Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2(Episode 3)

Thank you so much all for ur lovely comments. Sorry for delay and i will clear some points. For Arjun his self respect is more important than anything and that’s the reason when Radhika taunts him as an employee who comes to pick up, he got angry and left her. And for Radhika, she is a kind of an attitude girl but not bad at heart. She likes to show her status she will not do harm to anyone. So these two will be join in the name of marriage but how they gonna lead their life. Let see..

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2(Episode 3)

Episode 2

Arjun goes by leaving her in the airport but he before he leaves he calls Dilip and informs him about the fight and asks him send some one to pick her up. Dilip understand what would have happened because he knows Arjun also and he knows Radhika also. Finally he finished his meeting soon and he himself goes to airport to pick her up but he did not find her there and don’t know where she went. He gets worried and tries calling her number but it is not reachable. He immediately calls Arjun and informs him about her missing. He also reaches there and both Dilip and Arjun searches her everywhere but couldn’t get any idea. Exhausted Dilip sadly comes to home and gets shocked seeing her having food and watching TV happily.

Both Arjun and Dilip is shocked and Dilip is hell angry seeing her laughing at the TV. He goes and switch it off and stares her. She gives him a casual look and continues eating. Dilip controls her anger but still asks, “Radhika..what hell you are doing here? We were like turning the city upside down to find you and you are here and eating relaxingly. Can’t you inform me that you are safe?”

Radhika glares him and says, “Just chill dad. It is the punishment for you to make me wait there and make me get insulted by your so called employee”

Dilip, “What, Punishment?”

Rads, “Yes dad…even Ramu uncle asked me to inform you but i only stopped him.”

Dilip just gives her a gaze and turns to arjun and says, “I am sorry to trouble you arjun. you may leave now”.

All the while Arjun wonders seeing her attitude and stares her. He felt sorry seeing Dilip and he obliges him and is about to leave.

Rads sees him and says, “Stop right there. You know what , it’s all happens because of you. You don’t know how to respect the women. You simply left me there and went right, what if some body harms me or what if something happened to me? You did not do your responsiblity correctly. You may think i am wrong. I know i am wrong but you should know what will be the consequences if you leave a girl alone in the new place…Good that you too joined with my dad and searched me. You would have worried right about me..huh?”

Arjun is shocked hearing her statement but he kept quiet and turns to dilip and says, “I am sorry sir. It’s my mistake only. I should not have left her there and because of me you suffered a lot today. I am really sorry”.

Dilip, “It’s ok Arjun. Its already late . You leave. Will meet tomorrow”.

Arjun turns to go and Radhika stops him and says, “Oh Hello Mr. You didn’t say sorry to me?”

Arjun looks at her and says, “I didn’t do any wrong thing to say sorry to you. i said sorry to him that i couldn’t full fill my responsiblity which he given to me and i am sure no one dare to touch you, because you will kill them your nonsense talking”.

Radhika opens her mouth in shock and stares him angrily and Arjun greets Dilip and left from there.

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From that day onwards, Arjun & Radhika are not in sync and everytime they see, they will not talk to each other and always avoid each. But Dilip always wants to see them one.

Radhika gets a call from Dilip and goes to his study room to meet him. Radz, “Hi dad..what’s up?”

Dilip, “Haan beta…hmmm…well…i want to ask you onething”.

Rads chewing something and says, “Hmm ask”

Dilip, “What do you think about our Arjun?”

Radz stops chewing and glares him and says, ” It’s not our Arjun, He is your Arjun. Now tell me what you wanna ask?”

Dilip looks at her and gulps and says,”I want to talk about Arjun only”.

Radhika gives a sigh relief and says, “ know i don’t like him and i don’t want to talk about him. Then what is this?”

Dilip, “Atleast listen to me once na”.

Rads, “I will do anything what you want me to do but don’t take his topic to me. And now i m tired and gonna sleep. bye good night my sweet dad..sweet dreams” she kissed his cheeks and runs to her room.

Dilip looks at the way she went and thinks, “This will be my most toughest job i guess”.

Next day, Dilip meets Arjun and asks him about his family. He asks him to get his family to his home once. Arjun wonders why he is asking now but still obliges him and says, “Sure sir.. i will get them here..but anything important sir”.

Dilip smiles at and says, “I have to talk to them only”. He goes from there leaving arjun confused.

Arjun finishes his work on that day and comes out from his office and calls to his GF waits for her to pick it up but he did not get any response. He tries so many times but no response. He gets upset and now he don’t want to go to his home. He takes his bike and goes to beach. He parks his bike and walking on the platform and finds a familiar voice. He turns here and there and finds a girl with a guy and she is hugging him. Arjun looks on shocked and goes to them.

Arjun slowly says, “Preeti”

Preeti turns and gets shocked seeing Arjun there.

Arjun, “What are you doing here? And i was calling you so many times, you did not pick my call? What’s happening?”

Preeti, “Oh just shut up Arjun. You don’t have rights to question me. And moreover, who are you to question me?”

Arjun is speechless and tears forms in his eyes and says, “Preeti…we love each other and about to marry”.

Preeti, “SO what? That was past and now i don’t need you. And about marriage, you are not settled enough to marry me, so don’t dream about it”.

Arjun gets angry and says, “You were having a fake relationship with me is it? How fool i am…that i couldn’t identify a b*t*h like you”.

Preeti shouts, “Mind your words Arjun”

Arjun shuts her saying, “If you say my name once more then i don’t know what i will do. Y r u getting angry if i say you as a b*t*h…i am telling the truth right. So till now you are behind my job and money and now you find another fool to spend money on you more than me, so you neglected me. Actually i have to thank you. You know for what, to show your true colors to me. It is really a very good day for me that my bad luck is gone from me and from now every good thing will happen to me”.

Arjun pours out everything and goes from there. He goes to his flat and sits on the sofa and cries silently. He calls to his mom and says, “Maa…i am feeling lonely here. Can you pls come here tomorrow and i want to sleep in your lap. while coming get everyone..even my boss also wants to meet you all”.

He keeps his phone and sleeps in the couch itself without having food.

Precap: Radhika refuses to marry Arjun and Dilip remembers her promise to him and blackmails her to marry arjun. Arjun accepts to marry Radhika after his mom’s compulsion.

So how was this episode guys. Hope you al like it. Pls give me ur comments for the same. Thank you 🙂

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