Manmarziyan – Enemity To Love (Season 2) – Intro / Plot Suggestion

Hello all…i am back with the Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Season 2). I hope you all are excited to have the season 2 for one of my most loved FF. I come up with some plots here and i really confused to choose which one. I am thinking to give the options here to you all. I will take the one which maximum ppl choose. Soo pls read and give your comments.

Plot 1:

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Season 2)

Fate plays a cruel game in her life. Not only hers but to his life also. Unfortunately the two opposite poles made to lead a life together without their wish.

Arjun – The groom who supports to marry the elder sister but ends up in marrying her younger sister due to the unwanted circumstances and he did not like it actually. Because of their both parents he unwantedly ends up in the relation. he thinks to finish up this unwanted relation soon.

Radhika – The bubbly girl who was the happiest person after seeing her sister is getting married to a big business man Arjun. She was so happy for her but she did not find her sister happy and she thought it is because she supposed to leavve her home and her beloved sister. On the marriage day, everyone made Radhika a pawn to save their respect and asks her to marry Arjun for their sake. Then she realised all her dreams and happiness shattered in one night when no one finds her sister.

So now how these 2 persons gonna lead their life. With love or with enemity. God knows who is made for whom and now he matches these two opposite poles into one and will see how these gonna make it happen.

Plot 2:

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Season 2)

Marraige plays a cruical part in two ppl life where in it will make them to mingle with each other knowing their roles in other’s life. It will make the two strangers to fall in love and make the life.

Arjun – A loyal Employee in the big group of industries called RD group. He works sincerely and dedicatedly which makes a good impression about him on his boss’s heart. This impression gives him a strong decision to make him as his Son in law.

Radhika – A cute, charming and soft hearted person with little attitude who enjoys her life and rarely looks her family business also. He know Arjun as an employee but she did not know that he is one who is going to become her life partner which she never imagines at all.

Dilip makes both to accept his decision by blackmailing. he blackmails radhika about his health and convinces her to marry arjun. Then He convinces Arjun by explaining about his family situation. Somehow he manages both to accept for the marriage but what will happen after marriage? Dilip is happy that radhika is going to become a wife of the guy who is good at everything and he thought they both will like each other after marraige. Will his hope comes true? How their journey gonna be after marriage?

So guys.. these are the two plots which i thought for now. Pls let me know which is good, if nothing is good also pls tell me i will think about it another one. But do comment it.


  1. Megha


    |Registered Member

    Both the plots are good, but in my view Plot 1 is quite common, as in boy supposed to marry a girl but ends up marrying her sister, them the blame each other, misunderstand each other and become friends later on the start falling in love but then the sister comes back and all that thing.

    Plot 2 is quite interesting, really and it will be an amazing thing to read about 2 people forced into marriage falling in love. Like Radhika might blame Arjun for trapping her father so that he could marry her and get all her money. There will be blaming game playing on but it will be awesome to watch them falling for each other.

    So if you ask me, you should go for “Plot No. 2”

  2. Jessie


    |Registered Member

    Hii.. the 2nd plot is different.. usually Arjun will be d business tycoon., this time its reverse.. I liked tat one…

  3. Suga


    |Registered Member

    Hai satz darling how r u ? N how z Appa? πŸ™‚ hope he s doing good πŸ™‚ I liked both of d plot but first one I like d most πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ love u πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. Harani


    |Registered Member

    For me plot one seems more interesting dr ..and whatever you decide update soon ,eagerly waiting for your update πŸ™‚

  5. Niharika

    Satz How is your Father. And both the plots are good. Why don’t you make the 2nd one season 2 and when you end season 2 . Make the first plot season 3..

  6. Gauri

    Sathya thanks for the second season….why not write both… first plot 2 and second plot 1 I would love both the parts πŸ™‚

  7. sahithi

    Hey Satya this is the first time I’m commenting on your ff.I followed the first season and loved it to the core and coming to the plots I like plot one it may be common but it has more scope of a story the second one I feel arjun should behave more like a gentleman cos he works under her father..just what I felt..
    Waiting for the first epi
    Take care! Love you loads ??

  8. Rg2015


    |Registered Member

    Both plots are grt. The first plot thou common it sounds fantastic to me. I personally prefer d first one. The second one is yet again different. Sathya since u r a grt writer I personally suggest if possible u should make two stories exploring both d plots… You can take ur time and keep updating stories at ur will Just a suggestion. Pls do chose both d themes. If not it’s ok. I will enjoy Wat u will give me.

  9. shreya

    Hiiii how are you honey I missed you very much ……its good u have come back ……….now coming to the point
    In 1st plot is quite common that boy love girl but end up in marrying her sis…. ……but yes it ll add lots spice in the story ….
    In 2nd plot quite interesting n I think here there ll less enmity compered to 1st plot …….sooooo confusing
    But I wanna give chance to 2nd plot
    ……… u loss come soon

  10. Lavaniya


    |Registered Member

    both the plots are good dear .. a small request will u be able to write both .. i lov ur both plots very much ……..but would u write the first plot eariler….

  11. Rosie

    I really liked both plot…if u can write both as season 2 n other as another ardhika ff..then I’ll b on moon…i loved both equally but no nandu negative plzzzzzz

  12. deiva

    I just wanna say that after seeing ur ff name I blinked three four time then start jumping on my bed…….. u don’t know darling what u brought back……… love u darling……. and for plot both are perfect but 2 one is unique

  13. |Registered Member

    Hey Sathya hw is ur dad now? Am loving both plots if it’s not too much for u then pls write on both plots but if I have to choose I will chose plot 2 coz it’s different.

  14. dipika

    Sathya darling now i really want to talk to m spellbound with ur imagination skills..both plot is i like first one the will good circumstances to make enemity turn into love…i can’t express how happy i m that your coming with season 2 ..this is my most fav ff of urs..thank you so much

  15. Ritu

    Both are just superb but if I will prefer plot 2 more as it is more practical plot…it is love after marriage which is quite common in Indian, I would prefer second but even the first one is fabulous…post both if u

  16. priya

    both the plots are awesome ………but i’ll prefer plot 2 ………………… pls update episode first soon

  17. Roma

    Sathya you know what….these both plots are very strong n true to the real world…it does happen. ..I loved both plots but plot 1 I loved more…as its really very heart touching. …plz write this first…. then plot 2, I love this too…write on this also….I’m in for both actually…from me, ur plot1 has 51% n plot 2 get 49%….lol…love you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ … β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

  18. Naaga


    |Registered Member

    Hi satz ?
    1st one looks common ( Roja film)
    2nd something difft, but i want arjun bit rude than radhu, only bit ma. But how possible? She is top co. MD daughter …….really this is challenge for u ? I know u easily make it. Anyway thank u satz 4 making 2 SSN & All the Best ☺

    • Sathya



      Hey naaga… U r impossible… Actually I forgot this and u remember me that now.. But I have kept some twist in that.. Anyways fine I got the opinions… Thank u for ur suggestions

  19. chashu

    Hi akka appa health paravaillaya. Akka im a bigggggg fan of yours and im from chennai. My native place is pudukkottai. Akka naan ungaloda mmz enimity to love 10th chapter la irrundu dhaan padika aarambichen but apparam ella chaptersayum thedi thedi padichen and your efforts to bring mmz in tamil really hats off. And comming to the pole ennakku first one thaan pudichirrukku. I think it has something special akka ungalala ennakku ethavutu career sugestions kudukka mudiyuma an if any other person has interest they are also welcomed ok akka i forgot to say im studying biomaths byeee all the best for your new ff

  20. RituM


    |Registered Member

    hey satz baby……look i read it yesterday but commenting now only…..i love both of them butttttt…..i choose second one….

  21. Sathya



    Guys I decided to take the plot 2 and develop the story. I hope all r happy… And sorry for not choosing plot 1. I will plan to write that as another ff

  22. Abi

    Satz…. U know wat?….

    I didn’t read….. Wat u wrote in this…… But when i read the title…. I m flying just came to comment here….. And satz when i saw the title on my phone, i was in my lab…. Without recognizing that i freaked out???.

    Ok… I m waiting for u, and i ll post the comment after read this update… Ok ???

    Bye deee☺☺☺

  23. Abi

    Hey satz….. I read, wat u updated..

    Ok if u ask me to give my suggestion means, i ll say….. Give me some other plots…. Wat u think. Becoz i know, u can do batter nd best plot than this.. Yes sweety, u r capabale from my view.

    And yes, if u want me to choose from this two means…. I love to read the second plot only….. Ad naaga said that plot 1 s like roja film, i too feel the same…. From these two plot… Plot no. 2 s good, i feel like that. But again i m saying, u can do better than this, so take some time to make ur decision…. I ll accept ur decision, watever it may be sweetheart. ??

    Bye with lots nd lots of love dear??

  24. sreee

    akka i loveee the 2nd one….yenna athula oru diff arjuna pakkalam…..but i liked both of them…so if u can….first 2nd one and then first onenttu yelutha mudiyuma….pls…and ofcourse i will read any no. of ffs if u r writing….coz i am a die hard fan of mmz and u…love u..tata

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