Manmarziyan ff -MMZ: Redefined (Episode 1)


Hey my fellow mmz fans. Its been 6 months but i still miss mmz. So i thought to write an ff about our fav characters. Enjoy!!

This story is imaginery and is only intented for a fun reading experience. Please forgive me for my grammatical errors. And let me know your reactions…. so here it goes

MMZ:Redefined episode1

Scene 1: Hrishikesh

A girl with beautiful long dark hair is shown from back. She is running up the stairs of a temple and her long hair and white dupatta is flying backwards in the wind. She reaches the top of the temple and rings the bell hanging from the ceiling. She steps upto the murti of Lord Ganesha and holds her hand in a praying position. Now her face and features are shown slowly. Her eyes are closed and the long lashes are resting down. She has a cute nose and her beautiful lips are stretched ina smile. She opens her eyes and it is easy to loose in those beautiful dark depths. She starts to talk, “thank you thank you so much bhagvanji. I knew you would make every thing okay. Do you know i got appointment letter from BirdSong. I am so happy. ”
The panditji comes there and smiles lovingly seeing the girl.
Panditji: “arrey Radhika beti. You are looking so happy today.”
Radhika: “panditji, i got job in Mumbai. I am leaving tomarrow.”
Panditji: “that is a good news beti. I am happy for you. But i am also sad as our good luck is leaving us.”
Radhika(smiling her cute smile): “no no panditji. I am leaving some of my good luck with my dadaji for you.”
After saying this she closes her eyes and hits her head.
Radhika: “i have to go panditji as i promised dadaji that i would be there to finish packing for tomarrow”
Panditji gives her prasad and blesses her. She runs back down the steps.

Scene 2: BirdSong, Mumbai

An office with modern interior is shown. The atmosphere there is hectic as all the employees are rushing around completing works. A slim girl wearing a blue printed shirt tucked into her dark blue jeans is shown. She is wearing a scarf like a headband on her slightly colored and highlighted hair and the free ends of her scarf is freely lying over her left shoulder. She has a beautiful face with dark eyes, a sharp long nose and delicate lips. She is searching for someone there. Just then a tall guy walks past her and she catches hold of his elbow and asks, “Zubin where is that idiot? I have been looking for him for the past 30 minutes.”
Zubin: “idon’t know Sam but the last i saw him was when we were working together in the boardroom.”
Sam leaves from there and enters the boardroom and see a guy leaning on the table going through some files.
Sam shouts “idiot!!”
The guy hearing this turns his head and some locks of his shaggy dark hair falls onto his forehead. He smiles seeing her showing off his cute deep dimples and a twinkle enters his already shining eyes.
Sam: “where were you idiot. I have been looking for you. Neil, I need your help with this file.” She shows him the red file she is holding.
Neil: “don’t worry Sammy when your idiot is here.”
Sam smiles and says “come on then. I want to finish this work before the new boss arrives tomarrow.”

Scene 3: The next day, Mumbai Airport

An announcement rings through the hall. “The flight from London to Mumbai has arrived”
A guy is shown coming down through the escalator. His face is blocked from view. He is wearing a black blazer over his deep blue shirt which is tucked into a black formal pants. One of his hand is tucked into his pant pockets and other carries a duffel bag. He has a black aviator glasses on and his sharp nose and shapely cheekbones and lips comes into view. When the escalator reaches the bottom step he steps off it and takes off the glasses. His dark eyes comes into view and it gives a alluring and brooding look to his handsome face.
He smirks and says to himself, “welcome to India, Mr Arjun Mehra.”

Next episode: Arjun and Radhika reaches BirdSong seperately and they collides with each other.

Credit to: Amy

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  1. Plzzz if nandhu charecter is there so we want positive side only

    1. Hey Hayathi i hav not thought of adding nandu till now.

  2. Oh ardhika’s romance going to start from next epi itself. Plzzzzzzz update next epi soon amy

    1. Hi pooja will update nxt epi vry soon

  3. nice episode. … waiting for next one…

    1. Thanks i will update next episode soon

  4. Noelene. Naidoo


    1. Thanku 🙂

  5. Hey buddy ur ff is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo very good …..I’m Jessy and I’m from Pune. I’m of class 9 ….tell about urself
    I liked the friendly relationship between Sam nd niel Na the way u called him idiot ..bcos in every other ff niel nd Sam is shown having a romantic nd nt a friendly crazy unique relation……buddyy keep it up
    I’m waiting for more of ur ffs

    1. Thanks jessi. I want to show depth of relations here i hope i can do it well. I hav a frndshp like sam and radika’s but not one like nesam so i want to show it here…
      And am from kerala and in college

  6. Arjun….only in positive direction only

    1. Hey subhadha i want to show arjun’s both sides angry young man and also sweet side so please go along with it you will gey to see more in coming episodes i can nt say it without adding spoilers

  7. Good episode. 🙂

    1. Thanku dear 🙂

  8. Nice start dear.

    1. Thanks 🙂

  9. Hi Amy iiiii nice intro pls update soon dear….

    1. Hi susi will update soon 🙂

  10. Wow! Another new ff…m loving it plot seems interesting N 4 the first time m commenting here hv always been a silent reader bt 4rm now on I’ll comment

  11. ya it so nice………..

  12. I can’t wait for ur nxt chaptr and thanks alot for writing a ff on mmz…write soon!!

  13. Wowwww Amy my dearrrr, it’s so awesome n outstanding. …so lovely start….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads all the best

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