Manmarziyan ff- MMZ: Redefined (episode 15)


Hello all… here it is….
Episode 15…..

Radhika’s mom,dad,dadaji,ridhima and ankush came to mumbai from rishikesh for the engagement functions. Nandini insisted that engagement function preperations will be done by her. Neil,sam and prerna also joined her. On friday at birdsong adithya came into arjun’s cabin and seeing him arjun became angry.

Arjun: what do you want mr adithya pandit?

Adithya: i wanted to talk to you. How are you and how is nandini?

Arjun lost his cool on hearing nandu’s name from the man. He stood up angrily and his whole posture was like made from stone.

Arjun: don’t you ever dare to take her name. You are not eligible to even breath the same air as my nandu. And also stop showing your fake concern. Stay away from my family.

Saying this arjun left for home taking some file with him. Adithya looked at arjun leaving with a sad expression.

Unaware of arjun and adithya, bonnie was watching the scene unfold. She had come to spend some time with arjun. Seeing all this a scheming smile spread on her face.

Bonnie: mr adithya pandit you are going to be my trump card. Radhika, just wait and watch how i am going to kick you out of my arjun’s life.

The much awaited day finally came around. Arjun’s house was chaotic with people rushing around. Prerna was instructing the caterers on all the timings for food serving and making sure that everything was ok with the food. Neil was carrying a huge basket of flowers yo be hanged around the house. He joined ankush and they both together instructed teji and zubin. Kritika was arranging all the music stuff. Nandini was rushing around making sure everything was perfect and mala was helping her.

Away from this rush sam and ridhima was helping radhika to get ready. Radhika wore a blue and peach color lahenga. Her hair was loosely curled and kept open. She was adorned in simple yet elegant jewellery.

Sam: chashni you look like a doll.

Ridhima: haa chotti a cute little doll.

Radhika blushed and soon it was time for the functions. They both took her outside. Arjun was already there looking dashing in a maroon sherwani. He saw radhika and was transfixed. She was looking mesmerising that he couldn’t take his eyes off her. A subtle nudge by ankush brought him back to present.

The function proceeded without a hitch. They exchanged ring looking into each others eyes and after that everyone danced. Neil and sam enacted arjun and radhika’s coffee nok jok scene and it entertained everyone greatly. Then neil-sam,zubin-kritika,arjun-radhika danced on a romantic song. Everyone was lessing the beautiful couple except one. Bonnie was standing in a corner nursing her drink in her hand looking at the dancing couple with venom in her eyes. She was waiting for her chance to strike. She had send an invitation to adithya in the hope of diverting arjun and nandini’s mind. She knew that then she could easily target radhika. Then she saw adithya entering the house and she smirked.

Bonnie: its time to strike.

After their dance arjun and radhika came down from the dance floor. He saw adithya heading towards nandini. He burned in rage and went to intercept him. But he had already reached nandini.

Meantime a waiter handed radhika a glass of juice saying that arjun had ordered it for her. Radhika was thirsty from all the dancing and took a large sip from the glass, finishing it off in record time. The waiter stealthily went to bonnie.

Waiter: work is done ma’am.

Bonnie: good job.

She handed a 1000 rupees note to the waiter and smirked.

Nandini turned around when someone touched her shoulder and was stunned to come face to face with her past. Her one and only mistake. Before she could say anything arjun came there and hissed at adithya in anger.

Arjun: how dare you come here? Get out. Now!!

Adithya: but i got an invite.

Arjun: what nonsense. No one sent you an invite. Neither me nor nandu. You better stop your drama and leave.

Adithya sighed saddly and turned to nandini.

Adithya: i know this is too little too late but i am sorry for whatever happened in the past.

Arjun: yeah we heard your sob story now leave.

Adithya turned and left from there. Arjun anxiously turned to nandu. She smiled at arjun reassuringly and patted his cheek gently.

Nandini: what ever happenened in past is over. Let it stay in past. Don’t let it come into present and ruin your future.

Radhika after having the drink started feeling sleepy. As much as she tried she couldn’t keep her eyes open. She felt consciousness leaving her.

Bonnie watching the sleepy radhika went to her andcaught hold of her. She got radhika out of the hall without anyone noticing successfully. A man was waiting for her. He hadon ablack mask covering his face.bonnie handed over a sleeping radhika to him along with a bundle of cash.

Bonnie: rest of amount on completing the job.

The man nodded and lifted radhika up. Bonnie stood there smirking.

Next episode: adithya while leaving see a man lifting up an unconscious radhika. Arjun and others searching for radhika.

So guys i had an idea. “LETS PLAY FF TAG” It is where one person update an episode of a new ff and tag another person at the end. The next episode will be written by that person and so on. So can we please play it….. please please pretty please!!! If any of you are interested let me know through the comment section. And also say who will update first episode. If the tagged person is not interested inform through comment section and another person can be tagged. Please let me know what you think about this.

Credit to: Amy

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