Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 15)

Thank you all for ur lovely comments. Sorry i couldn’t reply individually coz of my tight schedule and evn i am finding tough time to write the ff and that’s y it is delaying. Sorry for making you all wait for so long.

Let’s get into today’s chapter.

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 15)

Recap: RaSam meet, RaNeil’s plan, Arjun & Dilip gets shocked seeing Sam in their house.

Arjun goes to Sam’s room and confronts her.

Arjun, “Why u came here when i told you not to?”

Sam casually sits on the bed saying, “Listen Arjun, i dint come here by my wish and it’s your wife who got me here forcefully. So better ask her..not to me”

Arjun, “But how can you not stopping yourself from coming here?”

Sam, “Why should i Arjun? Are you understanding what you are saying?”

Arjun keeps mum seeing her and Sam continues, “Arjun, instead of questioning me just go and ask your stubborn wife. She will answer your doubts”

Arjun, “Listen Samaira, i really don’t want any problem in this house and that’s y i kept you secretly. Ok Now you came here but still radhika did not know anything so far and you should maintain that. You promised me that you will not reveal the secret about yourself to her. Remember?”

Sam laughs saying, “When others are not keeping their promise then why should i have to?” she stops and continues, “I have to sleep now. So will you please?” she points him the door and goes towards her bed.

Arjun sighs and goes out from the door, he locks it and turns to go but gets shocked seeing radhika standing infront of him starring angrily.

Arjun is about to say something but Radhika interrupts him saying, “You went to meet her in your flat secretely, i brought her here because to stop your secret relationship but here also you are doing the same thing. What were you doing in her room at this time?”

Arjun wants to bang his head on the wall for hearing her stupid questions but he has to control his emotions. He looks straight at her and says, “I already told you that you have to trust me and don’t ask anything”

Rads spontaneously, “I don’t trust you, now tell me everything”

Arjun did not expect this immediate response from her and keep on looking her. Rads waves her hand on his face saying, “I asked you something. You will answer me or like before you will walk out”

Arjun smirks, “You have the answer” he walks out from there leaving her frowning at him.

Rads looks at the locked door with tearful eyes and goes inside with lot of hesitation.

She looks at the empty and searches for Sam, but she comes out from washroom by wiping her face and gives an unbelievable look at Radhika saying, “Husband & Wife don’t have any other work is it? Apart from spying me?”

Rads, “I am not here to spy you but i want to know who are you and why Arjun is so concerned about you?”

Sam smirks seeing her worried face, “You should ask this to your so called husband. And you know what i can’t tell you anything coz Arjun took a promise from me not to let you know anything about me and relationship we share”

Rads, “what is there to hide in your is clearly shown that he was meeting you secretly in his flat which tells that you both are having illegal affair”

Sam for a sec gets shocked and feels pity seeing her but immediately she changes herself and thinks to tease rads more saying, “Don’t insult our love as illegal affair. You cannot understand what we feels for each other actually he was correct… you are not match for him. Bechara Arjun…now he is finding peace with me”
Sam smirks seeing her face changing colors for all her statements. She feels bad seeing her but at the same time she thinks that Radhika is the only person to pour her vengence now.

After hearing what Sam said rads is broken inside and tears oozing from her eyes of unable to bear it. Sam comes to her stares her from top to toe saying, “You are born & brought with silver spoon you cannot understand my feelings but i can see your pain. The pain of betrayal by your loved one. I know how much it hurts you.” she wipes her tears with her finger saying, “Don’t spoil your peace by thinking unnecessary things. I really have to sleep now. So pls go now”

Rads without saying going from there with heavy heart and marches towards her room but there she finds Arjun sleeping on bed by hugging the pillow. She changes her dress and sleeps on the couch. Their room occupied the darkness and hides their love in it.



Next Morning, Arjun wakes up and looks at the other side bed which is empty..he gets panic and immediately gets up. But after seeing rads on the couch he gets relaxed little and rushes to the couch before she falls down. Rads in deep slumber, she turns other side and is about to fall down but Arjun catches her in the nick of time. She opens her eyes and stares him for a sec, then she pulls herself away and gets up on her own. She is about to move from there but Arjun holds her wrist and stops her, “Y r u doing all this? Pls listen to me…all this will give you only pain. Don’t take all this in your head and stress yourself”

Rads looks at him saying, “OK i will leave this only, if you tell me everything about that girl and your relation with her”

Arjun gives an unbelievable look and without saying anything goes to washroom. Rads feels bad seeing him and drop of tears comes out from her eyes.

Arjun gets ready for office and comes down to living hall, there he meets Dilip in the dining table, he looks very upset and he knows the reason too. He wishes him and sits for breakfast. Both Arjun & Dilip gets shocked seeing Sam coming out from Kitchen and keep the food in the table.

She smiles at them saying, “I prepared today’s breakfast. Pls have it..taste and tell me”

Dilip is about to get up but she stops him saying, “You cannot leave the food like this and go. I cooked with lot of love. Pls have it”

Arjun keeps his hands on him and signs him to sit and have it. He obliges him and sit at his place, where Sam starts serving the food herself to Dilip and Arjun.

While serving to Arjun, Radhika comes down and looks both…infact jealous. All her angry and jealous turns towards Arjun who did not give any reaction when Sam stands close to him and serving him the food. She goes there and tries to sit beside Arjun but before that Sam sits there and starts having the food. Rads feels humiliated and more than that she feels dejected seeing Arjun did not say anything and silently having his food. But Dilip feels bad seeing his lovely daughter, he calls her beside him…but she goes out saying she is not feeling hungry.

Sam looks at her rushing out, she gives a victory smile and stares Dilip who is also starring her with an accusing look. Sam smirks seeing him and is having her food without any guilty.

Radhika meets Neil at the same beach restaurant and pours her heart out. He consoles her and tells her to stay strong. Rads suddenly thought something and says, “Neil..i guess i made a mistake of having Sam in my home…atleast in home Arjun would be with me and morning only he used to go there and meet her secretly…but now they both are meeting often and even having food together. I think i made a blunder taking your advice” she finished saying it by looking at him angrily.

Neil is speechless hearing her accusations on him..he closes his mouth in shock saying, “Radhika…you are turning the plate to me now. We implemented this plan after you said OK. So don’t blame me ok. You are also part of their closeness”

Rads blinks at him and realises what she said and replies, “I am sorry Neil. I just bursted out something in anger. But i dint mean it”

Neil makes her lean on his shoulder and pats her head saying, “It’s ok..i know you told tht in frustration. I can understand. But think what we need to do now?”

Rads, “ are a detective only na…y can’t u do ur detective work on Sam”

Neil gives her a stern look with his signature dimple smile and nods his head saying, “Before that i should see her first. How you gonna make me meet her?”

Rads thinks for a sec and says, “I will arrange a party in my home and will invite you for that. There you can meet her”

Neil, “Well, not a bad idea”

RaNeil have continued their talks for sometime and leaves from there. But all these are watched by a pair of eyes with full jealousy none other than Arjun who unfortunately came to the same place with his clients to have business meet and followed by a lunch. He accidently saw Rads and Neil talking to each other..he did not feel jealous but the time when Rads leaned on Neil’s shoulder…there his manhood arises and starts burning in jealous. He called by his PA in the mid for the meeting otherwise he would have gone to them and drags her from his clutch.


Radhika goes to her home in the night after spending whole day in Oldage home. She finds no one in home and goes to kitchen to have water…while coming out she sees Sam walking in with her hand full of bags and she is talking to someone happily on the mobile. She urges to find to whom she is talking but controls her emotions and starring her continuously till she goes to her room.

After an hour, Arjun & Dilip comes home, Arjun rushes to his room and opens the door with a thud. Rads who was on call with Neil gets jerk seeing and stares him. Arjun bolts the door and throws his mobile and on the bed, walking towards her. Rads gets up from the sit-out in the balcony and murmurs in the call, “Vl call you later”

Rads comes out and moves towards the door to go out, but Arjun pulls her towards him by holding her wrist. She falls on him with a jerk and trembles to stand straight. She feels pain in her hand coz of his grip and struggles to let free from him. She stops moving when he asks, “Where you been in the morning?”

Rads looks at his eyes straightly and understands that he saw her with Neil. Her expression shows some determination in her face and with full attitude she replied him, “It doesn’t matter for you and you don’t have right to question me?”

Arjun pulls her more close saying, “I have…Only i have full rights on you. No one else can question me on this. And it matters me the most coz you are my WIFE. Did you get it?”

Rads gives him a terrific look, “Okay and tht you remembered now only right? I heart it correct. Man can do any thing..he can talk to N number of girls and gives the reason Friends. But when a girl talks to his brother also…she will be doubted by him. And that’s what you are doing now”

Arjun holds her tightly and they both share an intense eyelock for a min, he then says, “Radhika…this is not your nature. You are well matured girl and who can understand others feelings also. But whatever you are doing now is just to provoke me right?”

Till now radhika did not think about it but when Arjun told that..she did not want to say No and immediately she replied as “YES”. Immediately she pushes him and goes out to hall calling her dad continuously.

Dilip comes out with tension and so as Sam too. Arjun stands behind Radhika with tension face. Rads looks at everyone and says, “Tomorrow i have arranged a party in home in the evening and i want all of you to be there. Especially you Samaira”. She did not wait for anyone and goes inside her room. Arjun & Dilip shares something through their eyes which was noticed by Sam and smirks seeing them.

Before Arjun comes and asks her something, she falls on the couch and acts like sleeping. Arjun looks at her and decides not to disturb her … he also goes and sleep on the bed by starring her.

Sam smiles thinking about the chaos in this home and says to herself, “This is not enough for me. I want more”


Next day Radhika wakes up early and goes down to inform the servant about the party and tells them to do the preparation for that. She gets herself busy in the arrangement and avoids facing Arjun. After sometime Arjun & Dilip gets ready and is about to go to office, radhika stops them but looking at Dilip she said, “Dad, i have invited my friends EVERYONE for tonight’s party. So be early to home today and don’t give any damn excuses” Dilip smiles and plants a kiss on her forehead saying, “Sure beta. I will”. Arjun understands when she pressed the word everyone…he did not say anything but silently follows dilip. Rads stares him and goes inside. Sam is watching them with so much of hatred in her eyes…unknowingly a drop of tears falls and she controls herself a lot.

@ Party time,

Dilip & Arjun came to home early and gets ready for the party. Rads also got ready in the party wear gown instead of Saree. Arjun looks at her surprisingly, “You always wear Saree for the party right?”

Rads doing touch up on her face and looks at him via mirror saying, “My friend wants me to be in this dress and so i am”

Arjun folds his fist in anger which is noticed by Rads but did not show it. The maid comes and informs her that guests are started coming. Rads finishes her final touch and goes down to invite the people. Arjun doesn’t want her to go alone…he also tailing her to the living hall. He saw her chatting with her friends and is about to go but a hand stops is none other than Sam. She also wears a beautiful knee length party wear holding his hand saying, “I am alone and don’t know any one. Pls accompany me”

Arjun couldn’t say No and yes the she is right. She don’t know anyone except them and not in sync with dilip & Rads. he is the only person who is talking to her well and she is responsing him in a same way. He stands there itself but his eyes are always on Radhika. Where ever she goes his eyes follows her and observes her each and every activity. Sam too observes him and his sight on rads…a spark of jealous comes on her face thinking, “Everyone needs only Radhika here”.

She entwines her hands into his and walks in the party…Rads and her friends noted this and gets shocked seeing them walking like a pair. Rads is furious and is in the verge of crying but she gets disturbed by a familiar voice Neil. He comes inside and gives her a bone crushing hug saying, “Sweet are dazzling today. Stunning beauty you are..oh my god..if i would have known that you are this much beautiful then i would have not left you earlier. Shit i missed you yar”

Rads smiles seeing his reactions and looks at Arjun who is burning in jealousy at his extreme. Sam who is holding his arms feeling a stiffness in his body, she looks at him wierdly and follows his sight where it lands on RaNeil who is talking with full smile and rads is still in his arms. Arjun’s muscles are stiffening seeing them happily, he is grinning his teeth angrily.

All starts enjoying the party, where rads introduces Neil to her other friends. Rads left Neil with them and goes to look for other guests. Arjun also releases himself from Sam and goes behind Radhika to confront her. Neil also excuses himself from them and goes to lawn saying he got a call.

Neil goes near fountain and searches for some one. He gets alerted feeling a pat on his shoulder, he slowly turns back to see who it is and gets relaxed seeing the person. He hugs the person with lot of love saying, “I miss you so much Sam”

Sam, “Me too”

Precap: Arjun kissess Radhika forcefully and tries to get intimate with her.


That’s it for today. So girls how is the chappy and pls tell me your views for the same. If it is very short then am really sorry….i am able to write only this much for today. Next i will give it on Saturday for sure.

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  1. Starz

    hi sathya di…awesome post..loved it to the core…so nesam know each other?…interesting….why do i feel sam is rads sister{ just a feeling}…eagerly waiting for next one…love you and take care

    1. Even I feel tht she is her sister!!!

      1. Sathya

        You will know everything in another few episodes

    2. Sathya

      Thank you Starz dear 🙂 yes Nesam knows each and in the future episodes you will know why they are doing all this.

  2. Dev

    Oooh soo nesam….n arju jealous
    …hihihi……keep going buddy

    1. Sathya

      Thank you so much buddy 🙂

  3. Wow the END was something
    ……….loved plz be soon can’t wait

    1. Sathya

      Thank you so much Shreya. Next is on Saturday

  4. Dipika

    Satzzzz this is super n marvelous much badly i wanted rads to be stay strong.. N today i got to see tht .n arjun looks too cute whn he geys jealous…. M so happy now. But wht bomb u dropped at the end stating tht nesam knew each othr already .omg now m sooo confused means in good way….tht how come this gng to happn..meeting neil at Beach to rads is not coincidence na..whts nesam head is spinning.. N precap ..seems romance is soon..muhha

    1. Sathya

      Dipu darling…thank you dear. Initially she was much strong but love melts her heart but still often her originality peeps out here. Yes Arjun is very cute in jealous mode. Ha ha ha yeah that is a big surprising for me too. After finished writing even i felt surprise seeing that i made Nesam together 🙂 :P. Whether it is for good or bad you will know soon. Yeah Arjun is one nut who will do all nasty things coz of his jealousyness.

  5. OMG:::Neil and Sam are together in this plan??? what is cooking??? eagerly waiting on next one…please please update soon…it was good one…but looks like next will be dhamaka…

    1. Sathya

      Thank you Krishna dear :). Yes Nesam is together and you will soon know what is their plan. Next one is having romedy with ardhika.

  6. RinaSivaguru

    Wow…. Superb Sathya….. Neil and Sam together is really shocking…. Want to know more how they know each other….. update soon…..

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much rina dear :). Yeah you will know everything soon about them

  7. Brin

    Awesome episode, I have a feeling that Sam and Radhika are sisters, is Neil and Sam working together to cause problem to Ardhika? Eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u brin. Even i have a feeling 😛 😛 :P. vl see everything soon

  8. Gummiebear

    Omg!!!!…so much u make me wait sathya di….I was actually getting a feeling deep down that I’ll see your update today…Thankfully my instinct z r8…I loved it too much…Radhika making arjun jealous… Jealous angry young man z always a treat to watch Di… Nesam together…. I think Sat u have a big revealation….I m waiting eagerly… Di sat z not that far but still one night and one day to go….hehehehe approximately 38 hrs…hehehehe this girl z crazy for your update… Love you…muaaaaaaaah… Tc??

    1. Sathya

      Thank yu suppu..ha ha ha your instinct is getting right.Sat not a revelation n all but u will enjoy the next epi for sure.

  9. Myra What just happened?????!!!
    Shitttt!!!! Akkkkkkaaaaaa…..nesam know each other? What kind of plan is that??
    Precap left my mouth hung open.
    What the hell is happening?????

    Satz ka, splendid update ….please update soon… before saturday if time permits. I can hardly wait.
    Love you loads ??

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Myra dear 🙂 yes dear Nesam knows each other. I will update surely on Saturday…seriously i don’t have time dear

  10. Jessie

    Satzz..u rocked it ya…my god…!! Nesam knew each other… ada paavi Neilu!! Dilip and Arjun..vaaya thoranga pa…!! Jealous Arjun!! Hahaha… Nesam wants Rads to know the secret..that’s y provoking her, I guess… short a.. no…no.. wats tat precap..
    Come on.. Rads.. make him spill the beans…this piece is so awesome Satz.. I tell u.. continue like this…Kept us so engrossed..??. TC n loads of love

    1. Sathya

      Jaaz my darling..thank u so much dear. Ha ha ha yes adapaavi Neilu ..mind voice “neeyuma”.
      Jealous arjun is always cute 😛 😛 :P. Nesam wont blurt out anything to rads but yes provoking her. Thank yo so so much dear 🙂

  11. Staz….. Obviously no words…. Yes i loved this update that much…..and i smelled it that sam and neil know eachother before….. And my guess s correct….. U know wat, i actually love NESAM only more than ARDHIKA but in this update i completely fell for arjun yaar, Becoz he said to rads that u hav to beleive me and when he said,” u know the answer and walk over rads” that was really EPIC…. That scene reminded me TWILIGHT SAGA….. Wow sweety totally i really really loved it….. When arjun got jealous on rads and told her that… He is the only one who got all rights on her….. U really nailed it there.. And babe i love sam’s attitude…. It was really good when arjun asking her question and rads arrival and most importantly when she wiped rads tear… That was awesome yaar….. And i also want to tell u abt my sweet dream boy, that when u said, ”actual dimpled smile on his face–abt neil”…. Oh babe u again fell down for him…. Ok do updates regularly… Waiting?

    1. Sathya

      Abi my dear ….thank you so much for your lovely updates dear…m so so so happy to see you here regularly…i really missed your long comments earlier. yes Arjun is too good when he shows attitude and that too specifically to Radhika…lol. And about Nesam they are together for some reason and i will tell everything soon in coming episodes. Keep commenting and don’t run like before.. 🙂 love u dear.

      1. Love u too satz….. I always there to read ur lovely updates sweetheart???

  12. Gauri

    Sathya stupendous update….and best line….a guy can meet n no. of girls calling them friends and a girl is being doubted even if she speaks to her brother…..that touched my heart and this 200% true…NeSam knew each other that was bumper …slap Arjun for forcefully kissing her….awesome work darling waiting for next 🙂 love u

    1. Sathya

      Thank you so much Gauri dear :). Yes that is cent percent true..and it is the reality. even i am hearing this with my closed ones. Oh no…gauri…you will know the reason behind his forceful act on rads..pls don’t scold him yar. My Arjun cannot be bad like this. 😛 😛 😛

  13. Semma Twist Satz, so Nesam already knew each other …..really unexpected, but super irundhadhu.

    Ardhika …..jealous portion i enjoyed it.

    And precap hmmmmm kalakku kalakku Arjun (satz).

    1. Sathya

      Thank you so much Naaga. Yeah Nesam part is suspense. I will update next saturday

  14. Sangee

    satz super epi….both provoking each other…i think sam is good at heart so she will not break ardikkas relation hope so 🙂 …and the precap iam shocked…wats next…iam biting my nails….no no arjun dont do this to radika…
    Totally awesome 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Sangee dear…Nesam makes rads herself to sort out this problem. don’t worry nothing will happen to Ardhika. Arjun is one strong man who will not leave his wife like this.

  15. S.v

    Arjun vaaya thorayen loosu payaley een kita solrathukku enna dilip knows sam knows and what u too know and why not me ?? Dai erunjiya eri maganey eri enna mattum eriya vechela ?? Now time for u to burn and aama andhu enna kadaiseela neil and san hugging appo naandhan outah ?? Yov ennaya nadakudhu enna suthi idhu epdi theriyuma irukku naan edhukku da seri pattu varamaten ?? Apdi dhan irukku. Precap iye iye paakadhaney porom he he he sathya sema kalakkal update and im still reading the haloween os so cute awww thanks for that love u soo soo much waiting for the next part and ur other ff. Love u soo much. Muuhhhaaa.

    1. Sathya

      ha ha ha…ponnu na porumai venum…ipdi bajaari thanam panna koodathu… evlo thairiyam iruntha Sam eh veetuku kootitu varuva…unna enna panna naa…hehe he lol.

      SV dear cool down…yaam iruka bayamen…intha arjun iruka bayamen. Apram precap…unaku iruku. thank u so much for ur comments.

      Awww…thanks SV for reading it again n again. Love you 🙂

  16. Hemalattha

    nesam know each other? I have a feeling that Sam and Radhika are sisters?is that true di.i think nesam are patner and want to cause problems between Ardhika.

    1. Sathya

      Hemu dear 🙂 thanks a lot. Nesa are partner in crime but how it will affect rads …i will reveal it soon. Thank you so much 🙂

  17. Jewel

    neil is also there with sam… these are all their plan…. neil’s entry to radhika’s life again is a plan…. this is unexpected…. i was thinking like, now nesam will meet each other in the party, sam fall in love with neil and neil will solve all the problems of sam, but my guess was all wrong…. this is a superb twist…. liked this chater a lot sathya… waiting for next chapter….and waiting for the update of made for each other and other 2 ss…. plz post soon

    1. Sathya

      Thank you so much Jewel. Yes Neil is with sam and why …will come to know in coming episodes. Actually u r halfway right…Neil will help sam in solving her problems but how it affects Rads …you will know soon. Other SS i will update this week ends for sure.

  18. Rossy

    My mind is working overtime nowadays…why i think the reason behind Sam came to radz home was Neil help Sam rather than radhika…uuuuugggghhhhh….Dilip did have any extra marital affairs??? And u told two three four times truth that guy can do anything with girl but if girl do the same,they are insecure idiot…I’ll kill everyone if they torture radhu more, specifically those trio Neil, Arjun n sam????

    1. Sathya

      Rossy don’t do overtime dear..not good for health. 😛 Yeah sissy…i mentioned that line which was in my heart for so long. That so in reality. Men are insecure and blaming women. Ha ha ha the first person in the line will be Arjun to get killed by u for torturing Rads… lol

  19. Sweetie

    Okay I’m trying to come out from the after shocks you gave me in this update..Seriously NeSam know each other,OMG!!That’s stupendous shock for me and why do I get an intuition that Sam is illegitimate child of Dilip or some taken away girl from Dilip..Me in detective mode,don’t worry I’ll not eat your brain with more questions..Waiting for next,stay blessed and lots of love.. 🙂

  20. _Ritu

    OMG…what a twist Sathya.. 🙂 Neil is also wid Sam…now m all curious to know what will happen nxt…bt m sure u will not make Neil negative here 😉 😉 loads of love. 🙂

  21. Awesome, wowwww satz. …marvellous episode. sorry. ..I’m very late…the epi was really superbbbb. ..ardhika r jealous. ..wowwww so interesting. ….precap is shocking. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode , love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling Satzzzz ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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