Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 28)


OMG..i am so overwhelmed seeing all your love. Thank you soooooo muchhhhhh. Love you loadsssss 🙂 Thank you so so much for the new ff also. And for all your information i am planning to change the title since Hidden love title is already there for another Ff which is a MM one shot.

So the title for my new FF is “My Impossible Love”. Pls search it in this title and read it. Now we will go in our FF.

Here you go with episode 28

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 28)
Recap: Everyone back to their home and started doing their regular work. Ardhika and Nesam stays in seperate room for the whole month. Shailu keeps a surprise for Arjun and Neil.

Arjun and Neil enters into their rooms respectively and stands shocked seeing the decorations.

@Arjun room,

Arjun is stunned seeing his room and walks inside. He looks for Radhika and calls her by name. He searches her in the washroom and balcony but couldn’t find her. He looks here and there and find a note in the mirror.

He picks it up and reads the message “Come to terrace” with a smiley. He kissed it and goes to change his suite and freshen up and runs to the terrace.

He reach terrace and looks for his love he did not see her. He moved other side and looks stunned seeing the beautifully decorated small tent in white color with a bed placed on the floor. All the four corners of the bed are pulled upwards with a cloth in sky blue color and tie it at the top corner. Outside the tent all the four corners are placed with a bunch of flowers in a stand and everything is full of roses. In the center a small small candles lits up there in all the four corners.

He smiles seeing all these and gets emotional and walks towards the tent. Inside he finds the rose petals arranged in a heart shaped in the middle of the bed and in the middle “ARDHIKA” is written in it. Apart from the middle part other sides are scattered with a red rose petals. Then he saw on top there he finds so many threads hanging down and the bottom end small and cute photo frames are tied to it which contains the cutest and lovely moments of Ardhika which takes from their childhood and till now. He just loved it and searching for Radhika.

He heard some noise at his back and turns to see and becomes dumbstruck seeing and lost in her beauty. Radhika wears a simple black and red combo saree with sleeveless blouse in black color with deep low back neck. Body of the saree is complete red and the border contains the embroidery designs in black color and here & there small mirrors attached to it. she unties her hairs and it blows gently coz of the chill breeze. She just wore one long black earring and a thin hip chain. she looks damn hot & s*xy and Arjun is completely bowled out by her beauty.

she moves towards him and extends her both hands to him. Arjun is completely lost and gives his hands without taking his eyes off from her. she takes his hands and places it in her waist and pulls him gently on to her.

BG songs plays and the below songs is only from female version.

Ammadi ammadi nerungi orutharam paarkka vaa

(Shall i come close to see you once)

Ayyodi ayyodi mayangi madiyinil pookka vaa

(shall i get myself blossom in your lap)

Yammadi yammadi nee thodanga tholainthida vaa

(Shall i lost myself when you start)

Ezhanthathai meetkka vaa… Iravalum ketkka vaa

(Shall i get what i lost and borrow what i want)

For the above lines below are the scenes i imagined,

Arjun gets out of control and hugs her tightly and starts kissing her shoulder, neck, then move onto her cheeks and finally kisses on her lips passionately. He moves his hands in her waist, removes her chain and touches her belly sensously. Radhika enjoys his each and every touch of him and closed her eyes of not able to control it. Radhika just pushes him slightly and moves forward but he holds her saree pallu and pulls her slowly towards him. But she holds it tightly and does a cute fight with him. Then Arjun just pulls her saree in a little force, Radhika lost her control and starts rolling over for each and every pull of him. Finally he removed her saree and throws it away and moves towards her. Radhika puts her hands cross over her chest and moves backwards. She got a screen and hides behind it and looks at him.

Song continues

Sollamal thottaalum unnidam manam mayanguthe

(My heart is bending on you if you touch me without telling)

Sonnaalum ketkatha un kurumbugal pidikuthey

(I like your naughtiness when you are not listening my words)

Anintha udaigalum naanamum vilagi pogirathe

(The dresses i wore and my shyness are moving away)

Yedharkku idaiveli endruthaan idhayam ketkirathe

(My heart is asking why we have the gap between us)

Kooduthe athan kooduthe vegame athan moozhguthe

(Your speed is increasing and i am sinking on it)

For the above lines,

He continues walking towards her and radhika is behind the white screen and smiles at him. He moves close to her and hugs her like the way she is standing. He kept his face close to her face and pulls her lips. Suddenly he removes the screen between them and pulls her to him through her waist and looks at her eyes. He lifts her in his arms and moving towards the bed and places her gently on it. he too lies beside her and starts caressing her face and slowly kisses her everywhere. Both of them are undressed and draped by a blanket over them and turns off the candles. They consummate their love in a beautiful environment where every girl wants to have like this .

@ Neil room,

Neil is having multiple reactions in his face by seeing the decorated rooms. He becomes so excited and goes forward but stops by a voice comes from a recorder. Its

Sam’s voice.

“STOP there itself. what i have told you. First go and refresh yourself”.

Neil doesn’t mind it and again moves forward but again Sam’s voice stops him and warns him saying, “If you move one step ahead, then not only today, again you have to sleep seperately for another 2 months and that will be your punishment”.

Neil is shocked and runs to washroom to gets fresh and gets the dress from wardrob and changes it. When he is about to turn but suddenly two soft hands tie his eyes with a soft cloth.

Neil: Sam, what are you doing? Y u tied my eyes?

Sam: Ssshhhhh. Come with me.

Sam takes him to their garden at the backyard and unties his cloth. Neil is super shocked seeing the bedroom decorations in the lawn and gets so happy.

Neil hugs her tightly and asks, “But Sam, then y our room gets decorated”.

Sam: That was done by mom. She likes to do it so me and Radhika did not object but we both have different thoughts of having our first night more special. Now mom and dad is not at home. They went to Radhika’s home and they will not come till tomorrow. So here only we four of us and here(showing lawn) only we two of us. So how is the surprise?

Neil is excited and hugs her tightly and starts kissing her neck sensously. Sam hugs him and holds his shirt tightly. By seeing her behaviour, Neil tightens his grip and continues his kissing all over her body. He lifts her in his arms and goes to the bed kept it under the tent roof. Slowly he also leans on top of her. He starts removing her earrings, hip chain, bangles one by one and puts it aside. He kisses her forehead and then move onto her cheeks, nose and finally reach on his destination. He stare at her lips and slowly touches hers with his. Then the kiss becomes so hard and hard which both of them couldn’t break it up for so long. After sometime, they get seperated and breathes heavily. Sam looks at him lovingly and touches his faces softly and kiss him on his cheeks.

Then they covered them with a blanket and consummate their love in a lovely environment.

Hours passes, there is a pin drop silence.

Ardhika and Nesam lies in the by hugging each other and covered with a blanket.

Radhika lifts her head and looks at Arjun and says, “Thank you Arjun, to came in my life and make me a complete a woman. I LOVE YOU”. Arjun kisses her in her forehead and says, “YOU MAKE ME COMPLETE DEAR. WITHOUT YOU, AM NOTHING. YOU ARE MEANING OF MY LIFE. I LOVE YOU TOO”.

Precap: Nesam travels to Sam’s home and stays there for some days. Arjun pinches in Radhika’s hip and she shouts. Shailu and Kishore looks them.

Hello people, So finally, the waiting is over. CONSUMMATION HAPPENED SUCCESSFULLY :P. PLS PLS PLS Let me know your comments for this episode. And one more thing, since Ardhika is the main pairs i did not cover much for Nesam..Nesam fans pls don’t feel bad.

Credit to: Sathya

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