Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 4)


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Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 4)

Arjun wakes up hearing a knock on his door. He feels pain in his body, he opens the door and gets shocked seeing Radhika in his doorstep. He stands shocked seeing her in his home that too this much early. She looks at him with least interest and moves his hands from the door and enters inside the home. She looks around the house and sits in the couch where he slept. Arjun couldn’t believe his eyes and he rubbed it twice to come to reality.

Radhika looks at him who is still standing at the door step. She signs him to sit and waits for him to sit. He obliges her and sits in the cot infront of her and asks, “I don’t know what to say whether it is a surprise or shock to see you here. May i know the reason for ur visit?”

Rads, “Good that you come to the point. Do you wanna marry me?”

Arjun is now at extreme shock and gets up from the bed and asks, “What nonsense?”

Rads also stands up and says, “very good. So marrying me is a nonsense right. Then say the same answer to Mr. Dilip when he ask you the same question. And don’t tell him that i met you. Ok?”

She goes to his doorstep and looks back at him and says, “Well, marrying me is not a nonsense…one should be lucky enough to get a girl like me and ofcourse you are not that one person”. she leaves from there leaving him dumb.

Arjun is confused and did not understand what is happening around him. He gets ready to go office. Rads is driving her and remembers her conversation with her father in the previous night.


Dilip, “Radhi beta..i have to talk to you something very important”.

Rads, “Important for me or for you dad?”

Dilip, “It is for both dear. No excuse and you should listen to me”

Rads, “Okay papa…tell me..what you wanna tell?”

Dilip thinks for a sec and says, “I have a marriage proposal for you and you should accept it for me”

Rads looks at him and asks, “Fine who is the guy Ambani’s son or Adani’s son?” she winks at him. Dilip understands her tease and smiles at her then says, “They guy name is Arjun Mehra working for RD group of industries as an Assistant Manager”. He finishes at oneshot and looks at her reaction.

Radhika is speechless and stares him angrily and gets up to go but dilip stops her and says, “don’t forget your promise Radhi….”

Radhika stops and asks, “Promise? What promise?”

Dilip, “Oh you forgot your promise also…Fine no issues. I will remind you. You promised me that you will accept anyone as your life partner whomever i choose. And this promise you have given me before you went to abroad. Now remember?”

Radhika is starring him and says, “I remember papa..but not arjun”

Dilip, “He is the one i chose for you”

Rads, “Papa pls…u r testing my patience.”

Dilip gets upset and tells in a sad tone, “fine beta…i know after your mom went from us, i have only you in my life and i thought you will make me happy. It’s ok…i won’t force you. It is your life and only you have the right to decide your life partner…Who am i to decide your life?”

He gets up and is about to go but radhika holds his hand and says, “Ho gaya…aapka emotional drama. Fine…do as your wish. I will marry the one whom you decide ok? Now happy?”

Dilip smiles and hugs her.

FB ends.

Radhika murmurs, “God, pls help me…Arjun should deny my dad’s request. Pls god”.

Arjun comes to office and greets Dilip. Dilip looks at him and with lot of happiness and excitement he hugs him tightly and says, “Welcome my boy. Accha when your parents are coming.. i have to meet them”

Arjun understands why he is asking and says, “sir…actually..may i know the reason?”

Dilip looks at his worried face and says, “You will get to know when i meet your parents. Now you go and continue your work”

Arjun couldn’t talk much because of radhika…he gets tensed and comes to his seat. He couldn’t concentrate on his work and thinks to tell his mom about this. He takes his call and tries his mom’s number but it went on busy. Dilip comes to seat and looks at him dialling to his mother, he calls him and says, “Arjun..come will go out”

Arjun, “No sir…actually i am trying for my mom, but it going on busy continuously..don’t know where she is”

Dilip, “I know young man. She is in your home only and i was only talking to her. Come will go together”

Dilip forcefully takes arjun with him whereas Arjun is shocked seeing dilip’s interest. They both reaches his flat and his mom vasuki welcomes dilip and greets him.

Arjun introduces his family to dilip. He has 1 younger sister and 1 brother. His dad passed away. His sister got married and his husband is doing agriculture in their village.

Dilip is very happy with their family and directly discuss about the marriage of ardhika to his mom. All are very happy except arjun. Arjun tries to refuse but his mom takes him alone into the room and convinces him to agree for the marriage. Arjun, “ not even see her how can you accept it”

She immediately goes to dilip and tells him that she needs to see his daughter. Dilip happily accepts and takes her to meet radhika. Arjun is worried and goes with them.

Dilip takes them to his home and before that he makes sure that radhika is at home. Arjun is so worried thinking how radhika is gonna behave with his mom. And he decides if she insults his mom then he is not gonna leave her today.

Radhika did not know why dilip asks her to be in home that too in salwar atleast. She wonders why but still she gets ready and starts doing the gardening which is her most favourite work.

Dilip gets arjun and his mom to his home and shows her Radhika who is doing gardening. Arjun also for a moment stuns seeing her among the flowers but the very next moments he remembers what she told in the morning and worries thinking about his mom. But he finds her smiling seeing radhika and he understands that his mom likes her.

Dilip goes to radhika and introduces her to Vasuki. Then he tells her that she is Arjun’s mom. Radhika’s face reaction changes and looks at arjun who is standing behind her little far and stares him angrily. Dilip signs her to get blessings from her. She obliges her dad and bends down to take blessing from vasuki. Arjun is all surprised to see her new avatar and keeps on looking at her.

Dilip gets them inside home and asks radhika to prepare coffee for them. She scolds him in her heart and goes to kitchen. She makes ramu kaka to make the coffee and stands with him. She then sends him out and puts salt in one cup and mixes it well.

She gets the tray and hands over the cups to them and specially gives the salt coffee to arjun and eagerly waits for his reaction. When arjun has his one sip and at exact moment, dilip asks him, “Arjun, do you like my daughter?”

Next moment he spits the coffee and he had blinks at him and looks at radhika angrily who is laughing at him silently.

Vasuki touches him and asks, “What happened Arjun? R u ok?”

Arjun nods and she asks him, “Answer him Arjun. Do you like her?”

Arjun looks at radhika once and looks at his mom also and says, “As you wish maa…if you like her then i am also ok for this”.

Radhika is atmost shocked seeing him changing his words and immediately asks him, “How can you accept it…then what about the discussion…we…..h..a…d..i..n..the..morning?” she completes the sentence by seeing dilip.

Dilip looks at her and asks, “What discussion?”

Radhika stammers and says, “Nothing papa…just like that”

He then turns to Vauski and says, “Vasuki ji…my daughter also accepted this marriage and now arjun also said ok for will start the preparation soon. I am so excited now”. Both the elders are very happy for this relation but the youngers looks each other without any interest and frustrated thinking about their fate.

Radhika looks at arjun and thinks, “Arjun, i have come down to your house and request you to reject it but you made evertthing ulta now. what should i do now?”

Arjun also thinks, “My whole life is gone now by marrying this girl who not even respect anyone. How can i gonna handle her?”

Ardhika looks at each other worriedly and shows least interest in the elders talk.

After sometime, arjun and his mom leaves from there. All the way Arjun is silent and only vasuki talks continuously. After they reach home, she holds his hand and asks, “Arjun, what happened? Y u look so dull? U don’t like this marriage?”

Arjun looks at his mom face and finds her excitement and happiness in this marriage, he thinks for a while and says, “I am happy with your decision maa…i know you never think wrong for your son. If you decide something for me means, then it will be good only for me”.

She hugs him and tells his siblings about the marriage proposal and they all get happy and excited.

Arjun goes to his room and reminiscies his moments with Preeti and how she cheated him and his first meeting with radhika…everything comes to his mind and finally it halts at the moment he saw radhika among the flowers. He opens his eyes and gives a sigh relief and joins with his siblings.

Radhika now walking here and there and thinks how to stop this marriage. She goes to dilip room to tell him about her disinterest in this marriage and overhears his talking about her marriage. She sees him so happy and telling to all his friends, she did not have that much guts to spoil his happiness for her selfishness. She goes to her room back and falls on the bed thinking about her first meeting with Arjun and says to herself, “So this is my fate, but i ll make him mad for sure”.

Precap: Marriage shopping. Rads shows two lehengas to arjun to choose and Arjun chose blue color but Radhika selects peach & olive green combo lehenga which makes arjun angry seeing her laughing at him.

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  9. Geeth

    Enmity of love part 2 today only I came across keep updating superb episode luv u satz iam a big fan of manmarziyan and very happy to read ur ff s

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  10. Y late satz….. And this update s nice….. But i want to share my view… Today arjun can deny the marriage proposal….. But he didn’t and reasoning his mom for that…. Men won’t sacrifice on marriage, if they didn’t like the girl…… U guys are accepting it or not…. So the mistake s on arjun only not on radhu… ???

    1. Sathya

      That’s true dear… Some guys due to the compulsion from their families they will marry without any interest.

  11. S.v

    Superb radhika is gonna make arjun to run super now poor Arjun as he is helpless. Yaar first time Arjun is soft and Radhika is super angry which i never dreamed about but that was something beyond words. Well what is going to happen next as she selecting the one which he rejected and he is getting angry for the first time in this ff, well lets see whats gonna happen next update soon sathya sry my Arjun.

    1. Sathya

      Thank you dear ???.. Yeah for sure she will make him mad and he is also not less than her.. He will make her dance… U will enjoy

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    1. Sathya

      Thank you dear ???

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