Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 11)


Hey back again for the next episode of enemity. Thank you for all your amazing responses..sorry for not replying individually. Let’s get into today’s chapter.

And this chapter is dedicated to Gianna. Today is her birthday and this is the gift i can give it to her from my side…hope gia you like this part and let me know your views dear.


Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 11)

Radhika is walking with him back to home, all the way she tried to take his hands from her shoulder but he ignores her effort and tightens his grip more than before whenever she removes. She gets pissed off and says, “Remove your hands..its irritating me”

Arjun, “What? Then how can i show the people that you are my wife”

Rads, “Why to show them?”

Arjun, “Coz…i don’t like others starring at my wife. Since you are one knows who you are…and to clear their doubts..i am just doing a show off”

Rads, “, you are getting jealous right?”

Arjun, “Jealous? Me? No way?”

Rads, “Then what is the meaning for your actions?”

Arjun, “I told you the reason already”

Rads, “That is what we call it as Jealous. Jealousy is clearly visible in your face”

Arjun, “No”

Rads, “Yes”

Arjun, “No”

Rads, “Yes”

Arjun, “No”

Rads, “No”

Arjun, “Yes” he replied spontaneously without thinking and realises what he said after hearing her laughing sound.

Rads, “That’s it..see you said yes spontaneously which means you are jealous” she giggles seeing his irriated expression on his face. Meanwhile they reached their home and radhika runs inside leaving him behind.

Arjun, “You are talking too much..i should do something to shut your mouth again”

Radhika goes inside and sits with vasuki and tells everything what she saw and about arjun’s stunts too but did not tell about the challenge they had. Arjun smiles at her mischeiveously and goes to his room.

After having a long chatting, radhika goes to her room..actually she did not want to go and that’s y she spent most of the time with Janvi. Till night, radhika did not go to her room and does not want to face him after he won the bet. Vasuki calls arjun for dinner and radhika gets into thinking of how to avoid him. She immediately moves to kitchen with vasuki and tells her that she will help in cooking. Vasuki refuses her but radhika did not listen anything from her and started doing something on the kitchen. Vasuki gives sigh relief and goes to dining hall to arrange everything.

Arjun comes down and sits with janvi but he did not see radhika anywhere and he understands the reason why she is hiding herself from him. A small cute smile comes on his lips and thinks to see her what she is doing. His eyes started searching her everywhere and he hears a whisper in his ears by janvi, “Bhabhi is in kitchen”. She giggles seeing his brother’s reaction.

Arjun pats her head and goes to kitchen, Vasuki also notices him but did not ask anything except smiling at him.

Radhika stands showing her back and having knife in her hand to cut the veggies but she is not doing anything but simply stares at it and lost somewhere.

Arjun smiles and comes behind her and says, “May i know what my wife is thinking?”

Radhika is surprised hearing his voice but controls her self of not showing her shock to him, she turns casually to face him. But gets stuck seeing his charming smile and forgets her intention.

Arjun smirks seeing her facial reaction and asks, “Why u hide yourself from me?”

Radhika comes to her sense and replies back, “Hide? Me? No way.. i just came to help maa”

Arjun, “I think everything is ready and what you gonna help her”

Radhika looks here and there and finds answer for his question. She replies, “This is for tomorrow’s preparation”

Arjun laughs listening her answer and says, “Why are you keep telling lies to me? I am able to find it easily that you are saying lie”

Radhika gets angry now and points the knife at him saying, “What’s ur problem now? Dinner is ready and it is arranged in dining table. What’s ur job here? Just go from here”

Arjun, “Oh..u r pointing knife at me? Do u forget the challenge? I won the bet and you should do what i say?”

Rads, “What if i am not?”

Arjun takes the knife from her hands and says, “Pointing knife towards husband is not our culture. You should make me happy not to scare” by saying this he moves more close to her and she stands on her toe and keep pushing him.

Arjun holds her hand and says, “I am not asking you whether you do or not..m just telling that you should do. got it? Now come with me” he takes her with him to the dining hall. There vasuki and janvi smirks seeing both.

Arjun makes her sit with him and vasuki starts serving them the food and when radhika is about to have it, arjun screams, “Ouchhh”

Vasuki and Janvi looks at him worriedly but radhika gives him a look thinking now what he is upto.

Arjun, “Ouchhh maa…i think my finger is injured…it is irritating”

Vasuki looks at his finger and finds nothing but understands his naughtiness and sits back at her seat without saying anything.

Arjun looks at radhika who is having her food, “Radhika…if u don’t mind can you feed me the food?”

Radhika spits the food and started coughing by patting her head and looks at him unbelievably.

Arjun moves her to face him and gives his plate to her hand saying and whispers, “First task for you in my challenge”

Radhika widens her eyes seeing him and looks at vasuki for help. But she did not even give a damn look at the couples.

Radhika gives a first bite to him and looks at him furiously. Arjun smiles and asks Vasuki, “Maa…today you prepared lady’s finger fry right?”

Vasuki smiles and just nods at him.

Radhika gives him a next bite and suddenly she screams loudly by dropping the plate on the table and holds her finger by starring him angrily. Vasuki and Janvi shocks seeing her and asks, “Do you both taken any oath to scream while having food?”

Radhika with pain in her finger says, “Maa…he bitten my finger”

Arjun with pout face says, “ it your finger? I thought it is lady’s finger. Sorry i couldn’t find the difference between both the fingers..coz both are lady’s finger only right?” he winks at her.

Janvi bursts out laughing hearing his statement, Vasuki also joins with her and looks at radhika’s crying face. She still rubbing her finger coz of pain. She stares them angrily and runs to her room. Arjun also joins with them in laughing and Vasuki says, “Arjun…you are doing too much. You shouldn’t tease her like this..she didn’t even have her food”

Arjun looks on and goes to his room with the plates.

Inside the room, radhika is furious and still rubbing her fingers to soothe her pain and scolding him, “How dare he bites my finger? He didnt find the difference between the fingers? HUH…he is crossing his limits. He is taking too much advantage of me. I am not gonna leave him easily..he did not know me completely”

Her scoldings get interrupts hearing Arjun’s voice, “Ok then show me”

Radhika looks at him with extreme anger as if she is going to burn him by her eyes only. Arjun not even care about it and keeps the plate on the tea poy and goes to her. She walks away from him but he catch her hand and takes her with him to the couch and says, “Finish your finger”

Radhika looks him angrily and he immediately replies, “OOpppsss…i mean..finish your food and lady’s finger”

Radhika gives him an attitude look and ties her hands across her chest saying, “I am not hungry”

Arjun understands that she is angry on him. He gives a heavy breathe and says, “Fine..i am sorry for biting your finger. Now please eat something”

Radhika looks amused saying, “It sounds good when i hear sorry from your mouth”. she smirks at him and starts having her food and Arjun also eats with her.

Arjun looks her curiously and says, “Well Radhika, are you ready to continue my challenge?”

Radhika stops eating and thinks how to avoid him.

Arjun looks at her and says, “R u planning something?”

Radhika gulps and replies, “Aahhh…actually…Mmm…Nope”

Arjun, “SO you are planning something to escape from me”

Radhika, “I said No…didn’t hear it or what?”

Arjun with a stern look says, “But your eyes are saying something different”

Rads, “What?”

Arjun, “ is asking me to proceed my challenge”

Rads, “Enough of your blabbering. I am done with my food” she takes her plate and goes down. Arjun stares her going and he too follows her.

Radhika avoids him as much as possible and comes back to their room. Arjun spends some time with Vasuki and Janvi and comes little late to his room. He finds her doing something on the laptop. He sits beside her on the bed and gets surprised seeing she is having a skype chat with her friend.

Arjun thinks to tease her and waves hands infront of the webcam and tries to enter into the camera frame. Radhika gets irritated by him and signs him to move.

She removes her headphone and asks, “What? Can’t u leave me peacefully for sometime?”

Arjun, “We are husband and wife and how can i sit peacefully being in same room and you know what i like to tease you a lot nowadays”

Rads sighs him and says, “Ok atleast for sometime now..pls”

Arjun, “Ok..leave you. For whom you are waiting in skype?”

Rads gives him an unbelievable look and says, “My friend”

Arjun, “Name?”

Rads rolls her eyes and says, “Gianna”

Arjun, “Nice name..well anything special today…i never seen you chatting with her all this days”

Rads keeping her headphones saying, “Today is her birthday and that’s y i logged in to wish her”

Arjun, “Oh that’s grt…give me i also wish her”

Rads closes her eyes to control her frustration says, “First let me wish her..she is my friend.” and signs him to keep quiet.

Rads, “Hey Gia dear…Many many happy returns of the day my sweet heart”

Gia, “Hey Radhu…Wow..thank you so much dear. I didn’t expect your wish and thought you would have forget it”

Rads, “How can i yar? You are my first ever friend when i came to London for my can i forget you?”

Gia, “Awww..that’s so lovely about you radhu. So What’s special there?”

Rads, “Special? Nothing as such”

meanwhile Arjun inbetween shows his face also, rads was pushing him but Gia notices him and questions rads, “Hey radhika..who is that handsome yar? But what is he doing with you in ur room? Hey..something something?”

Rads, “NOTHING. Actually Gia…don’t scold me ok…he is..he is…”

Before she completes, arjun pulls out her head phone and replies in the speaker saying, ” Her husband..Arjun ”

Gia hangs her mouth open in shock and looks at radhu, “You didn’t even msg me. I am angry on you radhika”

Rads bangs her head and says, “Gia…it all happened so fastly and i couldn’t invite anyone…ok am sorry for that. Now you got to know right…happy?”

Gia, “Never mind…ok..and hey are you?” looking at Arjun.

Rads reaction got changed hearing the word handsome and looks at arjun who winks at her. He turns the laptop to him and says, “Hi Gia…am fine”

Rads interrupts saying, “Its Gianna for you”

Gia interrupts her, “You keep quiet” to rads and continues “You can call me as Gia” to Arjun.

Arjun smirks seeing rads shocking face and continues, “Happy Birthday Gia and i wish you this year becomes more special for you”

Gia, “Thank you so much for ur lovely wishes Arjun. BTW How are you managing her? She is too talkative, at sometimes i used to close my ears of unable to bear her blabber”

Arjun laughs and replies, “Yeah..little difficult only but i used for it now”

Rads is fuming seeing them talking like a long time friends..she keeps her palm in her cheeks and looks at their chatting.

She waves hands infront of the laptop saying, “Gia…i am also here and to remind you..i am your friend not him”

Arjun, “Don’t be jealous okay”

Rads, “I am not’s you who was jealous in the morning” she makes faces on him.

Arjun, “Shut up”

Rads, “You shut up”

Gia interrupts, “Guys..guys..both of you just shut up pls. what’s this? You both don’t look like a newly married couple. But i understand one thing is that both of you are getting jealous on each when others talking with any guy or girl. Hmm… that’s so cool. Ok fine…i am getting some other calls and radhika thank you so much for your wonderful wishes and thank you too Arjun. I wish you both should lead a happy life with these kind of cute cute will be know. Ok guys… i moving now..see you later. Bye Bye..Muaahhhh”

Rads keeps her both hands on the laptop when she gives kisses and looks at arjun saying, “It is only for me”

Gia chuckles seeing her kiddish behaviour and Ardhika bids bye to her. Rads logs off and clears the bed.

Arjun smiles seeing her acts she did before and thinks, “Something is there with her which is attracting me towards her, but i want to make her trust me completely and for that i should start moving to her close and makes her realise that only she has the right on me and no one else. Radhika…how much ever far you go…i will follow you” he looks at her with some determination in her face.

Rads comes to the bed and is about to lay down but Arjun stops her saying, “You forgot something?”

Rads, “Nothing”

Arjun, “But i forgot”

Rads, “What?”

Arjun, “I forgot to give you the punishment right?”

Rads looks blank and he walks towards her saying, “So the punishment is …You should kiss me now”

Rads looks him shockingly and says, “In your dreams..Don’t come near to me. You are taking too much advantage from me”

Arjun, “Advantage? I won the bet and you told that you will do what i asked for and now complaining me?”

Rads keeps quiet and moving back seeing him coming to her.

Arjun, “Okay..Give me in my cheeks that’s enough and we will have a deal that from tomorrow i wont ask you anything but today, now you have to do what i ask for”

Rads, “No way….i am sleepy. Just give me way”

Arjun pins her to the wall and says, “Give me what i ask for and sleep”

Rads makes faces and turns her face to other side.

Arjun smirks and says, “If you are not giving me in cheeks then i will kiss you wherever i want”

Rads gets fear now thinking about his yesterday’s kiss and blinks at him.

She just nods him, arjun smiles and shows his cheeks to her.

Rads rolls her eyes and moves close to his cheeks, and arjun waits for her kiss eagerly and started screaming badly.

Rads bites his cheeks intead of kissing and he rubs his cheeks to soothe his pain and glares her.

Rads laughing seeing his facial expressions and pushes him back saying, “Don’t under estimate the power of a common woman”

Arjun did not do anything but simply stares her. Rads giggles at him and sleeps on her side in the bed.

Arjun comes to his side and thinks, “Very difficult to handle this girl. I need to put lot of energy and think about new ideas to trap her”

He too soon dozes off by thinking about her. They both thinks that they are maintaining the distance between them but they are not aware that their so called distance itself is making them closer.




Precap: Ardhika back to city. Ardhika attends a birthday party and moves close with each other.

I really don’t know what i have written here…pls forgive me if you don’t like it and let me know your comments on this.

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    1. Sathya

      Thanks a lot gauri ??? n yes u r the first ? to comment. That’s a great pleasure… Both ardhika are so mischievous na… U gave a bright smile on my face by ur comments dear… Love u

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  4. Mica

    happy birthday to Giana… your gift be my gift also, since i enjoy it a lot πŸ˜€
    luv it soo much.. aawww naughty arjun in action now….

    1. Sathya

      Ha ha ha ya Mica… Agree. Thanks a lot dear???

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    1. Sathya

      Thank u sooooooooo much nitu kutty. N yes gia was happy n that’s my target ??? hope I succeeded. Arjun does not have any problem in taking his relationship forward… Only rads is taking time.. So he decided to take the step forward. Vl c next what happens.

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    nyc but short sweeto!!!

    1. Sathya

      Thank u ritu… Ok next I ll write big one. ????

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    This was a cute update ardhika jealous of the other, arjun’s cute punishment. It was so lovely.
    Stay blessed, love u so much ??

    1. Sathya

      U r welcome dear ???? n thank u so much for ur lovely comments

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    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much sweetie ??? everyone’s desire ha ha ha yeah n she is very lucky n thank u for the lovely comments ??? love u

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      Awww thank u dipu ??? arjun decided to take marriage into next level but rads is not cooperative.. So he is doing all this naughtiness to her… N yeah lady’s finger concept is too humor… Even I laughed hardly when I write. I imagined n written it… Ha ha ha…

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    But lady’s finger thought really hats off 2 u.

    1. Sathya

      M so sorry naaga for disappointed u…. Yeah actually both got punished equally n arjun romba pinnadi pona nalla irukuthu… Konjam getha irukanum la…. Athan pona poguthu nu vitaachu…

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