Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 18)


Guys, pls don’t scold Arjun. He is so excited to see Radhika’s love for him. he wants more from her and that’s y he is teasing her and expects some stunts from her also. He is not that bad yar. Anyways, Radhika will prove her extent to get him back by shocking him.

And one more thing, i make this story is running in TamilNadu, so that i can follow some tamil culture which i know. I don’t want to write about the culture which i don’t know. I will give some scenes which have some culture follows in Tamilnadu. Please bare it for sometime. Only for few episodes and mostly i never mentioned the places they stay just to avoid the confusion. Wait and Watch.

Here you go with episode 18

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 18)
Recap: Radhika tries to attract Arjun. Neil proposed Sam for marriage.

The family elders decided the date for engagement and marriage but Sam’s parents agrees to it but with one condition. All are curiously looking at them to hear about the condition. Sam’s parents wants the marriage to be happen in their native village.

Everyone agrees to it and excited about the marriage. They decided the engagement day after tomorrow and the marriage next week. They leave to their home.

They all reached their home. Neil is in full day dream and goes to his room silently. All others smiles seeing him. Radhika also goes to her room and starts changing the dress. She tries removing the blouse button which is in back but she is unable to do it. Suddenly she feels a soft touch on her waist and understands it is none other than Arjun. She closes her eyes due to shy and hold her saree pallu tightly. Arjun removes the button and unties the dori also. He slowly rolls down his hands on her bare back softly. Radhika breathes heavily and holds her saree more tightly. She starts calling as Arjun by closing her eyes. Soon she feels a hot smooch in her neck and it gets moves up towards her cheeks. Radhika is completely lost and couldn’t control her emotions turns to hug him.

But…When she turns she sees no one in the room except her. She takes time to understand that it was a dream. She smiles and gets shy and hits her head thinking about her feelings. She goes to washroom and changes her dress and comes. She sees Arjun near the wardrobe and moves towards him. But she tries to cross him and intentionally she bumped on him and about to fall but he hold her in nick of time. They had a intense eyelock.

Radz: Still you did not get convinced?

Arjun makes her stand straight and says, “Why should i? How many times i would have told you that i am not at fault. You never believed me and when you say sorry, i should get convinced is it?”

Radhika feels the pain in his eyes and feels guilty of not beliving him.

Radz: I am really sorry Arjun. What you want me to do to convince you tell me. I will do whatever you ask.

Arjun sternly looks her eyes and says, “How much extent you can go for your love?”

Radhika looks him doubtedly. Arjun starts walking towards her and she steps backwards and finally stopped by a wall. Arjun locks her and looks into her eyes and says, “Show me, how much extent you can go to convince me?”.

Radhika looks him sternly and says, “Arjun, i know what you are thinking and why you are doing this?. You know what no one in the world can show the love but Feel the love. I can see the love in your eyes. That’s enough for me and i don’t want to show anything which cannot be seen but i can make you feel my love for you. Do you wanna feel?”. By saying this she raised her eyebrows to him, Arjun understands her taunts and try to go away but she holds his collar and pulls him towards her and places a kiss on his lips.

Yes, it is the first ever kiss they both have now. It started slowly like a drizzling but soon it takes the speed and both lost them completely into each other kiss hardly without giving a break. They forget everything and continues Kissing…Kissing….Kissing….

A voice over says, “The most happiness moment is an UNPLANNED FIRST KISS. True love’s first kiss happens when two hearts beat as one and is the most magical sensation you will ever experience”. And this is what is happening now. Slowly they comes to senses and gets seperated from each other.

Arjun was holding her waist tightly as if he doesn’t want her to go away from him. He slowly looks into her and ofcourse he is in deep shock of her love attack and did not come out from that shock. Radhika smiles seeing him and says, “This is just a Sample. Wait for more”. She winks at him and pushes him back. He still in surprise and couldn’t come out from that and stands like a robot. SHe moves to the bed and cooly laid on the bed and goes to sleep.

Arjun is now like a statue doesn’t move anywhere from that place and slowly touches his lips. He sees her who struggles to sleep and smiles seeing her. He too goes to his side on the bed and laid beside her but sadly looking at the pillows kept inbetween. He sees her back and tries to take the pillows away but his ego doesn’t allow him. He gives a heavy breathe and laid down to sleep by seeing her lovingly.

Radhika also acts like sleeping but actually not. She also remenisces her first kiss and smiles being shy and closed her eyes.

Next day, Radhika wakes up first and sees the position they are sleeping. There were no pillows and both are in floor. Arjun’s hand covers her waist and her hands covers his neck. Their face is so close and his lips are touching her forehead and they were sleeping like that. Slowly she moves and tries to free her from him and gets up and looks at his face who is sleeping peacefully. She goes to washroom to gets freshen up. Arjun slowly opens his eyes and smiles seeing her going. He says to himself, “I tried a lot to control me but i lost it infront of your closeness. How can i be away from you when i know got to know your love for me? It’s impossible. But still i want to see your kiddish behaviour to attract me. Now it seems like you already won me but i wll not show you. Afterall i have got a good entertainer so how can i leave that so easily huh?”. By thinking like this he smiles broadly and sleeps again.

Radhika gets ready and goes down to help Shailu. Kishore calls her and informs her to give off to her work for sometime till Nesam gets married. SHe also thinks the same and agrees to him. He ask her to inform Sam also and tells her to start their shopping. Radhika happily nods and goes.

Arjun also gets ready and comes down and sees Radhika helping his mom to set for Breakfast. Radhika also sees Arjun but she couldn’t face him as before because of that yesterday’s attack. She gets shy and runs to kitchen to hide her from his sight. Arjun also feels shy to face her and silently has his Breakfast and drags neil with him to office.

Radhika and Sam meets in the office and works for sometime and leaves from there. They both go to radhika’s home and meets Shailu and Kishore. Kishore tells everyone to get ready and takes them for shopping. Arjun and Neil is not aware of this, so they did not join with them. Sam thinks to inform Neil about their shopping but radhika did not. Soon they reached the Botique shop and Sam waits for Neil to select the dress for her. Soon Sam’s parents also joined with them. They all were busy in selecting the dress for Sam except two radhika and sam.

Radhika tells her, “Sam, Neil won’t come. And that too Arjun will not go anywhere leaving his work in the mid. This was not planned right otherwise they would have planned their work accordingly. You come we will select dress for you”.

Sam is sad and not showing interest in selecting the dress. Radhika is trying the dress one by one on sam. Soon they both heard a voice says, “that’s not good”. Sam turns and gets happy seeing Neil there. Radhika also happy seeing Neil there and gets shock and surprise seeing Arjun also comes there. She just mesmerized seeing him there but did not show it in her face. Again a flash comes to her face and gets shy seeing him. She immediately turns back again and pretend to be busy in selecting the dress.

Suddenly she heard a voice very close to her, she gets jerked and moves a bit back. she sees Arjun standing there and doesn’t find Nesam there. She becomes statue seeing him. Shailu comes there and takes her with her to select sarees for her. Arjun also follows them. Shailu makes radhika to stand infront of the mirror and drapes the sarees one by one and try to select the one radhika likes it. Arjun stands little behind her and makes sure that she can see him through the mirror. radhika feels happy seeing him and shows the sarees through the mirror. She signs him whether he likes it or not. He signs no. Likethis they both talking each other via mirror and finally Arjun nods yes for one saree and they have taken that for Radhika.

Radhika moves away from that place and goes to another section and looks for the designer sarees. She likes one saree and asks about the price. After hearing the price she hangs her mouth open and moves away from that place. Arjun also follows her and sees the saree she liked it. he goes to the salesman and ask him to bill this but a seperate one. he thinks to surprise her by giving this saree and makes the moment most special.

Nesam also tries selecting dresses for them. Sam tries the sarees and lehengas and gets tired of trailing but still Neil did not like anything. She sadly sees the salesman who is about to cry in sometime and sees the dress who arranged like a small mountain and gives a heavy breathe. She starts scolding Neil to select one dress atleast for her. Finally after doing so much digging, Neil selects her a dress for their engagement and Sam also becomes happy seeing it.

They all had a very nice time outside and reached to their respective homes. In car, Arjun sees Radhika sleeps due to tiredness and doesn’t want to awake her. He asks his parents and neil to go inside and says that he will take care her. he gives the key to the driver to park the car and takes Radhika in his arms and goes inside the house.

He goes to his room and slowly puts her in the bed and soon he too gets freshen up and laid beside her and sees his sleeping beauty.

Arjun to himself,”You are so calm while sleeping , but becomes wild when you are awake. (He reminiscies their first kiss and smiles seeing her). I never expected that you will go ahead of me in kissing. Hmm brave girl. You made me to fall in your feet but i love to be. I know how much you love me i just teased you to show it becuase i really like the way you to tried to convince me. i like your childish behaviour, i like you when you are smiling, i like you when you blushing seeing me and i like you everything. I LOVE YOU THE MOST IN MY WORLD. I promise you i never let anything to harm you. I will give you all the happiness in the world. I never think that my life will become beautiful like this. Everything is because of you. I LOVE YOU RADHIKA.”

He kissed her fore head and sleeps beside her. After sometime Radhika slowly opens her eyes and sees him sleeping and kisses on his forehead and says, “LOVE YOU TOO”. There is no place for the pillows to be in the bed since there is no gap between and they sleep hugging each other lovingly.

Precap: Ardhika gets shocked when shailu asks them to stay in different room for a month.

So how is this episode. Hope you all like it. Please provide your comments and am eagerly waiting for it.

Credit to: Satz @ Sathya

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