Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 22)


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Here you go with episode 22

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 22)

Recap: Ardhika’s sizzling romance

Ardhika comes back to home in the evening. Nesam sees them and finds something fishy in their behaviour. Radhika sees Sam looking at her curiously, she gets blush and

runs to her room. Arjun stares the way radhika goes and Neil comes to him and shakes him to come to the reality. Sam also follows radhika. Neil shoots questions to

Arjun about their newly grown shy, but Arjun couldn’t answer for any of his questions and losts himself in her thoughts.

Radhika goes to her room and falls on the bed and remembers their intimate moments in the hut. Soon Sam also comes there and shakes her. Radhika’s dream gets disturbed

and she looks at Sam with little irritated face and Sam gets surprised to see her Radhu.

Sam: Hey Radhu, what happened? I just tried to get you in the reality, for that y u r keeping your face like this?

Radhika comes to normal and says, “Nothing…Nothing Sam. So y u came behind me? Anything you want to talk to me?

Sam: Yeah….

Sam also sits on the bed beside her and asks, “While going i did not see the chemistry between you but when you came, i can see it is overflowing everywhere? What

happened chasni in between?” Sam smiles seeing her blush.

Radhika blushes and stammers what to say. Sam gets surprise seeing her blushing and holds her shoulder and makes her to see her straight and asks, “Hey What? all over

is it?”

Radhika’s faces becomes red and gets shy and closes her face and then nods as No.

This time Sam got little irritated and takes her hands off from her face and asks, “No or Yes, say anyone”.

Radhika says,”it s both”.

Sam gets confused and stares her angrily.

Radhika smiles seeing her curiousity and says, “Yes for his confession and No for other matters”. She winks at her.

Sam: Oh really, he proposed you finally. Yeah..super super. Ok if no for other matters means, then what you both were doing till this time from morning?”

Radhika looks at her and says, “It’s personal. I cannot say anything beyond this. Now you go to ur room”.

By saying this she pushed her out of her room and locks and again falls on the bed & remenisces their cute moments.

Down, Neil is bugging Arjun to say what happened. Arjun is somehow avoiding his question and concentrates on other activities. Sam takes Neil with her and tells him


Neil: Oh that’s why he is not answering me and not even look at my face is it?.

Sam: Hmm, so don’t ask anything to him. Finally i am so happy that my chasni got her love back and i am so excited seeing her happy.

While saying this Sam extends her hands and shows her excitement, Neil smiles at her and hugs her tightly and says, “Yeah i am also excited”.

sam is shocked and struggles to get out from his hug and starts pinching his hands and shoulder. Neil gives a pain sound as “Ouch..Aaahhh…Noo….” But still he did

not leave her and smiles seeing her struggle to free from him. Finally sam understands his naughtiness and she too hugs him back lovingly. Suddenly they both heard

somebody’s voice and gets seperated from each other and runs to their respective rooms.

Arjun comes to his room and tries to knock the door but it got open when he slightly pushes it. He enters the room and finds Radhika in a night suite and drying her

hair infront of the mirror. he smiles at her and silently locks the door and moves towards her. Radhika who doesn’t aware of him continues doing her work. She jerks

slightly when he holds her by shoulder and hugs her from behind. She looks at him through mirror and says, “Now what?”

Arjun keeps his chin on her shoulder and says, “I love you”. Radhika smiles at him and rubs his hair and says,”So?”

Arjun lifts his face and asks, “What so?”

Radhika: You said something na..that’s y i asked you. she smiles seeing his face.

Arjun understands her tease and turns her to him and says, “Sooooooo….i want to make love with her”. He winks at her and she gets blush seeing him and starts

struggling to get free from him. He tightens his grip more and more.

Radhika: Arjun, leave me. What if somebody comes and sees us like this?

Arjun: No one will come, if they come also, i don’t care because you are my wife. No one can stop me in hugging my wife.

By saying this he leans on her and tries to kiss her lips but gets jerked when they heard a knock on their door. Arjun shows an irritating face and goes to open the

door. he sees Shailu there and asks her to get in.

Shailu comes in and says, “Arjun, i told you already, You both have to shift your room. Radhika you do pack your things and move to sam’s room”.

Both are shocked and doesn’t want to stay from each other. Arjun stops her in mid and says, ‘Maa, if we should not stay together means, then y u all arranged marriage

for Neil & Sam in this week. Anyway they also should not stay together right?”.

Shailu stares him and says, “We all know about this. When we gone to Sam’s home right that day only we called Pandit and checks for the marriage dates, he told that if

the muhurtham is at end of this month only, after this we don’t have good muhurtham for another 3 months. That’s y we want to finish their marriage soon.”

Arjun: That’s fine, did they also know about this Aadi month seperation and all?”

Shailu: That we will take care, y u want to bother. you do what i say.

Arjun and Radhika looks each other sadly and tries to convince Shailu but she did not accept it and stays there with radhika to help her in packing. Arjun helplessely

sees everything and gets upset seeing Radhika going to another room.

He rubs his hairs harshly through his hands and says, “Who found all this blo*dy rituals?”.

Radhika enters into Sam’s room and Sam looks surprise seeing her sad face and with her bags.

Neil also enters into Arjun’s room and tells him that, “mom asks me to stay with you since Radhika moves to Sam’s room. ANy problem?”

Arjun who is in anger stares him and in a cold voice asks him, “Did they tell you the reason for this seperation?”

Neil nods as No and asks him the reason. Arjun pats his shoulder and says, “Soon you will get to know.” By saying this he left the room. Neil looks confused and says to himself, “what i will get to know. I don’t understand”.

All the family members finishes their dinner and goes to their respective rooms. Arjun and Radhika looks each other sadly and talks through eyes.

After sometime helplessely they go to their room for sleep.

In the midnight, Arjun knocks on the door. Radhika opens the door and gets happy seeing Arjun standing. She hugs him and says, ” I MISS YOU A LOT”.

Arjun also hugs her back and takes little far from the room and says, “ME TOO”. He gently rubs her hairs and touches her cheeks lovingly.

She continues being in his embrace and says, “I don’t want to stay away from you Arjun.”.

Arjun: Hmmm what to do dear, even i don’t want to. But mom strictly told na. we have to obey her. okay, leave that now i come to you. Give me something na which i can remember for this night.

he says by looking at her lips. She gets shy and bows down her head.

Arjun lifts her face and slowly leans on her and is about to kiss her lips.

Arjun hears a very bad screaming and gets jerked off. it comes from Neil and all the family members also heard the scream and thinks what happen to Neil?.

They all starts rushing to Arjun’s room and opens the door and gets shocked seeing the scene there.

Arjun holds Neil and keeps his face near to him (as if he is about to kiss) and Neil is screaming continuously and asking him to open his eyes.

Radhika who stands there hangs her mouth opens and gets shocked seeing what Arjun is trying to do. Sam understands what is happening and started laughing seeing them. She laughs means laughing like anything without even giving a break.

Arjun comes to senses and gets shocked seeing Neil in the bed and embarassed seeing his whole family stands outside and stares him. Neil gets up from the bed and run to kishore and says, “papa, pls save me… he is trying to molest me”. Including Kishore everyone who stands there started laughing seeing them like this.

Shailu comes to Arjun and holds his ears one hand and says, “Can’t you control yourself for a month?” Arjun shouts in a pain and says, “He was in a dream”

He looks at Radhika sadly, but she couldn’t control her laugh anymore, started laughing at him.

Arjun felt bad and stares everyone angrily.

Precap: No Precap

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Credit to: Sathya

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