Manmarziyan ff- MMZ: Redefined (episode 9)


Hey guys…. i saw a lot of suggestions for more ardhika scenes last time…..i am so so so happy for your valuable opinions…. and as a response for your suggestions i would like to say that i will include more ardhika scenes but please bear with me…… as you will see more scenes as the story develops…. well enough of my gibberish lets move on…..

Here is episode 9 which i would like to say is imaginery and written for fun….

Scene 1

As the week went on and bloomed into a month a lot of things slowly developed. Arjun became more open (as open as the khadoos can be which really means little) with radhika. He also kept in contact with ankush. Radhika and ankush soon became good friends of arjun. Radhika got the flow of the work pace at BirdSong and was even working on a major deal with arjun. Neil and sam continued there usual banter back and forth the only change was that radhika now became a referee between them more often. Those three were like peas in a pod. But the biggest development was for nandini. She became more open and happy than she was. Arjun silently thanked radhika in his mind for this change. Nandini also thanked radhika silently in her mind for slowly bringing out arjun from his darkness. He was not in the sunlight yet but she was sure that he was close to a beacon of light and he is going to walk straight into that with radhika’s influence.

Now nandini was deep in thought. She had all the assurances that what she was hoping for… praying for is right. So right for arjun. She wanted to wait sometime before moving into actions. And she had waited and observed for one month. What she saw was enough for her to move forward with her wish. She got up and went in search of the two.

Nandini found them in arjun’s room. They were working on a new client for office. They have been working almost non stop for the past five days and now those days must have caught upto them as they were both asleep. Radhika was sitting on one side of the table on a chair and had her head pillowed on a book. One of her hands was folded under her head and the other out stretched towards the other end. Arjun was on the same side as radhika but his head was lolling back on the chair unsupported and one of his hands were on radhika’s head and other lying numbly near her stretched hand. Nandini smiled at their cute position. Even though the positions seemed uncomfortable they both seemed cocooned comfortably in their sleep. Nandini smiled this was furyher proof was that she was right in her observations. She gently shook them both awake and reprimented them on working this hard. They all had dinner and nandini made arjun promise to take radhika out for sight seeing the next day.

The next day radhika wanted to see the beach and arjun took her there. They both were sitting on the sand seeming to be counting the waves.
Radhika: “arjun i wanted to ask you something…”
Arjun: “hmm ask away.”

Radhika: “why havn’t nandini di married?”
Arjun was silent for sometime. He was visibly brooding.
Radhika: “i am sorry if i crossed my limits…”
Arjun: “nothing like that radhika…she was hurt deeply ten years ago. And that too by the hands of her love. She hasn’t trusted anyone with her heart since then in that manner.”
Radhika saddly: “but how can anyone be sure that love can’t work the other time around. Sometimes love gives us second chance but sometimes we should give love a second chance.”
Arjun: “how can you when it has hurt not only you but others around you too so much? Then you can’t help but loose faith and trust in love.”
Radhika: “so you are saying that you don’t believe in love?”
Arjun: “i love nandu but i don’t believe in the other love. The swooning melting floating type of love.”
Radhika was sure that this topic was closed off for discussion by seeing the set of his jaw.
Very soon arjun, she thought, very soon you will change your words. You will fall for someone madly and i will be there to witness it. I will even bring popcorn to watch that great show.
She then thought to cheer him up and got up started to run after shouting “last one in the water is a rotten tomato.”
He got up with a laugh and give chase. Effortlessly he caught up with her and caught her from behind. She squealed as his arms went around her. He picked up her threw her on to the shallow water. She went down in water and then surfaced coughing and spurting out water. She scowled at him and then couldn’t help herself and burst out laughing. She extended her arms to him as if appealing for him to pull her up to her feet. He rolled his eyes and then gave her his hands. Before he knew what was happening she pulled him down onto the water too. He fell on her and they both laughed as they both got drenched. Slowly their laughter faded away realising their close position. He looked into her eyes mesmerised and she also did the same with his eyes. He got some strands of her wet hair sticking onto her cheek in between his fingers and tucked it behind her ear. Her hand came to rest on his shoulder and they lost themselves in the intense stare. Then suddenly radhika said,”you are still a rotten tomato as you got to the water last.”
And with that the moment was lost as arjun burst out laughing rolling onto his back away from her holding his stomach.

Scene 2

Piyali was walking back and forth in worry as samrat entered there room.
Samrat: “what’s wrong sweetheart?”
Piyali: “you know what! What ever we do those two won’t confess.”
Samrat: “i know the last try with rohan didn’t go as we planned but there is still time.”
Piyali: “no samrat. What if sam falls in love with someone else?”
Samrat: “i don’t know if sam knows this or not but she is in love with neil. Has been for a long time. But she will realise and accept it in time. You don’t worry.”
Piyali: “but i really thought the rohan plan would have made neil confess his love or sam realise her love. But it was all for nothing.”
Samrat: “don’t worry we will think of something.”
Piyali: “sometimes i just want to shake them both and be done with it.”
Samrat: “don’t worry love it will happen you just wait and see.”
Piyali smiled at samrat eventhough she still looked unconvinced.

Scene 3

Arjun was standing at the balcony of his room staring out into the night thinking about radhika when nandini came there.
Nandini: “i am so happy now arjun.”
Arjun smiling at her: “why nandu? What happened?”
Nandini: “radhika.”
Arjun: “she is quite something isn’t she?”
Nandini: “yes. Arjun i wanted to ask you something.”
Arjun: “yes nandu”
Nandini: “arjun i have been thinking about something for sometime.its about radhika…. and you.”
Arjun looked at her silently.
Nandini: “i think radhika and you are a good match. I love her. She seems to be just what you need.”
Arjun: “nandu…”
He was shocked now.
Nandini: “arjun just think about it. If you are interested we can move ahead with this. Just think and give a decision. Take your time and ask your heart. Let me know when you reach a decision.”
Arjun continued to look out into the night after nandini left and now also his thoughts were full of radhika and now it was filled with nandu’s words.

Next episode: arjun letting nandini know of his decision. Radhika opening the door and seeing a girl there. Sam meeting with a rude man.

Credit to: Amy

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