Manmarziyan FF – Hidden Love (Episode 1)


Hi All, Its me your Sathya back with a new concept. Hope you all will like it. Expecting a positive reply. I am not gonna give a character sketch, with the story soon you will get to know the characterization of each. Now will enter into the story. pls let me know if you dont like it.

Manmarziyan – Hidden Love (Episode 1)

It is raining heavily and very hard to drive even slowly. But he is driving it very fast and it seems like his car speed is more than the rain speed. His hands are on the steering wheel and plays music by his fingers. Left hand is continuously changing the songs in the audio system and halts at one and it is favourite song.

The song is from poopol from Minnale

poopol poopol en nenjai koithaval,

(she plucks my heart like a flower)

minnalai minnalai en paarvai parithaval,

(Steals my vision like a lightening)

he enjoys the music and song and drives more faster than before and suddenly puts a sudden brake which gives a creeeeecccchhhhhh sound. His blood boils in anger and lifts his head to see who is that blo*dy **** to stop the car like this. He couldn’t see anything clearly but can see the actions and it looks like a shadow is saying something. he leans front little more and see what that shadow is trying to say.

yes he got it now and it is saying, sorry showing the signal board and it is in Red now. The shadow asks him to wait and turns other side and signals somebody to come. Its none other than around 4 to 5 kids who is crossing the roads with that shadow help.

Now he is more interested to know who is that shadow and follows it where it goes by sitting in his car itself. Now the shadow comes to clear vision and it is nothing but a girl…in white full sleeve churidhar with white bangles in both of her hands. He couldn’t see her face clearly because she is showing her back to him and face the Ice cream shop.

His interest gets gear up fast and now it is going in 5th gear makes him to see her face. He slowly lowers down his window and his face is shown clearly and he tries to see that girl’s face also. He waited for her to turn and now the signal is in Green mode. He doesn’t want to go but vehicles behind him are started giving horns and he gets irritated. But still slowly he moves the vehicle and his tension becomes higher and higher to see her face. Now she turns but the moment she turns the power goes off from that shop and again he couldn’t see her.

To his luck or that’s girls unluck, a sharp lightening comes there and gives a light to her face which he can see her now clearly. A white churidhar, with white net duppatta, white bangles in both of her hands and cute white pearl jhumki. His Mind voice says, “She is beautiful, her smile, her chat with the kids and enjoying the ice cream in the rain.” He smiles seeing her and slowly moving his car and soon she gets vanished from his sight. Again he played the song and remembers the moment he sees her. Unknowingly a small smile comes to his face which makes more handsome and hot 😛

Precap: have to decide after your comments.

Pls let me know how was this episode and let me know your comments.

Credit to: Sathya

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  1. I no it none other than our 1 an only ardhika

  2. Its gud..Plz continue.. Waiting for nxt update..

  3. awesome fantastic episode ardhika rocks

  4. Amazing nyc plot better then that blo*dy shit fiction shows which are coming now a day gud luk dear keep going waiting for more….♥♥

  5. It has be ArDhika. 🙂

  6. This is nice.

  7. Minale movie ah ok super

  8. Awwwiiiieeee!! So cute di!! Continue di!!

    Post soon.. Love you ??

  9. Ooohoo…..m jumping now…i can’t express my happiness in words…they’re ardhika…m sure….but m more more happy ? coz u wrote another ff…yipee…sis I really don’t know what to say…how to say…i should stop here to control myself…coming again to comment…but plot is very very interesting…thank u ? very much….if m continued now..i ll be go on n on…should stop my blabbering…plus I love ❤ you so much…

  10. So cuteeee. Sathya di please do write it.

  11. wow satz my morning became sweet with this new ff of urs..
    so cute first glimpse of radhika….keep going dear….loved it…..

  12. Nice dr

  13. Hi sathya its really gud I guess dt guy is arjun & girl is radhika pls continue waiting for next update

  14. Nice Sathya. My fav song.

  15. Excellent start.. I think it’s Ardhika only.

  16. theriyalaye ka !! what to say nu .. but i am excepting something more different from u !! 😛

  17. greate start
    waiting for ur next updates of both stories

  18. Awesome, wowwww sathya.’s really superbbbb start…’s ardhika ♡♡♡ . beautiful n lovely narration. …new ff from you wowwww….I’m so dying to read this amazing story. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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