Manmarziyan ff- MMZ: Redefined (episode 5)


Hi guys…. i am back with episode 5. Thanku all for your lovely comments. I would like to say before starting that this is an imaginery story intented for a fun reading experience. Enjoy!!!!

So here it is….. episode 5….

Scene 1:

Arjun turned to find Radhika staying framed on his doorway. He frowned and looked at his watch.
Arjun: “radhika you are still here? I thought you had left. It is late.”
Radhika: “i was about to go sir but i wanted to ask if there was anything left to do?”
Arjun: “no i don’t think so. But if there is anything we could complete it tomorrow. You should leave now. Infact i-”
He was cut off by his phone ringing. He excused himself to attend the call as it was an important one from a client from US.
Radhika looked down at her watch and noticed tbat she only had 30 minutes to get back to her hostel before it closed for the night. The hostel warden was a true Hitler running the hostel under tight fists.

She left after collecting her things.
Arjun finished the call and turned back to see that Radhika has left. He ran his hand through his dark hair.
Arjun: “frustrating woman. I was about to offer her a lift home. It is already late. I hope she is still downstairs.”

Radhika was walking through the streets. The last bus has already left and there were no rickshas to be found. She was nervous about her surroundings as she passed some men huddled together at the road side. She clutched the file tightly to her chest when they wolf witsled at her and speed up her pace when they began to make crude comments.

Arjun was driving through a street and could not find Radhika. He hoped that she had got a bus or ricksha home. Just then he saw her figure through his rearview mirror. He parked the car and got out. His blood boiled when he heard the crude comments made by the men and sped towards her.

Radhika was frightened and rushed forward only to collide with a warm wall. She looked up and saw Arjun. He was glaring at the men behind her. His face was as if chiselled from marble.
Arjun: “get in the car Radhika.”
She got in the passanger seat and put on the seat belt relieved. Arjun glared deadly at the men and they fled. Arjun got in and startrd the car. He was silent for two minutes and burst out.
Arjun: “couldn’t you have waited till i finished my phone call? I was going to drop you home. But no you have to be frustrating.”

Radhika: “i…i am sorry sir. And thanku”
He ignored her and asked her address. She gave him her hostel name. After 5 minutes of tense silence Radhika could not hold it in, as usual. And her chatter box opened.
Radhika: “sir do you know what we get when we cross a parrot and a catterpiller?”
Arjun remained silent but threw a glare her way.
Radhika: “oh you don’t know? I will say. We get….”
She paused for a dramatic effect.
Radhika: ” a walkie talkie!!!!”
Then she dissolved into a fit of laughter.
Arjun’s lips twitched at the corner but he hid it.
Arjun: “you really are wierd sometimes you know?”
Radhika: “oh come on. That was funny. Laugh a little.”
Arjun: “will you sit quiet or else i will throw you and your walkie talkie out.”
She put a finger on her lips and smiled at him. He smiled at her hesistantly.

Scene 2: Sam’s home

Sam was in her room watching tv when her father Samrat came there. She smiled at him and patted the space on the sofa beside her for him to sit.
Sam: “hey pa why are you here?”
Samrat: “do i need a reason to come to my bachchu?”
Sam: “no but it is written on your face that you want to say something to me?”
Samrat: “oh its just that today an alliance came for you.”
She wrinkled her face and gave a puppy dog face to him.
Sam:”you want to get rid of me pa?”

Samrat: “nothing like that but your mom said to talk to you about it.”
Sam: “i don’t want to marry anyone now pa. I will let you know when the time comes.”
Samrat: “you know i always thought that neil and you….”
Sam: “no pa. No no. There is nothing like that between us.”
Samrat: “hmm if you say so bachchu.”
Then they went into conversation about mundane things in between watching tv.

Scene 3:

Arjun and Radhika reached hostel and they were shocked to see the lights were out. Radhika worriedly went and knocked on the door and it was opened by a formidable looking woman.
Radhika: “hello ma’am”
Warden: “sorry radhika but you can’t come in. You broke the rules.”
Radhika: “what? But….but ma’am…”
Just then the warden saw Arjun behind her and looked at radhika in a disapproving way.
Warden: “late outside and that too with a man. Sorry radhika but its better if you take your things and leave.”
Both Arjun and Radhika tried to explain but the warden did not change her decision.

Now a crying Radhika and her things were in Arjun’s car and he didn’t know what to do. Atlast he turned to her.
Arjun: “do you trust me Radhika?”
She nodded with tear filled eyes and he started the car.

Next episode: Arjun takes Radhika to his home. There she meets a woman.

Credit to: Amy

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