Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 18)

Once again HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL 🙂 Here is the next chapter with little long than prior. Pls read and let me know how is it.

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 18)

Recap: Radhika shifts to another room to stay alone from Arjun. Arjun feels guilty.

Radhika lies on her bed starring the ceiling aimlessly. Her thoughts are completely running around Arjun only..though she tried a lot to stop thinking about him…she couldn’t get success in her try…again and again her mind stucks with his thoughts. A drop of tears falls from her eyes and she murmurs, “Why are hurting me like this Arjun? I love you so much but i cannot tolerate your behaviour. You are hurting me for loving you so much. But now i won’t allow you to continue that” she sits on the bed and dials to her friends.

@ Neil’s Residence,

Neil is sitting in his study room and is thinking something seriously. He looks so serious and lost in some thoughts though his hands are playing with the paper weight on the table. His thoughts gets break when the paper weight falls down and breaks into pieces. He bangs his head and before he bends down to collect the pieces, Prerna his mom, comes there hearing the noise and stares him worriedly. Neil avoids looking at her and collecting the pieces and putting into dustbin.

Prerna walks in front saying, “Why u look worried?”

Neil without looking at her, “Nothing maa…it got slipped from my hand and broken”

Prerna smirks at him, “Everything is getting slipped from your hands Neil…before it falls down and breaks some one’s heart…do something”

Neil looks at his mom’s face who inturn gives him a glare…he couldn’t face her and turns his face. Prerna gets worried, “Why are you doing all this Neil? You know what you are doing is wrong. But still you are continuing that”

Neil with a sad look, “Maa…but Sam wants me to do this. I know whatever am doing or i did is wrong…but Sam believes only me and no one else. I did it only for her”

Prerna gets angry, “If Sam wants to Kill her means…will you do that? Tell me Neil..will you kill the poor Radhika for your Sam?”

Neil is dumb by her question and stands blank without having any answers for her. Tears form in his eyes and he comes to her holding her hand saying, “Maa…i will never do that kind of stupidity in my life. I won’t allow Sam also to do that”

Prerna, “But why are you doing it now?” she pause for a sec looking at him and continues, “You are cheating Radhika..which is equal for killing her”

Neil couldn’t take anymore…holds his forehead and hairs tightly and rubs his face roughly. Prerna comes to him cups his face, “Neil…i know my son will never support for wrong things. I want you to make Sam understand the right and wrong…not to support her wrong doings”

Neil hugs her mom tightly saying, “I will definitely do it Maa. Now, not only Sam..Radhika is also my responsible. I will protect both of them and stands with both…infact i wont allow anyone or anything harm Radhika. It’s my promise”

Prerna smiles happily and hugs him back.


Next day, Rads wakes up early and sits on the bed to look at the couch to see Arjun. But he is not there and for a sec she gets worried of not seeing him but immediately she realises that she is not with him but in another room. The seperation gives her a pain but still she did not want to go back to him unless or untill he spits out the truth to her. She unwillingly gets up and goes to refresh to leave for Oldage Home.

There Arjun sleeps in the couch wakes up and sits straight to take a glance of Radhika in the bed and she is not there.He starts calling her name of not seeing her in

the bed and realises the truth after calls her twice…and no response. He rubs his forehead with irritation and goes to refresh. Both gets ready at the same time and comes out from each room & encounters at the stairs. Rads avoids facing him and Arjun is trying to talk to her but before that she descends down and meets Dilip in the hall. She greets him and tells him that she is leaving for urgent work. She leaves without even having breakfast. Dilip worries seeing her pale face and Arjun’s blank face…he talks to himself, “God..what am i doing? How can i be so selfish being a father? I am spoiling my own daughter’s life just because to hide my truth. I ruined my kids happiness for my sake. I should solve this as soon as possible. I won’t let my radhu’s life at stake.”

He looks at Arjun who is also walking out without having the food. He too goes leaving a sigh and Sam who watches all this from her room doorstep…gives an evil smirk at him. Sam murmurs, “You will suffer more Mr. Dilip. I won’t let you have a peaceful life.”

Radhika drives to the home and gets to know from the warden that the new lady did not eat anything from yesterday. She decides something and fills the plate with the food and goes to her room. She finds the lady still sitting at the same place starring outside and keeps on murmuring saying, “I am sorry…i am sorry”

Rads keeps the food on the table and sits infront of her. She slowly holds her chin and makes her turn to look at her. The lady is looking at her blankly and tears forms in her eyes. Rads gets some unknown feelings seeing her and worries seeing her tears..she stops it in her cheeks before it falls down. She wipes it saying, “Maa…why u are not eating anything? See what i have got you? But before that you have to refresh na..shall we go?”

That lady is surprised, shocked and confused seeing Rads sweet gesture and continues starring her. Radhika smiles looking at her asking, “What happen?”

Lady in a slow tone, “Who are you?”

Radhika spontaneously, “Your daughter”

Lady is shocked and her body gets stiffen hearing her reply and asks, “You are my daughter?”

Rads smiles saying, “I mean..i will call the middle aged ladies as Maa only. They are like my mom…that’s y i said like that”

Lady is still starring her and rads somehow makes her get up and takes her to washroom to refresh. After sometime, she starts feeding the food which she brought for her. That lady eats the food silently by starring rads face. Rads gets disturbs coz of her intense glare but ignores it. She calls the doctor to come and check her health. All the basic formalities and health check is over…she takes her outside to the garden and introduces to other people in the home and makes her talk with them normally. She stays with them till noon and leaves to her home.


@ Misra residency

Radhika waits for her friends in the hall..she does cat walk here and there waiting for them and gets tensed. Sam comes out from her room gets ready to go out..gets shocked and surprise seeing rads at unusual time and too with lot of tension in her face. Rads too notices her but ignores talking to her. Sam smirks asking, “What happen? You at home now?”

Rads already in frustration and gets irriated by her question, “Why? Do i need to get your permission to come home at this time?”

Sam is taken aback and raises her both hands towards her saying, “ I just asked”. She rolls her eyes and goes out but encounters with her friends and especially with Tintu who looks at his mobile down and walking inside…bumps into Sam and falls on the floor on top of her. He is just mesmerised seeing her beauty and blinks his eyes like butterflies behind his spectacles..his mouth gets wide with a smile seeing her.

Sam gets angry and irritated seeing him not at moving..she with full force pushes him other side and gets up with annoying look. Tintu also gets up but gets attacked by Sam’s scoldings. She scolds him saying blind…idiot..stupid and so many phrases but nothing is audible for him. He just stands like a deaf starring at her. She gets irritated seeing him and goes out after losing her energy in scolding him.

All these are watched by Rads and her friends..the walk to Tintu who is still in dreamland..she turns his ears harshly to make him scream and he did as she expected.
Rads, “What are you doing?”

Tintu, “Radhu..who is she? I did not see her before? She is so beautiful right”

Rads gives him a death glare and rolls her eyes…going to her room followed by her friends. They get inside and locks it.

Rads is walking here and there and is in deep thinking. Her friends scattered in the room sitting everywhere and in serious thinking mode.

Rads looks at them and rolls her eyes saying, “I called you all to suggest some ideas … not to sit like this”

Atleast others were thinking but Tintu still lost in Sam’s thoughts and stares somewhere with a smile on his face. Rads notices it and throws a pillow on him and starts beating him. She pours her anger on the poor tintu while the other girls sits numb and watching angry bird radhika with open mouth.

Rads leaves him and breathes heavily..she composes herself and sits on the couch looking at them.

Rads, “Any idea?”

Her friend Lucy, “Woh..woh…woh”

Rads with annoying face, “What Woh..woh?”

Lucy with fear, “Nothing. M still thinking”

Meanwhile Tintu composes him and adjusts his dress and specs comes to Rads, “I have an idea”

Rads gives him a sharp look, “You will know the consequences..if it is not worth”

Tintu gulps saying, “Divorce”

All the girls bangs their heads and they comes to know that rads will not leave him alive and when she is about to raise hand on him Tintu screams, “Areh yar..just do the divorce drama”

Rads confused, “What?”

Tintu, “I mean…just black mail him that you are going to divorce him. If don’t want divorce then tell him to spit the truth”

Rads thinks for a while, “If he signs the divorce paper?”

Tintu spontaneously, “Will submit the paper in court”

Rads shocked shouting, “WHAT?”

Tintu blinks saying, “I mean..not all real radhu…everything is fake. Even that divorce paper itself is fake”

Rads is not convinced and says, “You don’t know about him…he might sign the paper…but he wont tell the truth”

Tintu, “Hmmm..then the second idea is Suicide”

Rads, “Are you taking any revenge on me? or Planning to close me?”

Tintu, “Areh..buddu…blackmail…blackmail. Just do acting that you will cut your nerves if he is not opening up the secret. He cannot leave you to cut your nerves na. So definitely he will say the truth”

Rads gets into thinking saying, “What is the guarantee that he will say?”

Tintu, “If he loves you deeply..then he will not let you die so easily”

Rads, “What if he not?”

Tintu gets irritated now, “What you wanna know radhika?”

Rads, “I mean..what if he is not bulging for anything…then i should cut my nerves na…then i will die for real”

Tintu, “Are you mad or what? We will give you fake knife only. So don’t worry nothing will happen to you.”

Rads gets convinced and discuss to do execute their plan at right time.


Nesam meets in the Restuarant for Lunch and sits opposite to each other. Sam observes Neil’s confusion and tensed look. She breaks the silence asking, “What’s running in your mind Neil?”

Neil looks at her sighs saying, “How to stop you from ruining Radhika’s life?”

Sam laughs saying, “Don’t joke Neil”

Neil with a serious tone, “Am not Joking Samaira. I am serious and i really want you to stop hurting Radhika”

Sam with unbelievable look, “Hey C’mon yar….i never hurted radhika…it’s all her lovely dad and husband is doing it”

Neil, “But the real reason is you Sam. Dilip uncle doesn’t want to tell the truth to her just because she will hate him to the core and Arjun..poor guy he gave promise to him and not worrying about his own life”

Meanwhile the food they ordered came and Sam without wasting a sec…starts having it.

While dumping the food , “What should i do for that? Nothing is in my hands. All Arjun and Dilip has to open their mouth and tell to Radhika”

Neil, “Shut Up Sam. First of all tell me..why u wanna go and stay there? You don’t need them Sam. Come to me..we will start our life. My mom is there to bless us”

Sam drops the spoon from her fingers saying, “But where is my Mom Neil?. I lost her and still searching. My heart is pondering with lot of wounds Neil…you can’t hear them. I hide all my pains inside my heart and acting infront of everyone…even with you. No one can understand my pain what i have gone through. For all of these pain…only Mr. Dilip Mishra has to answer it. If he is not ready the he should be more courage to see his lovely daughter’s life spoiling infront of his eyes. You know what…i never seen such a coward father like him. At time…even i felt bad seeing her crying but her so called dad…he plastered his mouth with a full tube of feviquick i guess…not ready to open up. But i will not leave him so easily Neil…i don’t care if u not support me..i will do my self what i want to do”

She gets up from her place and tells him, “Pay the bill and come to parking” by saying this she goes from there.

Neil closes his eyes and keeps his hands on forehead to support and rubs it. Then he also leaves from there paying the bill. Nesam leaves from there and while inside the car..both maintains silence and Neil breaks it now, “What are you thinking?”

Sam turns to window and looks outside saying, “How to kill you”

Neil jerks and puts a sudden break starring her with scary look, “Sammy…you wanna kill me? Really?”

Sam hardly controlling her smile and turns his side by giving a firm look saying, “Yes Mr. Idiot. I really wanna kill you now for spoiling my mood and date”

Neil smiles widely with his cute dimple leans towards her saying, “I will make it right now..come baby”

Sam laughs and puts her forefinger on his dimple saying, “I love this dimple yaar…only this makes you look cute. Otherwise you are not worth to even sight” by saying this she pushes him back and retorts him to move.

Neil makes face and continues driving. He drops her two lanes before rads house and leaves from there.


Rads sits in her room thinking how to execute their suicide plan. She holds her head and feels like it pains. She comes down to have a strong coffee but meets Arjun in the dining table having Tea given by the maid. He too looks at her and his body, face everything immediately reacts when he see her walking towards the table. She sits infront of him and tells kaka to get coffee for her. Till that time, she avoids the eye contact and plays in her mobile.

Arjun finds very difficult to initiate the talk…anyways atlast he is also a man right…Ego slightly peeping its head on him which makes him struggle a lot to talk to her. But somehow he dumps the ego inside him and tells her name, “Radhika”

Before she reacts..kaka comes saying, “Beta…coffee”. She smiles at him and responds saying, “Thank u so much Kaka”. He goes inside making Arjun angry at him. Arjun keeps the cup on the table with little heavy noise..try to make her look at him…but she is not bulging for anything and silently have her coffee while playing with her mobile. He waits for her till she finishes but to his shock..she immediately goes from there after coffee and he too follows her. She almost runs to her room and locks it before he catches her.

Arjun leaves a sigh seeing the locked door and stands there for some time but she too knows him and is not ready to open the door at any cost. Then he goes from there to other room..feeling dejected of not able to talk to her. That day night also went like that without having any talk with anyone…she tells kaka to get her food also to her room itself.

Next day, She calls Neil and tells him to meet her at the oldage home. Neil also accepts and leaves to meet her.

Radhika reaches there early and waits for Neil..meantime she chats with the elders there and helps them. Neil comes to the place where she mentioned and finds her talking with them nicely but he observes her that her smile did not reach her eyes and it still has lot of worries. He feels sad for her and decides saying, “If i find her then all the problems will be solved. Only she can control Sam now”. He walks towards Radhika with a gentle smile by inserting his goggles on his shirt below his neck.

Precap: The lady is walking out searching Radhika by chanting her name. RaNeil is sitting in the garden bench and talking. Lady comes and stands behind Neil calling Radhika.

How is this chappy girls…Hope you all like it. For me it is little big than my usual length. I am sorry for taking it long time to post…asking sorry in every episode but what to do..time doesn’t permit…m trying to maintain equal gap for my other ffs also. I will try to post next episode within this week itself probably on Saturday. Pls do read this and give your comments for the same.

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  1. Jnana

    So Sam is rads sis….. May or may not be step….. That lady…. May be her mom…. Again may or may not be step….. Weird guess…. What’s dilip dealing with? Suicide plan….. Wanna really very badly read. That….. Tintu adding fuel to the fire was awesome…. Arjun’s acts….. Treat to watch…… Next one soon…..

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Jnana…you only have all the options May r May be not. Dilip is scared now and that’s y not revealing anything to Rads. LOL Suicide plan will be funny but inturn it will be serious coz of confusion. Stay tune…i ll post soon.

    2. Sathya

      And yeah..update your vampire story fast.

  2. Starz

    Di this was very fast… loved it to the core…. waiting for next one excitedly…. love you and take care

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Starz dear. Is it looks like fast. I felt i m dragging it ..ok then i ll make it slow 😛 Love you too a lot 🙂

  3. S.v

    aahhaaaaa muduchutiye maaa een arjun vaya thorandhu sonna enna unga magudam erangiduma ?? neeyum love pandralla aparam enna solla vendiyadhu dhaney naan un kita enna keten (vazha pazha comedy kanakka dhan irukku) oru vartha enna irukku unakkum samukkum dhaney nee enna sonna adhanga idhu argh ??? seri neil and prena covo was realistic ivarey ella kozhapathayum pannuvaram ivarey adha rectifyum pannuvaram dai adhu een vazhka da…… kadhayoda ondriten adhan indha effect.
    SAthay my dear muhhhaaaaa muhhhaaaaa muhhhaaa ayyayyoo sema update andha amma yaaru avargalukum radhikavirkum enna sammandham ?? Avargal varugayal radhikavin vazhkayil thendral veesuma alla puyal veesuma idhai therindhu kollah thodarndhu inaindhirungal enemity to love season 2 vil. Ipdi oru promo potomnu vaiyiie pichukum. aamam andha tintu yaaru samoda kaiyalha idea ellam vevagarama solraney yov ivan baatukku edhavadhu unmayana kathiya kuduthu awwwww im scared lol u know me illa so neeye sollu. but pesu ok mouna veradhamla veliya vechuko inga venam lol. possessive radhika rofl. love u soo soo much sathya unnoda updateirukaga vazhi meedhu vizhi vaithu kaathirikiren. Love u so much

    1. Sathya

      Arjun vaaiya antha dilip katti potutan. So don’t blame him. prerna will be light for Neil who makes him to come right path now and she will always be supportive for Sam also since she knows Sam’s pain but will never allow her to do wrong things. Neil is rectifying things … he was blind in Sam’s love la..athan avasarapatutan. Ipo thelinjitan. lol

      antha amma pathi innum two episode la vanthidum ..but athukulla shock aagatha…innum neraya twists iruku. Rads life la oru periya twist iruku..athu Dilip ku kooda theriyathu…antha amma ku matum than therium. So fingers crossed and wait for the next

      1. S.v

        seri andha promova poturlama ?? nalla irukka illa innum pannanuma ?? sollu arjun ??

    2. Sathya

      Promo lam onnum venam ma…ithuve pothum. Seri Connection post panitiya?

      1. S.v

        illa nalaikku dhan seri moraikadha some ardhika scenes irukku unga alavukku ilatnalum konjamavadhu rrrrrrrrrromanticah poda venama ?? adhan manda kaaying

      2. Sathya

        LOL…ok am waiting

  4. Dipika

    Satz it’s awesome like always
    ….the way aradhika both get up n searched for each other was the winning scene from today episode.. Tht depicted how deeply they love each other…m really sad for radz..bechari without having any fault shr was suffering the most…arjun..bol do yarr
    .haha..i just like this guy tintu..haha..dreamland.. Lol..n ideas.. Ek se ek
    ……m still laughing.. Sam’s words touched… Neil gonna meet next will be rocking one na..u described all the things so splendidly… Love u tons.. Muhha

    1. Sathya

      Thank u my darling…yeah ardhika is pity here compare to others. Arjun is tied by promise yar. dilip is like his god father and he will never break his promise. Don’t worry Dilip itself will tell her the tuth. Yes Tintu is so cute na lol…he will be behind Sam now..he he he which makes neil angry n jealous. so many things are there to frame it up. Well not immediately neil will meet the lady but soon it will happen. Love you so much dear 🙂

  5. Brin

    Outstanding episode, I think Sam and Radhika share the same mother, so I think there full sisters, eagerly waiting to fine out the truth. Sathya you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Brin. Well possibilities r there. I can only say May be or May be not. I ll post the next soon.

  6. Jewel

    this chapter is a nice one sathya… ardhika scenes are nice, they loves each other a lot. feels sad for rads and arjun. they both do any mistake then also they are suffering. And that tintu’s ideas suicide and divorce. Nesam, i also like neil’s dimple smile a lot …. precap, it increases my curiosity, neil please turn and see sam’s mom plz… post next soon…

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Jewel and don’t worry will make them one soon. Will post next on Saturday for sure.

  7. Mica

    Saathuuuu… huh! separation everywhere,,, huhuhuhu

    1. Sathya

      LOL…Mica not everywhere…thanks dear 🙂

  8. arti viswanathan

    Satya very nice dear…. I liked it. U should reveal all the problems ASAP dear….

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much arti. Yes i ll reveal it one by one dear. Don’t worry all will go well.

  9. Rossy

    First of all sissy I have a request for u…can u keep that??? Keep or not, but I’ll say sure…make radz bring that lady to her home and let Sam and Dilip to witness that lady loved, preferred radz above them…only listen to her…then only Sam understand something and Dilip can spill out beans…aargh…prerana was superb…neil…huh…served right…if Sam told him to kill…will he??? I also don’t like him…Arjun ??? I don’t even want to talk about him….all in all radz face problems and torment, mental weakness without did anything….for that thing, I want to punish each of them…huh….??…but don’t worry…u r superb sissy…sissy….??

    1. Sathya

      He he he…request? Actually Sissy you read my mind and this was what i was also thinking keeping the next plot. We both are thinking in a same way at times Sam will soon understand and you will see the love of Sam on Rads soon. don’t worry. Dilip spill out by rads act. Prerna will never ever allow Neil to harm radhika and even if Sam would have asked also he will not do that. Don’t worry he will be the saviour now for rads. Thank u so much for ur comments dear

  10. Jessie

    Satz…idhu aniyayam…!! U still keep them away…I scrolled till the last 2 see at least one word as Arjun and Radhika…but Noooo….Okay…now…wonder how Sam is related 2 dilip..
    illegitimate daughter or some relation…why he still hides it from Rads…Arjun became d scape goat….unoda love ku Satz periya interval vitanga..poda..poda….Neil…nee vaada1..vaada…. Neil in action…super.. Tintu in his la la land…lol….and wat a idea sirji….will she execute those..!! Waiting 4 nxt….love u and TC….

    1. Sathya

      Jaazzz seperation needed here dear. Rads is a strong girl but love makes her weak and if she is still infront of Arjun she will never gather courage …so only i seperated her and now on you can see old radhu who make him go mad. I will get her old role back. Dilip has a reason for it…coz he did one mistake earlier and he knows that Rads will not like those that’s y. Thanks dear 🙂

  11. Gauri

    Sathya darling this was so good and mesmerizing…..Prerna loved her words….Poor tintu…full lattoo on Sam….Dilip should speak…and Arjun Radhika…aww even the silence irritation and anger is so romantic between them…..bechara buwi ke gusse ka mara… 😀 hoping Neil to take some good action …loads of love stay blessed

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Gauri…missing u lot in chat dear. Ardhika will always be cute in whatever mode they are. Yes Now Neil will be supporting Radhika and tries to stop Sam in provoking Rads.

  12. mindblowing …..eagerly waiting next one………update soon…love uuuuuu….tc

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Subha dear.

  13. Amazing Satz, thanks for the long update.

    And satz yeppa Ardhika fight mudiyum podhummmmm, yennakku cute Ardhika scenes vendum pls….

    OK satz Saturday kaga wait panren…post it.

    1. Sathya

      Thanks Naaga. Ardhika fight mudiya innum konja scenes iruku. Don’t worry once problem solved then Ardhika ku jolly scenes than irukum.

  14. Gajab!!!!

    1. Sathya

      Thank u ritu dear

  15. Meen

    Sathya it was another one of ur perfect shot…..this one was toooooo good….I loved d moment when aradhika woke up & looked for each other……so Sam is her sister….I really likelike tintu……loads of kisses & huggs….muuuha

    1. Sathya

      Hey meen… After a long time seeing ur comments giving me a spl energy dear. Don’t disappear again okay.. .. Love u dear for ur lovely comments

  16. Roma

    Satzzzz…my lovely sweeeeeetheart sissy. ..very awesome episode. …ardhika in very tough stage of their life….both immensely love each other but dilip’s secret keeping them away n creating lots of misunderstandings. …ahhhh…n rads planning to do suicide drama…lol…I loved tintu’s suggestions n rads annoyance on him….was hilaaaaaaarious scene……neil n prerna convo was soothing n giving us hope…but Sam’s outrage keeping her adamant on her decision. …uffff…that old lady n rads bonding was very heart touching. ..precap is very interesting…..will neil see that old lady n recognise her??…I’m very curious to know. …keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads my sweeeeeetheart. …muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug 🙂 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much roma dear…. Yes almost nearing the secret…. Next episode is already posted…. U ll know what happened next in that…. N love u so much for ur lovely comments

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