Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 5)


So how are you all. I hope you all enjoyed the last episode and it is not finishing yet to have so many funs in this ff with therir hatred to each other and you will see who will fall in love first..that will be really a challenging one..So lets get into the chapter.

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 5)

Both Ardhika thinks about each other fate and dozed off. Next morning, Radhika wakes up hearing a noise and dials in intercom to Ramu kaka to get coffee for her. She goes to washroom and gets refreshed. When she comes out and exactly ramu kaka also came there and gives her the coffee and says, “Beta..your papa is calling you down”.

She tastes the coffee and simply nods at him. She goes down while tasting the coffee and gets shocked seeing Arjun, his mom and 2 more persons sitting in the hall and talking with Dilip happily. She gets stunned seeing these many people that too this much early. She stands there in the stairs itself. Arjun looks at her and smiles seeing her dress and the standing position. She notices it and curse him and is about to run to her room but stops by his mom, “Radhika beta…where are you going? come here”

Dilip turns with smile and looks at her, immediately his smile vanished seeing her in dizzy state still, but inturn rads stares him, so dilip changes his looks and continues his talks to vasuki.

Rads slowly comes to them and greets everyone but she did not look at arjun, even he too. vasuki introduces her other daughter to her. They both mingles well. She gets excused herself and goes to her room to get ready and come. Dilip nods and sends her.

Radhika comes to her room and thinks, “Why they came so early here…they don’t know the timings and all or what? I am sure this Arjun only would have got them here. I will not him easily” but before she goes, she looks at the clock and gets shocked seeing it is ticking as 9:00 AM. She thinks, “Thank god..i dint open my mouth otherwise i would have got insulted by him”. She goes to washroom to take bath.

Arjun and others are waiting for radhika in the living hall to discuss about the marriage dates and other preparations. Radhika gets ready in a salwar and comes down like a newly blossom rose. For a sec, arjun is stunned seeing her but soon he comes back to reality and thinks, “beautiful girls will always have attitude, and she is not an exception”. He turns his face to other side and pose like he is involved in their conversation.

Vasuki sees radhika and gets very happy thinking ardhika pair. Rads also comes and joins with them in the conversation.

Dilip, “Beta, they came here to fix the marriage date”

Rads is shocked but she controls her of not expressing her emotions outside and acts to be happy. Only Arjun and Dilip could see her acting skills and each praises her seperately in their hearts.

Vasuki, “Haan beta, we checked with the well known pandit here, and he gives the date in another 4 days. means from today, the fourth day will be your marriage. So you are ok for that”

When radhika is about to say something but dilip interrupts and says, “We are ok vasuki ji. Y u r asking all these to her. She don’t know anything. These dates and other preparations we elders will take care of it. Y to bother the youngers, let them spend some time together na”

Ardhika both looks at him once together and gives him an unbelievable reaction. Dilip turns his face and looks somewhere.

Vasuki, “So, since we have short time, will start our shopping today itself for marriage. Dilip ji..?”

Dilip, “I am ok..means we are ok” by pointing radhika. Radhika stares him and shows fake smile.

They all 3 get ready for marriage shopping. They all reached a big shopping center in the city and vasuki hesitates to come inside but Arjun tells her, “Maa…don’t worry. We are not going to get anything with others money and your son is getting enough salary to accomodate all these.”

Vasuki smiles and comes inside and starts purchasing.

Vasuki, “Radhi beta, you select lehengas as per your taste.” Radhika nods and goes with his sister Janu to select the lehengas.

Here Arjun and Dilip goes to men’s section and starts looking for sherwani. Dilip moves inside the section and looks for the dresses and Arjun looks here itself and tries different styles of sherwanis.

Rads and Janu selects some dresses and they both again filter dresses in the bunch and finally comes up with 2 lehengas, One in Blue with pink and another one peach with olive green. She likes both and gets confused what to wear for Sangeet. Janu tells her, “Didi…you know what, i saw in movies, girls selects some dresses and asks the guys to choose what to wear. Like that you also go and ask bhai. He will tell you what to select”

Radhika smiles and says, “Nice idea. ok i will be back. don’t go anywhere..stay here”.

Radhika takes 2 lehengas puts that in her two shoulders and stands infront of Arjun. Arjun is confused and thinks what is she doing.

Rads, “I saw in movies that guys select dresses for girls in their marriages. So i thought of asking you. Tell me which will be good for sangeet”

Arjun is surprised seeing her but still he selects the Blue and Pink lehenga. Radhika takes that in hand and puts it on her body and shows him and asks, “So you like this really?”

Arjun nods and says, “Yes..this looks good on you”

Rads, “Ok then, i will not gonna take this. I am selecting this peach one. Thanks for ur suggestion Arjun” she smirks at him and goes from there.

Arjun is dumbstruck seeing her and gets angry on her. He starts thinking how to do tit for tat on her.

Radhika comes to Janu with full smile and shows her the peach one and gives it to her. They goes and looks for a bridal wear now.

Arjun rubs his hair and looks for his dress. He takes the sherwanis for both Sangeet and Marriage and comes to vasuki. Dilip also joins with them and looks for Janu and Radhika. They see Janu outside the trial room and waiting for someone.

Vasuki goes and asks, “Janu beta…where is Radhika?”

Janu, “Maa…she is trying her bridal wear” before she completes the sentence the trial room door opens and everyone is stunned especially Arjun who stops blinking his eyes seeing Radhika in bridal wear.



Everyone is mesmerised in her beauty, Dilip shed tears due to the happiness of his daughter’s marriage. Vasuki proud of having such a beautiful daughter in law and Janu jumps in excitement having a bhabhi like an angel. Arjun is stop breathing seeing her in the bridal dress. He completely losts himself in her looks. Radhika looks on everyone and her vision stops on Arjun and she thinks to ask him about her selection but immediately changes her decision and asks dilip.

But before she changes her decision arjun prays himself, “God..she is damn good. OMG she should not ask me how is it look..i can’t lie saying not good..if i say it is good then definitely she not gonna take this. I want her to wear the same on the marriage” he gets happy when she asks dilip about her selection and everyone praises her selection and her beauty.

Precap: Ardhika’s sangeet ceremony. Radhika’s friends taunts arjun about his status and gonna be Ghar jamai. Radhika warns them to behave well with Arjun.

How is this episode guys.. hope you all like it.. pls pour your comments for the same.

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  1. Jessie

    Aha.. I enjoyed.. looking more of this tom.n jerry game… wanna know how Arjun gonna give tit 4 tat 4 this..precap is interesting… waiting 4 next

  2. woowwwwwwww.. i just loved this episode:D .. so nice and precap .. simply awesome

  3. Dhara

    Oh my God.. I am just thinking how are you managing writing so many ffs nowadays.. It was just awesome.. Arjun is falling for Radhika slowly πŸ™‚

  4. Akka superbbbb Epi….and am sure arjun is the one to fall for rads soon…and rads oh god….so much naughty with arjun….am eagerly waiting for their post marriage scenes…coz i could see very well what is gonnna happen…rads arjunoda mandaiya pichikka vaikka pora…Ella ffliyum arjun than radhikava taunt pannuvan but in this its gonna be ulta…hehe….enakku ippaye sirrippu sirrippa varuthu….ka next one soon pls….and neenga ippadiye eluthikkitu iruntha ,naan confirmma oru naal bus pudhichchu neenga irrukkura edaththukku vanthu storyla next yennainnu kettaporen….so be careful with me…lol….so my chweeet akka a big muahhh to u for this wonderful Epi….take care….keep smiling… u till eternity???

  5. Awesome Sathya πŸ™‚ you are a rockstar πŸ™‚ I am loving the way Arjun is slowly falling for Radhika…one question…when will Nandini get exposed waiting for that πŸ™‚ stay blessed πŸ™‚

    1. hey nandini exposure was about the other FF…I am mixing everything sorry about that

  6. Going great…both of your story is good…i loved it..thank you

  7. Satz _Awesome ma ????

    Actually, naanum ennoda friends idam suggestion keppen i mean yedhu pidichi irukkunu, same radhu panna madhri thaan pannuven, avangla verupethuven, adhula yenaku oru chinna santhosham. Story padikkum podhu Yennoda friends & college days niyabhagathukku vandhadhu. Thank u so much satz.

    Indraikkaana update konja siriyadha irundhapla theridhu ma, next time pls konjam periya update ah irukkattum pls…

  8. Dipika

    Wowwwww…first of alll…Rads vridal lehega..its so beautifulllllll Satz .hats off to ur choice.. Okay will call u to help me whn i will get married.. In wedding shopping.. Haha…episode is lovely.. Yeah..m too excited whi gonna fall first in love…lets make a guess..Arjun will fall craziness abt Arjun….n rads selecting other lehenga..full tashan mode..superb.. Excited for precap….love u..

  9. Sathya this was superb…I loved Aradhika’s tashan..Arjun m still laughing at his foolish face…waiting for tit for tat…post soon…love

  10. First of all the lehega is very beautiful I could imagine looking pretty on Radhika, the episode was awesome, eagerly waiting for the next update. πŸ™‚

  11. Kavina

    Loved it

  12. Rg2015

    Hi it’s tooooo gud. Am waiting for them to start their married life soon. I can’t wait to c who will fall in love soon.

  13. wow sathya ..lovely episode….radhu seium attakasam super pavam arjun .. bridal dress selection awesome..first arjun than kadhali vellanum….arjun ex -lover eathvathu problem pannuvala?….radhu ku eppa therium arjun ex-lover matter?…. precap interesting .eagerly waiting next one……..pls pls update soon.thanks for updating……tc

  14. Nice episode Sathya,

  15. very nice dear.

  16. Hemalattha

    akka it awesome i really love it waiting for next part

  17. Myra

    Loved it di!

  18. Very nice…waiting for the next eagerly…how will they fall in love want to see…update soon

  19. S.v

    Wow i loved it . Arjun mesmerized in Radhika”s beauty and Radhika’s protection for Arjun in the precap. Wow yaar please make them fall to each other and make that love so beautiful i know you will do it. Lovely sathya . Love you soo much dear

  20. Hello sathya….this was an awesome episode and precap looks interesting. Pls update the next one soon…….

  21. Satzzzzz my sweeeeeet friend. ..marvellous, outstanding episode. ..just loved it. ..muaaaaahhhhhh πŸ™‚

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