sweeeeeetheart for late comment. . .Sv…. wowwww awesome plot. …I love it sooo much. …arjun don’t believe rads died but everyone else do…..truly neil n teji r best friends of rads…teji got very lovelyyyyyy role here n Neil wants only rads happiness even he’s seeing arjun’s regret n breakdown…..loved it my honeyyy. …plzzzz continue dear. you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Roma my spl was waiting for ur comment . now im soo happy. yup neil only wants rads happiness more than his happiness. teji will not leave rads sad. love u special. bear my huga and kisses too.

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