Manmarziyan ff- MMZ: Redefined (episode 6)


Hey you all….. here i am with episode 6….. thanku all for your suggestions and feedbacks…. i start by saying this is imaginery and for afun reading experience…..
Here is episode 6……..


Arjun takes Radhika to his home and takes her inside.
Arjun: “you can stay here tonight radhika. Don’t worry you won’t be alone with me. There is someone here that i would like you to meet.”
Radhika looked around the room with the comfy stylish interior. There was a white cushion couch and four chairs facing a slim tv mounted on wall. The room had a huge bookshelf that she was itching to go through.
A voice from inside the house called
“Arjun is that you? You are late again. You don’t take care of yourself at all.”
Arjun: “i have some one with me that i want you to meet.”

A lady in about mid thirties came there. She was tall and beautiful with brown hair cascading down her shoulders. She was draped in a plain brown saree.
She smiled at Arjun with all the love in the world and smiled warmly at Radhika.
Arjun: “Radhika this is my sister nandini. Nandu this is Radhika my PA.”
Nandini greeted her warmly and she returned it likewise.
Arjun explained every thing that happened and nandini assured radhika that she can stay there as long as she wanted and radhika agreed after nandini assured that she herself will talk to her parents.

Radhika freshened up and went to kitchen to find nandini making dinner.
Radhika: “arrey wah di parata. I will help you.”
Nandini: “no no you don’t need to do any work here beta.”
Radhika: “di if you eat my parata once then you will ask for it every day. My ma taught me. She is a no.1 cook.”
Nandini: “oh then i guess you could help me. That way we will get to have your famous parata.”

Radhika smiled and the two got into work. Radhika as usual was talking a mile without stop. She told nandini stories about hrishikesh and her family. Nandini was laughing at her cute stories and innocent ways.
Unknown to them both arjun was observing them. He was shocked to hear nandu laugh after so many years. She never laughed this openly since ten years. He was enjoying her laugh mingled with radhika’s. She used to be like this once. Infact she was like radhika. They had so much happy memories together but then life happened. He didn’t like to think about that incident that snatched his nandu’s smile and her jest for life. Darkness fills his heart when thinking about it all.

He liked this nandu and for some reason radhika brought out that nandu and he wanted it to last. He had to do something. He had to keep radhika near her atleast for sometime. And what ever arjun
mehra wanted he got. He will make it happen.

Scene 2

Neil was in his room when his phone rang with sam’s number displayed. He took the call.
Neil: “hello my dear sammy. You are missing the great neil aren’t you?”
Sam: “awww……. but no. I called to say something else.”
Neil: “ok what is so important than missing me?”
Sam: “i am getting married.”
Neil’s heart stopped for a moment and his smile slipped. He felt a sharp pain piercing his heart. He made his voice sound normal somehow.
Neil : “so i will be finally free? OH sammy this is such a good news. Freedom!”
Sam: “shut up idiot. Mom thinks that i should consider this alliance seriously and meet him
tomorrow at coffee shop. But i am going to do some thing else.”

Neil: “oh sam what are you upto now?”
Sam: “we are going to make a fantastic first impression. One that he will never forget. I have a plan.”
Neil: “and why should i help you?”
Sam : “because even though you are idiot you are my idiot. Ok i am going to my beauti sleep now. Meet me tomorrow early at office. Bye”
Neil smiled thinking i will always be yours sammy.

Scene 3

Arjun was trying to sleep but he couldn’t stop thinking about how to make radhika stay. He got up irritated and saw that the water in jug was over. He went to get some water from kitchen and came to a stop seeing Radhika standing in front of the kitchen counter. She was standing with the light off and eating chocolate icecream.
He stood there watching her for sometime and thought that she was really a cute little thing. She was completely immersed in her ice cream making appreciative sounds. He switched on the light and then also she didn’t notice. She was busy in enjoying her icecream to the fullest. He went there and put the jug down with a little snap and she started. She turned to look at him with the spoon in her mouth and her eyes wide.

She had icecream on her nose and also at the corner of her lips. He tried really hard not to laugh at her cuteness.
Arjun(with a serious face): “why are you looking like you got caught with your hand inside the cookie jar?”
Radhika: “sir…..i….i ….. sir…”
Arjun: “what radhika?”
Radhika: “i was just eating the icecream. I actually came down to drink water and then saw this and its my favorite and i couldn’t stop myself. Sorry i will buy another one to replace it.”

Arjun: “you don’t need to buy anything.”
He then raised his hand to wipe away the icecream on her nose and looked into her eyes. She too looked him in the eyes with wide eyes. They both lost themselves in each others eyes. His eyes fell on her lips and he made his finger to move towards them to wipe the icecream. She moved back and he moved with her until she was pressed between the counter and him. He wiped the icecream with his thumb and leaned forward slowly towards her. They broke apart from their intense connection when the clock chimed and radhika avoided his eyes. She cleaned up the counter and ran to her room. He was confused at his own behavior and shook his head slightly as if to clear it.

Next episode: sam plans to have a little fun with the man coming to meet her and neil asks radhika to help them. Arjun asking radhika to become there paying guest.

Credit to: Amy

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