Manmarziyan ff- MMZ: Redefined (episode 8)


Hello all………. here is episode 8……. thanku all for your support……….
So episode 8…….

Scene 1

Ankush reached mumbai for some business dealings and thought that he will visit radhika also. He had her new address and papa told him to check the place to see if it is safe for her. He got a taxi and went to the address given by radhika.
He rang the door bell and waited. Arjun opened the door. Both of them looked at each other for a moment in confusion then ankush extended his hand for a handshake.
Ankush: “hi i am radhika’s brother.she is staying here isn’t she?”
Arjun: “yeah please come in. I am arjun mehra.”
Ankush visibly started: “arjun mehra? My name is ankush mishra.”

Arjun was also surprised hearing this. They both stared at each other for a moment then smiled. They hugged each other.
Ankush: “oh man its you. I didn’t even recognise you.”
Arjun: “ankush i didn’t recognise you too. Last i saw you we were about ten years old.”
Ankush: “yeah i know. So radhika is staying at your house. What a coincidence!”
Arjun: “wait radhika is your sister…. younger sister… that means she is your chotti.”
Ankush: “yeah crazy na? She used to tag behind us every where. Do you remember?”
Arjun: “i used to call her squirt and she didn’t like it.”
They both laughed relieving old memories.

Just then radhika came there and puzzled seeing them both laughing together like long lost friends. She was happy seeing ankush and ran to him and tackled him into a hug.
Radhika: “bhaiyya i missed you so much. I am so happy to see you. How are every one at home? Dadaji is taking his medicines right? Do you all look after his diet? And……..”
Ankush: “wait wait i can only answer if you give a gap for me. All are good at home you don’t need to worry. And i missed you too chotti.”
They hugged and then she turned to arjun.
Radhika: “sir this is my brother…”
Arjun and ankush started to laugh hearing this and radhika looked between them puzzled.
Ankush: “oh chotti. I know arjun. Even you knew him years ago.”
Now radhika was surprised.

Ankush: “you remember when you,ridhima di and me used to stay with sarika aunty and nani in lonavla for three years. And we met arjun there you don’t remember?”
Radhika was surprised. She remember. She was six years when she first met him. Those were good old days. They used to stay with radhika’s mom’s mother who they called nani and her mom’s sister sarika aunty. They stayed there for two years because their dad’s business was going through some rough times and he didn’t want to put them through those tensions. There they met arjun. Arjun was an orphan and was being brought up in an ashram there. Arjun and ankush were of same age and soon they became best bud when arjun saved ankush from being bullied. Ridhima was 12 years old and didn’t want to play with little six year old radhika so radhika tagged along with ankush and arjun. What ever they would be doing she would be with them and arjun barely tolerated her. He used to call her squirt and sometimes pest. After two years they went back to hrishikesh and ankush often sent and received letters with arjun. Slowly that communication dwindled away and they lost touch with each other. When after one year they went to visit nana they got to know that arjun was adopted by someone and was no longer there.
Radhika: “oh i remember you. You used to annoy me to no end.”
Arjun: “well same here, squirt.”

Radhika huffed and went inside mumbling aome people never change.
That day nandini was so happy to see arjun happy and connecting with his friend. He again became the eleven year old arjun that she adopted. His change was drastic when he witnessed her pain when he was fifteen years old. Now he never laughed this much. She looked at the trio who were remembering their old memory, well mostly Arjun and ankush was ganging up on radhika and teasing her. Nandini was so happy and wanted to keep this happiness forever. She looked at radhika and silently thanked her from deep within her heart.

Scene 2

Ankush stayed with arjun in his room that day and went home next morning after saying goodbye and promising arjun that he would stay in touch. Ankush was happy that radhika was at arjun’s house. He trusted his childhood friend to look after his sister.
Radhika was at office and going towards the store room to get an old file when she was pulled into a room. She squinted in the darkness to see and suddenly a light was switched on. She was surrounded by sam, neil, teji , zubin and kritika. They all had there arms folded across their chest and were glaring at radhika.
Radhika: “hi guys!!”
Sam held up a hand.

Teji: “you are holding out on us.”
Radhika: “what?”
Kritika: “you don’t tell us anything.”
Radhika again tried to interfere.
Neil: “yeah chashni you call us your friends but don’t tell us anything.”
Radhika: “tell you what?”
Sam: “we heard you calling arjun sir by his name and also saw him dropping you to office today.”
Radhika: “oh that!!”
Then she explained about everything from getting kicked out from hostel to finding about arjun being her brother’s childhood friend. Then she explained that since they knew each other before it was weird calling him sir so he insisted her to call him by his name.
Sam was deflated hearing this.

Sam: “that’s all. We thought a great romance was blooming between our chashni and the khadoos.”
Hearing this radhika laughed out loud.
Sam: “don’t laugh chashni there is still time…”
And the others agreed. But radhika laughed more and shaked her head before leaving from there.

Scene 3

Nandini has planned to go to temple next day and invited radhika along. As it was a holiday she readily agreed and got ready for the trip. After visiting temple they were going to an orphanage nearby to visit and give donation. Nandini and arjun did this every month. This time radhika also went with them. When they reached temple nandini went ahead and radhika noticed that arjun is not coming. So she asked him whether he is not going to visit temple.
Arjun: “i don’t believe in these rituals and gods radhika. They are just stone statues they can’t really hear any thing yhat we pray to them.”
Radhika: “thats not true arjun. They do hear. They hear and solve our problems.”
Arjun: “really then where are they why can’t we see them,hear them?”

Radhika smiled: “we do see them and we do hear them. But through someone else. They hear us and sends angels to us to end our sadness. These angels they are people close to god. They comes to us and show us light when we are immersed in darkness. We just have to keep our faith.”
Saying this she went in. Arjun stared at her for sometime.
After visiting temple they went to the orphanage and the kids came running to them. They hugged nandini and arjun. Radhika was happy to see the kids happy. Nandini went inside to give the donation while arjun introduced radhika to the kids.
There were eleven kids. They all welcomed radhika enthusiastically to there games. Arjun and radhika played with them for some times and then they gave sweets to the children.
After sometime radhika saw arjun standing alone and went to them.
Radhika: “see arjun. Do you believe me now?”
Arjun looked at radhika with a puzzled expression.
Radhika: “i told you na….. there are angels sent by god. Today you and nandini di became angel for these kids when you made them happy just like nandini di became an angel when she adopted you and gave you love and a sense of belonging.”
Arjun was dumbfounded hearing this and kept staring at radhika in amazement while radhika smiled seeing the children play.

Nandini who was viewing them from a distance, smiled seeing them together.

Next episode: nandini thinking that radhika is perfect for arjun and telling arjun this. Arjun is shocked hearing her idea.

Credit to: Amy

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