Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 24)


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Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 24)

Recap: Ardhika’s romance, RaSam bond

Arjun wakes up first and looks at his sleeping doll. He silently walks to the bed and makes himself comfortable beside her inside the blanket. Radhika is in deep slumber couldn’t realize it and sleeps comfortably by covering herself by the blanket up to her chest.

Arjun keeps looking at her face and slides his hand slowly on her waist, Radhika feels odd and opens her eyes to see but gets shocked to see Arjun beside her who is smiling at her.

Rads, “Arjun? I told you to sleep on the couch right”

Arjun, “Of course darling, I slept on the couch only, but this is not sleeping time so I shifted myself in the bed to have a morning romance with my beautiful wife” he tightens his grip on her waist

Rads, “Arjun…leave me. You have to go office”

Arjun, “I am taking a day off today. Any problem?”

Rads looks him shockingly with open mouth and still try to push him and take his hands off from her waist. But Arjun rolls on top of her and locks her hands on either side of her.

Rads blinks at his act, “Arjun, what are you doing? Oh god, you are very heavy man…get down Arjun”

Arjun smiles at her antics and hits her forehead with his saying, “You drama queen, don’t act to be so smart. I won’t get down. You do whatever you want”

Rads rolls her eyes and acts to be having a breathing problem, but Arjun is not minding anything at all and leans on her face closely to give her a freeze mode.

Rads, “Why r u coming close to me? Arjun…aaahhh..pls get down. I have lot of work to do. Y r u torturing me in the morning itself”

Arjun not at all bulging for that and replies, “I know what work you will do. Just keep messing the kitchen right. Now you do all the mess with me..with your husband. Leave the kitchen for today. Let it take rest.”

Radhika laughs at his antics and words saying, “ok..fine I am not gonna mess your kitchen. But you please get down na. Seriously I am not able to handle your weight” she keeps pout face.

Arjun did not say anything for a moment and he just rolls her on top of him and he goes beneath her making her dumb and shocked.

Rads is still blinking at him of not knowing what to do and why her hubby is playing with her in the morning itself.

She hold his hands on her waist and tries to take it but his grip becomes more stronger than before.

Rads, “You idiot Arjun, I told you to leave me. What happened to you?”

Arjun gives her a shocking expression saying, “First time, wife calling husband as Idiot when he wants to romance with his wife. All my Fate”

She did not say anything but keep trying to take his hands from her, but now again he rolls her down and comes on top of her, making her sigh again.

Rads, “You Donkey, why u keep rolling like this? You are torturing me Arjun and I wi…” she couldn’t speak afterwards and goes dumb for more than 15 minutes.

Arjun simply smashed his lips on hers and stops her blabbering. He just caressing her lips with his, making her moan in pleasure, Radhika who did not expect this suddenly, struggled to cope up with him at first but slowly she too joins the play and kissing him back with the same passion he gives.

He keeps rolling his fingers on her body and she entwined her fingers in his hairs and both kissing each other as if there is no tomorrow. It is like an unbreakable kiss, they moves their lips apart when they both needs oxygen.

Rads close her eyes and breathes heavily, where in Arjun stares her figure and her face lovingly. He leans again towards her neck and planting a wet kisses on her cleavages.

Radhika arch her head backwards to give a clean path to her husband to do whatever he wants.

Arjun bury his face completely in the crook of her neck and gives her hickeys and mumbles in between, “When will you forgive me?”

Radhika opens her eyes and smiles saying, “Do you think I would allow you to touch me, if I won’t forgive you?”

The next moment she closes her eyes tightly and laughs heartily, where in Arjun lifts his head and looks at her face unbelievably. His face clearly expresses his unbelievable look.

Rads is still laughing closing her eyes, Arjun looks at her saying, “You made me crazy and now laughing?”

Rads now burst out in laughter and looks at his shocking face saying, “I just played with my lovely husband”

Arjun’ s reaction gets changed, “Oh so, you want to play with me? Well even I am so much eager to play”

Rads widen her eyes saying, “Arjun, first get down from me…you have to go to office. Move” she keeps pushing him.

Arjun holds her hands again saying, “First time, I will use my power as Son in law. I am not going anywhere today and not leaving you also”

Before she reacts, he again crashed his lips with her and makes her melt completely. Radhika couldn’t do much against him and even she liked it and starts enjoying the proximity with Arjun.

He takes her inside the blanket and keeps kissing her cleavages making her gasp for breath. Her moans give him a lot of pleasure and keep pushing himself on her.

Rads in between her moan she maffles huskily, “Arjun…it is day time”

Arjun is not in any mood to stop his romance and simply replies in between his kisses, “Let it be, we make it first time as First day instead of First Night”

Rads widen her eyes and say, “But Arj…” he shuts her mouth again and did not allow her to think or talk anything after that.

The room echoes only their moans and naughty sounds everywhere. They consummated their marriage unexpectedly. (Lol :P)

After 2 hours,

Arjun whispers, “Finally, I lost my Virginity”

Radhika lies on his chest by wrapping her hands around his waist and his one hand wraps around her body. She smiles thinking about their intense romance and kisses on his bare chest.

Arjun smiles and extends his hands from her waist to her cheeks and starts pulling it, she pinches his hand saying, “You are seriously a shameless guy Arjun. You know what, you spoiled all my dreams today”

Arjun rolls on her and gives his hand a support for her head and wraps her waist by his another hand and leans so closely to her face asking, “Of course I am a shameless guy. I don’t mind being with my wife. You still have any doubt on that?”

Rads gulps and nods her head as No hastily, he smiles and continues, “What dreams you had and I spoiled?”

Rads, “mmm….actually..i want our first night to be so in movies n all they will decorate the place with so much of lightings, flower decorations on the bed, pictures on the wall, candle light dinner..its completely a dreamy sequence Arjun. But you spoiled all” she keeps pout face.

Arjun smiles and pecks her pouting lips saying, “Don’t worry, I will make your dream come true”

Rads pats on his hand saying, “You already spoiled my first night”

Arjun keeps kissing on her face saying, “No baby, it’s just a day. We still have night. I will make our first night specially as you say”

Rads, “Again, No way..your quota over for today. Get lost now” she is pushing him back but he again locks her in his embrace and shuts her again.

Ardhika is sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace, Arjun wakes up and looks at his mobile to check the timing and it is noon time.

He looks at Radhika who is sleeping peacefully in his embrace covering herself up to her chest, he slowly puts her head down on the pillow and gets down from the bed slowly and goes to washroom.

After refreshing himself, he goes to kitchen and prepares the food which is little easier. He gets the Food tray inside their room and places it on side table.

He leans halfway on the bed and waking up her. Radhika nuzzles her face into the pillow more mumbling, “Give me a break Arjun”

Arjun chuckles at her and moves her hairs from her face saying, “Yeah …it’s break time only. I get the lunch for us. Get up and have something”

Rads still in mumbling voice, “I want to sleep Arjun. I am so tired”

Arjun, “I know baby. That’s y I got something to eat. Get up”

Rads did not get up and hugs the pillow tightly, but Arjun lifts her with the blanket on her and walks to washroom, he puts her down and starts grabbing the blanket on her body.

Rads keep on shouting, “Stupid, what are you doing? Arjun…leave it”

He did not even listen anything and grabs the blanket completely out from her and throws out of the washroom. He turns the knob of hot water, both gets drench under the shower and enjoys the romance while bathing.

Radhika is really wondered seeing her husband’s naughty side and she did not expect him to be this much romantic, in fact she couldn’t cope up with him up to his speed. She feels heaven being with him.

Both finishes their bath and enjoys their lunch together. Rads, “Shall we go out today?”

Arjun, “No way. I have lot of work in home”

Rads blinks, “What work?”

Arjun winks at her, “Romance with my wife”

Rads face becomes crimson red and pinches on his thighs shouting, “I wanna go out today. If you are not coming then I am going for sure”

Arjun is about to say something but he hears a knock on their door, he goes out to see who is that.

Rads wait for him to come back but he did not come back, she herself goes to hall and gets shocked seeing Dilip with Arjun.

Arjun looks back to find Radhika in tears seeing Dilip, she hardly controls her emotions not to burst out seeing him.

Dilip comes forward says in a sobbing voice, “Radhi ma”

The moment he calls her, she turns to other side and breaks down crying silently but composed of not showing her feelings to him.

Rads, “Arjun, Please tell him to go from here. I don’t want to meet anyone”

Dilip gulps seeing her, he knows her very well if she decides something then it is very difficult to change her.

Arjun holds him saying, “Please give her some time”

Dilip nods and leaves from there with tears.

Arjun turns to find her but she is not, he goes inside the room and finds her lying on the bed crying silently. Arjun lies beside her and she immediately turns and hugs him tightly and cries her heart out.

Arjun pacifies her by patting her head and says, “Radhika, Why u still have grudge with him? Anyway he is your Papa right? Why don’t you forgive him?”

Rads gets up and sits straight saying, “It is between Father and Daughter, you don’t interfere on this”

Arjun is jaw dropped seeing her wiping her tears and arranging her hair in a bun, and is about to get down but stops by hearing her, “When are we going out today?”

Arjun blinks at her and gives an impossible look and says, “Evening “ he smiles but she did not and tells, “Ok, I m gonna sleep for sometime, you please clean the kitchen and arrange the things and wake me up after some time”

Arjun’s eyes widens listening her and he simply nods his head knowing his wife’s mood swings. But still he admires her cute antics.

Both gets ready in the evening to roam the city and she enjoys each and every moment being with Arjun.

Precap: RaNeil meet and Radhika breaks her friendship with him.

That’s it for today guys, hope you all like it. I did not want to give RaNeil scenes today. It will be more for her after a huge romance 😛 😛 😛

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  4. arti viswanathan

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    1. Sathya

      Arti darling 🙂 thank u so much yar. ha ha ha arjun becomes so naughty na…lol 🙂 and yes exactly she is a drama queen

  5. Dhara

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    1. Sathya

      lol….thank u so much Dhara dear 🙂 his quota over lol….

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    from today i should be calling you romance queen…you nailed it…i am speechless..i was aww with my mouth open ofr about good 2-3 min..thank you so much for the lovely episode…and yes. i have no complain because i know you are writing few FF now days…and i am loving it….lots of love…

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      Chicabella 🙂 lol Naughty Arjun having hotty romance with beauty wife… 😛 😛 😛 ha ha ha..dramebaazz….yep he suffered a lot na…having the s*xy wife with him but not doing anything…lol…that pains most…ha ha ha 🙂 loved ur comments yar 🙂 thanks a ton 🙂 love you

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