Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 23)


Guys, I think you all forget me and my ff is it?. i know most of u all are angry on me when i say that i am planning to end this ff. M so sorry to make u all angry. I am so glad to see so many people like my ff and gets attached to it. Thank you so much for your positive responses. i will think about something else to continue this FF. Thanks for ur support as always.

Here you go with the episode 23

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love(Episode 23)

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Recap: Arjun try to kiss Neil in his dreams imagining him as Radhika. Neil shouts and all the family members gather in the room and starts laughing seeing Arjun. Arjun gets embarassed.

All of the family members leaves from the room and Neil is the first one who runs outside to save him from arjun.

Arjun gets anger seeing Radhika also laughing at him. He stares her angrily. Shailu warns him to be in control and going out. Radhika tries to go in but shailu holds her and asks, “Where you going?”

Radhika: Mom, i will go and see Arjun

Shailu: No need. If you go to him, again he will do something. U come with me.

She takes Radhika also with her and about to go out but she stands near the door and turns to see Arjun. Arjun who sits sadly and sees Shailu standing at the door side.

Shailu: I wanna tell you both something. Aadi month is starting in another 2 days. You can think why i am seperating you both before itself. After a long time you both become a perfect partners and you started loving each other. I want this to be continued for life long. As per your horoscope details, these 2 days are not good for you both to start your life. And anyway the good muhurtham for first night is after aadi month only. So i hope you both respect my belief and support me in this. Specially for Arjun.

Radhika and Arjun hears her silently and nods positively. Then Shailu takes radhika with her and goes out.

Arjun rubs his head and holds his head and says, “Oh god, what have i done? How embarassed it was? This girl makes me crazy for every second. I am always thinking about her but she is laughing at me. I will see her.”

Radhika and Sam jokes on the scene which they saw and bursts out laughing. Suddenly they see Neil who prays himself murmuring and feels so tensed. He comes to their room and sits on a chair but he is still in that truama only. Radhika and Sam again continues their laugh seeing Neil’s scared face.

Radhika sees Arjun who cross their room and runs behind him. He rushes to his room and about to lock it but Radhika comes and holds the door before he locks. Arjun sees her and stares her angrily and goes inside leaving the door as it is. Radhika understands his angry and goes behind him and hugs him from back. Arjun jerks her hands and moves from there. Radhika again holds his hands and asks him to stop. Arjun again jerks it and walks towards the door. Radhika runs fast and stands infront of him.

Radhika: Arjun, why u r doing like this? Why r u angry on me?

Arjun: You haven’t done anything? he looks her sternly.

Radhika couldn’t see his eyes and bows down her head and says, “Sorry Arjun, but i couldn’t control my laugh. But everyone else also laughed right why you are showing your angry on me?

Arjun in a same rough tone replies, “Is that you and others are equal for me? I never mind if others are laughing, but you too laughed at me na. I did this crazy thing by thinking about you only. Each and every second i am thinking about you but you never cared for me.”

Radhika holds her ears and tells, “I am really sorry Arjun. Pls pls pls dont get angry on me.”

Arjun: Radhika, don’t make me more angry, pls go away from here. I want to be alone for some time.

By saying this he drags her to outside and locks the door. Radhika stands shocked and gets into thinking to convince him. She goes to her room and discuss with Sam what to do with Arjun.

Only 2 days are left for the marriage. All the guests and relatives are started coming to their home. SLowly the home is filling with the people. In the evening, Arjun gets ready and goes down to help others for the marriage. Radhika also there and helps in the marriage preparation. Arjun sees her in a sky blue plain saree with a single line border design with white stones and gets lost in her thoughts. He says to himself, “Hayyo, what is she doing? I am pretending to be angry at her but whenever i see her she is completely making me to go crazy on her. She looks s*xy”. Suddenly he hears another voice saying, “Excuse me”.

Arjun gets shocked and turns beside him and sees a girl who is completely on modern outfit and looks him doubtedly. Arjun for a sec becomes dumb by seeing her and stammers what to reply. That girl smiles slightly seeing him and goes near him and whispers in his ears, “I ll take it as a compliment”. She rolls her 1 finger on his cheeks and moves from him. Arjun becomes statue and gives a looks as “WHATTT?” He turns to see her but sees only Radhika who stands in a shock with her mouth open and her hands in her waist.

Arjun changes his reaction and becomes normal and goes on the opposite side. Radhika goes behind him and drags him to the corner of the pillar and asks him, “What was she saying?”. Arjun to himself, “ this madam is burning in jealous. Let me play my game now”. By thinking like this he takes her hands from him and says, “It’s between us, i can’t share it with strangers”. By saying this he walks away and smiles seeing her reaction.

Radhika becomes numb seeing him and hits on the pillar hardly in anger but it hurts her back. She screams in pain and rubs her hands. She lost in some thoughts and does all the work wrong and Shailu asks her what is she thinking. Radhika nods as nothing and continues the work but still she looks upset. Arjun who stands far from her but stands in the place where he can see her clearly. He smiles seeing her reactions and thought to play some more.

Radhika gets excused herself from shailu and walks towards her room. BUt she stops in the mid by seeing the same girl who comes from upstairs. That girl gives a attitude look at Radhika cross her. Radhika turns to see her where she is going and gets shocked seeing her going towards Arjun. Arjun who is talking to some one doesn’t notice her and turns unknowingly and bumps into her. She is about fall but Arjun holds her from falling and looking at her questionly. Radhika opens her mouth in shock and closes it with both hands and looks at them with a widened eyes.
That new girl smiles at him and with his help stands straight and extends her hand saying, “Hi Handsome, I am Maya”. Arjun sees Radhika in watching all this he shakes his hands and says, “Arjun”. Maya replies, “Nice name and you too look hottttt”. She winks at him and again moves close to his ears and whispers, “s*xy too” in a husky voice. Arjun gets shock and looks here and there. She gives him a hot look and goes away. Radhika who watches all this hits on the floor by her leg and runs to her room. Arjun laughs seeing Radhika’s actions.

Precap: Arjun & Radhika gets locked in a store room. Radhika starts beating him hardly and Arjun holds her hands from beating him and pulls her to him and place a kiss on her lips.

Guys, Pls let me know how is this episode. I know it is a very short update, actually i really not getting time to write only. Pls bare me for some more time, it will be really a tight schedule for me. Pls provide your comments for this update and waiting eagerly for the same.

Credit to: Sathya

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  1. superb episode

  2. Not fair hw can I allep after reading the precap plzzzz post soon if possible post 2day will be waiting

  3. U were late let it be …………it was good ………loved it…….:-):-):-):-)

  4. The precap sounds interesting, please update as soon as possible. 🙂

  5. it was really good yaar & happy to listen u will try to continue this ff.this epi was nice but what will happen when the girl come to know about arjun?

  6. Chooo cute!! Lol.. He’s playing with her… I hope Maya doesn’t turn villian… Loved it di Sathya…

    Post soon… Love you ??

    1. Shree…itz party time….n I replied u in last section…Dr…luv u..

    2. No villains and all yar.. maya is just a trumpcard to fill the bridge between ardhika. She is a relative for sam who comes to attend her marriage. Arjun uses her to make Radhika jealous.. it will be a full and full episodes between maya & ardhika. So guys don’t worry..No negativities in my FF..all is well and all will go well 🙂

  7. Very awesome sathya. We also want to know Sam n Neil’s reaction over Adi month. Keep gng Sathya di. U r awesome.

  8. Who is this maya villian or what

  9. Very very nice !
    Loving the jealous scenes….

  10. Its very good.sathya…but I don’t like that girl…nobody can mess with ardhika..precap is awesome…

    One doubt aadi month is the starting month according to the Hindu culture????is it spring or summer….waiting for u satz…thank u…tc???

    1. Aadi is the 4th month in Tamil calendar. It will be Monsoon time (mid july to Mid August) here in Southern part specially in Tamil Nadu. And moreover it is a very auspiscious month for us, we will have so many temple festivals happen here but they will not do the marriage.

      1. Satz nearby pollachi – aanaimalai irrukku illa anga naa mazaani amman temple kku poiirukken. Super place ma. Very famous temple.

      2. Yes naaga…Pollachi is my birth place and my chithi is in aanaimalai only…i have been to that Maasaani amman temple so many times.. it is very beautiful place 🙂

      3. Omg…so many answers…thanks a lot naaga n sathya…actually m very much interested towards other part of Indian culture n tradition …but u know sometime internet is confusing…so guys if any doubt arise again …i will. Ask u all…plz don’t mind me…thanku so much…tc? ? ? ?…luv u all

      4. Ya…during adi time v purchase a lot..v get nice clothes in less price…i will.mis it year as now iam in kochi…and visiting rockfort temple is the most awsome thng with friends… its very difficult to climb thos many steps tat too without footwear..and v used to enjpy teasing each othr..all now memories…..

    2. No, in tamizh calender aadi month is a 4th month. In eng calender aadi month starts on july 15th or 16th & ends on august 15th or 16th.
      In tamizh calender
      1st month is chithirai -April 14 to May
      2nd ” vaikaasi – May to june.
      3rd aani- june to july.
      4th aadi – july to aug.
      5th aavani – aug to sep.
      6th purattaasi – sep to oct.
      7th aippassi – oct to nov
      8th kaarthigai – nov to dec.
      9th maargazhi – dec to jan.
      10th thai – jan to feb
      11th maasi – feb to march.
      & 12th panguni – march to apr 13.

      So next month is tamil new year. Happy wishes.

      1. In malayalam aadi = karkkidakam…. heavy raining season…. and in tamil nadu u celebrate aadi sale also….. am i right…?

      2. Yes we do Aadi sale and will celebrate many festivals in that month. It is a combination of Very hot, very humidity , heavy rainfall season too 🙂 I used to go to my home town on temple festival in a village near Pollachi, all our family relatives will be gathering will be very very nice time we all cousins spend together 🙂 i am missing all 🙁

  11. hey sathya where were u dear??? missed u n ur ff so much yaarrrr….today epi jst laughter one…while reading i could nt my laughter n mom asking me m i got mad??? hehe..what to say her….it superb one dear…n eager for nxt epi as it is a romantic one…love u dear!

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  15. Sathya, episode supero super. Precap semma. Im Waiting.

  16. nice jealousy track

  17. Thank you Mittu, moni, Aditi, shreya, shree, Rosie, dipu, susi, naaga, susi, anwesha, hayathi, bhabya, brin & Aradhya…thank you so so much 🙂 🙂 love you all

  18. m enjoying dis ride. Arjun making jelous Radhika.. And precap ? How can u end like this.. Eagrly waiting for next episode.

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