Manmarziyan ff- MMZ: Redefined (episode 10)


Episode 10….
Hello all here i am back with more… thank u all for your suggestions keep on giving it to me honestly….. without much of my chatter i give you next episode…… enjoy!!!!
I begin by saying this is an imaginery story and intented for a fun reading experience.

Scene 1

By next morning arjun came up with an answer for nandu and went in search of her to let her know. He found her in kitchen preparing breakfast.
Arjun: “good morning nandu.”
Nandini: “a very good morning my arjun.”

Arjun: “nandu i thought about what you said and my answer is yes.”
Nandini was overcome with joy. She touched his cheek in happiness.
Nandini: “now this became the happiest morning. So does this mean you love her.”
Arjun: “nandu i don’t trust love, i don’t even know what it is. But i feel like if in future i could love someone it would be radhika. But as of now i don’t know.”
Nandini: “i know arjun what you mean. But trust me someday you will come to know that it really does exist and that will be like falling into a bottomless space.”
Arjun: “nandu sometimes you are just too deep to understand.”
Nandini: “so can i ask radhika today? Oh i can’t!!! I have to ease her into it…. see if she likes you.”

Arjun just shook his head at her enthusiasm.

Radhika was in the living room when the doorbell rang. Who could it be, she thought as she opened the door. A girl stood there. She had black curly hair and had on a stylish short dress. She took of the sunglasses and looked at radhika puzzled.
The girl almost rudely: “who are you?”
Radhika: “what? I should ask you that. Who are you and how can i help you?”
The girl snorted rudely: “arjun didn’t tell me he have hired a new servant.”
Radhika now outraged: “hey i am not servant here. Mind your words.”
Arjun: “who is there radhika?”
Radhika: “i don’t know….”
The girl: “its me arjun.”

Arjun: “oh hi bonnie. I didn’t knew you were back in mumbai. Comeon in.”
Bonnie pushed past radhika and smiled winningly at her. She then smiled coyingly ay arjun.
Bonnie: “i didn’t knew you hired new servant arjun.”
Arjun harshly: “mind your words bonnie. Radhika is my childhood friend and don’t talk like this in frond of nandu. Radhika is nandu’s favorite now.”
Bonnie who never heard arjun being protective over any girl was surprised and then she was furious. Arjun never speak like this to her.
Bonnie unconvincingly: “sorry ragini.”
Radhika: “its radhika.”
Bonnie rolled her eyes as if to say “whatever”.
Arjun: “radhika this is bonnie. We are college friends.”
Radhika: “hi bonnie”
Bonnie: “hello”
Radhika: “i will go and help nandini di.”
She went to kitchen and saw that nandini had finished preparing everything.
Nandini: “who is there radhika?”
Radhika: “arjun’s friend bonnie.”
Nandini: “ugh that one again. I swear she never leaves arjun alone.”
Radhika laughed.

Radhika: “maybe she like him. Why don’t you see if he like her.”
Nandini smiled mysteriously: “trust me radhika he don’t like her like that. I am not even sure if he like her even as a friend that much.”
Radhika: “then why is he still friends with her?”
Nandini: “who knows! He is strange like that.”
They both laughed at that and set up all the dishes on the dining table.
Arjun was amused seeing them both laughing together. They always were laughing together in their own little world.
Arjun: “what are you both lovely ladies so amused about? I swear you both team up and is laughing at me behind my back.”
Radhika: “well if you think so who are we to change it?”
Nandini: “we will laugh at you if you are worth laughing at. So don’t do anything stupid.”
Arjun laughed at this.

Bonnie who was silently observing the exchange found one too many things wrong with this scene. First nandini being so open in her affection towards radhika. She never laughed like that with bonnie. Actually bonnie felt like nandini never really liked her. She was now burning with jealousy. Then arjun has all but happily abandoned her and their conversation when radhika has entered. She saw an obvious preference towards radhika from arjun in this short of time. This poured oil on to her already burning jealousy. Then there was this feeling that these three were a family and bonnie was excluded from it. She didn’t like it, she didn’t like it at all.

Scene 2

That evening sam and prerna had a shopping trip planned. This was their bonding time. As prerna knew that neil like sam a lot she hoped that sam would come as her daughter in law. Sam had essentially grown up in neil’s house. As piyali was engaged totally in her work daytime sam used to spend all her daytime with neil and prerna. Sam was a daughter to prerna and prerna was like a mother to sam.

This day neil too tagged along after much order from both. What could he do? He had to keep the women in his life happy. Sam also invited radhika along and radhika invited nandini. Then she dragged arjun along too. Both arjun and neil were reluctant to even set foot in the mall.
Prerna and nandini wandered off together. And the other four were inside a textile shop. Arjun talked more freely with sam and neil on the insistence of radhika but things were still a little formal. Sam dragged neil along with her to check out some cool tshirts for neil. Radhika was looking for a saree to wear on the annual celebration of BirdSong. Arjun was looking through another rack for her. Radhika couldn’t find anything special. Arjun while looking casually through a rack came across a red saree with red glittering border.

He liked it and took it off the rack. Radhika was standing in front of big ceiling to floor mirror and checking a white saree by draping it over her shoulder. She was considering it deeply when arjun came behind her. She saw him in the mirror and smiled at him. He smiled back and shook his head as if to say no to the saree. She deflated and took off the white one. He smiled seeing her childish pout and came close to her. He showed her the red saree and standing behind her draped it over her shoulder. All the while both of their eyes were on each others eyes through the mirror. They broke the eye contact to check if the saree was good. Arjun made an appreciative sound and radhika agreed. The saree’s red color was attractive and draped over radhika’s porcelain skin it looked more attractive. He smiled softly at her. Then he took the saree from her and after a long argument as to who will pay for it, arjun won and he payed for it happily with a smirk while radhika watched him sulkingly.

Scene 3

Sam was waiting for neil in the shop. She swore he took more time than her in the dressing room. She was looking at her watch when a tall young man collided with her.
Sam looking up: “don’t you have eyes?! Is it too hard to see me standing here?”
The man: “oh not at all. Infact it is easy to see a pretty thing like you standing here from a mile away. What are you doing alone? I could give you company.”
Sam: “hey!!!! Mind your words. I am here with someone.”

The man: “oh darling, boyfriend? Ditch him and come with me.”
Sam angrily: “you better leave!!! And don’t forget your manner or i would teach manners to you with my footwear!!! Baktameez!!!”
The man laughed and went away. Just then neil came there and found sam in a furious mood. He asked her what happened and she told him. He wanted to go and teach that baktameez a lesson but sam told him to leave it and to not let the man ruin the day. They left in search of others.

Next episode: bonnie asking arjun if he found the girl. Piyali making an announcement in the BirdSong annual celebrations. Arjun and radhika dancing in rain.

Credit to: Amy

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