Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 6)

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Guys i forgot to inform you all one thing is Radhika and Sam are working together by that way they become close. Neil is cousin brother of Arjun but of same age and he lost his parents so Arjun’s parents are taking care of him. he returned to India after finishing his studies from abroad.

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 6)
Recap: Ardhika’s romantic dance. Neil attracts to Sam.

Next Morning, Radhika wakes up early and get ready in a salwar. She dries her hair sitting infront of the mirror. with that noise Arjun wakes up and looks her. She combs her hair and gets ready. She search for her bag and keeps all the necessary things in her bag. Arjun is watching all this and he looks at the clock.

Arjun: Where are you going? that too this much early.

Radhika keeps mum and did not reply anything and doing her work silently.

Arjun: I asked you something Radhika. His tone says how irritated he is.

Radhika just lifts her eyes and looks at him and says: Office.

Arjun: What? Office?

he gets down from the bed and stands near her.

Arjun: What is the necessary for you to go to office?

Radhika: Y i should not go?

Arjun: You are now Mrs. Radhika Arjun. Arjun’s wife has no reason to work in other’s company. How many times you want me to remind you this?

Radhika: I don’t want to remember this my identity, that’s y i am going to office.

Arjun gets anger and holds her hand and says, “You are not going anywhere”.

Radhika takes her hand from him and says, “You are not the one to decide all this. I have already informed Maa nd papa about this. They gave permission for me to continue my job. So i have just informed you where am going and not asking permission from you”.

By saying she goes to the door and opens it and turns back.

Radhi: One more thing, How many times do you want me to remind you this? Don’t try to take the advantage of being my husband. I did not give that right to you. And don’t try to dominate me.

By saying this she goes out by closing the door. It seems like a tight slap on Arjun’s face. He holds his fist in anger and hits on his thighs itself. He rushed to washroom to get freshen up. He did it everything fastly and comes to down to check whether Radhika is left or not. he sees her sitting on the dining table and eating break fast.

Shailu sees him and calls him for break fast. he too goes and starts having food. Radhika finished hers and gets up. Arjun’s eyes are completely on her and follows her wherever she goes. Radhika goes to Kishore and gets blessings from him.

Radhika: Papa, i am leaving for office. Will come soon in the evening.

Kishore: Ok dear. take care and be careful, but how are you going.

Radhika: Papa, i will go by auto for today and asked my mom to send my Vehicle here tomorrow. I will manage it papa, don’t worry.

Arjun hearing all this, finishes his BF soon and goes to hall and interrupts their conversation.

Arjun: No need of auto, i am going on the way only. i can drop.

He said all these without seeing and adjusting his clothes. Radhika stares him.

Kishore smiles: Haa Radhi ma, he is correct. You can go with him. He will drop you in your office.

Radhika tries to refuse it but of no use. Shailu also forces her to go with him. Finally she agreed and goes out with him. Shailu and Kishore smiles at them and shows thumbs up to each other.

Arjun gets his car and radhika tries to sit in the back seat but he stops her.

Arjun: I am not driver for anyone and i will not kill the person who sits in the front seat.

Radhika gets irritated and silently she sits in the front seat. Arjun drives off to her office. Whole way it is deep silence in the car. Both of them did not speak single word and no eye contact also.

Radhika wonders how arjun knows where she is working. She did not know that Arjun knows each and every movement of hers. he did not talk or see her these years but he gathered all the information about her. And the reason for this is, only Arjun’s inner soul knows about it.

Arjun dropped her in office. She gets down and says Thank you. He tries to stop but she immediately says, “You are a stranger for me, so if i get lift from any stranger i have a habit of saying thanks to them.”

Arjun stares her angrily and about to go but Sam sees him and wishes him morning.

Arjun did not reply and drives off angrily. Sam is shocked and sees him going and looks at Radhika.

Sam: He spoke to me very nicely yesterday night only, but what happen today?

Radhika: he is like that only always.

Sam: No, he is not. he is good, but whenever he is getting angry means, its because of you only. He is angry on you but he is not able to show you his anger and he is showing to others.

Radhika stares her and says, “You have a very small brain. Don’t force all these unnecessary things there, it will burst one day” and laughs seeing her reaction.

Both the ladies goes inside the office campus and seated in their place. All her collegues wishes her for the marriage. Radhika has mixed emotions and did not show it much on her face. But Sam notices all her every moves and worries for her thinking, “Radhi, i know you are worrying too much about ur future. but still you are not realising that you have got a very good husband as your life partner. I don’t know whether you know or don’t know. You are really lucky to have him. God only knows when you will get to know about it”. She gives a sigh relief and start concentrating on her work.

Through the whole day, Radhika comes to her normal life and happily chit chatting with her colleagues. Sam finds the difference in her when she was in home.


Arjun is restless remembering Radhika’s closeness with her friends in the party. The guy who puts his hands on her comes to his mind always. Immediately he gets up from his seat and walk here and there. In tension, he takes a cigratte pack from his pocket and about to light it.

He remembers the conversation and have a blurred image. faces are not shown clearly.

Girl: Hey idiot, y r u smoking like this?

Guy: I like it and it’s my wish.

Girl: I don’t like it.

Guy: so what?

Girl: Pls stop smoking na? with pleading tone.

Guy silent for a while and says: hmmm ookay, its a last puff. By saying this he had a last cigratte and throws it out. he looks at her and says, “JUST FOR YOU”.

Arjun comes to his senses and looks at the cigratte and throws it in the dustbin. He throws the packet also in the bin. He sits on the couch and lost in his thoughts. After sometime Neil also joins in his work. He diverted his mind and concentrated on his work.

In the evening, Arjun wrap up his work and rushes to go out. Neil is surprised and asks him, “Where is he going?”

Arjun: I have an important work. I will meet you in home. Bye

Neil understands where he is going and plans to follow him. he also goes behind him and make sure that he is not seeing him.

@IT office entrance,

Radhika and sam comes out from the campus.

Sam: So how are you going dear?

Radhika: I will go by auto oly. My Dio is in my home na. I have to get it by tomorrow. its very difficult to get auto and taxi.

Sam sees something and surprise and says: You don’t worry about anything radhi dear, somebody else is there to worry about you and take care of you.

Radhika is confused and sees where Sam is pointing her finger. Radhika is really spell bound and speechless seeing there.

There is none other than ARJUN. He parks his car in one corner and waiting for her. He sees her seeing him and goes towards her. Radhika stands still at the same place and stares him.

He comes to them and greets Sam and says sorry for not wishing her in the morning.

Sam: It’s ok. Never mind. So.. What a surprise you here?

Arjun: Hmmm.. actually i had work in this area lane. So i thought of taking your friend also with me to home. Any problem?

Sam: Nooooooo….i don’t have any pbm. Infact i am more happy to see you here. Well if possible come daily na. We can talk for sometime and after that you can take your wife with you.

Arjun smiles hearing her and looks at Radhika who is standing like a statue and through her facial expressions, he understood that she did not like him come here.

When he about to talk her, some group of girls surrounded them and wishes Radhika again. They see Arjun and comes to a conclusion that he would be her husband.

They are praising him about his charming and his care towards his wife. Arjun feels uneasy but by seeing Radhika’s face he too joins with them and smiles hearing their praises.

Radhika finally stops them saying she has to leave. And she bids bye to Sam and goes towards the car. Arjun still stands there and looks at Sam and smiles victoriously. Sam waves bye to him and leaves from there.

Arjun goes to the car and opens the door for her and he too seated in the car and drives off to his home.

All this scenes are watched by NEIL from distance and he feels so happy to see his care on Radhika.

In car, Arjun sees her sitting silently and he also did not talk to her.

Radhika breaks the silence and says, “What is the need to flirt with them?

Arjun is really surprised by her question and looks at her.

Arjun: I just reciprocate what they did.

Radhika: Whatever, keep distance with my friends.

Arjun: What’s yr problem if i talk to them.

Radhika: I already suffered enough. I don’t want to repeat the mistake again.

Arjun: What do you mean?

Radhika: I meant what happened few years ago.

Arjun: I already cleared it that there was no mistake from my side.

Radhika: Do you want me to believe you? I have seen everything. Leave it, i don’t want to argue about that now. It’s waste of time. And from tomorrow no need to come and don’t show to the world that you are caring for me. be as you are, that’s enough.

Arjun gets hurt by her words, so he did not talk anything afterwards and drives to home. In home also they did not talk to each other and had their dinner silently and slept. There was a pin drop silence in their room. They lied down in the bed to sleep but they are not. Somehow they closed their eyes and after sometime. 2 souls gets up its none other than Ardhika’s inner soul.

Souls sees each other and moves close to each other. Arjun’s soul cups her face and kisses on her forehead and says, “I MISS YOU SO MUCH”.

Radhi’s soul holds his hands as it is and says, “I MISS YOU TOO ARJUN”. He sees her tears in her eyes and kisses on that. SHe presses his hands tightly and look at him.

Both souls has an eye contact and hugs each other tightly which says how much they missed each other in these many years. He caresses her passionately and kisses on her lips.

Suddenly both Ardhika wakes up from the sleep and sees each other sitting on the bed. They feel awkward remembering the scene and looks away. Both had a sip of water and sleeps again. this time both close their eyes tightly and did not allow their dreams or soul to occupy them again.

Precap: Radhika gets a gift box and she opens and sees it. Arjun gets annoyed seeing the gift and moves away.

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