Manmarziyan ff- MMZ: Redefined (Episode 14)


Hello all…. i am back after a much needed break….. i wanted some time to grow back my creativity….. so here it is…… Episode 14…..

Nandini was on cloud nine since she received arjun’s phone call. Radhika had said yes. Now the happiness was again multiplied as radhika’s parents had approved the alliance and now she had a grand engagement party to plan. It was going to be big. After all her arjun will get best of the best. Arjun and radhika had returned from lonavla last evening and since then nandini was pampering radhika so much that even arjun got jealous a little. Nandini was alone at home as the other two had left for office. She decided to start the preperations that minute itself. She took her phone and a notepad and got busy.

Sam was busily going around the office getting everything ready for the big meeting scheduled for that day. She didn’t know what it was but she knew it was some big news. She looked at her watch and wondered where radhika was. Just then radhika came into the office with arjun. Sam was puzzled seeing radhika. She was glowing with happiness. Radhika came straight to sam.

Radhika hugged sam tight.

Radhika: sam… guess what?

Sam: what?

Radhika: well i have a news to share.

Sam: ok what?

Radhika: it is my engagement this sunday.

Sam shocked and shouted: WHAT? with who?

Radhika: oh you know him….

Sam: i know him? Oh leave the suspence and say who the lucky guy is.

Radhika: arjun.

Sam was dumbstruck. Her mouth was hanging open and she continued to stare at radhika. Radhika was having a hard time keeping a poker face. Just then neil came there.

Neil: hey chashni. Sam why are you standing like this. Close your mouth or fly will go into it.

Saying this he put a finger on her chin and closed her mouth.

Radhika: neil i want to invite you to my engagement party.

Neil: oh…. really? You are getting married? To whom?

Radhika: arjun.

Now neil’s mouth was hanging open im shock. Sam closed his mouth just like he did to her.

Then they both said at the same time.

Sam: but today is not april fool.

Neil: you are kidding me.

Radhika: no i am not.

But they were not believing her and she went to arjun’s cabin and returned with him.

Radhika: you tell them.

Arjun: sam, neil… it is our engagement this sunday. Please attend the function.

He said this with a straight face and left to his cabin.

Radhika looking at him unbelievingly: he is such a khadoos how am i going to manage?

Sam and neil came out of there shock and hugged radhika together.

Sam: congrats radhika. I will be there sunday…. no i will be there before that and i will help with everything.

Neil: yeah me too. Just say and the work will be done.

Radhika smiled at them.

All were gathered for the big meeting and piyali stood up to make the much awaited announcement.

Piyali: birdsong shares are among me, samrat and sam. And now a new partner is signed on with us. Please welcome mr. Aditya pandit.

A tall man of around forty entered the room. He was dressed in a formal suit and had on specs. He had great physical presence and commanded attention just through a single glance.

Next to radhika, arjun stiffened. She sensed jis change in posture and looked at him. His jaw was clenched tight as he stared at aditya. Radhika didn’t understood his change and placed her hand on his hand under the table. He looked at her and rearranged his face to make it seem emotionless. Radhika didn’t knew what happened but she decided to ask him.

Introductions were over and before the meeting was dispersed everyone congratulated arjun and radhika on their upcoming nuptuals. All through this aditya stared at arjun and arjun ignored him.

They went out and once in arjun’s cabin radhika decided to ask him.

Radhika: what happened in there? Have you known aditya sir from before?

He silented looked at her for sometime and then spoke.

Arjun: since you are about to become family you should know this. He is the one that i told you about. Nandu’s past. And he will stay in the past when it comes to nandu.

Radhika was stunned. She knew arjun was angry and upset. Nandini was not just his sister but was like a mother. He will do anything for her.

Preparations for the engagement party was going on full on. It was friday, only two days to go for the big function. Saturday radhika’s family will reach mumbai and radhika and arjun will go to pick them up. Sam and neil was helping nandini and was also entertaining her with their cuteness. Radhika, sam, neil and nandini had become close. Even neil’s mom prerna came around to help. Nandini and prerna soon became good friends. Arjun was happy to see nandu happy and thanked radhika in his heart as it was her who bought this much happiness with her. Radhika and sam was coming out of birdsong when someone blocked their view. They were shocked to see that baktameez man from coffee shop before them. He smirked at them.

Sam: what are you doing here? Are you stalking us? Youvjust wait i will call security, they will throw you out?

Man: oh you can try but i don’t think they will throw out aditya pandit’s brother in law.

Radhika and sam were stunned.

Man: anyway i didn’t came to talk to you. I saw her ( gestured to radhika) here and wanted to introduce myself. Hi i am saral and you are?

He extended his hand and it was clutched in a tight almost painful grasp. They all looked to see arjun there.

Arjun: she is my fiance.

Saral glared at him and arjun returned the same. Just then neil told arjun he is the same man from coffeeshop and arjun crushed his hand in his grip.

Arjun: and don’t you dare touch her again. I am letting you go today.

He left saral’s hand and put his hand around radhika and the four left from there leaving saral to glare after them.

All were happy with arjun and radhika’s engagement except bonnie. She was invited to the function by a smirking nandini. Bonnie was burning inside. A small town girl was trying to snatch arjun from her. She won’t allow it. That radhika will learn s lesson for trying to come between her and arjun. She will make sure that radhika would return to her small town without arjun. Bonnie started plotting smirking.

Next episode: bonnie executing her evil plan at ardhika engagement party and a blast from the past for nandini.

Credit to: Amy

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  1. Awesome as always..

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    1. Thanks gauri……. i will update nxt one soon…… luv u too πŸ™‚

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  4. Amy gud one.

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  5. Noelene. Naidoo

    Awesome much awaited update pls update regularly plz. Too gud

    1. Thank u i will try to update soon πŸ™‚

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    thank u for updating this one
    amazing update dear
    pls post next one asap

    1. Thanks manju will try my best to update soon πŸ™‚

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    1. Hey aastha… i m alright….. but kurachu busy ayirunnu…. xam gonna start soon… thats y i was absent for sometime.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  12. Too good!! Nandini is so excited!! I hate Bonnie.. Argh.. Afitya is the one who cheated her?! Noo.. And Saral is his relative?! It’s more than enough.. Pleeeaaassseee.. The precap is like.. Omg!!

    Please post soon.. Love you ??

    1. Thanks shree….. i will post soon πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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    1. Sry…. Spelling mistake ?

      I didn’t read this story before ?

    2. Aww thank u so much abi…. i love your comments… it gives me confidence to write more….. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      I will update scl tmrw for sure…….. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
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