Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 12)


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Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 12)

Radhika enjoys each and every moment being with Vasuki and Janvi in the village, and the main more important reason for her happiness is Arjun’s proximity to her. She never expected that he will kiss her not even once..but he did it twice. Some unknown feelings occupies her heart and she feels happy thinking about that moment. It’s been around 10 days they stayed in the village and Arjun decides to go back to city..since he doesn’t want to take more leaves in between his work. Vasuki and Janvi sends them off and Radhika invites them also to come to their home soon.

A night journey, and they reached their home next morning, she hugs Dilip with so much of love and affection and she behaves so gently and softly to him and she looks little tired also. Dilip wonders whether she is really his daughter seeing her so silent. Arjun laughs seeing Dilip’s reaction on Radhika, but Rads knock him off and runs to her room leaving Dilip in shocked state.

Dilip looks at Arjun and notices his smile and his gaze on radhika…he too gets happy seeing them getting close to each. Arjun excuses himself from him and goes to his room, where he sees radhika sleeping in the bed. He gives an unbelievable look at her and goes to washroom to get ready for office. He comes out after sometime and finds radhika is still sleeping. He goes to her to wake up but hears her mumblng in sleeping something. He goes to her and smiles seeing his lady kumbakaran. He goes down and joins with Dilip to office and before that he informs kaka to give radhika the breakfast. Dilip feels so happy seeing his concern for radhika.

The whole day goes asusual for Arjun in office and for Radhika in home. After he went for office, radhika woke up, done with her breakfast and goes to the old age home and spent her whole day there itself and she did not miss to think about Arjun.

Radhika gets a call from her friend Monika.

Rads, “Hey r u?”

Moni, “Rads…m good dear. What about you? No calls, no text after marriage? So busy huh?”

Rads gets shy thinking about Arjun and says, “Nothing like that. Just were busy for some days. Ok now u tell me..y u didn’t call me these days?”

Moni replies with shy, “Rads…u forgot or what? Tomorrow is my birthday dear..and yeah one more surprise…it is my engagement also tomorrow”

Rads, “What are you saying? You hidden this much big matter from dare you moni?”

Moni, “I told you na..not to shout at me…everything happened so fast dear…they just came two days back only and we both liked in the first meet said ok”

Rads, “Hmm…chalo..forgive you…And tell me the when is the party? I will be there for sure”

Moni, “Tomorrow evening the function starts from 5 PM…and don’t forget that u have come with your husband”

Rads, “mmm ok.. i ll check with him”

Moni, “That’s my girl…ok..chalo..i ll talk to u later..i m calling our other friends too. Will have tashaan tomorrow”

Rads, “Sure…ok bye”

Rads keeps the phone and remenisces her marriage with Arjun, she smiles remembering those but suddenly she gets upset thinking about Preeti and her accusations on Arjun, how they fought with each other..she gets sad and goes from there.


In the evening, Arjun and Dilip comes from office and meets radhika in the living hall. Both gets freshen up and joins with her for a coffee.

Rads, “Papa..i forgot to tell friend moni u know right…she is getting engaged tomorrow and invited us”

Dilip, “Very good news…you both go and attend the function”

Rads looks at Arjun once and he said, “No Papa..i have lot of pending works…i don’t think so i can go. Radhika..your other friends also would be joining the function right…so you can go with them”

Rads gets angry and replies, “You told u r not coming right…then stop it right there….don’t suggest me, with whom i should go. I know what i should do”.

Immediately she goes from there to her room. Dilip & Arjun stares with open mouth and looks each other after she gone.

Dilip gives a sheepish smile saying, “Crazy girl..still she is behaving like a child”

Arjun too smiles and says, “I know it papa”.

Later, Arjun goes to his room and finds the furious radhika stands in the balcony starring the moon by biting her nails. He don’t know what she thinks right now and slowly moves to her…but she is furious and thinks how to go to that function without Arjun. She feels dejected when arjun said that he is not coming and did not aware that Arjun is approaching her. She turns to go inside but bumps into him and both falls on the ground…she is on top of him.

Arjun, “Ouchh…radhika…what are you made of? I couldn’t have you for few secs on top of me”

Rads is already angry on him and now he adds more fuel on that and now she gets up and sits properly on top of him by keeping his legs on both the sides. Arjun did not expect this from radhika…screams in pain (he is acting to be in pain)

Arjun, “Areh…what are you doing? Get down…i am getting pain coz of ur weight”

Rads, “Achaa…u r saying am over weight is it….u r getting pain coz of my weight…how dare you? Now u bear more from me..” by saying this she again moves forward and sits on his stomach saying, “Now you are feeling good right?”

Arjun starts coughing, “Ohhh…no…radhika..pls yaar…don’t punish me like this. Okay i am sorry…you are very slim girl…ok. Pls get down yar”

Rads smirks saying, “Okay tell me..why u are not coming for tomorrow’s function?”

Arjun, “You first get down from me”

Rads, “You first answer my question”

Arjun sighs and says, “I told right…i have lot of work pending…i should go and help papa..otherwise he will only suffer”

Rads gets into thinking and says, “Is that the only reason?”

Arjun joins his hands infront of her and says, “Meri maa…that’s the only reason i have”

Rads gets up from him and goes to her bed and sits furiously thinking how to face her friends without Arjun…she feels like it is her Prestige problem.

Arjun slowly gets up from floor and sits beside her taking heavy breathes. She looks at with rage and moves to couch and puts her body there. Arjun smiles seeing all her antics and enjoys her activities. He then goes to Dilip’s room to tell him something and comes back to his room but finds her sleeping.

Radhika becomes tired of thinking of what to reason to give it to her friends when they asked about Arjun and sleeps as it is. Arjun lifts her in his arms and stares her glowing face who is in deepl slumber, he moves to the bed and puts her on it…he covers her with the blanket..while doing so she catch his hands in her sleep and takes it with her near her chest. Arjun feels nervous and he too sleeps beside her by starring her face with lots of love and affection. He tries to become close to Radhika is because to take their relation into next level but unknowingly he is falling for her and keeps his husband role aside and as a person he starts liking her and being with her.


Next morning, Radhika wakes up first and finds her wrapped by a strong arms, she slowly lifts her face and looks at arjun’s face so closely and her head on his chest. If she gives a single move, then definitely he will wake up, she gets lost in thinking of how to get up but soon she remembered their last night conversation and his rejection of the party…everything comes to her mind and makes thinks evily..she gives a devilish smile also by looking at Arjun who is in deep slumber. She takes her hair and starts rolling on his face from forehead upto his mouth…he gives an irritation look on his face and she smirks seeing him.

Again she did the same to him and her efforts gets fruited coz..Arjun couldn’t tolerate that irritation and automatically he gets up and starts sneezing continuously. Radhika gets up and laughs seeing him irritated face. Arjun glares her and suddenly he falls on her and pushes her under him in the bed. Radhika did not expect this from him and is in utter shock..she stopped smiling and blinks at him of not knowing what to do.

Arjun holds both her hands aside and moves close to her face and says, “You were so happy teasing me right…how about now?”

Rads still blinks at him and stammers, “Woh…woh….am…” she adujusts her throat and tries to say something…nothing is audible for him…he lost in her browny eyes, her bow shaped eyebrows, her eye lashes, her shivering mouth and it is trying to say something…he just lost himself to her and he slowly leans on her face.

Radhika’s eyes gets widened seeing him so close, she tries to stop him but he is not in a position to listen her…but exactly that time, their telecom starts ringing which disturbs their silence and makes arjun comes to sense and stares her again. He loosens his grip little and she uses that chance to push him back. She pushes him and gets down from the bed..she did not mind the telecom ring and all just runs to washroom and locks her inside. She goes to the basin and splashes water on her face continuously to come out from that morning shock.. After somtime, she stops splashing the water and stares her face in the mirror…she herself finds different and breathes heavily coz tension he created. She stands in the same position for some more time and gets alert after hearing the knock. It’s none but Arjun.

Arjun knocks the door and calls her outside. Rads composes herself well and decides not to show her weak infront of him…she comes out and directly moves to her wardrobe without even seeing him. Arjun looks at her once and goes to washroom to take bath. He comes out in sometime and finds her talking to her friend Moni.

Rads, “Haan Moni…but what i can do..if he is not coming?”


Rads, “Hey..pls understand yar…he has work”


Rads sadly, “Okay fine. Bye” she turns with her pout face and gets shocked seeing Arjun behind her.

Arjun looks at her pout face and asks, “What happen?”

Rads now is in full angry, “What you want to happen?”

Arjun, “I just asked? What’s the problem? Y u look sad?”

Rads with full josh, “Oh..u will solve the problem is it? U know what? U r my biggest Problem creater” she sighs and goes to washroom.

Arjun smirks seeing her and gets ready to leave…when she comes out from washroom, she did not find Arjun there in the room and connects her intercom to Kitchen…

Rads, “Kaka…both the men left is it?”

Kaka, “Haan beti…u r coming for breakfast na”

Rads, “Hmm..coming”

she hangs the phone and starts cursing her fate of being the daughter and wife of the person who concentrates only on business and not cared her at all. She goes down and just for kaka’s compulsion she take little more extra on her break fast and leaves to meet her friends.


@ Barrista,

Rads and her friends gathered there and discuss about the party and the gifts for Moni. Rads forgets all her angry and enjoys being with her friends. They all spend a quality time together and before leaving…they confirmed the timing to meet in the party. Rads friend Tintu reminds her to come with Arjun. Rads glares him and gives a fake smile to him.

She reaches her home and directly heads to her room and locked it. For her, she couldn’t be normal and gets worried thinking how she gonna face her friends without Arjun. She managed Moni but still she is not convinced fully and her other friends will start teasing her…she bites her nails in tension and thinks to teach Arjun a lesson after coming from the party.

She gets ready for the party and finds a nice designer saree…and she wears only her mangalsutra and a matching earings and bangles for the saree.

Link for Rads saree


she gets ready for the party and goes in her car. She reaches the party at 6 PM and almost every one came including her friends and rads gives a silent entry inside the venue…Tintu notices and shouts at her name. Everyone gazes at her and stuns in her beauty. Moni runs to her and hugs her tightly saying, “Wow..radhu…you look stunning today. I am gone infront of you…” Rads smiles at her and Moni looks behind her and whispers, “Really he did not come is it?”

Rads, “What is the need for me to lie to you?”

Moni rolls her eyes and takes her inside, all her friends gives hi fi to each and starts the party. Radhika makes her mind to be happy with her friends but she gets sad seeing some people with their husbands..she feels sad of not having Arjun with her.

Tintu notices this and comes to her saying, “Chasni…don’t worry dear..What if Arjun is not here..we all are here with you right?”

To everyone’s surprise and shock, they hear a voice from the entrance saying, “But no one can take my place in her life”

All are stunned seeing Arjun in the doorstep with his cute signature smile and Radhika forget to blink and simply stares him and lost herself in his stunning look.

Link for Arjun dress


Arjun avoids everyone gaze and his gaze is only on her beautiful wife who is standing infront of him like an angel and stares him with widely opened eyes. He moves to her so close and hugs her saying, “Sorry for the late babe…” she couldn’t believe her eyes and the person standing infront of her is Arjun. He pinches her slightly and she winces in pain by rubbing her hands..he smiles at her and shows the gift box he got..then they both gives the gift to Moni and her fiance.

Moni comes to him, “I heard that you are not coming for today’s party..then how come u here?”

Arjun looks at Radhika who is annoyed, he wraps her around his shoulder and says, “The best husband’s duty is to fulfill his wife’s wish…my wife needs me here and so i am ”

Moni, “Wow…impressive answer Mr. Arjun…Radhika you are so lucky to get Arjun as your husband”

Rads gives him an unbelievable look at him…takes his hands off from her and goes from there. Arjun winks at her friends who is looking all their dramas.

Arjun finds her near the fountain…he goes to her and whispers in her ears from behind, “What is your next plan madam?”

Radhika jerks hearing him so closely and is about to slip…he holds her hands tightly and says, “If you want to take bath…we will go to our home…but not here..plsssss” he gives her annoying look by pointing the fountain.

Radhika gets rage at him and starts beating him by pouring all her anger. He finally holds holds her hands saying, “Enough..enough…i will you this whole night for you to beat me but not here…now will join the party come” he literally drags from there and mingles with her friends in the party.

Moni’s father announces about her engagement too and that ceremony also started. Radhika smiles happily and enjoys each & every moment to the fullest. Arjun also feels so happy seeing radhika doing all naughty tricks with her friends..he admires each and every inch of her.

Engagement is finished successfully and they starts the DJ… all the couples steps on the dance floor and enjoys the romantic mood with their partners. Tintu takes Ardhika and pushes them to the dance floor and cheers them.

Radhika is completely lost and she herself moves to him closely…Arjun too goes to her and holds her waist. Radhika feels some current passing on her body..a chillness on her spine..she keeps her hands on his chest and they both moves their body according to the song. The lights turned off and it hightlights only on the couples who dances on the floor.

The BG song is from Tamil movie…my most most favourite one…i give translation also to understand the meaning..and this song is only from Male version

Edhukaaga kitta vandaalo…Edha thedi vittu ponaalo

(Why would she come near me?…then, why would she leave me ?

Vizhundhaalum…Naa odanje poirundhaalum

(Even if i fall down…Even if i got hurt)

Un ninaivirundhaale podhum…Nimirndhiduvene naanum

(Your memories are enough…I will live with a hope)

Ada kaadhal enbadhu Maaya valai.

(Love is a magical trap)

Sikkaamal ponavan Yaarumillai

(None can escape from the trap)

Sidhayaamal vaazhum Vaazhkaye thevai illai

(I don’t need a life which doesn’t hurt)

Thevai illai…Thevai illai

(I don’t need….I don’t need)

Ada kaadhal enbadhu Maaya valai

(Love is a magical trap)

Kaneerum kooda sonndhamillai

(Even tears are not yours)

Vali illa vaazhum vaazhkaye thevai illai

(I don’t need a life without pain)

Thevai illai…Thevai illai

(I don’t need…I don’t need)

Yenai maatrum kaadhaley

(Love is changing me)

Unai maatrum kaadhaley

(Love is changing you)

yedhayum maatrum kaadhaley

(Love is changing everything)

Kadhaley (3)

(Oh my love)

Ardhika forgets the surrounding and with each other’s embrace…they gone to their own world and enjoys the environment. He doesn’t leave her for a min and holds her so close..not even air can go and fill the gap. She gets shy and breaks the proximity and tries to move away from him….but he catches her hand and hugs her from behind by keeping his chin on her shoulder…Radhika can feel his hot breathe falls on her coller bone…she gets goosebumps all over her body and closes her eyes tightly of unable to bear the proximity.

He turns her with full force to face him…her hairs falls on her face and he moves it aside to one side and place a wet kiss on her shoulder…she clutches his shirt tightly to hold her feelings in control. He slowly slides down his hands to her waist and rolls his fingers on her bare skin. She couldn’t control her flooded emotions anymore..she stands on her toe to his height and hugs him tightly…he too hugs her tightly and unknowingly she mumbles, “I LOVE YOU ARJUN”. Arjun smiles and tightens his hug more than before. They both comes to sense after hearing a huge round of applause. They both gets embarrased and he holds her hand tightly to relax her.

Everyone praises their dance and they wish that they are made for each other. Finally after a long chatting and good dinner…they all leave to their house.

Arjun knows that radhika came in her car…so while coming he takes driver with him and sends him in her car.

A deep silence conquers both of their minds and hearts till their whole journey. Once they reaches home…radhika rushes down from the car and runs to her room without even wishing Dilip. Arjun smiles seeing her and goes to Dilip’s room and wishes him good night. Then he climbs to his room thinking about their moments together in the party.


Radhika is soooooo nervous and tensed remeniscing their closeness in the party and she is breathing heavily. She calms herself and then decides to change her saree. She unpins her saree and tries to remove the dori from her blouse. She holds the saree on her mouth by covering her front side and extends her hand to her back and trying to remove the dori. She suddenly feels a hot touch on her bare skin she drops the saree from her mouth and looks at Arjun via mirror..who is standing just behind her close…very close. She stares him forgetting everything and keeps on starring him.

Arjun removes her blouse dori and rolls his finger over her skin which makes her to move her body of unable to bear his touch. She closes her eyes and feels his hands on her waist. he joins his hands by wrapping her waist and placing a soft and gentle kiss on all over her shoulder skin. Radhika clutches her saree tightly and he slowly turns her to face him…he cups her face and kissing on her from her fore head, eyes, cheeks and stops when it comes to lips. Radhika is closing her eyes and enjoys his kiss…a small smile appears on her face waiting to get her lips rule by his. He mumbles on her lips saying, “What did you say?”

Radhika remembers her confession and opens her eyes, starring him with and only love…she gets shy and pushes him back. She covers herself in her saree nd moves to balcony. He too goes behind her and locks her to the wall and says, “I asked you something”. Radhika did not want to get weak again infront of him..she tries to push him more and more and more….but no use. The more she pushes him…he tightens his grip on her. Both shares a cute, intense and sensual eye lock. He leans on her face and is about to touch her lips with his…their lips are just an inch away…but his mobile disturbs him. Radhika smirks at him and he gives an irritational look…but he ignores it first time and again moves to her but second time he couldn’t and takes the call. Radhika stands in the balcony and blushes thinking their proximity…she herself tells that “forget everything and just move on…he is your husband…he is only yours”.

She smiles seeing him attending the call but soon her reaction changes seeing his facial expressions. He cuts the call and looks at Radhika who is puzzled seeing him and he says, “Radhika…some urgent work..i need to go

right now. I will be back in an hour. You lock the door and sleep. Bye”

She gets freezed and stares him going without having any expressions on her face.

Precap: Ardhika’s arguement turns to a big fight. Radhika senses that Arjun hides something from her.

How is this chappy girls…i thought of writing little more long one…but seriously i am all tired now just for this….I hope i gave a better episode today than

before…i eagerly waiting for all ur comments. NO PROOF READING

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