Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 5)

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Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 5)

Recap: Arjun jealous seeing Radhika being close with her friends.

Neil announce the couple dance and compelled Ardhika to dance. Ardhika looks each other and feels awkward. Everyone in the party started clapping and encouraging them to dance. Arjun sees Radhika and goes to her and extends his hands to her. Radhika looks into his eyes and slowly puts her left hand in his right hand. He gently pulls her towards him and makes her to be in the position of

Her right hand on his left hand – Her left hand on his right shoulder – His right hand on her waist.

He keeps his hand on her waist and gently touches her bare waist. Radhika feels the heat on her body and closes her eyes coz of shy. He slowly pulls her to him again touches her forehead with his. Radhika opens her eyes and looks at him without moving her head. There is an intense eye to eye contact between them. They slowly started dancing for the song melody song which clearly tells the conversation between their eyes and hearts.

BG Song


Uyirile enathu uyirile…Oru thuli theeyai udharinaai
Unarvile enathu unarvile…Anuvena udainthu sidharinaai

( You dropped a spark of fire in my life..
which broke into my emotions like an atom)


Yen ennai maruthu pogiraai…Kaanal neerodu sergiraai

( why are you moving away from me and making it seems like a mirage?)

Koduthathaai sonna idhayathai…Thiruppi naan vaanga maattene

( I am not going to take back the heart i gave you..)


Uyirile enathu uyirile…Oru thuli theeyai udharinaai
Unarvile enathu unarvile…Anuvena udainthu sidharinaai

( You dropped a spark of fire in my life..
which broke into my emotions like an atom)


Aruginil ulla dhoorame…

( You are too close, yet so far)

Alai kadal theendum vaaname

( You are the sky the waves and sea tries to reach…)

Nesikka nenjam rendu…Podhaatha podhaatha nee sollu

( Are two hearts not enough to fall in love?… You tell me)

Nesamum rendaam murai…Vaaraatho koodatho nee sollu

( This is indeed the second time for us…But can’t it happen, you tell me?)


Idhu nadanthida kooduma…Iru thuruvangal seruma

( Do you think this would work?…can two poles come together?)

Ucharithu neeyum vilaga…Thathalithu naanum maruga

(You moved away after saying it…And i kept worrying thinking about it..)

Enna seiveno

( How am i going to handle this?)

The background song really talks about their thoughts whatever it is there in their mind. Ardhika is so close to each other and realise each and every line of the song played and forget themselves in their emotions. He handled her gently and observes every move of hers and brings her so close to him. She turns and tries to move away but he holds her hands back and pulls her again to him and hugs her from back by holding her hands together. She rests her head in his chest and he too slightly rests his chin in her neck. They both closed their eyes and enjoys the song and wants this moment to be freezed. They both comes to sense by hearing the clappings and they get seperated and composes themselves. Nesam goes to Ardhika and hugs them and appreciate their dance.

Sam in Radhika’s ears, “Chasni, after seeing your dance no one can say that you both hate each other, that much love was there in your dance. I am sure it is just comes out from your hearts.” Radhika stares her and says, “Don’t imagine too much. If you dance for this kind of songs, you can also be close to anyone”.
Sam, “Don’t try to be over smart dear. I can see the love in your eyes, not only yours Ur hero also has. Everyone knows here except you both. Soon you will realize it”. Radhika did not want to reply, so she excuse herself and goes to her room. Arjun sees radhika going and tries to take his eyes off but unable to. Neil pats his shoulder and says, “Accept it bhai, that you still love her. Each and every line of the song is for you both. Y can’t you give a second chance for your love. You buried it in your heart alive, pls take out and confess your feelings.” Arjun gives him an angry look after that Neil did not say anything and stands like a statue with him.

Party is over and all the guests are gone. only family members are there in the hall. Elders decided to take Ardhika to Arjun’s home. Radhika is not happy at all but she couldn’t deny it. Arjun sees her uncomfortable and smirks. They all get ready to go to Arjun’s home. Sam tells them that she will be leaving to her home. Radhika insists her to come with her but she refused. Radhika finally agrees it but worried that how she will go alone. Neil spontaneously comes forward to drop her home. All are surprised and smiles seeing his interest. Neil gets blush and winks at Sam. Sam is shocked and gives him a curious look.

Sam gets packs her stuff and gets ready to leave. Radhika hugs her and says, “Miss you”. Sam too reciprocates it and bids bye to everyone. She comes to Arjun and says, “Won’t you talk to me now also? hmm fine, i have a request, Pls take care of my chasni. she is like a kid, sometimes she will be rude but truth is not that. Pls don’t hurt her at any cost, she is so precious and i am sure you also knows it. Okay, Bye. All the best for your newly married life”. She turns to go but stops hearing Arjun’s words, “It’s nice to meet you and i know her more than you know about her, so you don’t worry about her. i will take good care of her and you take care of yourself. And if you come home often, your friend will feel good to see you”. Sam is very happy and says, “Sure” and she bids bye for the one last time and leaves with Neil in the car.

Ardhika also leaves to Arjun’s home and they reached soon. Shailu did the grahpravesh for her and welcomes her inside. She lights the diya in the temple did the puja.
Shailu sends them to their room and ask them to take rest. Arjun goes first and Radhika follows him. He enters the room and turns on the light, then she too gets in. She looks around the room everywhere. Arjun says, “Nothing has been changed in the room in these many years except me”. Radhika ignores his words and starts unpacking her stuffs. Arjun gets angry and murmurs, “How dare she? i will c u.” Radhika, “Did you say something now?”. Arjun stares her for a while and goes out of the room. Radhika smiles at the way he left and continues her work.

On the road, Neil is so happy that he got a chance to talk to Sam alone. Sam is least bothered and did not pay attention to him. Neil,”so what’s up?”. sam, “What?”. Neil, “hmm you could have stayed with me for some more days na?” by saying this he bite his tongue. sam, “What did you say? Come again?”. Neil, “I mean, you could have stayed with your friend for some more days na”. Sam looks him from top to bottom and says,”Don’t feel too much ok”. Neil raised his eyebrows and says, “Attitude, but i like it”. Sam, “What did u say?”. Neil, “aaahhh…mmm.. i said you are beautiful”. Sam stares him for a while and starts laughing by seeing him. Neil is happy seeing her smiling and extends his hand to her and says, “Friends?”. Sam stops laughing and says, “No. i don’t want to be your friend”. Neil, “No worries, be my girlfriend then”. Sam is astonished by seeing him and turns her face to other side. Neil smiles seeing her starts whistling on his favourite song. Sam fakes anger but she smiles remembering his flirt with her. Neil notices this and asks, “Are you smiling?”. Sam composes herself and says, “No i am not”. Neil, “heyyyyy u smiled yar. i saw.”. Sam, “So what? See the road and drive”. Neil smiles seeing her and drives off. Finally he dropped her in her home. Before she get down he asks, “so, when can we meet again?”. Sam, “Y we have to meet again?”. Neil, “You are my GF, so we should meet again”. Sam, “I said, i am not”. Neil, “which means you are unlucky then of not having me as your Boy Friend”. Sam, “Oh is it so? then let me be Unlucky only and BTW thanks for dropping me.” By saying this she gets down from the car and walks to her home. But all the way she smiles remembering him but did not show to him. Neil also stares at her and says, “I don’t know what but she is something spl”. He stares her till she goes inside and he drives back to home.

Ardhika’s room,

Arjun comes back to his room after sometime and finds her struggling to keep her suitcase on top of the shelf. But she lost her balance and about to slip but he comes and holds her. He puts her in the floor and says, “Don’t try to be like Jhansi rani. you can call the servants for help”. Radhika did not say anything and moves away. He holds her hand and says, “I am talking to you only”. Radhi,”Take your hands”. He did not so she pulled her hands forcefully from him and says, “Don’t behave like a normal husband. As i told you already, we are strangers inside the four walls. be in your limit and never ever try to take advantage of me”. Arjun’s anger gets high and rush behind her and locks her near the wall. He did not touch her but still he locked her to the wall and stares her with atmost frustration.

Arjun,”DON’T dare talk to me like that. you never knew this new Arjun. And don’t…don’t ever imagine that i am longing to touch you. We bond into a relation for other’s sake not in love. Don’t be so stupid to think that i am taking advantage of you. I will behave same if anyone else also been in your place. I have no feelings on you except hatred. I hate you the most in my life.” By saying this he moves away and goes to his bed. He looks her at once and throws the pillows on the bed and laid at one corner of the bed.

Radhika still stands in the same place near the wall and cries silently. She sits on the floor where she was and holds her hands across her kness and cries by hiding her face. She heard some mind voice, “you are my responsibility and i will never ever let you get hurt by any source. It’s my promise”. She cries hardly remembering those words and looks at Arjun who is sleeping. She wipes her tears and goes to the bed and tries to sleep but she couldnot. There Arjun also still awake and a drop of tears falls from his eyes. Both are hiding their emotions and try to show their hatred to hurt each other but they did not realise that by showing hatred they are hurting themselves.

Precap: Radhika goes to office. Sam and Radhika meets in their office. Sam felt bad seeing radhika worries and tries to sort out the issues between Ardhika.

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    1. Thank u ?. Song s from vettaiyadu vilayaadu movie.

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