Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 8)


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Here you go with today’s chapter

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 8)

Precap: Ardhika Marriage and Misunderstanding caused by Preeti.

Arjun watches her from the stairs who is faking her smile to everyone and behaves that as if nothing has happened. Arjun also goes down and joins with his family and friends. Radhika looks at him who is staring her and try to avoids his gaze on her. But Dilip and Vasuki makes them sit together for some other post marriage ritual.

After few hours, finally all the rituals are finished and Radhika feels so tired and starts sleeping at the same position. Arjun notices her and signs his sister Janvi by showing radhika. Janvi smirks at him and says, “Bhai..see bhabhi she is so tired and sleepy. I think she can’t even walk to her room better you carry her in your arms and makes her sleep in the bed. Arjun is shocked and stares her angrily. Janvi hides her behind Vasuki and makes face. Rads woke up from her small nap and blinks at them about what they were talking. Arjun gives her a look and says, “It’s ok she can go by herself”.

Rads is confused about what they are talking. But no one agrees for Arjun and starts shouting in chorus saying him to carry her in his arms. Rads is shocked and looks at arjun shockingly but signs her that it is not his mistake.

Arjun tried refusing it for sometime, but no one is listening him and finally he gets up and looks at radhika. She understands what he is upto and she also agrees for it coz of their family.

Arjun lifts her in his arms and rads keeps her one hand around his neck and one in his shirt collar. Both stares each others deeply and intently and he starts walking to her room..sorry now it ardhika’s room.

Arjun puts her down inside their room and moves away from her. Rads stares her and says, “So you got succeed in your planning?”

Arjun turns and asks, “What do you mean?”

Rads, “Don’t act smart. It was your planning right to carry me in your arms. Do you think that i will melt and forget everything so easily”

Arjun, “I did not do any planning. Well i don’t want to justify myself. I know about me very well more than you. I can’t waste my time for your nonsense questions”.

Rads angry gets hyper and holds his wrist when he is about to go, “How dare you call me as nonsense?”

Arjun, “Are you out of your mind Radhika. I told about your questions and not you”

Rads, “So what, those questions are asked by me only right…so you are pointing me.”

Arjun gives a heavy breathe and jerks her hands saying, “Whatever. You never listened my point and not ready to listen also”.

Rads is fuming in anger and scolds him, “The person who married the girl for her money and staying in in law house, doesn’t have any right to speak about her. He has to just obey what they are saying”

That’s it, it is enough for Arjun to provoke his ego and self respect, he turns and stares her in anger. She gives a winning smile at him after making him angry. He fumes in anger and moves towards her. Rads stands at the same place where she is and looks at his eyes which is boiling in anger. He holds her shoulder and pulls her to him, “Enough…What you know about me? You are angry on me is for whether i did not tell you about my relationship with Preeti to you or for the relationship i had?
Now just listen me, Yes i had a relationship with preeti…I loved her my love was true but she was not genuine to me. She cheated me and was interest only in my money. I found that and broke up with her. After that only ur dad came with your proposal. And listen carefully, i did not say yes…my mom said and she wants me to agree for this alliance. Just for her i said yes and i don’t have any interest on you and your so called money. Got it?”

He just finished everything in one go and jerks her from him. Radhika is shocked and becomes numb to hear what he said. Tears rolling down to her cheeks and she just stares him without saying anything.

Rads with tears, “Why u did not tell me this earlier? Or you thought to hide this forever?”

Arjun, “I don’t feel it is necessary. According to me it is a closed chapter. I don’t feel it is important to tell you”

Rads, “IT IS IMPORTANT Mr.Arjun Mehra. IT IS IMPORTANT. We promised to be with each other in thick and thin phase and i should know everything about you. Same is applicable for me should know in and out about me. But what happened here? You hidden a big truth from me but see now it came to lime light. If you would have told me about her, then i could have replied her proudly that i know all this already and my husband did not hide anything. But you did not give me that chance to make her dumb. You made me as a joker infront of her. I just hate that moment and i really hate you for this. And what did you say you don’t love me is it? Then y u married me? And i am afraid that you still have the memories of her with you”

Arjun gives her a cold look and says, “Bullshit. I forgot her the moment i got to know that she cheated me. And what you said, y i married you? Did you love me? And that’s y u married me is it?”

Rads did not expect this confrontation from him and keeps quiet. He continues, “I know you don’t love me too. You also accepted this marriage for your dad. Then there is no point in blaming me. Listen i understand we both bound to be one coz of our parents and now you have to decide what we do further”

She just ignored him and moves towards the bed and throws one pillow on his face and says, “I need some time to come out from this and i should believe you from the bottom of my heart. Till then that’s your place and don’t dare to come near to me” by pointing the couch kept there.

Arjun feels that he lost his self respect just because he married to his owner’s daughter. He holds his fist in anger and helpless, “I never wanted this to happen and i always expected this kind of behaviour from you, coz you are that type of a girl who don’t even know to respect others and their feelings. And for your kind information, i don’t have any interest to sleep on the same bed where you are and thanks for giving this pillow. This couch is far better than that” he finished by spitting all his angry by his words by pointing the bed.

Rads stands at the same place and tears rolled down in his eyes without stopping. Rads takes her night dress and goes to washroom to change. It’s just a reason but she need to be alone to cry. She opened the shower and stands under that to get refreshed. She cries continuously thinking about her life gone miserable which she never ever imagined. She wipes her tears and decides not show her weakness infront of him. She changes into the night suite and comes out from washroom and dries her hair.

There Arjun also changes himself into night suite and arranges his couch neatly to sleep. Rads stands infront of the mirror and watches everything what he is doing. She is feeling bad but decides not to loose her infront of him.

Arjun also sees her combing her wet hair and thinks, “Such a attitude girl, i thought she will behave nicely after marriage, but my assumption is wrong. She behaves very bad than before. I don’t what fate god has written on me. ” he puts his body on the couch and closes his eyes without even looking at her.

Rads does all her activites like a robo and she too goes to bed and sleeps in one corner of the king size bed. They both just close the eyes for the name sake but both did not sleep and thinks about how their life gonna be. They stares the ceiling and lost in their own world and soon gets dozed off.

Next Morning, Arjun wakes and finds pain in his body due to his last night sleep in the couch which is not fit for him. Somehow he managed to get up and feels pain in his neck.

He gets up and finds radhika getting ready infront of the mirror. She immediately goes down and greets everyone.

After sometime, arjun also comes down and joins with them. They does some post ritual and after that Dilip and Vasuki makes them to feed each other the prasad after pooja.

After their breakfast, Vasuki informs Dilip that she wants to take Ardhika to her village and shows the people there since they were not able to attend the marriage. Dilip agrees for it and decides to send them after 2 days.

But Vasuki informs him that she is leaving today itself to do the preparations and arrangements for their staying. Dilip refused it but he agrees it finally.

Vasuki goes to Radhika and blesses her. SHe cups her face and kisses on her cheeks saying, “I am so lucky to have you as my daughter in law. My Arjun is also lucky to have a wife like you.”

Ardhika looks each other but immediately turns their gaze away from each. Arjun stares her and thinks, “Good that she is behaving nicely with others except me. I don’t care how she is with me.”

Radhika smiles seeing Vasuki and hugs her tightly. She looks at Arjun and thinks, “I have grudge only with you Arjun. Fault is on you and for that i will not ill treat your family..sorry now it is my family and i know how to behave well with them. You still need to understand me better and i don’t think so it will happen”

Both lost in their own thoughts and forgets the surrounding by starring each other.

Its a family time and everyone gets a good time, but ardhika tried to avoid their interactions as much as possible. Vasuki and Janvi gets ready to leave to their home town. Radhika gets blessings from her and promises her to visit their hometown soon.

Arjun goes to drop them and comes home late. He goes to his room and finds her sleeping in the bed like an innocent kid. He goes to her and stares her face for sometime and says, “She looks innocent when she is silent and sleeping..but no one can judge you if they see your face when you r sleeping”

Rads without opening her eyes, “I heard it”

Arjun steps back in shock and goes to washroom to change into night suite. He comes back and falls on the couch and slides on facing radhika on the bed. He stares her continuously and an unknown smile appears on his face but soon it disappears when he remembers their last night conversation. He turns to other side and keeps his hand by covering his eyes and sleeps.

After sometime, Rads slowly opens her eyes and looks at him sleeping in the couch. She gets up from her bed and walks towards him. She looks at his sleeping face and in her mindvoice, “I know Arjun…you are feeling bad thinking about our last night conversation. My heart wants to believe you but my mind tells me to hold my feelings for some time. I want to give you a chance but before that i need to come out from that shock which you gave me.”

She covers him with a blanket and adjusts the room temperature & goes to her bed. She lies down facing him and soon dozes off.

Precap: Haven’t think anything yet. No Idea.. ??

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  1. Dipika

    Satzzzz darling i m hoping tht i m the first who is commenting here….n as always you rocked enmity got started between them which will let them to reach their love. You r mind blowing girl…this update clear all my doubts about arjun’s behavior ..they look cute whn they fight…n m on my toe to see their romance in village. N how other post marriage rituals will bring then close..Love you darling.. Tc

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dipu darling ???village romance is on d way..

  2. nice and cute…its arrange marriage so little tiff will happen…:)i enjoy..thank you Sathya

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much kk

  3. Brin

    Yes, I like it very much, awesome episode, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Brin ?

  4. Awesome Sathya di? u rocked it and I loved it. waiting for the next update with fingers crossed??love you di and take care… have a great day?

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Starz ???

  5. Dhara

    That was cute Sathya.

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dhara ?

  6. Jessie

    Hmm.. both have a valid point n both pointed each other.. hope everything will be cleared slowly? appo thana love cud bloom..! waiting 4 nxt update… superb sathya!! TC n loads of love

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Jessie ??? yes both are valid at each point… Vl c how they gonna sort out this

  7. sathya akka…thank you soooo much..thank you for your good wishes……will never forget you ppl…how can i..u ppl gave me a lot of courage from the time i came here… was an awesome chappy….will miss ur ffs soo much….i am leaving for my new achieve what i wished for… to make my dream come true…will work hard there and will excell as i excelled till now… and in all those i wont evr leave you ppl…i dont know y..but unknown tears rolling down my cheeks..with sooo many emotions…its hard.but will not leave u ppl for sure so easily..i will pester u all every weekends…will miss you…love u sathya akka…..thank u soo much…. muahhhhh……..

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      U r welcome feby ???? and thank you for your comments

  8. Rossy

    Both got a point but still I think rads is right..he should have tell her first..i loved this story for its arranged marriage…no infatuation for love…well now enmity was there…want love to blossom..?

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Rosie ??? yes even I thought… Vl c n how they will sort this…

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    Sathya dii…this is superb…their fights r really cute…waiting for the next one… Luv u…tc…

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  11. S.v

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    1. Sathya

      She always have fight between her mind n heart.. Vl c which one wins… N thank you dear

  12. So the hate to love journey starts here am so excited for it. This was a nice chapter the way ardhika converse is very natural and easy to relate to. Looking forward to their trip to the hometown. Stay blessed

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      Thank u so much gia dear

  13. Myra

    it was amazing sathya……its like radhika loves him and feels for him….and Arjun sort of hates her right? update soon….eagerly waiting 🙂

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      Thank u so much Myra…. Not exactly arjun hates her… For both of them they need sometime to understand each right… It will happen soon

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    Finally caught up with all the episodes Sathya..I postponed a lot to read this FF..So this comment is for all the previous episodes..I just loved the way how the story is proceeding.. 😀 Lots of love and stay blessed.. 🙂

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      Thank u so much sweetie dear ???? no pbm dear…

  15. RituM

    sati here i am…hehehe…late lateef……i read it last nyt…but forget to comment….just now i remembered and cm running to give my opinions……

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    radhika is amazing…love her…she understand the respect of elders…so good…

    arjun…. bechaara tym ka maara!!

    1. Sathya

      He he he ritu… Ok I ll c u later.. Now thank u so much dear ???… Yeah rads is good by heart but she has that attitude of being a rich girl n u vl c that in village

  16. Hemalattha


    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dear

  17. I love ur ffs.i used to follow ur season 1.l loved it a lot much than original series.ur writing skills r simply superb.continue writing this amazing ff.please give precap.please rply

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dear. I m so glad that u liked it. Keep supporting me like this. I ll give the promo for this soon. N frankly I dint think about next episode yet.

  18. I love ur ffs.i used to follow ur season 1.l loved it a lot much than original series.ur writing skills r simply superb.continue writing this amazing ff.please give precap.please rply

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