Manmarziyan ff- MMZ: Redefined (episode 4)


Hey friends.. i am back with more. Thanku for your comments. I hope you are all liking my ff.
As usual this is an imaginery story and is only intended for a fun reading experience. Please forgivr my grammatical mistakes. Enjoy!!!
So here it begins.. episode 4

Scene 1: BirdSong

Radhika is shown her work table by a girl. She places her handbag and files there and goes to the small canteen to get coffee for Arjun.
Just then she remembers that she forgot to ask his preference and hits her head and turns to go back and comes face to face with Sam. Sam smiles at her and Radhika returns it warmly.
Sam: “hi i am Samaira Khanna but call me Sam.”
Radhika: “hi i am Radhika. New creative writer and Arjun sir’s PA.”
Sam’s eyes widens hearing this. She pats Radhika’s shoulder saddly.
Sam: “oh thats so sad. A sweet girl like you with that khadoos.”

Radhika: “oh don’t worry i can handle it. I totally forgot to ask Arjun sir what type of coffee he wants. So i will go and ask now.”
She smiled and was about to turn when Sam said,”he likes ordinary coffee with sugar. In fact lots of sugar.”
Radhika: “are you sure? He doesn’t seem like a sugar person.”
Sam: “i know. But trust me he likes his coffee that way.”
Radhika smiles and thanks her then places order for the same and takes it to Arjun.
As she is leaving Neil comes there and and asks Sam.

Neil: “what have you done Sammy? Now he is going to eat her alive for sure.”
Sam: “relax idiot, wait and watch.”

Radhika knocks on Arjun’s door and enters.
Arjun looks up from his file.
Arjun: “what took you so long Radhika? I told you to bring coffee 10 minutes ago.”
Radhika gets irritated but smiles sweetly at him.
Radhika: “sorry sir but the coffee does not makes itself. It takes time sir.”
Arjun(scowling): “Radika i don’t like loosetalk and excuses,remember? Now give it to me and go and sit down. We have a new project to work on.”
Radhika sits while Arjun takes a sip of the coffee and he all but spits it out.
Arjun angrily looks at radhika.
Arjun: “what is this? Why is this so sweet? I hate sweet.”
Radhika: “but sir that girl-”
Arjun: “no.escuses. go and make a new one. Fast.”
Radhika:” okay sir.”
Radhika goes from there irritated.

When she reaches reaches canteen she searches for Sam but does not find her there and order a coffee without sugar.
Unknown to Radhika Sam and her gang were watching the drama unfold.
Once again she gives the coffee to Arjun. He takes a sip and says too much milk. She again goes to change it fuming. Next it was an ant in the coffee that Arjun claimed was in it but Radhika couldnot find. Next it was too cold for his taste and with each demand Radhika’s anger increased to a bursting level. Radhika was running to and fro between Arjun and canteen. Sam and her gang was watching this with morbid fascination. All the while Arjun was enjoying himself immensely.
Radhika placed the new coffee on his table with a little too much force.
Arjun didn’t even bother to look up from his laptop.

Arjun: “the cup is red colour Radhika. Get me coffee in a white one.”
Radhika looking at him in disbelief left from there with the coffee. After she went he got up and stretched his hands above his head and thought, “Miss Radhika you are cute beyond any measure” and smiled to himself.
He was walking around the cabin and was deside the door when Radhika entered with coffee. She crashed into him and his well balanced hot coffee with no sugar and the right amount of milk and especially without any ant inthe white cup end up on his white shirt. He flinched and was about to shout at Radhika but was shocked stop by hearing Radhika laughing. Radhika just couldn’t control herself and she held her stomach while laughing. Arjun was mesmerised with her that he forgot all about coffee and was compelled to laugh with her.

But he controlled himself and said in a soft voice, “enough go and get your laptop Radhika. We are going to work on that project.”
She said sorry and went out.

Scene 2

Sam and her goonies were shocked to hear Radhika’s laugh and further shocked seeing her coming out smiling. They went to her and Radhika looked at them.
Sam: “i am sorry for earlier i just wanted to see how you would handle him. And i must say that i am impressed.”
Radhika smiled and introduced herself to the others and they all plesently talked.
Neil: “yaar Radhika you are too sweet for your own good. You are like a sweet syrup. Oh thats it you are our chashni.”
Radhika smiled and they accepted her into their gang whole heartedly.

Scene 3

Arjun was packing up to go when his phone rang. He looked at the display and smiled.
Arjun took the call.
Arjun: “hi how are you?…..are you taking care of yourself?…..thats good. I will come to visit you soon….. promise i didn’t forget….. yeah everything is under control….yeah take care bye.”
He cut the call and heard a noise from outside to see Radhika standing there framed in his door way.

Next episode: Radhika going home late and nervous about her surrounding. Some men following her and she runs and collides with someone.

Credit to: Amy

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