Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 6)


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Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 6)

Ardhika done with their shopping and they continue roaming in the city. Radhika mingled well with his sister Janu and his mother Vasuki. After having a heavy day out, they all reached their respective places in the late night. Arjun falls in his bed and tries to close his eyes but Radhika comes to his sight and disturbs him. He gets up from his bed and thinks, “Why i am looking so normal? I had a break up, just one day before and now am getting ready for my marriage with another girl that too who doesn’t like me. But still somewhere in my heart i didn’t regret about my break up and feeling some relax thinking about the marriage with radhika.” He lost in his own thoughts and soon dozed off.

@Rads home,

Radhika refesh herself and spreads all he clothes in the bed and stares the dresses she taken. And she tries the lehenga one by one and does fashion parade in her room and spent her night almost infront of the mirror. Finally she tried the bridal lehenga and looks herself in the mirror and admires herself. Suddenly 2 mirage blows up infront of her on left and right of the mirror.

Left Mirage: Wow Radhu, u look so stunning in this bridal attire. This is so beautiful.

Right Mirage: Yeah Radhu…your selection is superb. The other dresses also looks so good on you. Nice selection yar…except onething.

L Mirage: What is that?

R Mirage: Her Groom selection. I am sorry Radhu…but i want to ask you?

Rads listens their convo and looks at right mirage and says, “What you want to ask me?”

R Mirage: How you select this guy as your life partner? He is your employee and moreover he is so attitude yar. You forgot your insult on that day?”

L Mirage: Radhu..don’t go with her words. He is really a nice person. He respects elders and he has so much affection on his family. More than this, your dad trusts him and do you think that your dad will do bad with you?

R Mirage: Just shut up yar. All these are old technics. Radhu, you didn’t accept this marriage by your will. Do you think this will work? What you will do if he insult and disrespect you after marriage?

Radhika is now confused and listens their convo interestingly.

L Mirage: You shut up first. Don’t confuse her. That insults happens for both..Radhu also insulted him and he given it back. So its not one person’s mistake and we cannot blame only him. Radhu..listen me, he is a perfect choice for you. He is a pure family oriented guy, who doesn’t have any’s very difficult to get a guys like don’t miss him. I am sure he will keep you happy.

Radhika now closes her ears and shouts, “ENOUGH”. Both mirages stares her and waits for her to open her mouth.

Rads, “I agree both of your statements. He is good, i know that but at the same time he is an attitude guy. But i am not less than him. I will also show my attitude to him. Yeah i like his family also…they are so sweet not like him and i am sure my dad will not think wrong for me. If he chooses Arjun and thinks he is the best means then he is. I believe my dad. And moreover, If he was in a relationship then i don’t have any problem but i want him to tell those stuffs before hand and after marriage that should not continue…coz only i have the copywrite on him” she winks at those mirages and they shows thumbs up to her.

Mirages, “Ok now it is too late..chalo chalo go and sleep”

Rads, “First you people should go then only i can go fast..m getting late”

Soon the mirages disappeared and radhika also arranged her clothes properly and fall asleep.

Next Morning,

Rads wake up late and rushes for all her work. Dilip is running behind the servants to make everything ready. Radhika goes to parlour and makes herself perfect for the Mehendi Plus Sangeet function. On the way to home, she calls her friends and assures them to be there on time for the function.

Time passes by and Dilip becomes busy inviting the guests in his home which is decorated beautifully. Radhika gets ready and comes in wearing the beautiful dress which she chosen & rejected by arjun.

She comes down to the hall like an angel and sits in the couch specially arranged for her and Arjun. Unknowingly her eyes falls into the entrance looking for her groom. But unfortunately her friends came on time to her surprise. She gets happy and welcomes them inside. They all sit circling her and when one guy is about to sit in the place for Arjun beside her but radhika stops him and says, “Sorry buddy, this is one and only for Mr. Arjun”

Guy, “Ooops..thank god…i got escaped otherwise just imagine my will bored of hearing her non stop blabbering”

Rads raises her hands to beat him but stops seeing her father dilip running to the entrance. She sighs and her guess is right, the groom’s family arrives and dilip and his relatives welcomes them.

Rads friend, “Radhu..i have a doubt. Shall i?”

Rads, “Proceed”

Guy, “You are going to invest your whole life just for him. Do you think he is worth for you and moreover he is an employee in your company how can you accept him? And pls don’t tell me that he is gonna be a ghar jamai” he finished his comments and laughs loudly only him. Rads stares him angrily and other friends gives him a look like “You are gone now”

He swallowed his smile and asks sorry through his eyes to radhika.

Rads, “Tintu..Do you know anything about him?”

Tintu nodded no. Rads, “Then why r you talking nonsense when you have no idea? Actually Tintu…i don’t like the way you commented him. So what do we do now?”

Tintu blinks at her and his other friends and they signs him to ask apology from her. Tintu, “Sorry chasni…i din’t mean it”

Rads, “ok chalo…its my function and i will forgive you but you have to bear the punishment”

Tintu, “Punishment ah?”

Rads, “ have to do it..its not serious very simple only yar..i am sure you can do it”

Tintu, “Ok chasni..for you anything”

Rads winks at her other friends and says, “Not now..little later. Don’t go anywhere and remember don’t dare to talk wrong about Arjun. Got it”

All are nodding and looks at tintu who is blinking at her and thinks about his punishment.

Everyone is greeting Arjun and dilip is introducing him to all his friends and relatives. Inbetween he slips down his gaze on Radhika who is happily chatting with her friends. Finally they get Arjun to the couch where radhika is seated and makes him sit beside her.

Arjun mesmerised seeing her in the beautiful lehenga and radhika also observes his gaze on her but she ignores it.

Rads dress link


They both avoids each other gaze at first and keeps mum. Arjun breaks the silence and says, “Today only you look like a girl…i never seen you being so quiet and calm”

Radhika widens her eyes and glares him, “How dare you? Look Arjun…don’t give all these kind of loose talk..i don’t like it. You commented on me…how can”

Arjun, “See..see…just now i told you that are you quiet and calm and behaving nicely like a girl but now you are opening up your chandi avatar”

Rads is atmost shocked now and stares him angrily. All her friends are shocked seeing Arjun’s counter to her except one person and he is so happy seeing his boldness to tease Radhika. he is none other than Tintu. he comes to Arjun and shakes hands with him and introduces himself to him. Arjun speaks nicely to him and says, “I can’t believe that you are friends of Ms. Radhika Misra”

Rads got angry and says, “You don’t comment about my friends…mind your work”

Arjun is about to speak but Dilip and Vasuki comes and initiates the Mehendi rituals. Mehendi function goes on full fledge. People are started teasing Arjun and Radhika. They both just gives them a fake smile but did not answer to anyone.

Then after sometime, Dilip initiates the sangeet ceremony, soon his friends joins with him and slowly all the youngsters starts dancing and singing. They have arranged a DJ by themselves and initiates the competition between the boys and girls.

Radhika looks at Tintu and reminds him his punishment. Tintu jhor se said, “I AM READY”

She challenged him to dance for the song of her choice. He said ok and goes to dance but she stops him and asks him to wear the dress she has and then to dance. He looks doubtedly and all other friends silently laughs seeing him. Tintu goes and comes out in a dress which rads given to him. It is a choli and she puts the choli ke piche kya hai song and asks him to dance for that. Tintu hesitates and gets shy, but rads reminds her punishment to him and asks him to dance. He too dances like a girl and all burst out laughing seeing him. He runs from there after finishing his dance and comes back in his old attire. He comes to Rads and says, “Now happy?”

Rads hugs him and says, “Thank you so much cutiee….you are so beautiful in that dress…you made my day”

He simply stares her and sits with Arjun with sad face. Arjun pats him and makes him smile.

Then the DJ calls for couple dance…and the couples starts dancing one by one for the song played in DJ. And now it is Ardhika’s turn but both are hesitating to go and stays back in their place. But her friends pushes them to the dance floor and starts clapping to encourage them.

First time…the very first time…both realised their touches and looks each other..they feel some awkwardness in their eyes..they don’t know what to do but simply stands together and stares each other. DJ plays a song Jeena Jeena and everyone admires the pair and encourages them to dance. At one point of time, they simply lost themselves and indulges them in the song and unknowingly moves close to each other. Radhika slowly feels a chillness in her bare waist, it is nothing but his hands. She lifts her head and looks at him who is also gives the shocking reaction to her after a soft touch in his hands. Since radhika’s hands having mehendi, she did not touch him and extends his hands beside him slightly and only Arjun holds her waist to make come close to him. After the song gets over, both moves away from each other. So many thoughts are flooding in radhika’s mind and she couldn’t face arjun after that. Arjun also avoid facing her and sits beside with a gap. Their sangeet ends up with family and friends dance..all looks so happy and enjoying the moments.

Precap: Ardhika’s marriage and Radhika gets a biggest shock.

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  1. Brin

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  3. Jessie

    Sathya.. superb.. eager 4 marriage n shock..mirage speaking..! Different attempt instead of POV I guess.. Arjun’s thoughts so realistic.. this Rads character is so nice… she dint like him..yet she can’t withstand insulting him..nice.. Waiting 4 nxt one

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Jessie ??? yeah I just thought abt that mirage concept.. I thought of making it as fun… But it didn’t come like I expected.. Anyways thanks for the lovely comments

  4. Rossy

    Awww finally u updated it will be frequently update…yay…btw what is that shock after marriage…i wish vasuki be good only…tintu n rads punishment funny haan…which shock??? Arjun affair or anything else…m thinking ??

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much my dear sissy ???? here all r good only Rosie… Only ardhika are against each other… So don’t worry

  5. wow……..sathya..amazing episode…….arjun first scene kanna moodiyauvdan radhu face than nayapagam vanthadu na love feel arambam but break up pannadhu napam illai na love pannalai ..aathu….awesome…..radhu manam- mulai fight awesome … part super.precap interesting…thanks for updating…eagerly waiting next one….please update soon…love uuuuu

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    Satz u knw when i see the title.. I jumped bed with happiness…. Its was sooooooo awesome n full of enjoyment…. I hate that right mirage…spoiling our rads mind….i like as she said i have a copy right on him…n their sizzling dance.. First touch.. romantic.. N wht shock heart is beating fast..pls come soon darling.. Love u loads..u knw it

    1. Sathya

      Dipu darling ??? thank u so much dear. Ha ha ha.. U can see those mirages often in future.. Coz they r her counselors… How is it? Next I ll update soon…. Thank u so much for loving me more… Love u too

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    Awesome chapter Sathya di, will be waiting for the next one:)
    Can u tell me the other ffs of urs? Haven’t been able to find my way around here on this site, so please tell me, I ll search and read them:)

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    1. Sathya

      Ha ha ha… That’s two much yar…. BTW thanks a lot lot dear…. Ur words meant a lot for me. Really inspiring to write lot more… Actually I thought tintu as Teji… Neil n Sam I dint think to get them here.. Vl c how the stories goes further…

  16. Gauri

    Loved it to the core 🙂 but precap leaves me little worried is it a good or a bad surprise…I loved the slow process of understanding each other through marriage ..Sathya you are amazing 3 ff all different kudos girl …way to go 🙂 loads of love

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much gauri…. ????? u r my inspiration dear…. I never can come to the level of ur writing… I always admire u n ur writing… And if I get the appreciation from u means.. I did something then.. Thank u so much

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