Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 15)


Hi Guys, Yipppiieeeeeee…i reached 15th episode successfully and i never think that i can reach 15 episodes. All this happened because of your support. Thanks for your comments. I can see all your anger on Ajay. Ofcourse we all are in same situation. You know what, we can see these kind of people in real life also. I have seen it. Just because they don’t have courage and if they did not like the girl or boy, they will always same something wrong or do something wrong and make their life miserable. Here in my FF i am gonna show that how a bad person becomes good when he realised his evils. Hope you all like it.

Here you go with episode 15

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 15)

Recap: Ardhika and Nesam reaches Kerala to search Tina.

Everyone shocked seeing Ajay there and he is completely changed. He silently moves to the doctor and gives him the leaves he had. All 4 of their eyes are following him

only. They see him smiling. Again they follow his sight where he looks and gets shocked seeing Tina’s movements when Ajay comes.

Neil couldn’t control anymore, he dragged Ajay outside and holds his collar angrily and shouts at him. Other 3 also followed him.

Neil: How dare you do this? You not even informed anyone of us about Tina. What do you think about yourself huh? First tell me what happened all these years?

Ajay stands silent and takes his hands from his collar and looks at them.

Ajay: First of all, i ask you all to forgive me for the deeds i have done. I am really a bad man. I shouldn’t have done this. I played with an innocent girl’s

emotions. My selfish pays a girl’s life. Neil, that day you told me to give that letter to Radhika only right. But i gave this letter to Tina.


Ajay calls Tina who is approaching her class. Tina stops and looks at him. Ajay shows the letter to her.

Ajay: Tina, i have to give you onething. Arjun give this letter.

Tina becomes happy and excited and gets the letter from him.

Flashback over.

Ajay continues, “It’s my evil to spoil your relation with Radhika. I gave that letter to Tina and told Arjun gave. She thought Arjun gave that to her only. She runs

from there happily and i am sure she will show this to radhika and obviously radhika will be get seperated from Arjun. After that i thought of proposing her. I planned

to tell my feelings once i becomes close to her, but i couldn’t move close to Radhika coz she always maintained a distance with me, i don’t know why and i did not get

courage to talk to her. I was really shocked to see Tina jumping from terrace. Because of me an innocent girl lost her life. I really scolded myself for my deeds. But i saw her still she was struggling for her life. I didn’t even think for a second. I had taken her in my arms and rushes to hospital. I did not call anyone for help also. I admitted her in the hospital and got to know that treatment did not help and she fell in coma. I don’t know what to do, but i decided that i cannot leave her like this. Somehow i felt that she was my responsibility now. I have taken decision. I got to know about Ayurveda treatment in Kerala, so i decided to take her here for the better treatment. But the doctors did not allow me and question me about my relation with her. I didn’t think for a sec and Immediately i rushed to her orphanage and get the permission from her mother. With their blessings in hospital, i married her and i made her as my life. I decided to give her life by whatever i can do. With husband rights i discharged her from the hospital and with proper medical equipments i got her here. From that day onwards, we both are here only. I got a job here and made her admitted in this hospital.”.

All are stunned and speechless hearing his explanation. Everyone is emotional and tears are flowing down on all cheeks. No one is speaking anything. All becomes numb for sometime.

Ajay continues, “I am sorry Radhika, i couldn’t have courage to face you and come to you to tell all these. I promised myself that if i want to face you then i should be with Tina only. That’s y i did not come and meet you. Without Tina my heart doesn’t allow to meet you. Arjun, i know sorry is not the one word to solve the problem, but atleast pls forgive me for god sake. I bear whatever the punishment you give to me.”. He folds his hands together infront of Ardhika and kneels down to seek forgive from both.

Arjun forwards to him and makes him stand and says, “you cleared all your sins by treating Tina. That’s enough Ajay. Past is past, leave that. I am happy that you are taking good care of Tina and i hope once she becomes normal, she will be happy with you for sure…we have seen her happiness by seeing you.i am happy for you, keep her happy always and she deserves it”

He hugs him and goes from that place by wiping his tears. Neil also hugs him and follows arjun. Sam looks at Radhika who is crying silently.

Ajay moves to her and says, “I am sorry Radhika. Arjun is not at all in fault. All are my mistakes only. He loved you and he loves only you.”

Radhika lifts her head up and searches for Arjun. He stands far from them and Neil is consoling him. Radhika sees him and she cries hardly and starts running towards Arjun. Sam sees her and gets happy seeing Radhika.

Radhika runs to Arjun and hugs him tightly from back and cries saying, “I am sorry Arjun. I am really very sorry. Pls forgive me.”

By saying this she continues crying. Nesam sees this and gets happy.

Arjun sees her hands in his chest a drop of tears falls down in her hands. He touches her hands and takes it off from his chest and walks outside without even looking at her.

Radhika is speechless and gets hurt. Nesam is shocked and when Neil tries to go behind Arjun, Sam stopped him saying, “Now its Radhika’s turn to make him fall in love with her again”. Neil looks at her surprisingly and she winks at him.

Radhika sees Nesam and they signs her to go behind Arjun. Radhika sees the tear drops in her hand and wipes her tears and tells herself, “Mr. Arjun, you are showing your attitude to me huh? I will see you”.

Arjun books a hotel nearby the hospital and informs to Neil to reach there. Radhika informs to Ajay and they all 3 leaves to the hotel where Arjun booked.

Radhika gets nervous to go inside her room. Sam composes her and pushes her into the room.

Neil sees this and smiles at her. he comes close to Sam and pins her to the wall and says, “So we have united that love birds and now it is our turn. what say?”

Sam gets blushes and try to push him but the more she push him he comes close to her. There is no inch gap between them and he is leans on her to kiss her. Sam feels nervous and closes her eyes. Neil also moves more close and is about to kiss her but suddenly both got jerked by hearing hotel boy’s voice. Sam gets embarassed and covers her face and runs to her room and locked the door.

Neil still stands there and starts rolling his hairs and hits his head on wall. The hotel boy comes to him and asks, “Sir, any help?”

Neil: Hmm Yeah, you already did a lot. Pls keep 2 more pillows in my room.

The hotel boy looks him sarcastically and goes down. Neil hits his forehead by his hands and goes to his room.

Radhika moves to Arjun who looks outside the window. She keeps her hand on his shoulder. Arjun did not turn back and jerks her hand from him. Radhika again keeps her hand on his shoulder and he again jerks it. She repeated this whenever he jerks her hand.

Arjun got pissed off and turns to her and asks, “What do you want now?”

Radhika: Forgive. Pls forgive me. I know i did a big mistake but the situation was like that. I know i hurted you a lot, but pls forgive me Arjun. You know what whenver i hurted you, i m the most who gets hurted. Because i love you Arjun.

She stops talking and looks at Arjun. He keeps staring at her.

Arjun: Finished? Whatever you want to say, you said right? And don’t disturb me now.

By saying this he goes out by locking the door. Radhika stares the closed door and cries silently.

Precap: Radhika falls into the swimming pool and struggles to breathe.

Credit to: Satz @ Sathya

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