Manmarziyan ff- MMZ: Redefined (episode 12)

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Scene 1

Nandini was in deep thought as to how to approach radhika with the proposal. Radhika came there and smiled seeing nandini.
Radhika: “good morning di.”
Nandini: “morning radhika.why are you up so early?”
Radhika: “we are going to office early today. Arjun said there was some work pending that needs to be done immediately.”
Nandini: “oh that one!!! Always thinking about work. He is becoming a workaholic.”
Radhika laughed.
Nandini: “radhika i wanted to ask you something.”

Radhika: “yes di.”
Nandini: “what are your thoughts about getting married?”
Radhika: “i don’t know. I have never thought much about that. I want to establish myself in a career before that, preferably. But one thing is sure. It will be with my parents blessings.”
Nandini: “that is a beautiful thought. But i wanted to ask that if someone is interested in marrying you and he will allow and support you to establish yourself in a career, then will you be interested?”
Radhika: “first i have to know if i can be friends with that person because i believe that friendship is the basis of a strong relation. Then my parents must also accept that person.”
Nandini: “ok now i want to know what you think of arjun?”

Radhika frowned: “where are you going with this di?”
Nandini: “just answer.”
Radhika: “i think he is sometimes a little intensely strict or we can call him khadoos.”
They both laughed at that.
Radhika: “but he has a heart of gold. The arjun that i knew in my childhood he is still in there but a little concealed.”
Nandini was happy hearing this and came right to the point.
Nandini: “actually i wanted to say that you both are well matched. I wanted to ask whether i can put forward an alliance for you both.”
Radhika didn’t expect that and was stunned.
Nandini: “take your time and give me an answer. If your answer is yes i will talk to your parents, ok?”
Radhika nodded and nandini went from there pleased.


Ankush was at his father’s shop when he got a call from arjun.
Ankush: “hey arjun.”
Arjun: “ankush how are you? Everyone fine at home?”
Ankush: “yeah all are fine. How is chotti?”
Arjun: “she is good but i am not. She has not changed. She’s driving me mad.”
Ankush laughed at that.

Ankush: “somethings never change.”
Arjun: “hey listen! I am going to lonavla tomorrow and thought of visiting my old orphanage. Are you interested? We could make it into a trip. I also have some business to do there for birdsong. So radhika will probably have to come along too.”
Ankush: “tomorrow! Wow i so want to come. But i have some work here i will be free the next day.”
Arjun: “oh you could join us there the next day.”
Ankush: “ok then you send me the details.”
They talked for some more time and bid goodbye.


Radhika was too excited for the lonavla trip. Arjun had asked her to join him. Nandini di will not be able to go eith them as she was going to satay at the orphanage that they visited somedays ago. She did this occasionally. Nandini was a silent sponser in the orphanage and found great pleasure in staying with the kids. Radhika was sad that nandini di won’t be with yhem but there was a small part in the corner of her heart that was excited to have this alone time with arjun. She had thought a lot about what nandini di had asked her and still had not come up with an answer. She planned to use this trip to clear her head and find an answer. She knew ankush was going to join them after one day and she was excited to once again tag behind them both to every place like their childhood days. She finished her packing and heaved a big sigh of happiness.


The next day bright and early they both started the journey in arjun’s car. Radhika was talking non stop.
Radhika: “and i want to visit some shops there. You know i have to get things for sam neil teji zubin kritika nandini di hmmm oh and ridhima di…i will buy things for ma papa dadaji and give it to bhaiyya and…”

Arjun: “you know you forgot some people samrat sir piyali ma’am….. oh yes our office watchman.”
Radhika: “haha very funny but you know what, i will get things for them too….”
Arjun suddenly applied brake and turned to her.
Arjun: “shhhh….. stay quiet for sometime!!!!! Oh don’t you miss the silence sometimes. I know i have been missing it since you came into my life again.
Radhika pouted and leaned back into her seat crossing her arms across her torso.
Arjun again started to drive and radhika was fidgeting in her seat. Arjun looked at her and sighed.
Arjun: “you can’t sit quiet, can you?”
Radhika gave him a puppy dog face and he sighed.

Arjun: “ok you can talk but don’t make my ear bleed.”
Radhika gave him a broad smile and again opened her chatter box.


They reached lonavla and checked into the hotel. They both had adjacent beautiful rooms. Radhika wanted to curl up on the bed and sleep. But her stomach told her to get up and feed it. So she freshened up and went to get arjun. Both of them went down to the restaurant and had food. When they were about to leave they saw a poster announcing cultural fest held at the hotel all throughout that week. She wanted to go explore it and dragged arjun along with her. When they followed the illuminated path they reached a large open field that had beautiful lights shops and many many more things than they could comprehend. It was like stepping into a wonderland just like reaching hogwards through the train journey. They wandered here and there. There was a staggering amount of people there and at one point arjun took her hand in his and held it so as not to loose her in the crowd.
There were game sections. Radhika made arjun throw balls at arranged cans inorder to win a big cuddly teddy bear. She clutched the teddy to her chest and again dragged arjun forward to the gaint wheel like a kid on sugar rush.

He denied to go in it saying it was unstable. Radhika stared at him in disbelief.
Radhika: “arjun mehra is afraid of heights.”
Arjun glared: “no. No i am not.”
Radhika: “yes you are.”
He again denied.
Radhika: “fine then prove me wrong.”

Arjun: “fine lets get on the damn thing and get it over with.”
Radhika smiled victoriously and they both got into a tiny cabin.
Radhika was staring out into the heights fascinatedly but arjuns grip on the seat went on increasing with the height. When they reached the top the wheel stopped and stayed there for sometime. Now arjun’s grip was almost painful and his knuckles were turning white. Suddenly radhika placed her hand on his hand and pryed his hand away from the seat. He clutched her hand like it was his life line. She started talking to ease his fear.
Radhika: “do you know we had a carnival at hrishikeah when we were younger, but not as big as this one?”

Arjun shook his head.
Radhika smiled: “yeah and ankush bhaiyya won a sock monkey for me by throwing rings. He was proud of himself. I loved that thing. Infact i still have it with me and can’t sleep without it.”
He smiled at her and forgot about his fears hearing her memory.
Radhika smiled at him and showed him the teddy in her hands.
Radhika: “and now i have this too….. thanks to you.”
Arjun smiled at her forgot himself watching her face. She took out her phone and opened the camera.

Radhika: “you know dadaji says to capture the good moments forever so that they later turn into beautiful memories.”
Saying this she kept the phone up to take their photo. He smiled and placed his arm around radhika’s shoulder and smiled into at camera. She tucked her head into his shoulder and grinned broadly at the camera and clicked.
And thus that became a beautiful memory for them both. What they both didn’t know was that this picture was just one of many memories that will help them to live life to the fullest even when the situations turned tough.

Next episode: arjun and radhika take a romantic late night boat journey. Arjun ask radhika to tell what her answer is.

Sorry guys for the late update and also sorry that there was no nesam scenes. The next few episodes will most probably will be full of ardhika scenes but you are in for a shock when this trip ends and they returns to birdsong. ( yes.. you can take this as a spoiler 🙂 )

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