Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Need Suggestions)

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Need Suggestions)

Guys, i really want to know all your views about this FF which is my 3rd one. Till now i am soooooo happy that can’t be expressed in words. I am overwhelmed seeing your comments and support for me. I am very glad to become one of your favourites.

Now come to the point, pls share your views on this FF and tell me do you want to continue further. Because i thought of ending it after everyone’s union with a happy note. Do you guys really need me to continue with any other plot or shall i finish it with a happy note?

I am in dilemma and couldn’t take decision really what i should do now? Pls open up and tell me your comments. Silent readers, it is for you also.. pls give your views also.

BTW i have a given a promo of next sequences

Scene 1:

Arjun gets angry on everyone and becomes upset especially with Radhika. Radhika tries to calm him down but all her struggles are not even cared by Mr. Arjun.

Scene 2:

Nesam’s marraige preparations starts and it is 2 after days from now. Everyone (the whole village) is happy and celebrating it as their festival.

Scene 3:

Radhika gets jealous seeing Arjun with one girl. Arjun notices radhika and intentionally he touches the girl and gives her a side hug which makes Radhika fumes in anger.

Hope you all like promo. Pls don’t forget to give your comments on Promo and Suggenstions too….

Credit to: Sathya


  1. Dhara

    It depends on u.. I believe alll is well when end is well. If u can keep ur reader’s attention with ur ff then only u will also be happy. So far u have managed it very well.

    You can think of Ajay’s track as well. Why he said that arjun wanted to stop radhika’s marriage. And also he is trying to create misunderstanding between them but he is not successful.

    Rest is depends u.

    I love ardhika. I love ur ff. N lots of love n hug 4 u.

  2. zayn

    I think 2nd n 3rd r good
    Plss plsss dont stop your ff i love it
    I cant express it in words … love is a very small word
    Love u n tc

  3. Haleema

    Hey am from Nigerian….. I read every post of yourz I love it keep it up I think am a silent reader also #plz if you love my comments can we be friends

  4. Sathya

    While ending, definitely i have a context for Manoj’s statement to Radhika (SLAP scene) & I will get back Tina and Ajay on track…so it will be a happy union BTW.

    • feby

      dont talk of the ending so soon ….plz….for gods sake….atleast wait for two more months….or one more month…..tis is not fair sathya di…..

  5. Sasha

    Well im ok with anything, as long it goes on well, bt if u end it i will definitely miss it a lot.n im eagerly waiting fr the updates

  6. feby

    i will literally kill u if u stop tis ff….. plz dont make ur readers sad or angry….u know…i cum here everyday to read ur ff …. u shld not change my habit now….u shld continue…and y the hell r u thinking to stop tis….v r waiting for the next update….so stop tis sugesstion thing and continue ur ff wonders…..believe me…at the end u will b the most satisfied person coz of the lovely wishes and blessing of ur readers….so y waiting babs….continue ur magic…

  7. feby

    and zayn… come it got over strday????? i hav my next exam on monday….well….how was the exams….???

  8. Manya

    Like sathya i wanna tell ki its my one of the favourites after “a new hope, billionare banker n chirpy beauty series, can love sparkle, drawn together, a hatred towards love, a journey of love n friendship, nthing fr u darling bt i still luv u, ardhika redifined, ek ladka diwana sa ek ladki diwani si, a journey of luv n many more which i frgt nw. So my suggestion fr u is to cont. Rest depends on u. U can go with a sister like nandini track, it cn b any solemn past of any of the four protagonist or u cn put smthing honeymoon journey n put sm climax scenes there n afterwards patchup it wholly depends on u what u like!
    All thd best!!!

  9. Hai sathya, thank u for askg suggestion. Ur wish is my wish, cox ur writting skill is fabulous. But kettadhukkaga ennoda suggestion vandh idhu,
    I think 3rd opition is not suit for ardhika, cox after tina issue they both r understand very well.
    U may choose ajay side. We want to know about, why arjun stop the radhus marriage? How? I want ajays past. So, u can make ajay re- entry.

    • Sathya

      Naaga, 3rd option is —Radhika just gets jealous of seeing Arjun talking to other girls and he is not talking to radhka because of anger..that’s it… here there is no misunderstanding…

  10. I think that its a high point. u shd’ nt drop it otherwise everyone ll b disappointed yaar.suggestions when Arjun try to make radz jealous u an make radz trying to get at10on by some s*xy dance and all …….;-) there many things to do so plz don’t cut it of……..plz πŸ™‚

  11. Sathya

    Thank you πŸ™‚ i have all those in my mind and i will defintely give you all a answer for those questions. I was expecting somebody will ask me those unanswered questions? :P.

    I will properly justify everything about Ajina’s life, manoj’s statement about Arjun stopping radhika’s don’t worry πŸ™‚

  12. I still want to know when Tina wakes up from coma would she accept Ajay has her husband or does she still have feeling for Arjun.

  13. Shree

    Sathya!! It’s upto you… It’s your story… You can put in Ajay and Tina track…. Make her alright… Un ishtam di… But I love your ff..

    Post soon.. Love you ??

  14. Niharika

    Sathya what is this PLEASE CONTINUE PLEASE DONT QUIT. Please you dont you make aftersome months of nesams wedding make it a radhika is gives birth to one child and then sam after a few months.

  15. manju

    nice promo

    i love ardhika and i love ur story so pls dont end it and do continue for some more days

    r u updating today??????
    tc ……………..

  16. yes it depends on u dear…rather running around bush it will b good to end it on happy note…bt promise us u will start new ff aftr this…bt if u hav good plot for this story itself then u can go with it dear…Thanks dear u ask us for suggestions this means care a lot for ur readers…n we too love u so much!!

  17. div7

    don’t stop it…plzzzz continue it….I’m silent reader…I’m texting now to want your ff

  18. Pls sissy stop panadheenga …. I love to c my fav actors in Tamil…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ pls cont ur ff …….

  19. smiley

    Even in onscreen version they ended the serial as soon as ardhika became one so I suggest u to continue ur ff with new plots…… Decision is urs

  20. Sathya

    guys i am so overwhmed seeing ur love for my ff. i ll tell u all i have few more scenes left in this ff which will take another 6 – 8 episodes maximum. i ll answer all ur questions in those episodes. and have to end this at one point.

  21. Sathya

    For sure i ll write a new one and i already thought abt the plot
    also and developing scenes for that and i m sure u all will like it. u ppl gave me so much love and i got so many friends and sweet sisters.. i will not leave u guys so easily and will torture u all to read my ff. ????

  22. Vini

    Sathya Ka , when you really know it is the end and nomore to show then end it , I will cherish reading all these episodes again nd again and will enjoy the best moments of ardika πŸ™‚ love you sister and you are the best πŸ™‚

  23. VSK

    Hey , I am new here as i am reading ur ff since past one weak … I really loved ur ff ……… plss do continue writting. and end it so soon
    I have que. sathya … why did arjun threatend manoj to run away from his marraige ?

  24. aastha

    Hey satya di plzz dnt stop it……I’ll miss te ff soooooo mch……….bt f u ve already decided to end it do start a new one sooooon……..wwth lot f ardhika in it……?……lve u…..?

  25. neha

    I love ur ff this is the 1st time i am commenting on tellyupdates. But i think u shld not end it. Bring some twists maybe. And even u can turn manoj into the villian. To show the trust and respect between ardhika. Ithink u shld so some track of nesam after der marriage

  26. Abi

    Hey satz…
    Sry, i couldnt comment nowadays… Because of my internship programme (FMD vaccination camp) hell tired ?????

    But i want to comment???, as u need our suggestion right.
    From my point of view, i luv ur story ???and u know that also, i don’t want to see any negative charecter ( ur story has some uniqueness…so, Dont spoil that)?????????because u r the one maintaning a story without any villains… ?????

    ?Don’t finish ur story?…. I want urs, do somthing good withh ur story

    I dont know, wat u r going to do
    …. But i really expect somthing gud from ur plot… Pls save my fav story….. If u want to finish means, finish it with complete climax…… But i cant accept that situation?????????

    Okay??…… Bye???(frozen movie song)????????

  27. Hiii satz….m back again…but what is this…u want to close ur story?…crying….but happy that u thought about new plot sis…missed u so much sis….

    Waiting for ur reply…

    N how come u didn’t see my last chappy…u know u give that ryt to ask u….

    Sorry if u hurt..but plz don’t mind me…u knew m half crazy…lol…luv u…tc?? ? ??

  28. Sathya

    hi all… i am so sorry to hurt u all… i know so many of u got angry on me that i told i ll end this fff. am so sorry for that. i thought that if evrything goes well then we cant shiw tje day to day life right.. if everyine is happy in their own life obviously we have to give that end… i also thought the same.

  29. Sathya

    but after seeing all ur comments to continue this ff… i really put myself into ur shoes and thought about this ff… u knoe what this ff is very close to my heart. i will really think about any new plots to continue this and will soon update u all… thnak u so. much for ur love…. love u all ?????????? next epi is tomorrow o ly guys.. pls bare for some more time

  30. Roma

    Awesome promo. ..soooooooo sorry for being late. …plzzzz continue dear and show ajina n manoj allegation for arjun…love you soooooooo muchhhhhh

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