Manmarziyan ff- MMZ: Redefined (episode 7)


Hello guys……. i am back with more. Thanks for all your support. I begin by saying this is imaginery story for a fun reading experience. Please forgive my mistakes. So without wasting anymore time here it is…..

Episode 7……

Scene 1

Golden sunrays from the window fell appealingly on Radhika’s sleeping face. She wrinkled her face and opened her eyes. She narrowed her eyes protesting the sudden light and looked at the clock and her narrowed eyes went wide dramatically. She jumped out of the bed and prayed, “bhagvanji why do you do this to me? I am going to be late. Arjun sir will kill me now.”
She then remembered icecream incident and blushed. What happened yesterday? She thought, Radhu you are going mad. Stop thinking about that and get ready.
She went to the bathroom and found that the heater is not working. It was cold in the morning and she need hot water. She went to nandini’s room.
She opened the door and found no one in it.

Radhika: “nandini di.”
Nandini replied from bathroom: “radhika i am in here.”
Radhika: “di heater in my room is not working. I came to ask if i could use your shower.”
Nandini: “oh you can use arjun’s. Don’t worry he will be out for his morning run now. I will call someone to repair the heater today.”
Radhika: “ok di.”

Radhika hesistantly went to arjun’s room and knocked on his door. No replay came so she entered. She had towels and a change of clothes clutched on her hands. She looked around and saw that no one was there. She went towards the bathroom door. When she was near it it suddenly opened and out came arjun wearing a sweatpants and no shirt. He was rubbing a towel through his wet hair. Radhika squealed and covered her eyes with her hands. Arjun was shocked seeing her there.
Arjun: “radhika what are you doing in my room?”
Radhika: “sir i…i was….my heater is not working nandini di told me to use your bathroom.”
She looked at him through her fingers and averted her eyes seeing him still without a shirt. Despite her best efforts her eyes went to him again and again. He was highly amused seeing this and intentionally stretched his arms high above his head. He saw her squeasing her eyes shut and he smiled. He intentionly bumped into her when passing her. She had her eyes closed and took a step away from him only to slip on the water on the floor. She crashed into him and they both fell onto the edge of the bed.
She was now highly embarassed at their closeness. She dislodged his hand on her waist and scrampled up on her feet and avoided his eyes. He also stood and decided to have a little fun with her.

Arjun: “now now radhika i know i am damn appealing but you need not do that.”
Radhika’s eyes shot to his now.
Radhika: “i didn’t do that intentionally. I slipped.”
He smiled in a smug way and said unconvincingly, “sure you did.”
Radhika(furiously): “i did slip. And its your fault. You are the one who put all the water on the floor. And you dare to accuse me.”

Arjun smirked: “oh water! It is so convienient for you that there is water on the floor isn’t it?”
Radhika wanted to scream at his smug face.
Radhika: “never mind i will shower i my room. Infact i like cold water.”
She left from there in a huff and arjun chuckled at her cuteness.

Scene 2:

Neil, sam,zubin,krithika and teji were gathered at the coffee cafe near BirdSong waiting for radhika.
Neil: “where is chashni? When will she get here?”
Sam: “she said she was on the way.”
Teji: “there she is.”

Radhika took a seat near them.
Zubin: “why are you late?”
Radhika: “ugh will tell you later long story. So why are we here?”
Sam explained the situation.
Radhika: “so what are you going to do?”
Sam: “actually we need your help.”
Sam explained the whole plan and radhika was impressed with sam’s creativity.
Neil: “i still think this is a bad idea. What if your mom gets to know about this?”
Sam: “then she will realise i am not ready for marriage.”

They waited for Rohan (the man coming to see sam) to arrive. They had seen a photo of him. They saw him enter and take a seat near the window.
Sam got up and turned to them.
Sam: “lets start mission Bhaag rohan bhaag.”
They watched her walk towards rohan and introduce herself.

Rohan: “you are looking good samaira. I always wanted my wife to be beautiful and well manered. As you know i am from a reputed family i can not just make anyone my wife.”
Sam: “oh i know and i am exactly what you need.”
She signalled others discreetly and radhika and neil got up. They both walked towards sam.
Radhika: “sam!!!! What are you doing here? Long time no see.”
Sam acting surprised to see her: “radhu hi. Please sit down. Rohan this is my childhood friend radhika and her husband neil. Radhika this is my would be husband rohan.”
They exchanged pleasentries and sam went to washroom as planned.
Neil: “i don’t know whether to congrtulate you or give you condolences.”
Rohan: “what?”
Radhika to neil: “oh its not that bad neil. She has been better for sometime now.”
Rohan: “what are you talking about?”

Radhika: “oh nothing to worry. Sam…… she is not that know.”
Rohan: “not normal?”
Neil: “yaa not so normal in the head.”
Radhika: “doctors said its because of the heat. Actually it starts with hiccups then comes the sneezes. Then she will say its too hot for her and then…… and then she just looses it…… and quite violently.”
Rohan gulped nervously and looked towards the restroom then to the door.
Radhika: “but don’t worry she has been good for sometime now.”
Just then sam came back and sat beside rohan. She then started to get hiccups. Rohan’s eyes went bulgingly wide. Radhika and neil got up in a hurry and left after congratulating them.
Now sam began to sneeze. She looked at rohan and said its too hot in here. By now rohan too got up quickly and ran to door after paying the bill and saying he will get in touch.
After he went sam joined the others and they burst into laughter together.

Scene 3:

Arjun and radhika were working together in his cabin.
Arjun: “so radhika do you like my house?”
Radhika: “yes sir thanks for letting me stay. I am looking for a room i will move out when i get one.”
Arjun: “its okay radhika you can stay there. You know as a paying guest.”
Radhika :”but sir….”
Arjun: “look radhika this is really profittable for you. You don’t need to waste too much money. And my house is near to office. Come on will you get a better offer? Think smartly.”
Radhika thought for sometime and thought he was making sense. She liked nandini di also. But she had to ask her parents.
Radhika: “sir how about i talk to my parents and then get back to you?”
Arjun: “thats ok.”
Radhika went back to work and arjun thought, one way or another you are going to stay there miss radhika for my nandu.

Next episode: ankush comes to mumbai for business and goes to meet radhika at arjun’s house. He comes face to face with each other and both are shocked seeing the other.

Credit to: Amy

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