Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 9)


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Well i am dedicating this chapter to my Sweet darling Manha and our cute sister Nitu aka Natasha. Both of you have surprises…love you dears 🙂
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Here you go with today’s chapter

“The 3 C’s of life is:


You must make a choice to take a chance of your life will never change”

Arjun also makes a choice of giving a chance to his life for a new change…vl c how it goes in his life.

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 9)

Precap: Ardhika’s heated conversation about arjun’s past relationship.

The Next morning gives them the hope of a new change in their life. Rads wakes up and finds Arjun fighting with the couch coz of his height and he is unable to accomodate himself in that couch. She felt bad seeing him struggling but immediately she brushes of tht thought and goes to washroom. She finishes her bathing so early and goes down to meet her dad and tells Ramu kaka to give coffee to Arjun and checks for the breakfast for them.

After sometime Arjun wakes up and doesn’t find her in the room and kaka comes with coffee and tells him that radhika is in the hall. Arjun also gets ready and joins with Dilip for breakfast.

Ramu kaka serves breakfast for Ardhika and Dilip. Dilip, “Arjun, u remember na we have a client meeting today for Credit Projects. We should check with our General Manager about the presentations since we both were not in office for past few days”

Arjun, “Yes sir…i”

Dilip interrupts, “Sir?”

Arjun smiles and says, “Yes Papa…i already spoke to GM about this and he informed me that everything will be ready before the meeting. I am going to office now to check those and you are also joining with me na?”

Dilip, “Yeah but i will come to office little late today..i have another meeting with bank manager..i will come after that. You carry on”

Arjun finishes his breakfast and bids bye to them. Dilip looks at radhika who is still eating the food.

Dilip, “Radhi, Why are you sitting here? Go and give send off to Arjun”

Rads, “What the hell dad? Y should i send off him..if am not giving he will not go to office or what? Just come out from the old habits dad”

She done with her BF and informs dilip that she is going to Old age home now. Dilip gives a sigh relief and goes to his study room.

@Flowers Old age home,

Everyone welcomes Radhika happily after her marriage and starts pampering her more. Her friends also comes there and joins with them. Its been around an hour, Rads gets a call from Dilip’s number.

Rads, “Hello, yes dad?”

Dilip, “Beta…can you do me one favour?”

Rads, “What Papa? I already did so much favour for you and you are asking me again and again? This time what you want?”

Dilip laughs hearing her taunts, “I am stuck up with another meeting and we have one more meeting with the client which me and Arjun was discussing in the morning right?”

Rads, “So what’s the pbm now?”

Dilip, “I want you to attend that meeting on behalf of me”

Rads, “WHAT? Dad How can you ask me to attend that meeting? I know nothing about that”

Dilip, “You don’t worry about anything. Arjun will take care of all and u just need to be there that’s it.”

Rads, “Then let Arjun only attends na. why u want me to go?”

Dilip, “Beta…Till now Arjun’s role is Asst. Manager only. But to sign the contract and agreement either you or i should be there. Pls beta…just 1 hr meeting only.”

Rads thinks for a while and accepts it. She drives to her office and there in office Arjun gets busy in presentations and he belives that Dilip will come on time and attends the meeting.

Rads gives an entry to everyone’s surprise and arjun too gets shocked seeing her there. He forgot that she is Junior MD for that company and asks her, “What are you doing here? Where is Dilip’s sir?”

Rads just look at him with an attitude and says, “Mr.Arjun, i think you forgot that i am Junior MD for this company. Even i can also attend the meeting”

Arjun gets shocked hearing her and moves back from her and other employees also notices this. Rads smirks at him and goes to Dilip’s room. Dilip’s PA also follows her and once they enters the cabin he said, “well done Madam. You give a good answer to him. We need to keep this people in limit otherwise they will dance on our heads”

Before he completes his sentence, she slapped him hard and warns, “Don’t dare to talk about him. Do you know who he is?”

PA nods and says, “Arjun..Asst.Manager”

Rads smiles and says, “No…more than that he is my husband. You know that right”

PA nods yes and she continues, “Then how dare you badmouth about him and that too to me”

PA blinks and don’t know what to reply.

Rads, “I think..i have to punish you for this now….mmmm what to give?” she keeps her forefinger on her chin and starts thinking seriously. She casually sits in the chair and writes something in the notepad. PA looks at her and has no idea what she is upto now.

She signs the paper and gives to PA. He hestitatingly gets the paper and reads it. He gets panic and asks, “Madam…what’s this? I am sorry…i dint mean it.”

Rads, “No Mr…ok leave it whatever. You should be punished for what you spoke about my husband. I don’t need your sorry. You may go now”

PA, “I am really sorry madam. This memo is too much that too for 1 week. I will talk to MD sir”. He tries to dial his number, meantime Rads grabs the paper from his hands, strikes something and write it again. Then she gives that paper to him again. Now he is in the verge of crying and looks at her.

Rads raises her eyebrows, “What…now it is for 10 days. You want to tell to your MD sir right. Call him and tell about what you did and why i gave this memo…atleast i have given this memo…you have any idea what he will do? if he comes to know what you spoke about Arjun, he will dismiss you. Now go and take rest for 10 days then come back. You may go now”

That’s it PA did not have any guts to argue after that and silently leaves from there. He comes out and walking to his cabin and meets Arjun on d way to her cabin. Arjun sees him sad and asks, “What happened? Y u look so upset?”

PA takes his hands in his and says, “I am really sorry Arjun. Pls tell her to cancel my memo”

Arjun, “What? Memo? Why she gave Memo?”

PA stammers, “ sorry Arjun. I badmouth about you to her and that’s y she gave memo to me”

Arjun is now really shocked and surprised hearing this. He don’t know how to react and unknowingly a small smile comes to his lips.

He looks at PA and says, “I cannot interfere on Jr.MD’s decision” he goes from there to her cabin leaving him shocked.

He knocks and enters inside and finds her playing car race game in her mobile moving left and right. Arjun gives an unbelievable look at her and keeps the files on the table. Rads without seeing him, “Papa has another meeting it seems and he sent me…donno why he sent me”

Arjun smiles, “I spoke to him. We need to sign the deal today and it needs either yours or MD’s signature”

Rads, “When is the feeling bored here. Wanna go out soon”

Arjun, “In another 10 mins. We have to be there in the conference room now. Shall we?”

Rads closes her mobile and goes with him, while going out she gives a deadly glare to PA and he hides his face in the file.

Soon the clients also comes and they starts the presentation. All goes well where in Rads gets impress on Arjun’s work and dedication on his work. Her mindvoice, “No doubt why Mr.Dilip was running behind me to get married to Arjun”.

Meeting is over and the clients are very much impressed about the plan they have and signed the deal with their company. The head person from the clients Mr. Marco praises Arjun and informs Radhika that he wants to give a party for this successful deal. Rads looks at Arjun who gives an assurance on behalf of her to him.

After sometime, Rads leaves from there and directly she goes to her home and informs everything to Dilip.

Dilip, “That’s great and then you both go and enjoy the party”

Rads, “Dad…it is for you and your employees. They give the treat for this deal, so you should go and not me”

Dilip, “You only signed this deal and Arjun gave this presentation right..then you both should go and attend the party. That’s it no more discussion on this. I will inform to Arjun”

By saying that he goes to his room leaving her appalled.

In the evening, Arjun also comes home and is about to tell dilip but he interrupts saying, “I know everything, Radhika told me. You both carry on for the party” and leaves from there.

Arjun thinks for a while and goes to his room. There he finds rads in the center of the bed surrounded by all her dresses. He stands there in the doorstep and is speechless seeing his wife sitting like a kid keeping a pout face.

Arjun, “What’s all this?”

Rads, “I am selecting dress for today’s party but couldn’t finalise anything” keeping a sad face.

Arjun smiles seeing her, “Shall i help?”

Rads, “Please”

Arjun zooms some dresses and selects one from those. Rads too like that and decides to wear the same selected by Arjun.

In the evening, Ardhika gets ready for the party. Arjun gets ready before her and waits in the living hall for radhika.

Rads comes down in party dress with the matching accessories. Arjun is stunned and mesmerised in her beauty. She looks gorgeous in Red color Net gown.

Radhika comes and pats his shoulder & makes him come out from his dreams. Arjun stammers, “Mmm..will..will go?”

Rads nods her head and both leaves for the party.

Rads party wear link


The party is arranged in the 7* hotel where the clients are staying. Ardhika reaches the party hall and to their surprise it looks dark. Rads holds his hand tightly and he too holds her hand back and assures her that he is with her. They steps forward and suddenly all the lights are on and Dilip stands in the center of the hall and welcomes them with huge applause.

Ardhika is surprised and gives a look at him like “how come he is here”. Dilip understands their reactions and says, “SURPRISE”. Rads stares him angrily murmurs saying, “I will see you at home”.

Dilip gulps and moves aside. Mr.Marco comes infront and says, “Hello Arjun & Radhika, what a both are married and you didn’t even shown that in the office. Ha ha ha it is a surprise for me too”

Ardhika gives him a gentle smile and joins with others. Soon the host announces the couples about a game and it is only for the couples. Whoever comes as a couple participates the game and Marco makes ardhika also to participate the game and wishes them all the best.

Host, “So now we have 7 odd couples here and the game we gonna play is “Find your Partner”. We will tie your eyes with a cloth and makes you be in a different places. You have to find your partner correctly and those who find it correctly will win this game”. Everyone gives them a clap and encourages them.

Both husbands and wives ties their eyes with a cloth and others makes them stand in a different place and waits for the host to start a game.

Host, “Ok…The game starts now”. The music also plays in the background and the couples eagerly roaming everywhere to find their partner. Arjun & Radhika also goes here and there to find each. In between, a couple comes together and he starts touching her face , head hardly andspoiling her hair style to find his partner. She got irritated and angry, pushes him and goes from there to find her partner. Like this, so many comedy instances happening there which makes the viewers laughs heartily.

Now almost everyone reaches one person and holds their hands when the game is about to finish. Host, “Okay…last few seconds of the game 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 & Stop”.

Music stops and the couples stands at the place wherever they are now. Everyone apart from the participants gives them a huge applause. Now the host calls 14 members from the viewers and asks them to remove the cloths from everyone at the same time. Once the cloth is removed some gets shocked and some gets excited and happy.

Maximum couples identified their partner wrongly and 3 to 4 identifies their partner correctly and one among them is Ardhika. Instead of being happy they both gets shocked thinks how they identified each correctly. The winners gets a gift from the host and requested to dance with their partners.

Dilip is at his extreme happiness looking them together.

The melodious tune plays in the background and the couples joins their hands together for the dance.

Ardhika also joins their hands but both did not show interest in the dance and she murmurs to him saying, “Don’t think wrongly that i have forgiven you. All this togetherness is just for my dad’s sake. Otherwise i am not at all interest in all this”. Arjun also got irritated and says, “Even i am not yearning for you and doing this just to satisfy him. Thanks for co operating.” Both did not show interest anymore and comes out from the floor. Dilip notices them and thinks seriously about something.

The party gets over and all the three leaves to home. On d way dilip is thinking something seriously when rads asks him he did not say anything and kept quiet.

They reached home and goes to their respective rooms and falls asleep.

Next morning, they wake up and meets at the dining hall. Dilip, “Arjun, you and radhika should leave to your home town tonight itself”

Ardhika together, “WHAT?”

Dilip, “YES…i spoke to your mom and made all arrangements for ur travel also. Here are your train tickets in First class, be ready and pack your stuffs” he immediately leaves from there without hearing anything from them.

Ardhika looks each other without knowing what to do. They know about Dilip and about his adamant nature and decides to get ready for the travel.

@ Night,

Ardhika finished their packing and ready to leave , gets blessings from Dilip and leaves to Railway station. They get their seats in First class compartment.

As per them just the train journey starts but they are unaware that soon their love journey gonna starts.

Ardhika reaches arjun’s hometown there they both are welcomed grandly by their relatives and village people.

Radhika finds everything newly there since it is her first village journey and she is enjoying the nature and people nativity. She happily chats with the old ladies there and mingles with them easily. Arjun wonders and thinks, “How many shades this girl has? Sometime she behaves with so much of attitude and the very next moment she behaves nicely and down to earth to the people …uff..very difficult to understand her”

Vasuki waits for them, does aarti and welcomes them inside. Janvi gets so happy and excited seeing her bhai and bhabhi in home. SHe hugs them tightly and expresses her happiness. Suddenly a voice comes from stairs which disturbs them especially Radhika.

A girl who is in mid twenties comes down from the stairs and looks at Arjun..only Arjun. Arjun gets happy seeing her and goes to her leaving rads and tht girl stops him when he is about to touch her. Arjun is little shocked and whispers, “Manha”. Yes that girl name is Manha.

Manha gives him a stern look and says, “You did not expect me here right. Even i did not expect this from you Arjun.” she says by pointing Radhika.

Radhika is little shaken by her words and moves forward. Manha looks at Radhika and says, “What wrong i did to you Arjun..why you cheated me?”

Radhika is shocked again and comes to Arjun, “AGAIN? Can you pls tell me how many girls were there in your life? I cannot take this shock day by day”

Arjun is confused and when he is about to answer another cute voice interrupts them saying, “Calculate me also”

Everyone looks behind Manha there they see a cute little bubbly girl wearing trendy rectangle shaped specs. She bends down her head little and looks at everyone above her specs by keeping her hands in her hips.

Arjun, “Nitu, u too came”

And that’s our cute Nitu aka Natasha, Manha’s little sister.

Nitu in angry mode, “Kyun..i should not come is it?”

Arjun, “No…hey..i did not mean that. Come here” he extends his hands to take hers.

Nitu goes and stands with him. He holds her by shoulder and pulls her cheeks saying, “So how is my cute Nitu doing? I missed you so much”

Nitu looks at Rads once and without any reaction says, “It doesn’t look like that you missed us”

Manha interrupts, “Nitu, come here. Y u talk to strangers?”

Arjun goes to Manha, “Am i stranger for you?”

Manha looks at his eyes and says, “Yes…you are stranger for me now. Coz you cheated me by making me wait for you”

Rads pulls him, “What is happening here?”

Arjun gets confused and rubs his hair saying, “Even i don’t know why they are talking like this”

Nitu comes inbetween saying, “Y r u lieing Jiju…you cheated my manha di na. She waited for you that you will come and take her as your bride and you got married with this woman” by pointing Radhika.

Rads is furious but Vasuki comes to them smiling sayys, “Enough of teasing my son”.

Ardhika is shocked, Manha, Nitu, Janvi & Vasuki all starts laughing seeing Ardhika’s faces. Vasuki, “Radhika, Manha & Nitu are my brother’s children. They are in Jaipur and they couldn’t come due to their work..both are working. That’s only these two angels came here to see you both”

Arjun, “Teasing me?”

Nitu mocks him says, “Yes…we were teasing you”

Arjun looks at manha who is also laughing seeing him says, “Actually we both were angry on you for not telling us about your marriage and thought of playing a prank on you. How is it?”

Arjun shows them fake anger, “Badmaash girls..i will not leave you both now” he starts chasing two girls around the house and finally catches them. He pulls them by their ears and gets them to rad and asks them to say sorry.

Radhika understands their prank and childish behaviour, she calms down ands says,”Not needed”.

Manha gets happy and hugs her, Nitu also hugs her and introduces her, “I am Nitu aka Natasha…just finished my 12th board exam. She is my elder Sister Manha. We both are in living in Jaipur. My di is also working there. And you know what i got a seat in BITS PILANI…my dream college..wowww i am so excited to join there.”

Manha closes her mouth to stop her and says, “Radhika, don’t mind..she is always like this..CHATTER BOX. Non-stop talking only. Well she said everything and it is nice meeting you and you look beautiful”

Radhika acknowledges her compliments and says, “You too look beautiful. But seriously you gave prank not only to Arjun…for me too”.

Both girls laughs friendly and continues their chatting in a friendly manner. Nitu & Janvi goes alone to their world and chats about their school incidents.

Now only Arjun is left alone and gives sigh relief seeing everyone talking something, he goes to his room to spend time.

In the evening, Manha & Nitu calls Arjun to drop them to the station.

Arjun, “R u serious? Y u want to leave now?”

Manha, “Haa…Arjun. I have some pending work..i begged my manager to get this one day leave just to see you guys and now i have to go back at any cost”

Nitu, “Di..i don’t want to go” makes crying face.

Rads comes, “Manha..let Nitu be here na. I will get my time pass by hearing her non-stop talking”

Nitu gets happy and hugs her. Manha, “No way Radhika…she has to clear one exam before going to BITS. She need time to prepare. Actually i thought of leaving here there in home itself, she bugged me like anything and that’s y i got her here. Now i cannot hear anything from her. She has to leave”

Nitu looks at her angrily with her big eyes and Manha, “Don’t look at me like that…i will take your eyeballs out. Now come with me and no more arguments”

Finally Nitu agrees, Manha & Nitu bids bye to everyone and leaves from there. Arjun goes to drop them, rads also joins with them.

They reached the station and after few mins, their train reaches on time and halts for 10 mins.

All the 4 had a small chat and when they about to get inside the train, Manha looks at Arjun who is standing with radhika, goes to him and looks at Rads saying, “Don’t mind…with your permission” she kissed his cheeks which gives shock to Radhika but she gives her a fake smile but fumes in anger inside and her anger gets increases more seeing arjun smiling at Manha by rubbing his cheeks. Manha winks at Ardhika and leaves from there. The duo bids bye to them and gets into their car to drive back to home.

Rads murmurs herself and scolds arjun of not stopping when she kissed him. She is about to say something but stops seeing his left cheeks and shouts, “WHAT THE HELL?”

Arjun gets shocked by hearing her and asks, “Now what?”

Rads points his cheeks by her fore finger. Arjun stops the car and looks at his cheeks through the mirror. He also gets shocked seeing the lipstick mark and gets embarrassed, he looks at rads who is fuming in anger. He immediately wipes his cheeks and continues driving. Till the whole journey both did not talk anything and maintains the silence.

Precap: Ardhika roams in their village and some guys stares radhika which makes arjun gets angry. Radhika challenges him to lift a big size stone to beat other guys and offers that she will do whatever he says.

Ha ha ha…Manu & Nitu…you liked the chappy or what? I hope i matched you both in this character as per my knowledge. Rest is there in your commetns.

Pls let me know your comments.

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