Manmarziyan ff- MMZ: Redefined (episode 11)


Episode 11……
Hello everyone. Thanks for your support and please keep giving it. So without much delay…… this is an imaginery one intented as a fun read.

Scene 1

Arjun and radhika were in their own rooms getting ready for the party. Radhika wore the saree arjun bought her paired with a red full glittering blouse. She wore the saree neatly pleated and pinned on to her shoulder. She had on a delicate diamond tear drop ear ring and a delicate chain with small diamonds scattered on it draped over her porcelain collar bones. To complete the set she had on a diamond attached bangle mixed on with red bangles. Her long hair was left open except for a small twist made with some hair above herright ear. The twist was held together and pinned on by a small black clip with glittering stones on it. She completed her look with light makeup and a small diamond like stone bindi.

Arjun had on a full on black attire. A black shirt and pants with a black blazer over the shirt left open.
When they both came to the hall both were stunned. Arjun could not take his eyes away from radhika. She looked so beautiful and delicate like a red fresh flower. He felt as if his jaw would hit the floor anytime now. Radhika stared at arjun. He looked so dashingly handsome. With the five o’clock shadow on his jaw along with the black attire gave him a mysterious look. They both complemented each other perfectly even though they were complete opposite of the other. Nandini came there and saw them together. They looked so perfect together. She felt like she could cry with happiness. This girl would surely become my sister in law, she thought.
Arjun asked nandini to come with them but she denied saying she was tired and was going to bed early.

Arjun and radhika reached birdsong and the party was held at the top floor. The floor had an open plan that was changed to accomodate a make shift stage at one corner and also had a dj stand, bar and refreshment counter and food counter. At one end some tables were set with white table cloth. Each table had five chairs around them.
When arjun and radhika entered together all gathered there were astonished. A general hush spread around the hall. They looked as if they were a couple and as if they had dressed intentionally to complement each other in black and red. Sam was happy as she was sure that there was something brewing between those two. All gawked at them discreetly but the two didn’t notice as they were talking about something. They greeted piyali,samrat,sam,neil and the gang.
Piyali went on to the stage.

Piyali: “thanku everyone for coming. Each one of you contributed towards bordsong and its growth. I want to thanku all for that. This party is for you. Now i would like to make an announcement. I am proud to say that a famous businessman is interested in joining with us as a partner. I am not disclosing who it is today but when the time comes you will all get to know him. The process is now at starting stages and lets hope for its succesful completion. Now lets all enjoy this happy occasion.”

The party was a success. Everyone enjoyed. All of them except arjun danced. Sam and neil danced on a duet. The others also paired up. Teji with radhika and zubin with kritika. After that they all danced together. By the end of the party it was late and started raining.
Arjun and radhika reached home. Radhika was still high from all the dancing and went to the terrace to enjoy the rain. Arjun went in search of her when he could not find her. He saw radhika standing in the rain with her hands outstretched. He watched her for sometime completely mesmerised by her.
Arjun: “radhika you are behaving like a child. You will fall ill.”
Radhika turned to see him standing at the door.
Radhika: “but being a child is so fun. Don’t you remember we use to do this when we were children.”
Arjun: “no you used to do this and then fall sick. Ankush and i used to scold you not to do it.”
Radhika: “you are not fun.”
Arjun: “what is so fun in drenching in rain?”
Radhika: “oh i swear you are such a kill joy!! These are the little things that gives meaning to the word life. Come on come out in the rain.”
Arjun: “no you go on enjoying your life. I will stand here safe from illness.”
Radhika: “oh come on please for me…”

Arjun sighed: “fine but if i fall sick you will never hear the end of it.”
Radhika smiled as arjun joined her after taking off his blazer. Radhika laughed as arjun made a face when he got drenched. Radhika began dancing and jumping around like crazy and asked arjun to dance. When he told that he don’t dance she scowled. Then she got hold of his hands and dragged him along making him dance. He laughed and helped her out by dancing along her. He placed one of his arms on her waist and other held her hand. Her other hand was on his shoulder. They both danced with no music on but they had the sound of rain as music. Arjun was looking into her face when she was looking up at the fallimg rain withvher eyes squinted. Then she looked at him, into her eyes and he looked right back. Slowly his hand on her waist tightened around her waist pulling her close to him. His other hand left her hand and touched her cheek while her noe free hand moved to his waist. He leaned towards her and her eyes closed automatically. Just then they both started hearing a loud thunder sound. She got scared and hugged him tight. He held her and waited for her to come out of her fear. She got shy now and parted from him and avoided his eyes.
Radhika: “i am afraid of thunder. Lets go in.”

He nodded and held the door open for her. She left from there and went swiftly to her room. She didn’t know what just happened there but she knew one thing, she felt as if she belonged there in his arms.

Scene 2

Sam and neil were sitting at a cafe talking about something when sam saw that same rude man that she named baktameez the other day at the mall entering the cafe. Neil saw her looking angrily at the man.
Neil: “who are you staring at? And by just watching your glare my knees are shaking!!”
Sam: “idiot thats the baktameez that behaved rudely with me the other day.”
Neil: “hmm maybe i should have a talk with him.”
Sam: “oh don’t get into any fights now.”
They both watched as the man stood at the counter and watched girls walk by after placing his order. He whistled at a girl she went on her way after giving him a glare.
Sam: “ugh that baktameez is always like this.”
Neil: “don’t give him any attention. he is just an attention seeker.”
Just then radhika entered the cafe and after waving at sam amd neil she went to the counter to place her order. They both watched as the man made some comment about radhika. Radhika glared at him and began to leave when he got hold of her hand. Both neil and sam got up from their seats and went there.
Radhika: “leave my hand now.”
Man: “how will i leave such a beautiful thing?”
Neil: “leave her now or else…”
Man: “or else what..?”
Just then he saw sam and smiled widely.

Man: “its you again darling.”
Sam: “leave my friend right now!!”
The man just laughed and tightened his hold. Neil forcefully took his hand off radhika and punched him in the face. The man tried to hit back but neil blocked him. Just then the cafe owner and employees broke up the fight and said the man to leave.
The man turned to neil before going.
Man: “you will regret for this.. you all will. Just wait and see.”
Then he turned and left.

Scene 3

Arjun was talking to bonnie on the phone.
Bonnie: “have you found her?”
Arjun: “not yet.”
Bonnie: “not even a clue?”
Arjun: “no.”
Bonnie: “what about the lead you were on?”
Arjun: “that ended without any new information.”
Bonnie: “you could just quit this arjun. This is..”
Just then radhika entered the room and arjun’s attention got diverted to the bruise on her hand.
Arjun: “radhika what happened?”
Saying this he ended the call. Bonnie on the other end heard that and fumed thing, how dare he cut me off for her!!!

Radhika told arjun everything that happened reluctantly and arjun got angry.
Arjun: “do you know his name or any information? How dare he? I will make him regret this.”
Radhika: “arjun its okay its over. Leave it.”
He touched her hand and she flinched as it was still tender. He made her sit down and went to get the first aid.
He kneeled doen before her and applied ointment to her bruise using a cotton. She flinched and he softly blew on it to lessen the pain. She smiled down at him.
Arjun: “any pain now?”
Radhika: “no its perfect now.”

He looked up at her and smiled.
Nandini was watching this and was very happy. She decided to ask radhika as soon as possible.

Next episode: nandini telling radhika about her wish. Arjun decide to take a trip to lonavla to visit his odd orphanage and inviting radhika, nandini and ankush along.

Credit to: Amy

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