Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 14)

Hi Guys, Thanks for your comments. I can see all your anger on Ajay. Ofcourse we all are in same situation. You know what, we can see these kind of people in real life

also. I have seen it. Just because they don’t have courage and if they did not like the girl or boy, they will always same something wrong or do something wrong and

make their life miserable. Here in my FF i am gonna show that how a bad person becomes good when he realised his evils. Hope you all like it.

Here you go with episode 14

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love (Episode 14)
Recap: Ardhika’s seperation reason revealed to Sam. Sam finds something fishy in what Radhika and Neil told her.

Sam asks Neil: Neil, you said that you gave that letter to Ajay to give it to Radhika only right, then how come it goes to Tina’s hand?

Neil looks on her doubted face. His face clearly shows that he is thinking something seriously.

Sam: Did anyone else know about Arjun’s interest on radhika apart from you?

Neil: No..but Ajay knows it.

Sam face gets bright hearing Neil’s answer. Neil understands that she got to know something.

Neil: Do you think the same what i am thinking?

Sam looks on him and both says in chorus “AJAY”.

Sam: I am sure, Ajay is the one who created this misunderstanding. He is the only third person who knows everything as you told.

Neil gets angry and starts scolding him. Sam calms him down and says that, “Neil, now it is our duty to make radhika understands the truth and have to unite them.”

Neil agrees to her and they both goes to their respective rooms.

Radhika is sleeping peacefully and suddenly she gets disturbed by the knock on the door. She thinks who can be at this time. She goes to open the door.

She opens the door and immediately she feels a burden on her shoulder before she sees who is it?. She is shocked and understands that it is Arjun.

She makes him stand but he is not. She struggles to make him stand by the support of the wall. She sticks him to the wall and looks at him and understands that he is

in drunken state.

She sees him face to face. Arjun is completely in drug mode, he did not open his eyes but he is just blabbering something. Radhika did not understand anything

initially but slowly she hears what he is saying. he is blabbering saying, “I am not a betrayer, i did not kill anyone. believe me”.

She feels bad seeing him but still she is not ready to forgive him for his deeds. She try to move him with the help of wall but he is not moving at all. She gives a

heavy breathe of trying so many ways to move him. Finally she takes his hand on her shoulder and covers his body with her another hand and supports him to walk.

He is struggles to walk but somehow radhika managed to put him on the bed. She makes him to lay down properly and tries to go to her side and stops hearing his

blabbering again. She sees him sleeping in his full party suite. She really felt bad and starts removing his shoes and takes off his overcoat also. She wipes his face

with hot water and makes him sleep.

She goes and stands near the window and looks at the moon.

She talks to herself, “What mistake i did? Why i have to bear this kind of punishment? I hate the person whom i love the most. I cannot forget his betrayal to Tina but

at the same time i cannot take off him from my heart. Why Why is it happening only for me?. I really don’t know what i need to do? God please help me. Please give me

strength and support to handle this situation.”.

She sees him sleeping peacefully and she too sits on the floor near window and falls asleep.

Next morning, Radhika wakes up little late and shocks seeing herself in the bed. She remembers she slept on the floor there but now she is in bed. She sees beside her,

it is empty, Arjun is not there. She understands that Arjun would have put her in the bed but where is he now? Where he went this much early. She gets up from the bed

and goes to check in the washroom but she did not find him there. Then she do her fresh up and comes out from bathroom and sees Arjun setting up all his stuffs in his


She is shocked and stares him what he is doing. Arjun sees her and takes a ticket from his pocket and throws it on the bed. She understands that he is angry on her but

she doesn’t care and goes to her side. Arjun notices everything and continues his packing. After sometime he left his room without telling her. Radhika is upset of his

behaviour but still her ego doesn’t allow to talk to him first.

Soon Sam comes to her room and asks Radhika to get ready fast. Radhika is shocked and asks the reason.

Sam: Didn’t you see this tickets? We are going back to India that too in another 2 hrs. Pack all your things fast.

Radhika is shocked and asks, “We suppose to be here for a week right?”

Sam: Oh so you want to insult him for another 3 days is it?

Radhika understands her taunts but did not reply to her and says ok to get ready.

Sam sees her upset face but she did not go to console her. She also goes to her room to pack the things.

All 4 leaves the hotel and drives to Airport. They finished their check ins and got boarded into the plane.

They all finds their places. Seating arrangement is 3:1. Arjun goes and sits alone and makes other 3 to sit together. Radhika is really upset and feels guilt seeing

him alone and igonring her. She doesn’t understand her inner feelings on him but still she gets hurt by his ignorance. She sits silently near the window and looks

outside to divert the concentration.

Nesam sees all this drama and looks each other. They sit together like Neil, Sam & Radhika. Neil holds her hands tightly and says, “I couldn’t see Arjun like this. He

is in full depression now.”

Sam: I know. That’s y i m telling, our first job in India is to find the reason for their problem, mainly we have to find where that Ajay is living now.

Neil also agrees her and smiles holding her hands.

All 4 reached their home. Kishore is surprised and shocked to see them back within 2 days. He sees Arjun rushes to his room without greeting him. And he sees other 3

comes behind him and looks upset. Radhika goes to him and gets blessing from him. Sam and Neil also follows the same. Kishore sees them being silent and he understands

that there is some problem again. He gives a sigh relief and nods his heads and goes inside his room.

Radhika thinks for a while and goes to her room. Before she enters only, Arjun storms outside from the room and goes out fastly. He not even look at her once. Radhika

feels much hurt and tears drops down from her eyes. She sees the way he goes and stands there itself for some time.

Nesam sees him going out but couldn’t stop him. Sam asks Neil to accompany her outside for sometime. Nesam goes out and stands near the gate.

Neil: So where are we going now? What is there in your mind?

Sam: Neil, You know where Ajay stayed?

Neil: Ya i know. But i am not sure where he is there or not now.

Sam: That we will see after going there. chalo, now will leave there.

Nesam goes to the place where Ajay stayed and starts knocking on the door. An old lady opens the door and enquires them.

Sam: Maa ji, we want to know about one person who stays here before you.

Lady: I don’t know anyone. I just came here before 3 months only. You can leave, don’t disturb us again.

Nesam gets upset but immediately Sam stops that lady and asks, “ok atleast tell me the owner’s address of this house”.

Nesam got the address and rushes there to meet him. The meet him and asks about Ajay.

owner: Yeah, i know him. he stayed in my home only for 2 only he stayed. After that he left from there and did not even taken the return advance.

Neil: Did he come to meet you before he leaves?.

Owner: Yes, he came to meet and hand over the key to me. But he looks wierd at that time.

Sam: wierd means how?

Owner: He looks scared, upset and he was crying. His shirt was stained by Red color, looked like it was blood. I asked him but he did not say anything and left from


Nesam is shocked to hear this and sees each other. They even asked owner about his whereabouts now. But owner says he is not aware of anything now.

Nesam thanks him and they start leaving there. Owner also about to go inside suddenly he stops them and calls them again.

Owner: I remember one thing that, before he leaves, he gets a call and he was saying to somebody to confirm the tickets to some place in Kerala. I am not sure about

the name.

Nesam thanks him and leaves again. Neil stops his car in the corner and asks her, “All the ways are closed now. Where we will go and search him?”.

Sam keeps silent and thinks something seriously.

Neil: What are you thinking?

Sam: I am thinking about Tina.

Neil: What? But she died yar.

Sam: No. Radhika told me that she saw her jumping from the terrace. When you people went down to see, her body was not there.

Neil: But we got to know that she died in hospital.

Sam: Who told you that? Did you see her body?

Neil: No…We got this information through her orphanage. Actually Arjun felt very guilty thinking about Tina’s suicide. he doesn’t have courage to see her face. And

did not think to go and see her. We always seen Tina smiling and don’t have guts to see her dead face.

Sam: Ok..will go to the Orphanage now.

Neil looks confused but still he agrees to her.

Nesam reached the Orphanage enquires about Tina. A senior Mother comes there and answers for their question.

Mother: yeah, Tina was staying here only.

Sam: Mother, i am sorry to ask this. We friends got to know from your orphanage that she is died. Is…She really died?

Mother looks shocked and emotional too. She goes inside the office room and comes back with a file and gives it to Nesam.

Nesam looks at the file and gets shocked.

Neil: WHATTTT? Tina was in COMA?

Mother: Is in Coma.

Nesam is again speechless.

Neil: You mean?

Mother: Yes my boy. Tina is alive but is in Coma.

Nesam is shocked to hear this and asks about her whereabouts. They asked Mother to give the address where she stays now.

Mother hesitates for a while but after a long thinking she gives them the address.


They thanks mother and takes the file with them and goes to their home.

Sam searches for Radhika and finds her in room sitting silently and staring outside the window.

Sam throws the file on her face and asks her to read it completely. Radhika is shocked and starts reading the file and tears starts flowing down from her cheeks.

Her hands are shivering, she couldn’t hold the file and it falls down. She looks at Sam helplessely.

Sam comes to her and says, “You are clear now. TINA is alive and Arjun is not at fault. Hope you understands all this”. By saying this she leaves the room.

Radhika sits on the floor and starts crying seeing the file and remembers her beautiful moments with Tina and Arjun.

Sam is angry on Radhika. Neil comes to her and try to console her.

Sam: Neil, Y Radhika did not go and see Tina when she got to know that she is died.

Neil: Actually Sam, more than us Radhika is the one who affected a lot by seeing her suicide. She losts her conscious and becomes normal after 2 days only. Within that

time, wrong news spreaded among us. What she will also do? She also cried a lot. Pls don’t make her more guilt. She also bears a lot of pain in her.

Sam feels upset hearing this and gets emotional of thinking about Radhika. They see Arjun coming home and both goes and stops him.

Arjun did not see their face at all and turns his face opposite side.

Sam: If you don’t want to talk to us means, it’s ok. But just hear what we are saying. Tina is alive. She did not died.

Arjun is boggled to listen this and speechless.

Arjun: WHAT?

Neil: Yes Arjun. We got to know so many things today.

Neil starts explaining him what and all they did and how they got to know about Tina and Ajay. Arjun couldn’t believe it and gets emotional.

Sam: Arjun, we have to go to Kerala to meet Tina.

Arjun agrees to her and says,”will go tomorrow only”. All 3 agrees and tells to Radhika also. She also agrees. But she gets upset seeing Arjun did not talk to her. Sam

noticed this and smiles seeing her.

She talks to herself, “Radhu, your proper honeymoon is gonna happen in Kerala only”. She smiles thinking that and goes from their room.

Radhika sees Arjun doing his work in laptop and not listening or considering her. She wants to talk to him but she hesitates. Still she is not convinced fully because

she is still thinking that Arjun cheated Tina in the name of love. So she did not try hardly to talk to him but she feels bad seeing him ignoring her.

Next day, all are ready to leave to Kerala. They informed Kishore too.

Kishore is shocked and tells to himself that, “If they told me that they want to go for Kerala means i would have booked there only na instead of Mauritius. For that

why all were upset yesterday”?. (Funny uncle).

After few hours they reached Calicut International Airport which is the nearest Airport for Kottakal. They hired a taxi and goes to the Arya vaidya hospital. They all

reached and goes inside and enquires about the patient TINA.

A lady assisted them where Tina is admitted. All follows her with some tension in their face. They reached the room. Radhika’s complete body is shivering when she near

to the room.

They entered inside the room and is shocked to see Tina placed in a long table with the herbal leaves at the bottom. Doctors there treating her with kind and care.

Tina’s eyes are opened but there is no movement. But her eyes are all wet always.

Radhika starts crying seeing her Tina like this. She goes near to her and touches her hands. She feels someone gives her life back. Suddenly to everyone’s surprise

there is a slight movement in Tina’s finger.

They tell this to Doctors and they said that, “It happens normally. We are seeing this movements daily on her. Actually her body is not moving but her mind is working.

Her fingers or hands will move if she is happy or she sees the people she likes.”

Radhika is very emotional hearing this and cries silently. Arjun stands at the same place where he was. Tears flowing down in his cheeks and emotionally sees Tina. Nesam stands behind them silently.

A Doctor suddenly sees someone behind them and says, “Oh u came. good, give me the leaves, will grind it.”

Everyone looks behind and is shocked to See Ajay there. Ajay also looks on shocked and speechless seeing Ardhika there.

Precap: Arjun ignores Radhika. Radhika tries to convince Arjun. Nesam enjoys seeing Radhika’s try to talk to Arjun.

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