Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 20)


Guys, Thank you so much for your love and support you always given to me. I am soooooo overwhelmed by reading ur comments. I know, you all are soeager to read all the 4 promos at one stretch, i can write but soon i have to give end to this story if i write everything at one go. Even i haven’t write anything prior…then and there only i am writing it and posting it. All are my on the spot imaginations, so definitely i cannot give complete story. I will tell you all the way how am i writing. I have created this Precap first and based on that i am writing my story. Not the vice versa. So i request you all to be patience to read the next episodes…and i am so happy to see your eagerness towards my story 🙂 :):)

Here you go with the episode 20

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Radhika is angry on Arjun and plans something to make him fall on her feet. By thinking like this she goes and bumps into Sam.

Sam stops her and asks, “Hey Chasni, were are you?. Y u look upset?”

Radhika in a sad tone, “Nothing sam”.

Sam understands that she is upset and compells her to tell the reason for the same. Radhika says everything to her and Sam says, “Hmm so you want Mr.Arjun to accept his love for you. Will plan something together. Don’t worry.” Radhika gets happy and both gives hi-fi.

Both goes to their room and Radhika gives a side look to Arjun who is still working with the servants and moves from that place. Arjun who pretends to work, noticed Sam & Radhika and thinks that they might be upto something. All the preparations for the engagement is going on in full swing. Sam is completely busy on her look and Radhika inbetween she goes to her moms and helps them in other preparations and helps Sam also to get ready.

Evening arrives and the whole village gathers in their home and everyone is so excited and happy and sets everything for the engagement. Sam & Radhika stays in the room and does the last touch up before they go down. Arjun also helps Neil in getting ready and calms him down since he is looking so tensed. Then the elders called the groom and bride groom to come down. All the 4 comes out from the room and looks stunned seeing their respective partners. Nesam looks gorgeous in their attire and looks each other lovingly. Sam walk little front and same as Neil.

Sam wears a cute Yellow & Orange combo half saree and she looks gorgeous.


Neil wears a Royal blue raw silk smart indo western sherwani and looks like a prince.


They both smiles looking at each other and holds their hands and goes down. Behind them Arjun & Radhika comes one step behind Nesam and looks each other and gets lost in their looks.

Radhika wears a simple designer saree in pink & Sandal color combo which has golden heavy embroideries in the saree border which makes her shining like a gold.


Arjun also wears a simple sherwani in same combo as Radhika.


Ardhika stuns seeing each other and stands like a statue for a sec. They feel proud by seeing themselves and both did not think that they will come in a same color. Radhika feels in cloud nine and smiles seeing him and walks towards him. Arjun also mesmerized seeing her and thinks, “Oh god, howmuch ever i am trying to restrict myself, more than that she is attracting me. I should not bow my head so easily, god pls give strength for me to manage this beauty devil.”

Ardhika also follows Nesam and gets down in the stairs and try to move close and their hands are touching each others which gives them a goosebumps to them. Arjun feels like he is getting a current shock whenever she touches him. Somehow he controls himself and mingles with the men’s section. Radhika also goes and joins with the ladies section.

They called the pandit and asks him to start the puja before engagement and he did so. Once all the puja is done they called the grooms for ring exchange ceremony. Nesam comes forward and exchanges the ring and garland to each other. All claps and wishes them for the 1st step in their life. Often Arjun looks Radhika and gives a sigh relief. Radhika also notices this and smirks at him. Dinner also arranged in their home itself, so everyone goes there and helps each other.

Radhika is asked to take some more plates from the room in the first floor and she goes to take it. Arjun sees her going upstairs, initially he didn’t care about that but soon he couldn’t resist himself seeing her going, he also follows her.

In the store room, Radhika looks everywhere down for the plates and she did not find it. SHe notices the plates in the shelf and she tries to take it but it is at little height. Her hands are not touching it and she extends her right hand at the max to take it. Suddenly another hand comes there and takes the plate. Radhika is shocked and sees who is it. It’s none other than Arjun. He stands very close to her and Radhika feels his hot breathe on her shoulder. Arjun gives the plates to her. She gets it from him and slowly tries to go from there. Arjun stops her by keeping his hands on the wall and looks at her. Radhika smirks slightly and turns to him and raises her eyebrows. Arjun moves to her closely and locks her to the wall and moves more close to her.
He says, “Y r u doing all this.. to attract me is it?. That’s not so easy my dear wife.”

Radhika pulls him to her and says, “Y not? I already did it and i can see the positive response also”. She winks at him and pushes him back and goes from there. Arjun gives a sigh relief and says, “I know baby, i couldn’t control myself to stop seeing you. You are making me mad day by day and it increasing more and more”. He sees the way radhika goes and he also goes down and joins with the people.

Nesam and Ardhika and few more ladies and gents stays there in the hall only and others left for dinner. Radhika signs Sam to look Arjun. Sam understands it and calls everyone for Truth or Dare game.

Other villagers doesn’t understand what they are talking about. Sam explains them and ask them to see one game how they are playing. Nesam and Ardhika sits in the floor and gets an empty bottle to roll over. Ardhika sits opposite to each other so as Nesam. Sam starts rotating the bottle and it stops pointing to Neil. Neil keeps a pout face and Radhika asks him, “Truth or Dare?”.

Neil Says, “Truth”.

Radhika, “Are you sure?”.

Neil, “Yes why not?”.

Radhika, “ok. You have to say only the Truth Neil. After that your wish”.

Neil looks at her confusingly and agrees for Truth.

Radhika: OK. Tell me have you ever kissed your ex-girlfriend?

Neil spontaneously replies , “No”.

But immediately closes his mouth by his hands and looks at Sam scaringly. Sam stares him angrily.

Radhika starts laughing seeing Neil’s reaction. Sam, “So you had girl friend?”

Neil blinks at her and gets confused what to reply. He keeps sad face and looks at radhika who is laughing at him. Arjun comes for his help and says No personal questions.

The villagers starts laughing at their childish acts. Again Neil rotates the bottle and stops at Sam. Neil becomes happy and says, “Truth or Dare?”.

Sam: Truth.

Neil: ok i will ask you. What do you think about me?

Sam looks at him for a sec and says, “IDIOT”. Neil gets sad and keep pout face. Sam again says, “But SWEET IDIOT” and smiles seeing him.

Neil smiles at her and gives the bottle to her to rotate. Sam rotates the bottle and it points at Arjun. Radhika becomes happy and gives hi-fi to her.

Sam asks Arjun, “Truth or Dare?”.

As we all know Arjun’s brave, so he says, “Dare”.

Sam and Radhika looks each other and thinks what to ask. Suddenly an old lady from the group comes infront and says, “I will tell you”. Sam & Radhika also encourages her to say.

Old lady: We have a temple here at a hill. It is very auspiscious temple and special also. If the newly wedded couple goes there and prays then their life will be very good. You have to go there with your wife tomorrow.

Arjun smirks and says, “This is it? We will go there tomorrow.

Lady: It’s not so simple. I bet you that you cannot do it. Because you have to carry your wife in your arms and climb the steps to reach the temple. Inbetween you should not drop her down also. You have to put her down once you reach the temple. Are you ready to take the Dare task now?

Everyone is speechless and looks shocked at the old lady. THe old lady smirks at them and says, “This is the challenge we always keep for our villagers who newly married. Till now no one can finish that task though they are very strong they cannot carry their wife. I hope you also cannot…”

Arjun cuts her words and says, “I can do it. I will accept this challenge and will finish it tomorrow”.

Radhika gets scared and says, “Arjun, its not a game. Pls don’t take risk..its not possible”.

Arjun: I decided and get ready tomorrow.

By Saying this he goes inside his room. Nesam and Radhika looks shocked.

Next day, Ardhika, Nesam, their family people and the villagers also stands at the bottom of the hill and everyone looks at the top of the hill and sees the temple situated. Neil says, “Bro, think again, do you really want to take this challenge?”. Arjun sees Radhika and thinks, “I am doing this not just for the challenge, But i want to live happily with Radhika. If i finished this task successfully, then our life will be more colorful and beautiful. I want to keep her happy, for that i need to take this challenge and complete it successfully”.

Arjun replies, “Yes, i decided and i am doing it”.

All are shocked at his adamant and worries if he doesn’t complete. Arjun goes to Radhika and looks at her worried face. He lifts her in his arms like a baby and signs at the old lady who kept this challenge and smiles at her. He starts climbing the steps and Radhika keeps on looking at him and worried if he is getting hurt.

Arjun thinks, “If it is for you and with you means, i can go beyond this hill also. This is not a big deal for me. I can do anything for you”. He continues climbing the stairs soon his legs gets hurt and he feels the heat in his feet and struggles to move. Radhika worries much seeing and is about to get down but Arjun did not allow her to get down and tightens his grip on her and with the hurted legs only he continues climbing the stairs. Radhika gets emotional and gets teary eyes seeing his love for her. After so much struggle finally Arjun reached the top and goes inside the temple by carrying her. The crowd at the bottom of the hill are giving a big applause for Arjun and starts going to the temple.

Arjun drops Radhika infront of the idol and struggles to stand. SHe holds him and helps him to stand straight. People comes there and praises him about his care and love for his wife and blesses them to have a very long life with this same love forever. Radhika cries seeing his leg got hurt. They all did the puja and prays for everyone’s happiness. Neil takes him and does the first aid for him. Radhika goes there and scolds Arjun of making his legs hurt and gets the medicine from Neil and starts applying it.

Radhika cries seeing his wounds and Arjun felts bad seeing her crying. He is about to touch her head but he takes his hands off. They all leave from there and goes to home. There Radhika helped him whenever he wants to go anywhere. Arjun is overwhelmed seeing her care for him and slowly he loses his control on his ego and gets surrender to her. The whole day he is taking rest and Radhika did not allow anyone to disturb him. All are surprised seeing her care for him and gets happy.

Next day, Arjun wakes up and feels good in his feet and wonders what is that. He sees some herbal cream on his feet and thinks about radhika. He keepshis feet down and doesn’t feel the pain and goes down to see her. He did not find her anywhere and Neil asks him to get freshen up.

Arjun gets ready and comes down but still he did not see Radhika anywhere and gets restless of not seeing her anywhere. Suddenly a group of ladies comes and they comment on something and laughs. Arjun sees them and thinks something is fishy. Suddenly they move from the way and makes Radhika visible to everyone. Arjun is stunned and shell shocked seeing Radhika in a complete new attire. He is dumbstruck seeing her in village attire that is in saree which can be weared only in village. Radhika sees Arjun and gets blushing seeing him. All are prasing her beauty. Arjun stands like a statue and forgot himself in watching her.

Radhika’s attire in Village style: (Specially for Non Tamilians who don’t know the Tamil Nadu Village traditional of draping sarees) (Front view) (Back view)

Precap: Arjun finally gives up and hugs her and says, “I LOVE YOU RADHIKA”. Radhika too hugs him happily.

Credit to: Satz

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