Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 19)

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Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 19)

Recap: Radhika ignoring Arjun. Prerna advised Neil to help Rads and he reached Oldage home to meet Radhika.

Neil is walking towards Radhika who is chatting with the people there. He observes her smile but it doesn’t reach her eyes and he knows the reason. He goes behind her
silently and covers her eyes without saying anything. Rads surprised at first but immediately she replies, “Neil?”

Neil keeps a shocking face, “Arey yar…how u identified me?”

Rads, “Is it a big secret or what? I know you are coming here”

Neil makes faces saying, “So what’s up? Looks like enjoying here”

Rads with a fade smile, “Atleast here they are true to me and love me unconditionally. I find peace here and with them”

Neil feels guilty seeing her and thinks to tell her the truth says to about his involvement in bringing Sam to their home but soon he stops that thought and determines
to tell her that once he solves the pbm between her and Sam.

She takes him to the garden and they both sit and having a normal talk. She wants to share her pain to him but somewhere her heart is stopping her to open up…Neil very well understands her and holds her hand for support saying, “Radhika…i am there and i will always be there for you…share your pain with me. What is it now?”

Radhika couldn’t hold her tears anymore and cries badly…Neil is shocked and he really feels bad seeing her in this worse condition which never used to be..he immediately hugs her tightly..pats her and consoling her. He kissed on her head says, “Radhika pls don’t cry yar…i can’t see your tears..pls yar”

Rads somehow control her tears and seperates her from him…wiping her tears says, “It’s ok Neil…i am fine”

Neil, “Sacchi”

Rads smiles saying, “Mucchi”

Both shares a light smile between them. And this is watching by a two pair of eyes…those eyes are burning in anger, jealous, helpless and pain. It’s none other than Arjun..who came to meet his wife and talk to her but when he gives an entry he encountered RaNeil hugging. His blood boils in anger and he holds his fist in anger. He wants to shout at Neil but at the same time he don’t want to hurt Radhika again by shouting at her place. He immediately leaves from there silently.

Neil waits for her to get normal, “Okay..tell me now”

Rads, “I become so weak Neil…because…” she pauses there and turns her face to other side saying, “becuase …. i love Arjun a lot. But i can’t digest the thing which he is hiding from me. Aise kaise baat hai…why he is hiding from me even thought i fought with him so much..even i shifted my room and stays in another…but still he is not getting ready to open up.”

Neil takes her hand in his saying, “Radhu…you believe him right?”

Rads stays silent and he continues, “Why r u silent? I am asking you something”

Rads, “I want to believe him”

Neil, “Want to?”

Rads looks at other side saying, “Looks like day by day my love is getting weaker because of his silence. My doubt is over powering my love”

Neil cups her face saying, “Don’t talk like this Radhika. As far as i know, Arjun loves you so much”

Rads, “No Neil..i doubt it”

Neil, “No..i am sure.He loves you so much..i can see his love for you in his eyes…I am sure there should be some reason for his silence”

Rads, “He did magic to you also? You are also supporting him”

Neil rolls his eyes saying, “You are thinking only that he hidden something from you but just think once why hiding it and that too from his wife..there should be some reason for sure right..he might think that the truth will hurt you badly and he does not want to give that pain to you”

Rads, “Neil…i am ready to bear any pain for him. Without telling to me how can he decide that it will hurt me and why are you keep on supporting him. You are my friend should support only me..not him”

Neil widens his eyes hearing her statement, “Radhu…u r correct…i am supporting my friend..infact friends”

Rads, “Friends?”

Neil, “Hmm…you are my friend and Your husband also my friend na. It’s my duty to solve the misunderstanding between friends right”

Rads makes faces saying, “Just stop boring me Neil”

Neil keeps a pout face like a kid…rads smiles seeing him. They both share cute moment.

At the same time…infact few mins before, the new lady looks for Radhika and is walking in the corridor of her room. She is walking towards the garden to see her and she finds her through the window while talking with Neil. She smiles seeing her and goes out to meet her.

She comes and stands behind Neil and stares her lovingly. Before she calls out her name, the incharger comes and tries to take her inside but she is not going and moving his hands away from her. Rads notices her suddenly and immediately goes to her leaving Neil. Neil is surprised and looks at her the way she is going and before he sees her..Rads stands between him and her and convincing her to go inside and says she will be coming soon.

Neil sits and admiring her care and affection to the people there and smiles saying, “You are pure soul radhika. I did wrong by suporting sam but i will not do it again and i learnt from mistake which i never gonna repeat it. I will be standing by ur side always and it’s my promise for u my dear friend”

Before Neil sees the lady, she sents her with the incharger and comes back to him. They had some normal talks and Neil is leaving from there. He bids bye and gets in his car where in Rads goes inside to meet the lady. Neil is about to leave but he reacted wierdly as if he forgot something.

He gets down and goes inside again to look for Radhika. He enquires the warden there and gets to the room where she is now and walking towards the room on the corridor.

Finally he finds the room and goes inside & calls out her name, “Radhiiii….” he stops in mid and stands in shocked seeing Radhika with the lady whom he is searching for long.

He couldn’t believe his eyes of what he is seeing now and the most shocking thing for him is Radhika is feeding her the food and she is happily having it from her.

His vision gets blurred with the formation of tears in his eyes and it is finding its path through his cheeks. He stands shocked there of not knowing how to react. He immediately goes out before Rads sees him…he runs out and gets inside his car…he starts dialling for Sam…and he lost in thoughts of remembering Sam and her aim…Sam attends the call before he disconnect and hears Sam’s voice, “Hello Neil”

Neil, “Sam”

Sam, “What happened? Y ur voice is choking”

Neil adjusts his throat saying, “Nothing…cold.”

Sam, “Hmm….so why u called me now?”

Neil, “Woh..actually. Nothing…just thought of hearing ur voice. That’s y. I will call you later. Bye”

Sam looks on and says, “Strange”

Neil lets a heavy breathe and immediately goes from there decided that he will not let sam know about it.


After feeding her food, Radhika goes to her room to check some files but anyway her mind is not indulge in those things and adding to that she gets a call from her friend Tintu. She attends the call, “Yeah Tintu”

Tintu, “What you decided Radhu?”

Rads, “What i should decide?”

Tintu, “ forgot? You should decide about your suicide na?”

Rads frowns, “WHAT?”

Tintu, “I mean….suicide plan i am asking”

Rads rolls her eyes, “I haven’t decide it yet”

Tintu, “Means? Decide it fast yar. I am so excited to see this in live”

Rads, “Idiot…i am not doing anything to entertain you. Understand”

Tintu, “Areh Radhu…y am saying is..i have seen this in serials n was full on masti only…but now i am so excited to see it live and that too my dear friend Radhika is gonna do that…how can i not be excited”

Rads, “Tintu…i am warning you now…don’t spoil my mood now. Otherwise i will make a plan to kill you instead of doing my suicide plan”

Tintu gulps, “Sorry ….. actually thought of asking you about the day and timing….so that we will be ready with our arrangements na”

Rads, “I will tell you later. Bye”

She again lost herself n her own thoughts and Neil’s words starts echoing in her mind.


In office, Arjun gets irritated for everything and shows his angry on everyone. Staffs started scolding him outside and it went to Dilip’s ears. He knows why Arjun behaved like that…he goes to his room and looks at the messy room. He looks at Arjun who is leaning on the wall by showing his back to him and his hands are banging the walls mercilessly. Dilip goes to him and looks at his wounded hands..its bleeding.

He touches his shoulder and turns to look at him…Arjun gets shocked seeing Dilip there and hides his hands at the back. But Dilip takes it and looks for First aid box.

Arjun, “It’s ok sir..leave it as it is”

Dilip, “Keep quiet Arjun”

Arjun, “That’s what am doing for past few days”

Dilip stops where he goes and turns back to look at him..but all he see is his painful face. He feels bad seeing him in this state and gets guilty feeling. His voice chokes and he says, “Arjun”

Arjun did not react anything and looks at his bleeding hands and says, “I punished myself for giving a promise to you Sir. I am sorry”

Dilip cries seeing him and he knows why he is saying so…he silently listens Arjun’s words and he knows what he says is completely right.

Arjun continues, “I am hurting my wife…my love…just for the promise you took from me. I thought of saving a Father & daughter relation but spoiling husband & wife relation coz of my one promise”

Dilip, “Arjun…i am really sorry for all the mess in your life”

Arjun, “Mess is there but not in my life. In your daughter’s life. I am sorry to say this Sir…i have a big respect on you still…but its you who created all this mess in your daughter’s life”

Dilip keeps quiet and whatever Arjun says is all valid. He continues, “Everytime when i see Radhika’s tears..i feel like killing myself for hurting a good hearted person who loves me so much and immensely. She is so loyal to me but i am not which hurts me the most. I am missing her a lot every second..every minute..every hours…every day”

Dilip did not say anything and immediately goes out from the room without saying anything but his face shows some determination.

Precap: Rads suicide plan turns worst…Arjun worries…Dilip’s truth out…Neil gets Sam’s mom….Sam whispers “Nandu Maa”.

How is this chappy girls…it is very very short compared to my previous one..but sorry for that…and pls do tell me how is it comments. Hope You all understand Arjun’s pain also and pls don’t scold him yar…i am feeling bad for him…:(

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  1. Jewel

    Sathya, the last part was really emotional… Arjun punishing him self for the promise he gave to Dilip. His words it shows all his pain… U wrote that part beautifully. Precap making me very curious. Post next soon

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Jewel dear. Yeah i thought of giving his POV for long time and it happens in this chapter. Thanku so much for ur lovely words. Will post next soon

  2. Dev

    Radus views dat she shared with neil..n arjuns frustrated views dat he bursted on diilip was too much emotional showed deir love n helplessness clearly…..n u wote d way dat d emotions cud reach us…..fab buddy…..n precap is like a cliff hanger…..update soon buddy……
    Lots of love like always….hugs….pecks

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so so so much Dev dear. Your words are so awesome and yes will update the next soon.

  3. Brin

    Outstanding episode, love it to the core, you rocked it, eagerly waiting for the truth to come out, Sathya you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Brin for ur beautiful words.

  4. Was totally awesome.?? Specially last part where arjun confront Dilip and his mistakes…precap..little worry..?

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much KK dear. Don’t worry…i will post next soon.

  5. Awesome Sathya. Ardhika n you rocked in today’s part.

    1. Sathya

      Thanks a lot Dhara dear 🙂

  6. arti viswanathan

    Marvellous and speechless yaar but I can feel arjun’s pain and radhika should also understand her Arjun’s point of view why he is hiding her dad’s past…. And Filip should tell her everything to Radhika….. Excellent episode….

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much arti dear 🙂 yeah arjun’s POV is painful but it was not aware by Rads na. And no one is feeling her pain also. Dilip will burst out everything in next for sure. Thanks again dear 🙂

  7. Amazing update…totally loved it…. waiting for next one… Post soon….

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Neha dear :). Will post next soon.

  8. Very nice.

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dear 🙂

  9. Rossy

    I really wanted to strangle Dilip now…i mean which kind of father he is…aaargh…so much care for his own reputation in front of her child?? Then why didn’t he think before….Arjun was right…he was killing his own loven his own life for his own stupidity..if only they told radz truth from beginning may be she would forgive them but now it’s seems impossible, even I don’t want her to forget n forgive easily now…neil…seems got sense , even when his truth will be out…m waiting to see what will happen…god…radhu one suggestion from me, pack ur bag n run to Himalayan…all are not caring for u??

    1. Sathya

      My dear sissy…don’t be so angry…shanth ho jao. He loves his daughter but at the same time he don’t have courage to tell the truth to her coz he knows after she knows this then she will not forgive him anytime…Arjun was always right and he hidden this just because Rads should not get hurt. Ok so u want Rads to go somewhere? u know what our mind is going in a same route will post next soon. love u lots

  10. I am so worried for ardhika… tears got in my eyes… aftr seeing precap more excited… update soon dear…

    1. Sathya

      Humera dear…don’t worry. Everything will set in their pace. thank u so much dear. Will update next soon.

  11. Starz

    Di….u r back….loved the post to the care…. waiting for next one eagerly… please update soon.. love you and take care

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much starz dear :). Will update next asap dear

  12. Jessie

    Satzzz…yay!!!! Neil gives hints to Rads… much in this chap…loved it…. sam’s mom is nandu..and ..Arjun part was awesome!! Super dialogues .. dilip uncle open ur mouth…precap scares…she tries the plan..gosh…tintu reminded her…! Loosu paya…waiting 4 nxt…TC.

    1. Sathya

      Jaazz dear…yes Neil will be in safeguarding her and a big support. dilip uncle will burst out everything in next episode. Tintu is always cute yar. Will update next soon dear 🙂 Thank u so much and love you

  13. Nayan

    very nice epi.. feeling sad for arjun and radhika .. they are suffering a lot .. and i hate dilip ,, if he tells truth to radhika aradhika’s relation will not be shattered. and I’m happy that Neil decide to stand with radhika without supporting Sam with her plans .. poor office staff Arjun try to free his anger from them .. it’s really paining to watch arjun is hurting himself for breaking radhika’s trust … hope everything will be fine soon … and thrilling precap .. update soon .. god bless you 😀 😀 😀

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Nayan dear :). You are right if he tells the truth then ardhika relation would have been in better shape but definitely he wouild have lost his daughter for sure..and that’s y he taken arjun’s help. don’t worry evrything wil set right soon. thank u so much dear and will update the next soon.

  14. Aadia

    Akka….I was waiting for this and now my eagerness doubled..Last part was truly emotional.. No more scolding to Arjun..all we want is the truth to be out..and it will happen in the next part..Yup!!Neil pacified Radhika..good boy..But Radhika’s plan turns worst??Waiting for next part akka…loads of love….and TC??

    1. Sathya

      Aadia kutty…thank u so much for ur lovely words dear. Haan pls don’t scold him na..m feeling bad than him..truth will be out for sure in the next and it will be very serious episode with full of twist n turns. hold on ur breathe dear 🙂 and what happen to ur FF m waiting for it eagerly update soon. Love you so much 🙂

  15. Dipika

    Satzzzzz ohhhhh our Arjun is in pain.. Can’t see him like this shattered…. Ohhh god how brilliantly u wrote tht i believed tht ut truly happening there…. Neil.. He is in two srates weather to help radz or not bur as he got a key ? to solve this deadlock.. I m waiting for his move as u mentioned irs coming in next epi…. Dilip is good father as he cared for his sil… ?.. Tintu.. Lol. He wants to see tht drama…. N precap makes me peeped into next chap so fully excited for it.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Sathya

      Dipu darling…you are boost so i will say dipu is the secret of my energy…you never let me feel down and always encouraging me to the highest. Thank u so much for being my friend dear ….love u so much. Neil will be the problem solver now and next will be dhamaka one for sure. Will update next soon.

      1. Dipika

        Omg.. M boost.. Lol u drinks me.. Haha.. Thank u dear for amazing words.. Love u… ? ? ? ?

  16. hai Akka! wow supeov episode and precap also sup and I am eagly waiting for next epi pls soon …neenga romba supera all character udaya feelings exacta solli irukinga. I love it .

    1. Sathya

      Hey dear 🙂 romba romba thanks dear for ur soothing and lovely words. BTW un peru enna?

  17. S.v

    super super andha tintu enakku therinju samoda kaiyalu dhan dai een vazhkaila kabadi een da velayadureenga ? naan paavam illaya ?? dai thagappa idhu nyaya maada (gowndamani dialogue remember) adukumada een da nee panna thappukku een arjun vera maatikitu muzhikaram enakkum onnum theriyadhu adhu vera oru pakkam naan avana padutharen indha latchanathula ungalukku flash backla theme music smoke effect veraya ?? oru vazhya neilukku therinju pochu precap enna een uyirukku super dai tintu unna mattum naa paathen mudinja da nee ….

    sathya sema update lastla romba paavama irundhuchu arjunah paaka avan rendu pakkamum pesa mudiyama irukkan cha enakey romba paavama irukku pls next part soon muhhhaaaa dear and as usual sorry for late comment. love u so much

    1. Sathya

      Tintu apdi sollatha..he is a cute boy u know. don’t worry dear…arjun pain will be sorted out in next chapter for sure and u will have so many unopen secrets gets opened infront of everyone.

  18. nyc one satya 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much neetz

  19. Satz sorry for the late cmmt. Update Attakaasam ? Adhuvida precap innum pyingram po ??? Arjun poi yaaravadhu thituvangla no chance ippodhaikku avan suzhunilai kaidhi paavam.,? ….radhu & tintu convo very funny ?

    Next update seekiram….. Satz

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Naaga dear :). yeah arjun paavam. ok will update next soon.

  20. Hayyo satz….. U are amazing d…. Can’t explain in words…. Especially arjun’s words to dilip…. Its just awesome yaar… No one can understand him like this….. That much u told in this update… Oh my kadavuley…. Namma language la sollanum na….. ”Chumma therikka vituta po.. ”….. I m vry sry for postung late comment… I know…. This s too late… I m sry dear…. Waiting for nxt update?????

    1. Sathya

      Hey Abi dear 🙂 am soooo happy seeing ur comment. wow…no sorry n all…nee epo comment pannalum …am happy but marakkama comment panidu 🙂 next seekirama panidaren dear :) you 🙂

  21. Roma

    Satzzz…my honeyyy. ..I don’t know how I missed this episode. …I was reading the epi 20…..n thx for giving recap…I read n wondered, that when that happened….I searched n realized I missed to read this episode 19…ahhhhgggrrr crazy me….sorry honeyyy. …this epi was really superbbbb. …raneil strong bond n Neil’s determination for being on rads side always n not letting sam hurt her, was really awesome scene….neil saw the lady who he was searching from long time…very good….dilip n arjun’s emotional convo was heart wrenching. ..arjun’s is in miserable state. …he is feeling guilty for hurting his ladylove for his promise to dilip….ahhh….poor ardhika… was really very heart touching episode n worth reading. …I’m so thankful to find out that I missed it…otherwise i missed the very important part of this lovely story. ….keep it up honeyyy….love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug ♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

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