Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 26)

ETL is back. I am trying my best to write the updates whenever i am getting free time, and please don’t expect me to write daily which i cannot do at all now.

This episode am dedicating it to Sangee darling, the pondy girl 😛 😛 😛 (Pondichery is my most favorite place darling). Hope you like it and let me know your views.

Let’s get into today’s chapter

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 26)

Recap: Ardhika’s bike ride and Raneil Face off. Radhika breaks all the ties with Neil.

Radhika wakes up first and finds herself in Arjun’s embrace. She lifts her face up and look at Arjun’s face, a small smile lits up on her face, she stares him with lot of love. She pulls his nose which makes him to nuzzle and turns to her side by pushing her under him.

Radhika is shocked and tries to take his hand from her waist, but Arjun holds it tightly and mumbles in her earlobe, “Ready for the morning romance, huh?”

Rads freezes listening him and looks at his face, he opens his eyes and winks seeing her shocking face. He leans towards her face, moves her hair strands from her face saying, “Ready?”

Rads blushes and lowers her gaze of unable to hold his stare on her, she is about to get up but Arjun pushes her down again under him saying, “You can’t escape from me” and pins her hands on either side and leaning towards her face.

Rads heart beats fast seeing his proximity and close her eyes slowly feeling his wet kiss on her forehead. He slowly pace towards her eyes and then to cheeks. Arjun smiles seeing still breathing heavily, capture her lips with his. It is a soft, gentle, passionate and intent kiss, he pours all his love and affection through his kiss.

Both moves apart coz of lack of breathe, Rads opens her eyes and looks at him lovingly. Arjun rubs her cheeks with his thumb whispering, “I LOVE YOU RADHIKA. THIS SMILE SHOULD BE ON YOUR FACE FOREVER”

Rads cups his face saying, “THEN YOU SHOULD BE WITH ME FOREVER”

Arjun nuzzles his face in her neck and hugs her tightly. Radhika too reciprocates the tight hug and feels so happy and relax.

After sometime, Radhika gets busy in kitchen trying to do breakfast for Arjun. Arjun takes bath and is getting ready for office.

Arjun comes out from his room and finds Radhika in kitchen starring the stove with wide opened eyes. Arjun chuckles seeing her and goes inside the kitchen to find her starring the dosa in the non-stick which is unshaped. Arjun laughs seeing ser face and the so called dosa.

Radhika makes puppy face seeing him laughing and Arjun stops laughing says, “Don’t worry, i will eat whatever you will give to me in any shape.” He eats what she gives him and leaves to office.

Radhika feels so happy and complete being with Arjun, but she feels sad remembering her broken relation with her father and her best friend.

Around noon, she gets a call from Sam, she happily picks it up and responds to the call.

Rads, “Hey Sam”

Sam in a choking voice, “Radhika…”?

Rads worried listening her voice, “Sam, what happened?”

Sam hesitates and Rads continues, “Sam, say something? How is Papa? Is he alright?”

Sam, “Papa is fine…but”

Rads, “What happened?”

Sam, “Radhika, Neil is missing from yesterday night”

Radhika is shocked listening her and gets tensed. She remembers her conversation with Neil yesterday and gets tensed thinking about his missing.

Sam, “Radhika…Radhika”

Rads stammers, “Yeah..Sam”

Sam, “Radhika, He is not responding to any of our calls from yesterday night. I am so worried for him, and Prerna Aunty is crying from night of not seeing him. You have any idea where he went?”

Rads, “Sam, I met him yesterday”

Radhika, Arjun, Dilip, Prerna and Sam all gathered in Arjun’s flat looking for an answer from Radhika.

Arjun entwined his fingers with Radhika’s and pats her hand gently giving a nod to her to tell them what happened exactly.

Radhika tells them her conversation with Neil in between her tears. She feels guilty seeing Prerna’s tears. She goes to her and sits on her knees facing Prerna and hold her hands together saying, “Aunty, i never wanted to seperate him from you. I did not know that he will take this step”

Prerna cries silently saying, “I know he did wrong to you but he is not bad. He felt bad for betraying you and he was sure that he will not allow even sam to harm you. I am not justifying his deeds, but at the same time he never wanted to do bad with you. If possible, pls forgive him once”

She leaves from there leaving Dilip and Sam there. Sam goes to Radhika, “Radhika, he never wanted to cheat on you, it’s me who pushed him to that extent. He tried to convince me so many times, but i emotionally blackmailed him and that’s y he met you on that day. If you want punish me, not him”

Radhika doesn’t know what to do? She looks her with tears, “Sam, I don’t know what to say. I don’t like the way he used my friendship for your plan. I bursted out all my anger on him but that doesn’t mean that i want him to disappear like this. I am sure, he is just playing with us again….he will come for sure. You don’t worry, we will take actions to find him. Papa knows….” she stops looking at Dilip and continues, “He knows higher officials in the department, we will get help from them in finding him soon”

Dilip looks at Arjun and he signs through his eyes, and Dilip continues, “I will talk to DCP about Neil” and he leaves from there followed by Sam.

Radhika looks Arjun with tears saying, “Because of me only, he left everything and went is it?”

Arjun cups her face saying, “It’s not because of you Radhika. He is punishing himself like this. Nothing to worry, he will be back soon to torture you again”

Radhika hugs him saying, “Why he is always torturing me like this? He won’t let me live in peace”

Arjun smiles saying, “He likes you so much that’s y he is behind you and never allowed you to forget him. Yesterday only you said not to show his face to you….and now he made you to remember him and talk about him. Clever boy”

Radhika lift her head and look at his face and hits his chest. Arjun shouts, “Ouch”

Rads, “Don’t over act, was it paining?”

Arjun nods and she continues hitting him badly, he holds her hands saying, “If you hit me like this, then i will also abscond like Neil”

That’s it for her, she stops beating him and looks into his eyes with tears. Arjun realizes what he said and try to cup her face but she jerks his hands away from him, “What did you say?”

Arjun, “I am sorry Radhika….i was just joking”

Rads, “Is it Joke for you Arjun?”

Arjun worries seeing her face and goes to her but she steps back saying, “If that happens or you say it again, you will see my dead face then”

Arjun closes her mouth by his hands and hugs her tightly, “what are you saying? I was just making your mood light. I am really sorry for that…but pls don’t use that word again. I can’t be without you Radhika”

Radhika too hugs him tightly, “I know….Even Radhika can’t live without her Arjun”

Arjun smiles and kisses on her head asking, “So, can you do me a favour?”

Rads, “What?”

Arjun, “I am sure Neil will be coming home soon. So once he comes, i want you to forgive him and talk to him like before”

Radhika releases her hug from him but being in his embrace looking at his face, “But he cheated…”

Before she finish her sentence Arjun stops her saying, “It’s just one life. What you gonna get by showing your hatred to him? That will hurt you both…if i see you gets hurt, i too feel bad. Sam will feel guilty seeing Neil is avoided by you, Dilip uncle is already in stress among all these problems. Each one will suffer just because of the hatred and anger. Give a chance to them to rectify their mistakes. We all are humans, even god is doing mistakes at times, by giving a birth to the cruel people in the world and punishing the innoncents at times…we all know this and scolding god why he is doing all this? But yet again we are going to him and pray for our happiness. Then why can’t you forgive his mistake and give him a chance.”

Rads looks at him without blinking her eyes, Arjun pats her cheeks asking, “What?”

Rads nods her head affirmingly saying, “First will find him and then i will do as you say”

Arjun hugs her happily and kiss her head saying, “I love you Radhika. You are an Angel”

Rads reciprocates his hug, “I am so lucky to have you Arjun. You are my Treasure”

Precap: Where is Neil? What happened to him? Did he really abscond or anything happened to him?


Keep thinking guys, That’s it for today. Hope will find Neil soon. And i am planning to end this soon.

Please let me know your views for this episode. It’s not upto the mark as you expected…pls spare me.

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