Manmarziyan ff- MMZ: Redefined (episode 13)


Hey guys i am back with more. Here’s the link to previous episode.
Enjoy this one….. episode 13…….

Radhika and arjun was walking back to their rooms when arjun saw a seperate path with an arch saying boat journey. He took radhika’s hand and went with her that way. When they reached the end of the trail they saw a huge river decorated with floating lights all along. There was a boat that was decorated with lillys and carnations. It had a magical feel to it that radhika forgot to breathe for a moment. Arjun payed the worker for a trip and got inside the boat. He held his hand out for radhika. She took it and they both settled down.
And the journey started. Radhika was looking out into the lights floating in the water and arjun was staring at her. Radhika looked at him suddenly caught him staring. He averted his eyes but not before radhika saw. They were both silent for a bit then arjun thought of asking her about the proposal.

Arjun: radhika did nsndu ask you anything?

Radhika was confused first then understood whst he was talking about. She avoided his eyes.

Radhika softly: yes arjun. She asked me.

Arjun: and…

Radhika: i didn’t give any answer. I told i need time to think.

Arjun: and have you thought?

Radhika: yes.

Arjun: and…

Radhika sighed: look i want to say yes but there are somethings keeping me from saying it.

Arjun: i know it is not the most romantic proposal. I have told you i don’t believe in love. But given time we could build a strong relation. You may even come to like me.

Radhika: i do like you. Its just first my parents should agree. Then i don’t know if i want to get married right now. I want to be established in my career.

Arjun: i will talk to your parents. There is no reason for them to deny. Then your career…. i am not saying to get married tomorrow. And even if we do i will support you in it.

Radhika was shocked to see that he actually wanted to marry her.

Radhika: but i thought you won’t be this much interested.

Arjun: why not? I like you. We can have a strong marriage.

Radhika: i feel like there is another reason.

Arjun sighed: there is. Look i have never told anyone this. So…

Radhika: don’t worry. You can trust me.

Arjun: i know. Have you ever wondered why nandu haven’t married?

Radhika: yes. I thought about asking her. But then didn’t thinking it must be sensitive issue to her.

Arjun: good. Becoz it is sensitive. She was once in love with a man. She wanted to marry him. She was like a free butterfly then. Full of lightness. Like you.

Radhika listened raptly.

Arjun: then that good for nothing man left her to marry some rich heiress. His love was easily replaced by money.

Radhika was shocked and sad hearing this.

Arjun: then nandu became closed off. Didn’t laugh properly. Only for my sake that she lived and smiled. Till you.

Radhika: me?

Arjun: yeah you. Since you came she started laughing more and is becoming that old nandu. It was like watching a miracle. For whatever reason i have you to thank for that. So i want you in our life. You don’t even know how much i am grateful to you. I want that freshness and happiness you bought into our life to stay.

Radhika was touched hearing this. And now she knew what her answer is going to be.

Radhika softly: yes..

Arjun frowning: what?

Radhika: i said my answer is yes.

Arjun was really happy hearing it. He wanted to hug her but they were on a boat and rough movements cound up end them on water. So he smiled at her instead.

Arjun: thank you

Radhika: don’t thank me yet, my parents have to say yes.

Arjun: they will. You just wait and see.

They both smiled at each other. And that was the beggining of a beautiful relationship.

The next day ankush reached lonavla and the three went to the orphanage. Ankush noted a difference in radhika and arjun. They were bothing smiling at each other often and seemed to be more happy in general. He knew something was cooking between the two. So when he got the chance to talk to arjun alone he grabbed it with both hands.

Ankush: so whats up with you two?

Arjun who was smiling watching radhika play with the children turned to face ankush.

Arjun: what?

Ankush: you and radhika seem different with each other. You don’t seem to think she is a nuisance anymore and she don’t think you are a khadoos anymore.

Arjun: oh that i… wait she think i am a khadoos?

Ankush: mmmhmm she even nicknamed you khadoos

Arjun looked at radhika then at ankush and thought to tell every thing to ankush.

Ankush nodded slowly after hearing every thing.

Ankush: you know no one is deserving for a sister in a brothers eyes. But i think i would like you both together. She will give you some color and you will give her some maturity. So even if it is paining me to say this….. you have my support.

Arjun sighed pretending annoyance : she will probably drive me crazy.

They both laughed at that.

Radhika was walking through a corridor when someone pulled her into a room. A hand came around her mouth muffling her scream. She looked at who it is and saw arjun.

He placed his free hand above her shoulder and traped her between the wall and his body. He leaned forward to whisper in her mouth.

Arjun: you know it is not good to nick name your to be husband khadoos.

Radhika’s eyes widened. She was affected by his intimacy and breathed in shakily.

Radhika: who told you?

Arjun: your brother

Radhika: i will kill him

Arjun: so you did named me that.

Radhika: well you was a khadoos. You made me make coffee six times making silly excuses.

Arjun: so? If i remember correctly it ended up on my shirt. And you know what? I think you did it knowingly.

Radhika: i didn’t and even if i did then you deserved it. There was no ant in it.

Arjun: i know.

Then he leaned forward and placed a kiss on her cheek. And radhika blushed all over.

Arjun: you looked cutely outraged. You look good blushing too.

Radhika pushed him away and opened the door to go out. And came face to face with a servant. Arjun came behind her and the servant looked at him. Radhika blushed and ran from there. Arjun smiled at the man.

Arjun: you know it is too hot in this room.

Then he too went away leaving the servant staring after them.

Next episode: arjun and radhika reach birdsong. Piyali introduce someone and arjun is shocked seeing the person.

Credit to: Amy

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  1. Awesome episode. Could it be Nandini ex that Arjun gets shocked to see. 🙂

    1. Thank u brin.. 🙂
      You will know who it is on nxt episode 🙂

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  5. Rocking girl….its so lovely…i can see ur versatility…the moments were wow moment…arjun ek hi yes Mein itna much Karta he…omg what he ll do in future…i aslo thought that person is nadini’s x…

    Luv u…tc…update soon…both the story…m demanding now…sorry ??

    1. Thanks rosie 🙂 😀
      Sometimes the suspence mode tries to enter this one…. i just push it away..
      But i am finding it easy to write suspence than romance 😀
      Will update soon dr 🙂

  6. superb dear

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  7. I think that was samrat

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  11. Yeah…she said yes!!!even ankush is supporting….
    And i also think its samrat..!!or someone else…!!!!der encounter wen arjun pulled hr….into d room..was superbbb…
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