Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 27)


Hello are you all… i missed you all soooo much. Did you all miss me and my ff? I hope so. I really enjoyed my time with my family on the long vacation. You

know what though i roamed out but still i used to read my FFs but i did not comment it..sorry for that. will get into the story.

Here you go with episode 27

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 27)
Recap: Ardhika and Nesam marriage ceremony.

Relationships last long not because they are destined to last long. Relationshihps last long because two brave people made a choice…To keep it, fight for it and to

work for it.

A successful married life requires falling in love many times but always with the same person.

Arjun and Nesam ties the knot to Radhika and Sam respectively. They both did 7 pheras by encircling the agnikund. People showers their blessings. Next ritual is to

wear the silver rings on bride’s toes. Pandit calls Ardhika first to do the ritual.

They have kept the grindstone on the right side of the agnikund. Ardhika goes there and Arjun sits with his knees and holds radhika’s foot gently and places it on the

stone and holds her second toe(next to thumb in leg) and makes her wear the silver rings (In tamil we call it a Metti) which has small cute bells attached to it. He

wears it to her and slightly pinches her leg and smirks. Radhika shouts in pain and others asked her what happen, she somehow managed and kept quiet and stares arjun.

Arjun smirks at her and takes her next leg and wears another ring in her toe and and tries to pinch again, suddenly someone pulls his ears and says, “Hmm, that’s y she

screamed is it?”. Its none other than Shailu. she pinches him in his cheeks. Radhika laughs seeing him and Arjun also gets shy. Their ritual is done and Now Nesam has

been called for the same ritual and they also have done with it.

Both the pairs have been called for the next rituals Arundhati and Dhruv Nakshatra – The couple is then shown the Dhruva Nakshatra or Pole Star, the one who attained

immortality through single-minded devotion and perseverance and also the “Arundhathi Nakshatra”, as the ideal wife – the embodiment of charity and virtue. This is

symbolic of the fact that such virtues are to be emulated throughout marital life.

Next they have been taken to the living hall and they asked to sit in the chairs with their partners. Shailu and Sharmi gets 2 silver cups which has milk and banana

pieces in it. they give it to Ardhika and nesam and asks them tos feed this each other in spoon.

Here Radhika & Neil did not like Milk and both looks each other and blinking. Arjun smiles seeing her helpless. Shailu asks Arjun to feed them to Radhika. Arjun takes

it in spoon and goes near Radhika’s mouth tries to feed her, she closed her eyes tightly. Radhika feels vomiting sense and closes her mouth and says she cannot have

it. The village ladies laughs at her and teases her saying, “What Marumagale(bahu), just now ur marriage got over and u r vomiting now?”. Radhika gets embarassed and

looks at Arjun for help but gets shock seeing him also enjoying the taunts. He laughs loudly seeing her reactions and Radhika who is angry now takes the silver bowl

from his hands and puts everything into his mouth which makes him to shut his mouth. She started laughing seeing him and now and others joins with her too.

Sharmi now gives the bowl to Sam and asks her to feed Neil. Neil did not avoid it but gets it and struggles to swallow it. He gives multiple reactions in his face to

swallow one piece of banana and little milk and finally he also behaves like as if he is vomiting. sam looks him shocked and again the village ladies tease him now by

saying, “See them, everything is opposite here. Maapillai(Damad) what happen? how many months now?”. Everyone started laughing including Sam. Neil keeps pout face and

looks sad. Sam pulls his cheeks and says so sweetttt. He then feeds her also the same and finally all finished their post marriage rituals.

So far the most of the rituals completed and they have been taken to their room respectively. First bridegrooms taken seperately and brides taken seperately. Neil is

alone in his room and walks here and there and thinks about his first night. He talks to himself, “Wow, i have been waited for so many days and today it gonna happen.

I am so excited. Even sam also will have the same excitement right. I will try to do all my stunts today and will make this day unforgettable.” He is jumping in

happiness but his smile vanishes seeing Arjun in the door. Arjun smirks at his acts and tells, “Mom asked you to come down”.

Neil: What? you know why?

Arjun: How do i know? You come and ask her.

Neil: wait wait. Y u r not so excited. Arjun today is our first night. I..I mean, yours and mine seperately.

Arjun looks at him carelessely and says, “You will get know about it soon. Now come down first”.

Both Arjun and Neil comes down and sees their family members gathered in the living hall and everyone silently laughs seeing Neil. Sam and Radhika also comes down and

faces the same reaction.

Neil is confused and asks, “Mom, what happened? Y r they all laughing at me? Am i looking like a joker?”

Arjun also laughs at him and says, “No Neil, you are looking so handsome..that’s y they are smiling”.

Neil gives him a angry look and asks shailu, “Mom, u called me na? What you want to say?”

Shailu: mmm…Actually neil…You will accept your mom’s words right?

Neil gives a doubt look and thinks something is wrong with everyone and replies, “No”.

Shailu is shocked and stares him. Ardhika laughs silently seeing the scene.

Shailu: You will not accept your mom’s words..really? i thought atleast you will make me happy more than Arjun.

She gives a fake sad reactions and Neil sees her mom gets sad and goes to her and holds her hands and says, “Mom Mom…ok tell me what i need to do?”

Shailu: you will do what i will say right?

Neil: Pakka.. i will do.

Shailu: Ok then you and Sam have to live seperately for 1 month.

She tells this very fastly where in Neil couldn’t believe his ears and looks blank for sometime. He shakes his ears and remembers what shailu said. He looks at the

roof top and shailu’s words echoes in his ears slowly.

His reactions changes slowly and finally he shouts , “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”. Sam too gets shocked hearing shailu’s words and looks sad seeing neil.

Everybody laughs seeing his reaction and Ardhika also laughs seeing Neil and Sam’s reaction.

Neil holds Shailu’s shoulders and shakes her asking, “Y ma? Y? How can you do this to me? its not fair mom”.

Shailu also smiles at him and says, “Neil, from tomorrow Aadi month is starting na, it is a belief that newly married couples should not stay together in this month.”

Neil gives a little sigh relief and asks, “from tomorrow only na. Not today right?”.

Shailu holds his ears and says, “Tonight also is not good for that and from tomorrow you both should be in seperate room only. See Arjun and Radhika, they also living

seperately because of this only.”

Neil looks at them angrily and thinks, “You idiots…could have told me earlier only na..and you both hidden everything.”

Ardhika laughs seeing him. Neil asks shailu, “Is there no way to sort this out?”

Shailu: We have Neil.

Neil: What is that mom?

he asked her so eagerly. Shailu replies, “You have to be in a seperate room for this whole month”. She smirks at him.

Now Neil couldn’t see anything and his eyes are blurred and did a half circle and fainted there itself.

After a while, Neil woke up and seeing everyone standing looking at him in the bed. He sees Sam who is sitting at the corner of the bed keeping his hands in both of

her cheeks. Arjun comes and pats his shoulder saying, “Neil, what bro? You are so soft hearted. For such a small shock u fainted, what u will do if you get big shock

than this?”.

Neil says silently, “I will not get a big shock than this in my life”.

Everyone again started laughing at him. Shailu comes and makes everyone leaves the room and convince Neil somehow. The newly married couples obeys their mom’s words

and sleeps in their respective rooms.

Neil & Arjun are in one room and Sam & Radhika in one room.

Neil to Arjun: Arjun now i understood y u tried to kiss me. I teased you that day and see now i am paying for that…he makes a sad crying face.

Arjun smiles and says, “Neil, its time for you to sleep. You still have 30 days to blabber like this daily and i don’t have patience to hear this daily”.

Neil looks him angrily and turns opposite side and sleeps. Arjun smiles seeing him and goes into sleep.

Next morning, everyone gets up and gets ready to go down. Neil did all his work very slowly and sadly. he gets ready and comes out of his room by keeping his face

sadly. Suddenly his face gets glow and brighten by seeing Sam on the opposite side.

Sam also sees and smiles at him. Both walks towards them and when they try to move little close but gets jerked off by hearing a bad noise saying, “Aadi month, Aadi month, Aadi month” continuously.

Neil sees the servant laughs at him. Sam looks at him angrily and goes away from there. Neil gets upset and kicks the floor and stares the servant angrily. The servant smirks at him and runs from there.

All the family members get together in the hall and did some more rituals and puja for Ardhika and Nesam and they planned to move to their city by that day itself.

Everyone gets ready to leave the village and gets emotional seeing the village people. One grandma comes infront and says, “We all were so happy by seeing you all here and we are very lucky to have this marriage here in this village. I want you all to come here often and stay with us for sometimes”.

All were getting emotional and leaves the place. Villagers sadly gives them send off.

They all reached their home and Sam’s parents gives her vidaai and drops her in her inlaws home. Ardhika’s parents gives the couples a warm welcome and all grahpravesh everything is done smoothly.

Days passes and both the couples continues their work respectively and did not miss to have the hidden romance and they too enjoyed this hide and seek game but still they obey Shailu’s order and keep waiting for the good day.

It is the last day of the aadi month and shailu prays to the god to give all the good healthy and happiness to her children. She did not inform aboout this to anyone and wants to give surprise to them.

Next day, all the 4 gets ready and goes to their work. Day gone and Arjun & Neil comes back home and searches for Radhika and Sam respectively. But couldn’t find anywhere. They did not go to their room but waited for them in the living hall itself. Shailu comes and sends them to their room atleast to change their dress. Unwillingly Arjun and Neil goes to their room and gets shocked seeing the decorated room.

Precap: Sizzling romance and consummation of the marriage.

Hello people, i have covered some rituals as far as i know. Pls provide your comments without fail and i am eagerly waiting for it.

Credit to: Sathya

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    In our culture…. There s a function called “nalungu”-like sangeet b4 marriage (8 days function -daily held by one of our closed relatives)

    And after marriege” sammandam kalathal”- merging of two families( competition btwn family members)….. After 1 st day of marriage home treat to the couples in their relatives both from men and women side)

    Finally marriage has 2 segments that b4 and after marriage…. Roughly around 1 1/2 – 2 months…… It s a big festival in our state…. Marriage s filled with happiness plus sadness…… It s really hard to satisfy everyone’s expectations…. Sometimes fight may happen?
    But on the whole it llbe a nice festival☺??????

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