Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Promo)


Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (PROMO)

Scene 1:

Nesam finds something fishy in Ardhika’s seperation. They will try to find the reason and the solution for the same. While doing so, they get to know another shocking fact.

What is that?——Any Guess.

Scene 2:

Radhika meets Manoj (ex-fiance) outside. He gets shocked seeing her and feels guilty of losing her. Radhika slaps him and ask him to mind his words and not to talk about Arjun.

Why Radhika slapped him?—–Any Guess.

Scene 3:

Radhika gets a Divorce Notice from and Arjun and gets shocked and teary eyed.

Why Arjun sent Divorce notice to her?—-Any Guess.

Hi all,

I have given some promo scenes here. Please comment on it and provide your support as always. Let me know whether you liked the upcoming scenes or not?.

Credit to: Satz @ Sathya

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  1. please update soon….

  2. Divorce noooooo plzzzz

  3. Noelene. Naidoo

    Please update fast thankz

  4. shock mella shock dhariyea?

  5. I think divorce notice is fro. Arjun but someone is trying to separate them.

    Radhika slapping manoj , we really don’t care.

    Nesam found about Ajay and also about their inner feelings.

    Plz post soon..

  6. Can’ t wait but please don’t separate ArDhika. 🙂

  7. hey sathu cn u possibly update on march 6th???????????plzz?????????its my b’day…..n also our rads…soooo plzzzzzzzzzzzzz????????????????

    noooooooooooooooooo plzzzzzzzzz dnt seperate ardhika……………..radhu rightly slppd manoj……………..thumps up rds…………

  8. U r driving me crazy …….. love u plz. Be soon……….:-)

  9. nice………….plz update fast

  10. What?! Enna le nadakudu Inga?! Divorce notice?! Why?! Ayiyo… That guy deserves a slap..

    Nice promo sequence di…. I’m waiting for it… Seekrama update pannu..

    Love you??

  11. Arey yAAR SATZ U ARE MAKING US CRAZY pls update fast dear…..

  12. Lekshmikutty

    i think tina is still living now changed ajay is with her satya, i think

  13. most shocking to me is devorse notice by arjun…pls don’t do arjun this ya…hey satz update soon na yarrr

  14. Oh wow promo ….nice.
    sc1& sc2 ..ok. sc3 divorce? But y? They love each other. Pls divorce vendaam. I want ardhika together.
    And, naa manoj edhripaathen avanoda scene varanameynu …good may be arjun jealous aaga chances irukku. Sathya, konja differenta radhu jealous aardha paakalamey, aiyo vendam already tina oruthiye podhum.
    Apdina innaikku promo mattum thaana episode illaiya? Seekirama next update vendum.

    1. i already posted 2 episodes today as a bonus. I am not sure whether i can update on these weekends. Till then pls enjoy with this 😛

  15. Divorce notice oh no plz let them b together

  16. NOOO….DIVORCE….!!!

  17. Awesome promo. …keeping us glued. …so excited n curious for upcoming episodes. ..

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