Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 23)

Thank u all for ur lovely comments. I am so happy that i can justify Sam’s revenge motive to spoil Rads happiness. I am really glad to know that we all are inline. Ok so now what’s there pending?

1. How RsSam gonna mend their relationship?
2. Ardhika’s love story
3. Ofcourse Nesam’s love
4. How Neil gonna convince Radhika..whether she will agree? Is Neil’s POV necessary? (Need ur suggestions)
5. Finally whether Radhika forgive Dilip, Nandini for their deeds?
6. Guess could be conclusion

Okay i have still some more time to write the story. I want to dedicate this chapter to my Sweeto Myra. Hope you like it.

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 23)

Recap: Sam’s POV

Radhika checking her mobile and walking on the road. She comes out and walking to the nearby supermarket to get some groceries as she decided to cook for her husband Arjun. She found the dish to be cooked but there is nothing much in their home, so she came out to get something. As she walks on the road, she stops where she is hearing a taunting voice behind her. She turns back to find who is that and get to see Dilip’s PA who got slapped by her.

PA, “So you are here? In Street?” he press the last word in a most taunting way and his aim is to hurt her.

Rads glares him and reply, “Looks like you are here on the street for so long”

He glares her angrily and smirks seeing her from top to bottom, “After coming to platform also, there is no less in your vanity”

Rads, “That will come by birth. And i am sorry that you won’t understand these kind of haugtiness since it is for people like me not like you”

He gets angry and moves to her but before he does so, he gets a hard slap on his cheeks. He stuns seeing Sam in front of him, holding his collar and slaps his again warning, “Dare you to talk to her like this again, i will chop you into pieces and do you forget that you still work under Arjun? You very well know what he will do to you if he comes to know about this?”

Radhika is shocked and surprised seeing Sam here and he leaves from there hastily to save him from Sam.

Sam turns to Radhika just gives her a slight smile. Rads too smile slightly and both gets quiet for sometime. The awkward silence fills their gap and both looks at each once when other is not.

Rads breaks the silent, “You here? Any problem?”

Sam smiles, “No..actually i..i came here to meet you”

Rads knows Sam’s inner turmoil, she did not wish to hurt her at anytime, she smiles seeing her and says, “I came to supermarket to get some groceries to cook food for Arjun.”

Sam, “Ohhh…fine. We will both go and buy”

Rads, “Mm fine”

Both walk towards the shop but there is a pin drop silence between them. Both are in an awkward situation thinking who will talk first and all. They enter inside the shop and looking for the veggies section.

Radhika looks everything with her open mouth, she never ever comes to this kind of shops and buy all these stuffs. She blinks seeing the people there and how they are picking the vegetables. She goes and stands beside a lady and observes her how she is taking vegetables…Radhika did not understand and simply picks up the veggies from the box and filling her basket. Sam is in different section got some masalas and looks for Radhika who is struggling to lift the basket which is full of veggies.

Sam runs to her and looks at the basket, her eyes open wide and asking her, “Radhika, why you bought all these at a time and see these are all rotten ones” pointing some rotten tomatoes.

Rads looks worried saying, “I…i have no habit of buying these. Ramu kaka only will get all this and i have no idea too how to check”

Sam smiles seeing her pout face and says, “It’s ok. I will show you how to pick the veggies. You can buy it from next time on your own”

Rads smiles saying, “Fine”

Then RaSam gets busy in getting the veggies, other required stuffs from the shop and leaves from there carrying two bags each.

They both reach the flat and arranges the things in Kitchen. Sam gets shocked seeing the kitchen state, all the flour on the floor, oil spill on the slab, totally it is mishmash. Sam’s eyes widen seeing the state of the kitchen and looks at Radhika who keeps pout face looking at her.

Sam let out a heavy breathe and keeps the groceries outside the kitchen and starts cleaning the place. Radhika steps in to help her but sam stops her, “No…you better sit in the table. I will call you once i finish it. Then we will cook.”

Rads just nods her head and sits on the chair outside watching her doing everything so fastly and the way she does, Rads gets into a thinking of Sam’s past life. She gets tears seeing Sam cleaning all the things and arranging the gadgets on its place. She finally done with the cleaning and sweeps the floor neatly. She comes out and call Radhika and both gets the groceries and puts everything in its place.

RaSam discusses what they are going to cook and Rads shows her the dish from Net which she chosen for Arjun. Sam starts the cooking and tells Radhika about each steps,
in between they made fun of each and spends a light and cute moments. After a hard 40 mins of cooking, both gives hi-fi each other after finishing the dish, Rads tastes little and she felts so happy and in the excitement she hugs Sam tightly saying, “’s so nice..tasty. Thank you so much for helping me”

Sam is surprise seeing her gesture and reciprocates the hug with a light smile. Rads realizes her position and gets away from her and both shares a embarrassing smile. Soon to their shock, Arjun comes in and gets surprised seeing Sam there and the clean kitchen. He is about to step in the kitchen but Rads stops him to get fresh and come. He smiles and goes inside, meanwhile she goes and hides the dish somewhere saying to Sam, “I want to give him a surprise…i have a plan for this”

Sam smiles seeing his naughtiness running everywhere doing the surprise package for her husband. Once he comes out, he looks for Radhika, she comes from kitchen looking at him. Both looks at each other and a strong grip of silence suddenly appears on their face. Sam lightens the moment saying, “Fine, it’s getting late. I will leave now”

Arjun, “Why so early Sam? Stay for some more time na”

Rads looks at him with widely open eyes and glares at him by raising her left brows. Arjun notices her glare and avoids her eye contact, Sam too saw this and smiles seeing them.

Sam, “It’s ok. I am really getting late. I have to meet Neil. I will leave now. Bye”

She goes to the doorstep and turns to Radhika, “I am sorry for On behalf of Neil. He is feeling bad seeing you avoiding him and ..” she stops hearing Radhika, “I don’t want to talk about him Sam. It was nice talking to you. Go safe”

Sam’s face fell listening her and she too knows it Radhika’s angry is justified. Now she wants give Neil his best friend Radhika. She feels bad of spoiling a good relationship. She smiles seeing at her and leaves from there.

Arjun looks at Radhika and is about to say, “Neil..” she did not even listen and rushes inside the room and locks the door.

Arjun scratches his head and puts his body on the couch there and switches on TV and watching his favorite music channels.

Inside the room, radhika sits sadly in the bed keeping pout face, she hears the music and looks at the door unbelievable saying, “I am here sitting angrily and he is watching all romantic songs. How dare he?”

She couldn’t sit there anymore, opens the door and looks at him smiling seeing the romantic song and his eyes stare on the girl, Radhika blood boils seeing him smiling at her, she grabs the remote and changes the channel into Disney Channel and starts watching the JETIX in TOON DISNEY.

Arjun blinks at her and TV alternatively, he now gets scared to ask her the remote also. He silently kept quiet beside her and watching the TV. Radhika is enjoyed watching it and she turns to say something to Arjun but finds him sleeping as in the sitting position. She smiles seeing him and moves to him closely, plants a soft kiss on his cheeks, but before she gets move she gets wrapped by his strong arms. She gets shocked and pushing him away but he is not ready to release her at all. His grip gets tighten and he tries to lean over her by pushing her down, both did a small fight but finally Arjun on down and Radhika on top of him, when they does this cute fight they fallen down on the floor and all the other things on the poy, pillows on the couch, TV remote everything falls on the floor. Unknowingly Arjun falls on the Remote and the volume gets increased continuously to the high pitch.

Both gets lost in each others eyes, they did not even realise it untill they hear a loud knock on the door. They get composed them self and Arjun opens the door, in meantime, Radhika gets the remote and tries to reduce the volume but couldn’t. Arjun gets shocked seeing the people in front of his door shouting him to reduce the volume. Arjun gives them a sheepish smile and signs Radhika to reduce it, and she too signs sadly of not able to. He goes and tries it but it is not working and finally he goes and unplug the wires, now it becomes dead silence and both stares each other for a while and burst out in laughter.


Sam meets Neil at their usual place and finds him upset. Sam knows the reason and calms him down saying, “Neil, she is very good at heart and you know that. She needs sometime to understand all this.

Neil, “Sam, i really scared now. More than you, uncle and your mom, i am the most horrible person for her. I betrayed her in the name of friendship. But i still don’t know how she knows that”

Sam smiles, “You forgot one thing Neil. That day, you only got Mom there. When you know her, then obviously you should be knowing about me also right. When you know about me, then you would be knowing everything about me right. But still you acted with her and suggested her idea to get me home..all this was our plan. She would have guessed it..clever girl”

Neil face becomes Pale listening her and hung down his head. Sam feels bad seeing him, she cups his face, “Neil, she will definitely understand you. Give her some time. Let the existing problems solve one by one. We will get Arjun’s help in dealing her.”

Neil, “It’s ok. I will only handle her and it is my responsibility to clear it. You happy na..she spoke to you, hugged you even”

Sam excites, “Haan Neil, she spoke to me nicely,we did spend time in shop, then we both cooked together. After a long years, i was feeling so light, happy being with my sister”

Sam gets happy tears, Neil too smiles at her and wipes her tears saying, “From now on, you should not cry”

Sam hugs him and bury her face in his chest saying, “I am sorry Neil, because of me you lost your friend”

Neil pats her head saying, “Nothing like that. I did not lost her…i won’t let that happen also.”

She plants a kiss on his chest above his shirt, and he too kisses on her forehead and both murmurs, “love you” to each.


Dilip sits sadly in his home with two days beard on his face. He looks terrible, Ramu Kaka comes with food in the plate and forcing him to have something. But he denies it and cries remembering Radhika. Tears started oozing from his eyes uncontrollably, Sam exactly reach home at that time and gets sad seeing him crying chanting Radhika’s name.

Sam goes to him and signs Kaka to go, she takes the plate in hand and offers to feed him. He nods his head for no and she says, “You are thinking about your one daughter and forgetting about another one”

Dilip looks at her emotionally and says, “But i am missing her badly”

Sam, “She is happy and safe with her husband. You don’t worry about her…time will heal the wounds. She cannot stay without talking to you for so long. When she wants you to meet her, you should need strength to meet her right. Atleast for that sake, eat something.”

Dilip smiles inbetween his tears and having the food from her. Sam too smiles seeing him eating and her vision moves behind him where Nandini stands and watching them with tears in her eyes.

Nandini walks to them and folds her hands looking at Sam saying, “I am sorry for seperating you from your father. I know i did a sin…pls forgive me. Pls sam talk to me…i can’t live having your ignorance and anger on me”

Sam glares her angrily saying, “It’s not that easy to forgive. You just spoiled everything. Today this family broken means, you are the first and main reason for that..i won’t say you are the only reason…because Papa also had done the wrong deeds. you both just spoiled our lives because of your selfish love”

She just rushes inside the room leaving both shattered. Dilip stares Nandini and goes from there sadly. Nandini looks at the locked door and cries miserably thinking about her activities. She looks at the door saying, “I know sam…i did wrong. I was not a good person and even a good friend but i was a good mother Sam. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Initially i thought to use you for my benefit but when i held your tiny fingers in my hand, that time i decided at any cost i won’t leave you and let anyone hurt you. I told wrong about Dilip was just because i was scared of thinking whether you will leave me after knowing the truth. That’s y i told you lie and made you stay with me and hate your father. I know i lied a lot but my love for you was not lie.”

She cries badly and goes to her room. All this were heard by Sam behind the locked door and she too cries badly hearing all this. Dilip also heard this and feels bad seeing her.


Radhika makes Arjun sit on the table and starts serving the dish she prepared with the help of Sam. Arjun is surprised seeing her gesture and gets happy thinking she is getting normal.

He tastes it and praises her so much and she happily passes the thanks to Sam in the air. Both spends a nice and cute moments while having dinner.

This time, Radhika clearly and cleanly done all the work, washing the plates and keeping it at the proper place. Cleaning the complete kitchen…after doing this she gets tired. She holds her hip by her hands saying, “Oh no…i never seen Ramu kaka holding his hips like this. Just for this one day i became so old”

She walks like that to her room and sees Arjun working on his laptop. She directly falls on the bed showing her back, extends her hands to his and pulls him. He turns to her asking, “What happened?”

She makes a crying face saying, “Pls do some massage na. I got pain” she points her hip. Arjun laughs seeing her and close his laptop turning to her.

She lies on her stomach and turns her face towards him. He sits comfortably and starts massaging her hip. She gets jerk once he press it, she feels something on her body, she shakes it and gets scolded by Arjun who asked her to lie properly and not to move. She tightly close her eyes and feels his touch on her hips..for each of his press, automatically her body shakes and goes out of control. Arjun smiles seeing her face and intentionally pressing her hip once like massaging and once like sensuously. Rads snapped opening her eyes feeling the different in his touch, he chuckled seeing her blinking at him.

She immediately turns and lies on her back extending her hands to him saying, “Press my hands also”.

Arjun sighs out and starts pressing from her shoulder to till her fingers. She smiles seeing him doing it so sincerely. Then she extends her leg also, he now gets into thinking seeing her naughty smirk on her face..he suddenly shifts himself on top of her locking her under him.

Radhika did not expect this, gets into shocking mode and blinks at him with terrific look. She gets sense and tries to push him but he hold her hands saying, “Now you can’t do anything” by saying this he starts leaning on her face closely.

He blows his hot breathe on her face, and touches her nose with his and swaying it gently. He plants a soft kiss on her forehead and moves down slowly to her cheeks and stops looking at her lips.

Radhika also looks him shockingly and gets tensed seeing him leaning looking at her lips, it is just an inch away from his lips to her, she whispered, “I haven’t forgiven you still”

Arjun quickly looks at her face straight asking, “Are you serious?”

Radhika gets relaxed little saying, “Yes i am serious. I am almost in the verge of forgiving you but you spoiled everything again”

Arjun anxiously, “What I spoiled?”

Rads smirks seeing his restless, “Yes. You are not keeping up your promise”

Arjun quickly replied, “I haven’t given you any promise”

Rads, “No matter if you give or i took. Promise is a Promise”

Arjun, “So what you want to do now?”

Rads, “Punishment increases for you. You have to sleep in the couch from today till i allow you ”

Arjun is in shocked with his mouth open widely, “What the hell? You only asked me to sleep in the bed”

Rads pushes him other side and gets up saying, “Now also i am only saying to sleep in the couch”

Arjun looks worried and keeps a pout face looking at her, she hides her smile and throws his pillows and blanket on the couch signing him to move.

Arjun without saying anything moves there cursing his fate being virgin after marriage also. Radhika hides her laugh hearing his statement and switches off the light to sleep.

Precap: Radhika Confronts Neil and breaks her friendship with him. Dilip comes to Ardhika home to meet her, but Radhika refuses to talk to him.


How is the chapter guys? Hope you all like it. Pls let me know your comments for the same.

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  1. Vasuraj

    Wow semaaaa…..
    Last part arjun’s dialogue so hilarious
    Pavam arjun… Rasam bond good one
    Sam said right ant nandini and dilip
    Totally mass update sathya

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Vasu 🙂 lol kalyanam paaniyum b rahmachaari 😛

  2. Akka.rasam bond was awesome.aiyoo poor arjun.unga story la mattum paavam avan tha maatitu muzhikiraan.ithula couch la mehra la salt chilly coffee.second love la lover a vittutu nadikka vara.modern krishna la sollave vendam.andha topic eduthale sirippu thaana varuthu.thank you akka love you take care

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Chashu 🙂 ha ha ha enna padrathu arjun ah poitaane athan ipdi kashtapadran. avlo seekiram sethudovoma enna 😛 love u too dear 🙂

  3. Jewel

    sathya, this is beautiful chapter….i loved the part of sam and dilip a lot…. every one hav their own reasons and stories to support their faults…. rasam part, that was really nice, the way sam shared her happiness to neil, that also…. ardhika as always, superb, now also she didn’t forgive, poor arjun. totally this was superb sathya, waiting for next one…. post soon…

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Jewel dear 🙂 yes all r right in their place…selfish love. lol she will tease him more …wait still more are there 😛 😛 😛 thank u so much dear 🙂

  4. Brin

    Awesome episode, aahh, when is she going to forgive Arjun, it was getting romantic until Radhika said she didn’t forgive him yet, love the sister bonding, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Brin dear 🙂 Arjun has to fight a lot to get forgiveness from him 😛 😛 😛 lol :0 thanks again

  5. nice one. poor arjun. virgin after marriage haha.

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      Thank u so much Moni 🙂

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    Osm epi sathya….lovd d ardika scenes of volume n massage???
    N good dat sis are getting 2gether…
    Lovd it buddy…..waiting for raeils verdict….
    Tc …love u ….hugs n pecks

    1. Sathya

      Thanks Dev 🙂 lol even massage is my fav too. hug and pecks to u too 🙂

  9. Nice. Waiting for next update.

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  10. Jessie

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    1. Sathya

      Jaazzziiiiii 🙂 ha ha ha correct ah sonna ma..namma authors kita arjun maatitkitu avan padra paadu iruke..solla varthaigail episode mudikum pothu sethu vachiduvom…anga nikurom ellarun 🙂 😛 😛
      ha ha aha u noted jaazzziii…i always did in my home after sweeping whole house i will keep hips in my hand and breathes heavily then i will think about my mom

      Remote Jaammmmmmmmmmmmm……yeah i want this for me in real 😛 😛 😛 semma majaaa la ha ha ha. Yeah correct Kalyanam panniyum brahmachaari 🙂 🙂 :). Ava irukaale athan rads..semma clever girl..epdi stop panna paathiya…Jaazziiii love you for commenting about everything 🙂

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  13. Shree

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    loved it loved it loved it.. seekram ka.. precap sad.. love you

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Shree 🙂 ha ha ha ipdi iruntha cursing than nadakum…vera enna panuvan paavam 🙂 lol dilip in devadas….kitathata apdi than 🙂 love u too dear 🙂 next epi adutha vaaram than 😉

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    Wow sisy… u gave a blast… awsme episode… Radhika shopping was good even i dnt no how to buy veggies… lol… RaSam bond was amazing… i love that… and radhu glared arjun while he said sam to stay few more mins… hehehe… pavam… Ardhika cute fight in sofa… i was enjoying… and thier sheepish smile infrnt of people hehehe… so cute… hip massage… kadacha chance use panika venama… adhan paya pulla konjam vilandutan… ana pavam kadasila couch dha minjidhu… romba tease panadha ma radhika paru evlo feel panran mrge aagiyum oru use um ila… hehehe… last part was hilarious… u rocked it… love u sisy… tc…

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        Abut Neil’s POV..ok let me thnk dear..he is nothing have to do..all was in Sam’s POV. but still i write for you

    2. Sathya

      Thank u meera 🙂 ha ha ha u pointed my fav scene…lol ippavum vida matraane nu oru look. hip massage than highlight…ha ha ha correct ..chance kidachu pugunthu vilayada maatoma enna. lol thanks sissy 🙂

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      Arti..arti…darling thanks a lot for ur lovely words. lol he is always naughty
      thanks a lot dear

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    Its fabulous Sathya.. 🙂 enjoyed each ND every part…specially RaSam’s part…waiting for nxt…loads of love. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Ritu..where were you ? i thought of giving a missing complaint to TU site abut you….hmm happy that you commented now…now again don’t go anywhere. thanks a lot

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      Ha ha ha he is a very good husband yar…does whatever wife asks and did what she did not ask. ha ha ha remote jamm, 😛 :P:P. Arjun & Couch is inseparable. love u too for this sweety words.

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  23. Viprida

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    1. Sathya

      Vipu…lol neenga shonna sariya than irukum 🙂 😛 :P:P. their bond is just started and quiet natural with slow moving. aww Neil is ur sweetheart haa…yep he is good but his mistake is betraying Radhika…so he has to bear the punishment. Precap than konjam kashtama iruku enakum..but what to is needed na. love you too dear 🙂

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      Thank u so much Likii 🙂 RaSam bond is just started. Arjun-Couch ..we can seperate them 🙂

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