Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 13)


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Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 13)

Recap: Ardhika’s romance and Rads confession

Radhika stands freeze seeing him going without even looking at her face. She looks at him from her balcony, he did not take the driver with him which makes her more worry and doubts on his activity. She stares the way he is going and so many unwanted thoughts are started floating in her mind. She waits for his arrival and stands at the balcony looking at the gate.

It’s been an hour, she still stands at the same place waits for him with so much of questions in her mind. Finally he came after a long one hour, she gets curious to know from him where he went and she expects him to tell everything. She waits for him to come to their room anxiously and as expected he comes inside and gets shocked seeing Radhika awake. He avoids eye contact with her and looks for his night suite in his wardrobe.

Rads comes to him and asks, “Where you went at this time?”

Arjun thinks for a while and gets tensed coz of her question. And good that she did not see his reaction coz he still search for night suite and hides his face inside the wardrobe. She waits for his answer but he ignores it and continues his work. She gets little hyper and asks, “I asked you something”. He avoids looking at her and turns otherside saying, “Nothing…some urgent work. My friend called me”

Rads, “Which friend and why your friend called you at this time?”

Arjun, “He need some help and that’s y i went. Y r u questioning me like this?”

Rads, “Becoz you are not giving me the right answers and that’y i am questioning you again tell me truely where you went?”

Arjun gets irritated now or act to be irritated looks at her eyes straightly, “I think i should remind you that i am your husband..not your servant. And if you expect me that i should tell you that what i am doing?….Where i went?…I am sorry i cannot do that and don’t treat me as your puppet to do what you say. I am just fed up of all this” he just poured everything and goes to washroom…slam the door as if he slaps on her face.

Radhika stands at the same not knowing the reason why Arjun behaved like that. She gets more furious than before and his words are echoing in her mind and which is hurting her more. She is not the one who keeps silent and she decides to confront him again for his harsh behaviour. She looks at the locked door and waits for him to come out.

Inside the washroom, Arjun splashes water on his face continuously and hits his hand hard on the wall for hurting Radhika but he thinks he don’t have any other way to hide this secret from her. He composes himself and comes out by wiping his face and gets startled seeing Radhika still stands at the same place.

He ignores her and goes to his bed but she extends her hands and stops him saying, “Do think whatever you are getting…i don’t mind about that and i need an answer. I am sure you are hiding something from me…I want to know now what you are hiding from me” he is about to go but she holds his hand and turns him to face her.

Radhika, “Where are you going? And why are you avoiding to look my eyes? Are you doing anything wrong?” she gives gap and continues, “Are you cheating me?”

Arjun is already in a very bad mood and now radhika is bothering him by her continuous questions, he gets more hyper and shouts, “YES I AM CHEATING YOU. I AM HIDING YOU COZ IT’S MY PERSONAL AND I DON’T WANT TO YOU TO KNOW ABOUT IT. IT IS MY WISH WHETHER TO TELL YOU OR NOT AND YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO ORDER OR FORCE ME IN THIS. GOT IT?” he just finished everything in go leaving radhika boggled.

Actually it is new for her…till now no one raised voice against her and now he shouted at her…her husband…her first love and it’s been a day she confessed her love but it looks like everything got ruined and she is almost in the verge of crying…tears hides her vision and it looks blurred.

Arjun looks at her shocking face and tears in her eyes..he feels bad but he don’t have any other way other than this to shut her mouth otherwise she will keep on questioning him and ofcourse he cannot answer for it. He simply goes to his side on the bed and covers the blanket over him and slept leaving her alone.

He just lies on the bed but he couldn’t sleep and he feels that still radhika is standing at the same place starring him…he closes his eyes tightly and struggles a lot to sleep.

Next Morning, he wakes up and rolls his body on the other side and his hands extends and starts searching something on the bed. He opens his eyes and looks for radhika in the bed but she is not and he finds her in the couch shrinking herself and sleeping in the same saree which she wore yesterday. He can see the tears mark on her cheeks…he feels bad seeing her and he gets the flashes like he is giving promise to some one of not letting anyone to know this. He left out a heavy breathe and gets down from the bed and goes to washroom to get ready for the office.

He comes out from washroom and finds her still sleeping. He gets ready without making noise and leaves from the there. Radhika just opens her eyes and watching him leaving from the room. She gets up and thinking something seriously. She takes her salwar and goes to washroom to take bath. She gets ready and comes down to the hall…there she meets Dilip and it looks like he is waiting for her. She is about to go out but Dilip stops her, “Radhika…where are yo going? U dint even have ur breakfast?”

Rads, “I am not hungry”

Dilip, “Why beta? What happened?” he comes to her and gets shocked seeing her swollen eyes and brightless face..he gets worried and asks, “What happened? Y ur eyes are swollen?”

Rads removes his hands from her face saying, “Nothing… feeling well”

Dilip gets worried for her and tries to touch her face but she avoids him saying, “i need to meet my friend papa…it’s getting late. I will go now”

She did not wait for his answer and rushes from there. She drives her car and go somewhere aimlessly. She even don’t know where she has to go…but she is completely frustrated and parks her car in the beach road. She gets down and walks to beach finds some place for her to be alone. She sits there and stares the sea continuously…all she can hear is only Arjun’s words are echoing.

Suddenly she felt someone pats her shoulder and she looks at the person who is standing infront of her with a cute smile on his face.


Arjun also did not have anything in the morning and leaves home early. He comes to his own apartment and goes inside his flat..locks the door. After sometime, he comes out and drives back to his office..but he is completely lost in radhika’s thoughts. Her crying face is often coming infront of him and disturbs him a lot.

Radhika looks at the person and gets surprised seeing him, “Hey Neil…you here?”

Neil, “Hello Radhika…yes i m here only. So how are you? And y u came here alone and so early?”

Rads remembers her fight with Arjun and her face gets sad..he did notices it and sits beside her asking, “Radhika…what happened? If you want you can share with me”

Rads nods as no and thinks to change the topic, “Leave that..ok u tell me..what you are doing here and in this early morning?”

Neil, “well it is part of my job and i came here to monitor some one”

Rads, “WHAT? Can u say it clearly….i mean exactly about ur job”

Neil smiles and says, “I am detective agent Radhika and have my own detective office”

Rads is shocked and surprised, “DETECTIVE? OH MY GOD…Neil i did not expect this from you”

Neil, “Y not? You know me right from school..i like find the secrets and follow the people…even i did my detective work in our school time and found the secret relation of our PT Master and History Teacher…it became a bombblast in their lives”

Rads started laughing and says, “Yes yes i remember that very well…you know what i still remember the PT master face…he was so embarrasing seeing you there and he did not expect it…and you were…you were standing like a James Bond and points the duplicate gun at them…oh god it was so funny”

Neil also joins and both started laughing remembering their good olden days…Neil looks at her and finds that she is just laughing for his sake and it is not reflected in her eyes. Neil holds her hands and says, “Radhika…i know you are into some problem. Pls share with me..i m here to help you”

Rads couldn’t hold it anymore and spits out to him everything from their marriage day. Neil listens everything keenly and tells her, “So you doubt that Arjun is hiding something and you wanna know about it”

Rads nods as yes and says, “But i don’t know the way to find it”

Neil, “I am there na to support you…so don’t bother. From tomorrow i will start my work and will give you a good news”

Rads just gives him a fake smile and goes from there. Neil lost into some thoughts seeing her going.


Radhika did not want to come to home only but where she can go…she storms into her room without listening kaka’s pleading to have food. She falls in her bed and hides her face in the pillow by thinking about yesterday’s fight between them. Her day goes as usual in a very dull mood and Arjun comes back from office but he did not see the charming and naughty radhika who welcomes both father and husband in the living hall. He misses her non stop talking now and goes to room to see her. He finds her sleeping in the bed by pushing her face in the pillow. He did not disturbs her and does his work silently and he sleeps on the couch.

Ardhika did not talk to each other from past two days…even he also did not initiate to talk to her and she too. Second day, she gets a call from unknown number, she attends it and it is nothing but Neil.

Rads, “Hey Neil…what’s up?”

Neil with little worried voice, “Radhika..where are you?”

Rads, “I m n home..but y r u sounding low”

Neil, “I just wanna share with you something about Arjun”

By hearing arjun’s name she gets tensed and says, “What’s that?”

Neil, “I got to know that he often goes to one paradise Apartment and there he spends sometime in one of the flat”

Rads rolls her eyes saying, “Neil…it is his flat. Before marriage he used to stay there only”

Neil, “What? But now he is staying with you only right..then what is he doing there and that too daily morning he is coming here”

Rads is shocked hearing this and stammers, “Daily morning”

Neil, “I mean…for the past two days…he is coming here daily”

Rads don’t understand what arjun is doing and what neil is saying. She gets confused and tells Neil that she will call him later.

She sits on the bed and falls into deep thinking..then she decides something and drives to the apartment. She goes to his floor and stands infront of his flat. There she remembers that she don’t have the key with her…but just thought of trying …she knocks the door and tries to open the door by moving the Handle knob. But no response..she gets irritated and turns to go but stops hearing some sound like some one is opening the door. She slowly turns to the door and the door is also slowly getting opened.

Rads turns completely and the door is also opened completely…Radhika is appalled seeing the person standing infront of her and the person opens the door looks at her cluelessly.

Precap: Any guess? who is that person? What Arjun is hiding and why? Secrets yet to reveal…pls stay tune

How is this chappy girls…it is very short compared to my previous one..but sorry for that…and pls do tell me how is it and let me know your comments.

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  1. Dipika

    Satzzzzz darling i hope i should be the first one here….i’m crying.. Wht the hell gotten into arjun to behave such a ruthlessly to rads.. Who is blackmails him…neil..he is gem..always brings smile on rads sam too is in the picture??? U expressed rads teary hurts yarr..hope they will back soon on romantic mode soon..n i guess its priti standing in his apt..i guess she is the one who threaten Arjun..m scratching my head..pls next one soon…love you loads..muhha

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dipu darling… There is a twist in rads life soon u will know it.

  2. Dev

    Mmmm detective neil……cool…bt arjun went out of hands 2de….poor radz

    1. Sathya

      Thank u dev

  3. I think it’s Sam

    1. Sathya

      Keep guessing dear

  4. Semma epi akka luv solli one day kooda full ah aagala athukulla sme prblm????? it was really interesting akka no guesses abt the person totally blank will b eagerrrrrly waiting fr nxt update

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Sushanthi

  5. I can stay for ur update sweety…. But the prob is ur not updating it….. Very late u know……. I reallly want to know
    …who s that person…. Bye?

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Siva but m really sorry for making u wait long… I m writing multiple ffs na so keeping little gap for each but I ll try to post it regularly for sure

  6. Wonderful chappy dear…my guess is sam?? Omg:?? I am going crazyalready abot the secrets…I don’t want separate ardhika…ots only been few mins..and i am already waiting on next one….
    Super asap…plz?

    1. Sathya

      Thank u kk dear… Keep guessing n u will have a twist

  7. May be radz mom or Sam …….poor aradhika …….hope they come up soon

    1. Sathya

      Thanks dear

  8. Brin

    Awesome episode, I’m guessing its Sam, maybe she is running away and telling Arjun not to tell anyone. Will we find out the truth in your next update, eagerly waiting for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Sathya

      Thank u dear

  9. Shubhadha

    Hai satya..nice one..missing aradhika cute update plz…

    1. Sathya

      Thank you so much dear

  10. Dhara


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      Keep guessing dear

  11. Jessie

    Ardhika love life ippadi aapu vachutengale.. I loved Neil ..detective Neil history teacher n pt master… ???. Who s der.?? Neengale sollunga… waiting 4 nxt one.. TC n loads of love

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Jessie.. Will reveal the person in next one

  12. Jewel

    neil as detective and pt master and teacher it was funny…. and who is that person?? i think that is not preeti, that is someone else. who will be that, why rads get shocked by seeing that person?? plzzz update next soon… and darkness bend to light also…plzz

    1. Sathya

      Thank u jewel dear. I ll update darkness tomorrow dear

  13. Myra

    Satzzzz akkaaaaaaaa…..ab bs bhi karo naaa……why you leave us hanging like this always? Cliffhanger…
    Akkkaaaa…..update super quick naaaa……love you loads ?

    1. Sathya

      Lol Myra… Actually I like the cliffhangers….i will update the next soon dear

  14. Nyc one satya..curious to know who is that soon

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much neetz

  15. Wow..Di….I WS realllyy waiting for this…and u rocked it..BT arjun WS bit rude..don’t u feel so…BT then also..I really loved it…and plzzz plzzz..and plzz post soon..I really wait for this ff..its my favourite… u tc

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Ana… Yes arjun was rude is just to shut rads mouth otherwise he knows that he cannot handle her questions n if u notice it.. After he shouted only she kept quiet

  16. S.v

    arjun why did u shout me (rads) it hurts to see like this ?? Yaara paaka pora nee ?? adhuvum daily morning ?? Enna attendance problemah ?? Sathya seriously it was hurting when arjun is hurting radhika avan apdi adhuvum moonjiku nera katharan . evankita poi i love u sonnen paaru enna sollanum. Nee vera precapla suspenseah venchu bayamudhuthura yaaru ya adhu ?? Manda kaayudhu next part soon and save ur poor radha love u soo much

    1. Sathya

      Thank u SV…. Yeah arjun shouted at her is just to make her quiet… Otherwise he can yahoo her mouth n yes he will feel bad for that…

  17. Satz episode ws so sad, I’m feeling bad ???? ivalavu prachanaikku naduvla andha PT master & History Teacher sequence yen mugathula sirippu varavachudhu ????….Thank u so much Satz & Andha person may be ……satiyama yarunnu theriyala ma.

    Neil_Detective Agent wow, apdina sammy irukknamey, oruvela door unlock panninadhu sammy irukkumo…

    Pls next sekirama post pannu pa โ˜บ

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      Thank u so much naaga… Keep guessing dear

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    Stay blessed n happy always

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      Thank u Gia dear… Keep guessing dear I ll reveal it in next episode

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    Sathya you write simple things amazingly ๐Ÿ™‚ but I want to hit Arjun for screaming at Rads….now my guess is this nandini in his flat….why is hiding this from Radhika …..Neil detective awesome bechara Arjun….ab biwi maregi …. Rads emotions were so beautifully written….pls let her kick Arjun out of the room ๐Ÿ˜‰ love you ๐Ÿ™‚ big hug

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much gauri…. I ll reveal the person in next episode…. N yes Neil will be the support for her n now it’s arjun turn to burn in jealous n yes rads will definitely kick her out..

  20. Starz

    Omg…Neil detective….??, who is the person… eagerly waiting….. awesome post…. please update soon….lots of love and take care…..sorry for late reply….I have practical exams that’s why….

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      Thank I so much Starz

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    Who ever that girl might be…m sure I’ll not like her for creating rift between ardhika…aaargh…Arjun..I’ll kill him for his harsh behaviour…n especially for his anger,I wanna see him jealous…that is possible only if he witnessed rads n Neil bond…m desperately waiting for that…idiot Arjun…huh…?

    1. Sathya

      Don’t get angry Rosie…. There is a reason for everything…. Bechara arjun will soon realize his mistake

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    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much for ur lovely comments roma dear… U almost near to the suspense dear but don’t worry I ll update next soon n reveal the secrets soon

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