Manmarziyan ff- MMZ: Redefined (episode 3)


Hi guys its me again. Actually i am totally free for the next two days and have a lot of spare time in my hands that i thought i will use for my ff.
As usual i like to thanku all for your support and say your comments means a lot to me as i would like to become a published author in the near future.
Okay enough about me lets get into it. As always this is an imaginery story intented for fun reading and please forgive my gramatical errors.
So here is episode 3…..

Scene 1: BirdSong

Radhika enters the office and is told by the receptionist to wait in the lobby. She sits there anxiously and takes phd in people watching. Infact people watching is one of her favorite hobbies. She usually sits at a corner with a notepad and observe people. She scribles down the thought she gets watching them and also like to create stories from their expressions.
But today its not stories that comes into her mind but the people’s dress code. Almost all of them are wearing formals and she looks down at herself. She looks only semiformal in her white cotton button up type kurta with a collar and black leggings. She diverts her mind from those nerve wracking thoughts but her mind gets stuck unfortunately on her meeting with that stranger outside- an extremely handsome stranger. She starts hearing her name being called. She looks up and sees the receptionist looking at her.
Radhika: “i am Radhika Mishra.”
Receptionist: “you are to report to Mr Arjun Mehra. He is creative dept head. Take a right from here and goes through the corridor and the last cabin you see there is Arjun sir’s. Good luck.”
Radhika smiles and thanks her. See she remembers her manners totally not like that rude handsome frustrating stranger, she thought. She followed the directions and came into an open hall with work desks placed stratagically and having cabins lining the big glass windows. She goes and knocks at the last cabin and hears “come in” from inside. She pushes open the door with a smile that freezes on her lips seeing the person sitting behind the desk staring at her with an equally surprised look on his face.

Scene 2

Sam, Neil and Zubin are sitting along with a guy with specs and a girl. The guys is named Teji and girl is Kritika. Sam sees Radhika entering the cabin and nudges the others.
Sam: “see that a gizelle is entering the lion’s cave on her own will.”
Zubin: “the lion is going to eat her alive.”
Neil: “what a shame!! That was a beautiful gizelle.”
Sam: “what, idiot? How can you say she’s beautiful without seeing properly? What if the gizelle has a crooked nose?”
Neil: “Sammy these types of observations are not done by brain but by heart. My heart is willing for a closer encounter with that gizelle.”
Sam(wrinkling her nose): “you are too much Neil leave the gizelle alone. Anyways lets hope she escapes the clutches of the lion.”
They laughs.
Teji: “but seriously guys Arjun sir is terrifying truly a lion.”
Kritika: “but a handsome lion nonetheless.”
Zubin glares at her while Sam gives her a hi-fi.
They four remains looking at the lion’s cave to see if the gizelle will come out alive or not.

Scene 3: Arjun’s cabin

Radhika(in a week voice): “A..Arjun Mehra?”
The shock on Arjun’s face fades and his whole posture becomes smug.
Arjun: “yes. You can come in.”
Radhika: “i am Radhika Mishra. I got an appointment letter and was told to see you.”
Arjun: “ah my crative writer and also PA.”
Radhika: “PA? But sir-”
Arjun: “Miss Radhika rule number one for working with me is no but, if or excuses. Two is no loose talk and three is efficiency and panctuality. Got it?”
Radhika: “of course sir.”
Arjun: “and Radhika before getting into anything else, don’t you have something to say to me?”
Radhika(confused): “what sir?”
Arjun: “you know something from earlier today morning.”
Radhika stays quiet for sometime and grudgingly says, “sorry sir”
Arjun: “i didn’t hear you. Say louder.”
Radhika( a little louder ):”sorry sir”
Arjun (holding his ears): “did you say something Miss Radhika?”
Radhika (now in full on fuming mode): “SORRY SIR”
Arjun(smirking smugly): “thats more like it Miss Radhika. Keep up the good work and now go bring me a coffee.”
Radhika all but stomps out of there mumbling “what does he thinks of himself?”
Arjun chuckles quietly and says to himself, “oh this is going to be so fun Miss Radhika.”

Next episode: Sam,Neil and their gang plans a little fun with the newcomer girl. Arjun keeps on inventing some silly things that is wrong with his coffee.

Credit to: Amy

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